Scavenger Life Episode 522: Backside of the Pandemic Wave

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Our Store Week July 11-17, 2021
Total Items in Store: 7397Items Sold: 16Gross Sales: $720.96 (including eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Net Sales: $493.53 (minus eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Cost of Items Sold: $28Cost of helpers: $0Highest Price Sold: $80 (vintage plate)Average Price Sold: $30.84Returns: 1Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0Number of items listed this week: 0————(Your numbers can be found here:

Scavenger Life Episode 522: Plantar floor of the Pandemic Wave

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Our Store Week July 11-17, 2021
Total Items in Store: 7397Items Sold: 16Gross Sales: $720.96 (including eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Net Sales: $493.53 (minus eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Cost of Items Sold: $28Cost of helpers: $0Highest Price Sold: $80 (vintage plate)Average Price Sold: $30.84Returns: 1Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0Number of items listed this week: 0————(Your numbers can be found here:

Unquestionably the Worldwide Chopin Competitors doing Warsaw – Preliminaries Are recorded!

The live streamed preliminary round of the 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition has started. Until 23 July, the Chamber Hall of the Polish National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw will resound with the music played by 150 young pianists from all over the world.

Who will qualify for the 80 entries in Round 1 this fall? This is certainly a good opportunity to learn who the artists are and see the calendar of the auditions.
The performance of the contestants is assessed by the Preliminary Round Jury composed of 11 eminent pianists and piano teachers: Ludmil Angelov, Philippe Giusiano, Alberto Nosè, Piotr Paleczny, Ewa Pobłocka, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, John Rink, Marta Sosińska-Janczewska, Wojciech Świtała, Stefan Wojtas, and Dina Yoffe.
The auditions are held in two daily sessions: the Morning Session starting at 10am and the evening one, starting at 5pm.
Watch the performances here:
Chopin Competition – Live streaming
Chopin Institute – YouTube Channel

Pipette. com Has Added New Pipette Suggestions and Tradition Take a look at Tubings to Their E-commerce Portfolio

July 17, 2021 ( – provides the industry-standard and customized liquid-handling solutions tailored for each of their lab customers. has now become one of the largest independent pipette calibration facilities on the West Coast. In addition, has become one of the largest distributors of several manufacturers of pipettes, pipette tips and lab equipment. now offers several brands of pipette tips. All of Racked Sterile Tips are ISO 11137 certified and approved for use in Diagnostics and GMP Labs. now offers both 5 mL and 10 mL Macro Pipette Tips that are designed to fit macro pipettes or pipettors. In addition, now carries Positive Displacement Pipette Tips for Gilson Microman, Rainin PD, Transferpettor, Eppendorf BioMaster, Drummond and Socorex PD pipettes. now offers a wide range of different culture tubes, cell culture tubes, and test tubes that can be utilized in many applications within the laboratory. has several different glass, polystyrene, polypropylene, clear, colored, or any variation of culture and test tube options for a lab to choose from. In addition to cell culture tubes, has added several new Centrifuge tubes. Centrifuge tubes can be designed in many different ways and manufactured with different materials. offers centrifuge tubes manufactured with the highest quality polypropylene, polystyrene, and glass to suit any type of storage or material handling need.

Lastly, provides companies best-in-class functionality with our Calibration Management Software for the management and performance of calibrations and maintenance.’s Calibration Software Cloud infrastructure enables calibration and documentation to be processed in real time, increasing efficiencies and productivity, while reducing costs.


Scale back Designer Wedding ceremony Bands when Huntington High-quality Jewelers

July 17, 2021 ( –

Visit Huntington Fine Jewelers for their “Bring on the Bands” event from July 22 to July 24. Shawnee, Midwest City, and Oklahoma City customers and nearby neighbors will have the chance to experience incredible savings on designer wedding bands.

An unparalleled selection of diamond wedding bands has been flown in for this special event. Attendees will save up to 50% off their dream bands. For customers who aren’t able to join during this time, there is no need to worry. Huntington Fine Jewelers has extended the event to July 29 through July 31, so no one misses out on this amazing deal.

The jewelry industry’s most notable designers will be showcased at this event. To preview wedding bands that will be on display, stop by Huntington Fine Jewelers at the OKC Bridal Show on July 18 to explore various selections.

View groundbreaking, avant-garde wedding bands from Simon G., a pioneer in ring design. Simon G. wedding bands evoke a bold essence through the meticulous craftsmanship and opulent diamond accents along curved, vintage-style, or classic band designs. 

Experience Southern California beauty with wedding bands from Tacori. Artisanally handcrafted, Tacori wedding bands are simply breathtaking, with styles ranging from glamorous, diamond-heavy silhouettes to delicate, timeless designs.

Glistening diamonds are the center of attention in every Hearts On Fire wedding band. Contemporary designs are mesmerizing with fine detailing that captures the fire and beauty of these luscious, expertly cut diamonds. 

Infusing European aesthetics into every jewelry piece, Kirk Kara wedding bands are hand-carved, whimsical creations inspired by romance. With a nod to vintage details, these wedding rings are vibrant, extraordinary, and utterly irresistible.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on a stunning designer wedding band. Customers instantly receive $100 when they RSVP online for the event. Email Huntington Fine Jewelers at for more information.

About Huntington Fine JewelersFor over 30 years, Huntington Fine Jewelers has served the greater Oklahoma City area with the finest in engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, certified loose diamonds, and Swiss-made timepieces. Since their grand opening in Oklahoma City the retailer has grown in both square footage and staff, all while maintaining the personal level of customer service they have been known for. Today, customers can enjoy jewelry and watch collections from some of the top brands in the industry as well as the company’s premier jewelry design and repair services. For more information visit their website at, call (405) 692-4300, or visit their showrooms in person.

Source: Huntington Fine Jewelers

PinkPanda DeFi Launches a Utility Small and Leveraged Decentralized Give eachother (DEX) for BSC Gold coin

July 17, 2021 ( –

PinkPanda is creating a non-custodial, fully on-chain, mobile-first wallet as well as decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports up to 5x margin/leverage trading with a seamless, centralized-exchange feel on the Binance Smart Chain. Their utility token for the PinkPanda Exchange, $PINKPANDA was launched on May 29th. The community has grown to over 9000 holders, and the team has followed through on every milestone on their roadmap thus far including the launch of their mobile app through several releases.

A Mission to Revolutionize the BSC Ecosystem 

$PINKPANDA is aiming to onboard millions of new users to DeFi, making it easy to earn high yields and have financial freedom even for people inexperienced in investing. The wallet is beautifully polished and easy to use which will make PinkPanda a gateway into mass crypto adoption.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has rapidly exploded into a leading position in the crypto market, however, there is still a lack of sophisticated tools, difficulty of acquiring BNB tokens is high and poorly designed wallets all work to limit accessibility.

Utility-Based DEX Platform powered by $PINKPANDA

The $PINKPANDA token’s utility is to allow people to use the wallet and DEX, which will have fees denominated in $PINKPANDA. The token has already launched on Pancakeswap and amassed over 9000 holders and rave reviews from influencers. It has an ‘anti-whale’ transaction fee of 10%, half of which goes to holders, and the other half of which is locked into the liquidity pool to decrease volatility. 

The PINKPANDA trading platform that is set to launch in 2022 will have an orderbook with limit orders and advanced order types such as trailing stop-losses. It will also support leverage/spot margin trading up to 5x. Pinkpanda’s margin trading structure is inspired by other on-chain spot margin trading protocols, in particular Solana’s Mango Markets and Ethereum’s Aave. Unlike other trading platforms, PinkPanda will be enabling liquidation protection algorithms, hedging options, and other end-user protections that many centralized exchanges don’t offer.

It’s all about community and giving back

The PinkPanda team is building a global community. They are hyper-focused on involving the community at every stage of building and fostering a healthy safe environment for the BSC ecosystem. PinkPanda already has groups in various languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian & Arabic. In keeping with the spirit of giving, PinkPanda has already donated $6000 worth of cryptocurrency to The American Cancer Society & The GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.

About The PinkPanda Team

Founded by Adam Carlton, PinkPanda is being led by a team of experienced crypto developers with a combined experience of over 50 years leading the cutting edge of tech, and backed and advised by seasoned executives.  

For more information, visit

Source: Pink Panda Holdings Inc.