USVIEDA Releases Three RFPs Aimed at Economic Diversification in the U.S. Virgin Islands

CHARLOTTE AMALIE, Virgin Islands (U.S.),
July 20, 2021 ( –

The Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (USVIEDA) released three Request for Proposals (RFPs) on June 28, 2021, for qualified consulting firms to assist the U.S. Virgin Islands in its efforts to create a Global Marketing Campaign, Energy Sector Analysis, and Equity Capital Formation Strategy.

The RFPs build upon Vision 2040 goals to facilitate the growth and expansion of business sectors and promote key redevelopment corridors integral to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ economic future. Each of the RFPs is focused across the eight targeted sectors determined by Vision 2040, the 20-year economic development plan for the U.S. Virgin Islands:


Aquaponics; aquaculture; hemp farming
Specialty foods, farm-to-table

Coastal/Ocean Resources

Marine/maritime; biology; sustainable harvesting
Medicinal; nutritional, alternative energy

Healthcare and Health Sciences

Telemedicine; medical simulation
Specialty care and education

Light Manufacturing

Regional foods; co-manufacturing
Resilient building materials

Professional and Tech Services

Financial, IT, customer service centers/back office
Remote work; consulting; diaspora co-ventures

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, tidal, wave, biomass, waste
New sustainable tech

Research and Development

Agri-tech, ocean, climate change
Healthcare and academic partnerships

VI-Style Tourism

Heritage; culture; sports; wellness
Small conferences

The Global Marketing RFP is designed to effectively promote the Territory’s development by attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), including a strategic plan. Vision 2040 renewable energy aspirational goal aspire for 75% of energy generation to come from renewable sources by 2040, which is a focus of the Energy Sector RFP. The Equity Capital RFP is positioned to attract local and foreign private capital investment into the Territory. For more information on Vision 2040, visit

USVIEDA’s CEO Wayne Biggs Jr. highlighted the importance of community engagement and participation with the Vision 2040 plan. “Making sure that we address local stakeholders’ development priorities and listen to their concerns is key to strengthening our local community and growing our economy over the long term. These RFPs are some of the first steps that we are taking along with our partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors to implement Vision 2040 initiatives,” said CEO Biggs.

The full RFPs can be viewed on the USVIEDA website at

Media Contact:

Semele George

Marketing and PR Specialist

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


Source: U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority

Jimmy Mondal Joins Holodeck Media as Executive Producer and Host

July 20, 2021 ( –

Today, Paul Dawalibi, President and CEO of Holodeck Media, announced the appointment of Jimmy Mondal as Executive Producer and Host for its new lineup of esports and gaming content. Jimmy is based in New York City and will be working from Holodeck Media’s state-of-the-art studio. Jimmy will be leading the creation of new content focused on gaming, esports and the rapidly evolving world of the Metaverse, a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.
Jimmy has competed at the highest level across multiple first-person shooter titles, creating a great segue for his career into providing play-by-play and color commentary for teams competing in the largest established leagues globally. He has previously hosted and produced Cheddar Esports, a live, daily, esports show that reached millions and focused on highlighting the community, culture, and competition within esports. More recently, he hosted “Speedrun”, a production by Polygon, Vox Media Studios, and Quibi. He is a digital trailblazer who is fascinated with the power of gaming and esports with thoughtful explorations of the culture surrounding play.
“I am delighted that Jimmy will be joining the Holodeck Media Team to drive our new content initiatives. Jimmy has a proven track record of success developing exciting and insightful gaming content that appeals to a wide audience,” commented Paul Dawalibi. “The gaming world is coming to a tipping point with the advent of the Metaverse. It will fundamentally change how we work, play and interact with each other in the future, and we will be leading the Metaverse conversation,” added Mr. Dawalibi.
“The intersection of gaming and culture is a subject that I am passionate about. Society is evolving, and it’s time to create content that reflects how media is actually being consumed by a new generation of gamers. I will strive to explore the emerging Metaverse and how it will change the real world and impact our culture and society,” said Jimmy Mondal.
Holodeck Media is focused on creating unique content and IP targeted at esports and gaming audiences. We believe that gaming is fundamentally changing the entertainment industry and the world. We are a group of passionate gamers, business people and media professionals that are dedicated to exploring and leading that change. The Company currently produces the leading gaming industry business content through a combination of podcasts, live-streams, videos, articles, blogs and newsletters.
The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holodeck Ventures, a gaming and esports holding company, and maintains a studio and offices in Manhattan, New York.

Source: Holodeck Media

Numerade Raises $26 Million to Reinvent the World of Tutoring

July 20, 2021 ( –

Numerade, an EdTech startup from Los Angeles, California, has secured $26 million in Series A funding which will be used to help democratize science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for millions of students worldwide. 

The round of funding was led by IDG Capital, an investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. This was supplemented by existing investors General Catalyst, Mucker Capital, and Kapor Capital, and strategic investors including Alumni Ventures Group, Interplay Ventures, Toy Ventures, Margo Georgiadis, Khaled Helioui, Taavet Hinrikus, Sten Tamkivi, Pierre-Dimitri, Ian Hogarth, and Michael Thompson.

Numerade was founded to provide the next generation of thinkers with an easy platform to learn and solve problems. Since its launch, Numerade has helped 20 million students struggling with questions ranging from pre-algebra to quantum mechanics, saving them hundreds of millions of hours of frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt. Through a vast library of more than one million handcrafted videos, students are able to watch, listen, and learn difficult concepts and skills through expert explanations from the top 1% of educators. 

In addition to growing its lesson video library, which is already the largest STEM video library online, Numerade will invest in the further development of its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) tutor technology, helping to eliminate the need for private tutors and, thereby, ensuring significant savings for students and families. Overall, the success of the company’s Series A round of funding will work to support millions of students and educators across geographic and socioeconomic borders.

“Our platform is leveling the playing field for the younger generation, as we believe the scientist who will cure cancer tomorrow is studying on Numerade today,” said CEO and founder Nhon Ma. “This funding will allow Numerade to reach millions more students and provide personalized asynchronous lessons and experiences that provide parity to learning. Because Numerade can provide educators from world-class institutions, we democratize access to top-tier quality education at 1/10,000 the cost.”

The already widening opportunity gap between lower- and higher-income students has been significantly exacerbated by COVID and the remote education that followed. By leveraging the world’s largest library of virtual STEM lessons, with more than one million video lessons, Numerade provides students far and wide access to the best educators that learning has to offer. This helps to eliminate the inequity in education by making the world’s most talented educators’ knowledge available at a fraction of the price — working to close the education opportunity gap.

About The Company

Numerade is singularly focused on creating exceptional video and interactive content experiences for education. The venture-backed, high-growth education technology startup works to make the knowledge and skills of world-class educators widely accessible and affordable to student audiences of all backgrounds. Numerade’s mission is to close the educational opportunity gap by unlocking and democratizing access to extraordinary educators and the content they have to offer.

CONTACTName: Kristen WeymouthPhone: 1-646-480-0356Email: 

Source: Numerade

Direct Biologics Announces FDA Approval for Proceeding With Second ExoFlo IND for Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome and Chronic Post-COVID-19 Syndrome

AUSTIN, Texas,
July 20, 2021 ( –

Direct Biologics, a market-leading innovator and cGMP manufacturer of regenerative biologic products, announced today that it has received FDA approval to initiate a Phase I/II trial under an Investigational New Drug (IND) protocol for the use of ExoFlo™ in the treatment of Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome. This trial is Direct Biologics’ second approved IND, and it represents the first IND ever approved by FDA for the use of extracellular vesicles (EVs) to treat Post-Acute COVID-19 syndrome, Chronic Post-COVID-19 syndrome, or any post-viral syndrome.

The Phase I/II EIPACS COVID-19 (ExoFlo Infusion Treatment for Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome) will commence later in 2021. Pronounced “EYE-PACS,” this double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial will evaluate the therapeutic effect of ExoFlo infusion upon the debilitating set of symptoms, most commonly fatigue and shortness of breath, that severely limit quality of life for a large proportion of patients for weeks and months after the acute COVID-19 infection has subsided. The infusions will be administered in an outpatient setting.

According to Mark Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, “The approval to proceed with additional clinical trials under a new IND validates this extraordinary extracellular vesicle product during a critical time when 10% to 35% or more of those infected with COVID-19 develop long-hauler syndromes. That is at least 3.3 to 11.55 million cases in the US alone.” He went on to note “we have witnessed incredible results that illustrate ExoFlo’s ability to augment the body’s regenerative response to the inflammatory destruction caused by COVID-19. With no reportable adverse events in either EXIT COVID-19 Phase II or the expanded access program, we feel extremely confident that the final analysis will confirm ExoFlo’s ability to help patients recover from COVID-19 related ARDS and also validate its safety profile.”

Vik Sengupta, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Direct Biologics, stated “For long-hauler patients severely debilitated by what appears to be a sustained inflammatory and likely autoimmune response that persists long after recovery from acute COVID-19, it appears that ExoFlo has the potential to restore health and vitality by downregulating persistent inflammation, promoting revascularization of damaged tissues, and remodeling scar tissue that can cause life-long limitations, especially when these changes affect the lungs. Not to mention the possibility of improving neurological manifestations including brain fog, mood disorder, and loss of smell and taste that appear to also be a significant, if not universally present, feature of long-hauler syndromes.” Post-acute COVID-19 patients experience a broad range of long-lasting symptoms and other issues that preclude them from returning to prior baseline health and enjoying their daily lives.

“With no approved treatment for Post-Acute COVID-19 or Chronic Post-COVID-19 syndromes, there is a large unmet public health need that we believe can be solved by ExoFlo,” stated Direct Biologics’ Co-Founder and President, Joe Schmidt. “In addition, the emergence of new, deadlier, and more transmissible SARS-Cov-2 variants, and the international explosion of cases in recent months indicates the need to bring ExoFlo to the forefront.” 

“We need better therapeutics for those patients who do become sick, regardless of whether or not effective vaccines have been generated,” said Associate Chief Medical Officer Sascha Qian Sengupta, MD. “The SARS-Cov-2 variants that possess resistance to vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies pose a higher risk of death and other complications.” 

The Phase I/II EIPACS IND approval follows on the heels of the successful completion of two clinical trials evaluating ExoFlo for the treatment of COVID-19 related acute respiratory distress syndrome  (ARDS) in inpatient and ICU settings under Direct Biologics’ first IND: (1) EXIT COVID-19 (ExoFlo Infusion Treatment for COVID-19 Associated ARDS), a 102 patient Phase II, multi-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, and (2) EXIT EAP, a 50 patient open-label expanded access protocol in which patients too ill to meet acceptance criteria for the Phase II trial, were treated under compassionate-use. These trials serve as a prelude to the next stage of Direct Biologics’ ongoing effort in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which will be the global launch later this year of both a randomized, placebo-controlled Phase III clinical trial and an expanded access clinical trial.

About ExoFlo

ExoFlo is an investigational new drug that has not been approved or licensed by FDA. It is an allograft extracellular vesicle product isolated from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem or stromal cells (MSCs). ExoFlo provides signaling proteins that have been shown to modulate inflammation and may stimulate bioactivity and direct cellular communication.

About Direct Biologics

Direct Biologics, LLC, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with an R&D facility located at the University of California, San Diego, and an Operations and Order Fulfillment Center located in St. Louis, Missouri. Direct Biologics is a market-leading innovator and cGMP manufacturer of regenerative medical products, including a robust line of extracellular vesicle-based biological products. The Company was created to expand the science of cutting-edge biologic technologies. Direct Biologic’s management team holds extensive collective experience in biologics research, development, and commercialization, making the Company a leader in the evolving, next generation segment of the biotherapeutics industry. Direct Biologics is dedicated to pursuing additional clinical applications of ExoFlo through the FDA’s investigational new drug application process. For more information visit

Phone: 800-791-1021 


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Company Website

Source: Direct Biologics

ExoFlo™ From Direct Biologics Fulfills Urgent Medical Need in COVID-19 Treatment

AUSTIN, Texas,
July 20, 2021 ( –

As intensive care units across the country fill to capacity, hospital beds are in dangerously short supply, and deaths from COVID-19 continue to spike, doctors from medical centers coast to coast are reporting on the remarkable healing properties of ExoFlo, an innovative life-saving therapy that leverages the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects of bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells, when used on their most seriously ill COVID-19 patients. The physicians note that utilizing ExoFlo, administered as a single IV infusion, is safe and efficacious and is saving lives on a consistent basis.
One of the product’s earliest advocates, Dr. Vik Sengupta of New York, credits ExoFlo with saving his own life. He has since used it on many critically ill patients, eagerly shared it with colleagues, and coauthored, with his wife, Dr. Sascha Sengupta, a clinical safety trial conducted at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, N.J. as part of the therapy’s FDA approval process. The safety data from this study has since set the stage for the FDA approval of ExoFlo for an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for COVID-19.
“The most common cause of death among critically ill COVID-19 patients is acute respiratory distress symptom, or ARDS, in which the lungs are badly damaged, scarred and fill with fluid,” explained Dr. Sengupta. “This is essentially a result of the body reacting to a threat by overproducing cytokines and other mediators of inflammation that cause damage to the lungs and other tissues in the body in a phenomenon commonly known as the ‘cytokine storm.’
“ExoFlo does two important things: it remediates the inflammation almost immediately by delivering miRNA that stop the inflammatory cascade, and it delivers growth factors that promote the regeneration of healthy lung tissue for a much speedier recovery.”       
ExoFlo is manufactured by Direct Biologics, a market-leading cGMP manufacturer of regenerative medical products based in Austin, Texas. ExoFlo has amazed doctors with its ability to fill an unmet but urgent medical need, saving the lives of patients experiencing COVID-19- associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Time and again, patients were able to be discharged and returned to their families rather than deteriorating to an irreversible state. 
“This product could not have come at a better time,” noted Dr. Angel Lazo Jr. of New Jersey.  “This product also opens the door to medical solutions for post-pandemic concerns, when there will be an urgent need to address COVID-19 survivors suffering from Post-Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS), often referred to as long-hauler COVID, and to remediate compromised immune systems and likely lasting pulmonary scarring.”   
Dr. Sengupta recalls his first experience with ExoFlo: “We were all exhausted, working multiple shifts during the worst of the early days of the epidemic when the New York area was hit so hard.  A friend asked me if I could help her elderly parents, both in their 80s and both very ill with COVID-19.  The wife had been admitted to the hospital, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the hospital administration refused us permission to treat her with ExoFlo.  The husband, who had been declining quickly and suffered from a fever, hypoxia, delirium, diarrhea, no sense of taste, and lack of appetite, became the first documented patient in medical history to be administered an exosome-based treatment for critical respiratory illness. He received ExoFlo at home without any adverse reactions and was out of bed and singing arias within two days.  Sadly, and unbeknownst to him, his wife had died in the hospital.”  
This was a dramatic and eye-opening experience. “When I myself fell victim to COVID, I became seriously ill very fast,” noted Dr. Sengupta. “I awoke in the middle of the night, struggling to breath and sinking into delirium, and checked my O2sat, immediately realizing I was going into respiratory failure. I called my wife.  She left her shift at the hospital, rushed home, and administered ExoFlo. Within 24 hours my supplemental oxygenation requirement, fever, and respiratory symptoms significantly improved. And within five days of that single dose, I was almost fully recovered from the acute infection. I firmly believe that ExoFlo saved my life.”
As word spreads within the medical community, increasing numbers of doctors have been astounded by the efficacy and safety of ExoFlo. Among those who have gone on record singing its praises are Dr. Iman Bar of Newport Beach, Calif., and Dr. Jack Mann of Flushing, N.Y. 
“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented doctors with a heartbreaking learning curve,” said Dr. Sengupta, who has since become Direct Biologic’s chief medical officer. “For months we had no choice but to stand by while patients died despite our best efforts to save them. It’s an incredible relief now to have ExoFlo in our arsenal of treatments.” 
ExoFlo is a biopharmaceutical grade regenerative medicine product that represents a meaningful therapy in the fight against the deadly lung inflammation caused by the COVID-19 virus. The new investigational drug uses extracellular vesicles and growth factor proteins isolated from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to reduce inflammation and direct cellular communication capable of strengthening the body’s defenses and advancing its healing processes. 
ExoFlo is currently in a Phase II clinical trial that expands knowledge gleaned from a prospective, open-label study in which 17 out of 24 patients demonstrated resolution of their ARDS, exhibiting biomarker and oxygenation improvements within 48-72 hours following treatment with a single 15mL intravenous dose of ExoFlo. Since receiving FDA approval of an expanded access protocol in October 2020, ExoFlo is also being utilized by physicians around the country as part of single patient emergency or compassionate use protocol, commonly referred to as eIND.
About Direct Biologics
Direct Biologics, LLC, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a recently expanded R&D facility located at the University of California, and an Operations and Order Fulfillment Center located in St. Louis, Missouri. Direct Biologics is a market-leading innovator and cGMP manufacturer of regenerative medical products, including a robust line of extracellular vesicle-based biological products. The company was created to expand the science of regenerative healing by delivering cutting-edge biologic technologies. Direct Biologics’ management team holds extensive collective experience in biologics research, development, and commercialization, making the company a leader in the evolving, next generation segment of the biotherapeutics industry. Direct Biologics is dedicated to pursuing additional clinical applications of its extracellular vesicle biologic products through the FDA’s investigational new drug application process. 
For more information visit

Source: Direct Biologics

Turonic's New Massage Gun Improves Users' Daily Life

July 20, 2021 ( –

Every “best of” technology article needs a budget-friendly option—but budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean lesser than. That’s where Productech comes in. 

This tech development and distribution company has created some of the most highly rated products on some of the biggest online shopping platforms, like Amazon. Their established brands include TREBLAB (known for affordable speakers and headphones), Dictopro (lighter-sized recorders and folding wireless keyboards), and purOxygen (revolutionary six-stage air purifiers).

On Amazon, in particular, some of their products have earned thousands upon thousands of ratings, and the consensus from reviewers? Stellar. Take this top-selling speaker, for example: “Hi-fi sound for so much less than the customer would have believed possible.” Another buyer raved, “A step above Bose for a quarter of the price!” 

Now, Productech has launched its new sister brand, Turonic, which specializes in home, kitchen, health, and fitness. The mission: products that are made with care and for people’s care. In other words, they’re designed to genuinely improve customers’ life on a daily basis, all for less than the competition. 

Turonic’s first product is now live on Amazon, and it’s no exception to the whole improving-customers-life thing. The Turonic G5 massage gun offers deep-tissue pain relief and full-body relaxation with speeds up to 3,200 revolutions per minute. (In case somebody is wondering, similar massage guns cost well over $200.) This one has five speeds, seven interchangeable massage heads, a shockingly quiet motor, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours.
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Productech has been creating and selling accessible technology since 2015. Since then, their product sales have skyrocketed and their company size has scaled at an incredible rate. They have four brands (TREBLAB, DICTOPRO, PurOxygen, and now Turonic), and they combine their expertise in market research, product design, and customer support to bring accessible technology to every doorstep.

Source: Productech Corporation

Whiskey Caviar Announces Launch of Premier Online Delivery Liquor Store

July 20, 2021 ( –

Whiskey Caviar announced today the launch of their new e-commerce website, featuring over 5,000 hard-to-find spirits, beer, wine and more. This new digital store is their latest addition to an already fast-paced and successful liquor store located in Cardiff California. Over the years, Whiskey Caviar has cultivated a number of trusted relationships with distributors and suppliers from all over the world and can now offer rare selections to be purchased online for home delivery. Projected sales will soon outpace the competition of other online liquor stores by offering the most select product, and quickest delivery. As a result, Whiskey Caviar will secure themselves as the #1 online national delivery liquor store,

The extreme volume of online e-commerce activity has increased since COVID-19, especially with the closure of businesses that serve alcohol. Some bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues will recover, others may not. In the meantime, online stores continue to surge as shoppers enjoy the convenience of ordering spirits, beer, wine, cigars, etc. online, and safely consuming it at home.

“We’re excited to capitalize on the current e-commerce trends and see what the next chapter has in store for us,” explains Renoir Benyamen, owner at Whiskey Caviar. “We’ve built an exceptional team over the years, between our back-office staff, long-tenured store managers, suppliers, and of course our faithful customers. They are our greatest asset. And now they will become all part of our Whiskey Caviar online legacy.”

After years of lagging behind other countries in adopting online liquor sales, the U.S. is now expected to overtake China as the largest alcohol e-commerce market in the world by the end of 2021, according to analyst IWSR. 

“On the heels of COVID, everyone is excited to host a social gathering, or an intimate party even if it’s a small one. Having home gatherings with spirits purchased online says, we want to get together, but we also want to be responsible about it.” remarks Benyamen. “I feel our business has excelled several years forward because of a few months last year.”

Whiskey Caviar plans to grow exponentially through its online presence and store that offers national delivery. They are anticipating that consumer behavior has been permanently reshaped by the pandemic. They will continue to leverage digital marketing efforts to capture as much market share as possible and lean in on the buying habits that consumers have become accustomed to.


About Whiskey CaviarWhiskey Caviar is located in beautiful coastal San Diego, where we stock the most diverse spirits, beer, wine and essentials from all over the world. We trade, we research, and then offer our customers the most unique and up-to-date products the world has to offer. 

For more information or questions, contact:Renoir 753-8566

Source: Whiskey Caviar

Derek Jeter to Receive 2021 Living Legend Award From Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

July 20, 2021 ( –

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory will honor Baseball Hall of Famer, New York Yankees legend, and Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter with its 2021 Living Legend Award on Friday, November 12.   The special ceremony also kicks off the 16th Annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Auction with Hunt Auctions, Inc. The award ceremony is a fundraiser for Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation.
The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Living Legend award was created to honor a person whose career in baseball, and life outside the game, have taken on legendary qualities by virtue of his talents, achievements, and conduct. The celebration started in 2007 and is personalized each year for the recipient to make it an especially memorable and meaningful event.
“It’s an honor to be recognized by the great team at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory with this award,” said Jeter.  “Louisville Slugger played a very integral role in my playing career, and I appreciate all that they have done for the game of baseball.”
Derek Jeter Highlights
Derek Jeter is one of today’s most celebrated major league baseball players. A five-time World Series champion and member of baseball’s exclusive 3,000-hit club, Jeter is a global ambassador for baseball and one of the greatest to ever play the game. 
Jeter was a 14-time All-Star, five-time Gold Glove shortstop, and the 2000 World Series MVP. His accolades also include five Silver Slugger Awards, two Hank Aaron Awards, and a Roberto Clemente Award.
An incomparable leader both on and off the field, Jeter was born in Pequannock, N.J., and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was selected No. 6 overall by the Yankees in 1992 and quickly found success in the Major League. He won AL Rookie of the Year and helped the team win the 1996 World Series.
When he retired from the Yankees in 2014, he stepped away as one of the greatest to ever play the game. The Yankees retired his famous No. 2 jersey in 2017, and he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in the Class of 2020, his first year on the ballot.
Jeter has remained close to baseball since stepping off the field. He was part of an ownership group that purchased the Miami Marlins in 2017 and became the franchise’s head of baseball operations and CEO.
“The honorees of our Living Legend Award were not only great players, they’ve also demonstrated lasting greatness beyond the ballfield. Derek Jeter has certainly had an incredibly positive impact on baseball and our culture that continues today. We’re thrilled to support his Turn 2 Foundation and celebrate him as this year’s Living Legend,” said Anne Jewell, Vice President and Executive Director at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.
Turn 2 Foundation
Outside of baseball, Jeter continues to be the driving force behind the Turn 2 Foundation, which he established in 1996 to give back to the communities with which he has a close connection, including West Michigan, Tampa and New York City.
He satisfies his passion for inspiring young people through initiatives — like the Jeter’s Leaders program — that promote academic excellence, leadership development, positive behavior, healthy choices and social change. To date, the Turn 2 Foundation has awarded more than $30 million in grants to create and support signature programs that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and “Turn 2” healthy lifestyles.
Limited-Edition Louisville Slugger Bat and Ticket Packages
Derek Jeter made over 12,500 plate appearances during his 20 MLB seasons and used a Louisville Slugger P72 for every single at-bat. Upon his retirement, Louisville Slugger honored Jeter by retiring the P72 bat model and renaming it the DJ2 in recognition of Jeter.
To celebrate the Living Legend, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory has produced a limited-edition collector bat for this special occasion, signed by Derek Jeter. The bat is available with ticket packages for the event and additional signed collectibles. For more information or to purchase ticket packages, please visit
Living Legend Past Recipients
With the Living Legend recognition, Jeter joins a prestigious group of baseball Hall of Famers to receive the award. Past recipients of Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory’s Living Legend Award include: Mike Schmidt (2019), Frank Thomas (2017), Dave Winfield (2016), Andre Dawson (2015), Ozzie Smith (2014), Cal Ripken, Jr. (2013), Tony Gwynn (2012), Johnny Bench (2011), Ernie Banks (2010), Hank Aaron (2009), Frank Robinson (2008) and Ken Griffey, Jr. (2007).
About Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory:
Experience history in the making as you stroll through the factory where world-famous Louisville Slugger bats are created. Award-winning factory tour, newly renovated galleries with interactive exhibits, historic memorabilia, and more. Create a Louisville Slugger bat with your very own name on it, just like the pros. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, 800 West Main Street, is open Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sundays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., with extended summer hours. Admission is $16 for adults, $15 for seniors (60+), $9 for children (6-12), and free for children 5 and under. For more information, including holiday hours and extended summer hours, visit or call 502-588-7228.
Media Contact: Rachel Albritton / 502-905-5170 /

Source: Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Hempamericana Announces Plans to Be Current With OTC Markets

July 20, 2021 ( –

HEMPAMERICANA (OTC: HMPQ) is in the process of completing its financials and plans to be current with OTC markets very soon.

HEMPAMERICANA produces CBD FULL SPECTRUM by using CO2 subcritical extraction – the slowest and cleanest extraction method available. HMPQ produces the ‘Real McCoy’ of CBD, with no additives and nothing taken out, and has over 37600 bottles available for sale. The company has all of the trials needed to produce more formulas and has just lowered its pricing for several products. For more information, please visit

PR Contact info: Sal


Quick Custom Intelligence Joins the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) as an Associate Member

July 20, 2021 ( –

Quick Custom Intelligence (“QCI”) announced today that they have joined NIGA.QCI will be showcasing their new 3.1 Release of the QCI Unified Gaming Platform, demonstrating how their proven tool has been helping Tribal Nations across America improve their revenues and operating efficiency at QCI’s Center for Innovation in booth #229 at the upcoming Indian Gaming Trade Show.
“We are honored to be a member of the National Indian Gaming Association,” said Dr. Ralph Thomas, CEO of QCI.  Dr. Thomas went on to say, “The NIGA Conference and Trade Show is a wonderful opportunity for QCI to demonstrate our commitment and support of tribal gaming as we truly understand the economic importance the revenues generated by the casinos play in the overall financial independence of the tribal nations and the ongoing support they give their members.”
The QCI Platform aligns player development, marketing and gaming with powerful real-time operational tools developed for the gaming and hospitality industries. QCI has installed their ground-breaking, highly configured software in over 1,000 locations across four continents. QCI products provide tooling for gaming operators managing over $8 billion in annual gross gaming revenue, these products are built on the QCI Platform, a best-in-class on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based technology that enables fully coordinated activities across gaming or hospitality operations. This data-driven software allows for quick, informed decisions in the ever-changing world of the casino industry and assists casinos in their efforts to optimize resources and profits, manage marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty. QCI was founded by Dr. Ralph Thomas and Mr. Andrew Cardno.  Based in San Diego, QCI also has offices in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Dallas & Phoenix.  Main phone number: (858) 299.5715

Source: Quick Custom Intelligence