AIO Contracting Placing Apprentices and Companies in relation to Success

MELBOURNE, Australia,
July 25, 2021 ( –

Young workers supply the future workforce, helping businesses large and small to grow and thrive. The management team at engineering labour hire agency Melbourne-wide, AIO Contracting, firmly believes in the opportunities that apprenticeships can provide. Many members of the AIO team have benefitted from apprenticeships and are committed to providing these same opportunities for future generations. 

Providing trades and engineering labour hire in Melbourne is just one aspect of the AIO business. The team at AIO has long been involved in training programs that help to set up students for success in their future workplaces.

AIO’s induction courses can provide students with confidence and competence in forklift operation, crane safety, occupational health and safety (OHS), and workplace health and safety (WHS), as well as language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) assessments. 

Committed to being one of the engineering recruitment agencies Melbourne businesses can rely on, AIO says at the core of that commitment is training the future workforce. AIO’s training courses help Melbourne students learn real world skills and gain confidence for a future successful career.

One key concern that AIO has always been keen to address is matching the right candidates with the right jobs. Taking on a new apprentice is a significant step for many businesses, so AIO takes care to match the right people with the right skills and attitudes to the right opportunities. Business owners can have confidence in AIO’s comprehensive screening process, and candidates can enjoy the benefits of finding rewarding and reliable work that matches their skill set.

Their all-in-one solution to providing the right engineering trade workers for the future workforce is just one of the many reasons AIO is able to deliver the engineering recruitment Melbourne businesses can count on. By screening for the right attitude and a willingness to learn, then providing the in-depth training that addresses any skill gaps, the team at AIO offers the solutions that individuals and the industry at large need.

Source: AIO Contracting

GreenPromoCode. com Supplies Reductions For 50, 000 Shops Intending To Assist Many Save Cash

July 25, 2021 ( –, an online shopping site that provides a wide range of coupons and discounts that will help shoppers buy the things in need, while also enjoying the best prices.

Since 2015, a total of 3.2 million Promo Codes and discounts from were used on different social and e-commerce platforms. This has helped many shoppers save hundreds of dollars every day.

The platform has real-time promo codes for more than 50,000 stores which can be redeemed by entering the code during checkout. makes shopping enjoyable and less heavy on the pocket as the platform offers a wide range of coupons with huge discounts and deals across premium stores on the web. Their dynamic inventory of Coupons, Coupon Codes and Deals is updated continuously, and it is easy to browse and use them.

The discounts range from dollar-off savings to free shipping and beyond. Generally, the purchase price can be reduced to 5 – 50% depending upon the discount retailer is offering, with these codes.

The platform has an array of store categories, from arts and collectibles, finance and insurance, pet, to religion and spirituality. Shoppers can find the coupon codes for a respective store in the Stores tab.

“The existence of a multitude of online shops makes shopping for what we need more convenient and comfortable. We can look for the products we need from the comfort of our home, and search for best offers in peace, without being bothered by salespersons or anybody else,” says Ben Smith, a spokesperson from

As the promo codes have a short lifespan, offers some tips on how to get the best deal. Begin by searching on Google by specifying the search. For instance, add the item with “Promo” like a “HP Laptop Promo Code”.

“Few worthy tips for you for saving with Promo and Coupon codes is that some retailers allow you more than one coupon or code on the same offer. Like there is a 25% off coupon with a free shipping code. Do make use of the double offer,” Ben Smith added.

For more information on how to save money while shopping for the things you need, visit

About is a real-time savings engine, aimed to help consumers find discount savings in the form of promo codes. offers a wide range of coupons offering huge discounts and deals across 50,000 premium stores on the web. The platform is an incredible tool for shopping, because it helps shoppers to buy the things they need for less money.


Contact Person: Ben Smith



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Bluestone Consultants Clarify the Between Honed on high of that Sawn Bluestone

MELBOURNE, Australia,
July 26, 2021 ( –

Bluestone, also known as basalt, is one of the more popular material choices not only for buildings and commercial projects but for home and landscaping jobs as well. There is a lot to consider when choosing the best type of bluestone for a project: price point, durability, and (sometimes most importantly) aesthetic qualities, such as finish. To help explain the characteristics of various bluestone tile finishes, Melbourne-based bluestone experts Edwards Slate and Stone break down the difference between honed and sawn bluestone.

Honed and sawn refer to the different ways that bluestone tiles are finished. Each finish results in a different visual result, dictating the colour and aesthetic characteristics of the tiles. Both finishes have good qualities and are suitable for a range of different projects, though many builders and landscapers have a preference for a certain type of finish depending on the specific job.

A sawn finish, explains Edwards Slate and Stone, is a bluestone tile that has been left in its original finish after the first cut. This type of finish tends to look more jagged and rough as the marks from the sawing process can often be seen on the stone. Sawn bluestone is characterised by a light shade of blue-grey. It’s known for giving a classic bluestone look. This finish ensures that the bluestone will be extremely durable over time, making it ideal for high-traffic areas: footpaths, walkways, pool areas, driveways and more. It is non-slip and can withstand high temperatures, so it’s a popular choice for outdoor pool and landscaping jobs.

On the other hand, a honed bluestone finish has been honed then buffed using abrasives. This process gives the tiles a very smooth, non-porous finish and removes scratches and stains. The colour of honed bluestone tends to be a darker grey, resulting in a more traditional look. A honed finish makes for an extremely long-lasting, durable tile that’s also stylish. This is a great choice for outdoor barbecue and entertaining areas as well as indoor bathrooms, floors and walls.

Edwards Slate and Stone also notes a common misconception that catspaw is another type of finish on bluestone tiles. Catspaw is a phenomenon that occurs naturally when the bluestone is formed. The gas, heat and pressure from the volcanoes create tiny holes in the basalt – those holes are known as catspaw. Although they are a defining characteristic of bluestone tiles, they are not caused by a certain finishing process.

Both honed and sawn finishes are suitable for a large range of different applications; to get the best out of any project, consult the best providers of bluestone pavers Melbourne-wide, Edwards Slate and Stone. Contact them today to get started.

Source: Edwards Slate and Stone

Cipherpoint Brace 168 Web Safety Platform Maintains Second-Highest Month Checked out in Reserving Web earnings

July 26, 2021 ( –

Cipherpoint has achieved ‘impressive’ June revenues of $378,000 with its Brace168 cybersecurity platform booking $336,000 – the second-highest month ever recorded. The company acquired Brace168 back in April due to its strong organic growth trajectory and ability to compete aggressively in the market.

Founded in 2017 by Greg Bunt, Brace168 builds innovative IT and cybersecurity solutions that work seamlessly across businesses and enterprises or government agencies. Its customers are across the financial property, manufacturing, technology, and health sectors (including both ASX50 and ASX200 companies).

June quarter highlights

In its latest market update to shareholders, the company highlighted that Brace secured $200,000 in additional purchase orders that were scheduled to be booked and delivered by June 30. Due to the rolling lockdowns across the Sydney Metropolitan area, delivery and acceptance have been deferred by customers.

Group revenue for the quarter also totalled $800,000. Cipherpoint’s Chairman noted the June quarter result and recent contract wins demonstrate its pipeline strength and confirms that the company is likely to achieve even better returns by investing in organic growth. The business continues to focus its attention on bringing on additional qualified resources to meet demand.

Upgrades and lockdown response

The impact of any extended lockdown cannot be estimated at this time, but management said it remained grateful and very fortunate that its entire team was working well and able to support managed security services customers remotely.

Prior to the recent NSW COVID construction lockdown, the company had taken the opportunity to begin the expansion and upgrade its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in North Sydney. This upgrade, when completed, will enable the SOC to operate more efficiently and expand the scope of services for existing customers.

Source: Cipherpoint

Guardians Day 2021: Are sometimes Moms Extra Seemingly Music Fathers to Train Everybody About Cash?

July 26, 2021 ( –

We’ve all heard parents—be them ours or someone else’s—say these famous words: “Ask your mother” or “Ask your father.” 

Every parent plays different roles in their children’s lives. When you were growing up, maybe your mom was the breadwinner and bad cop. Maybe your dad was the home cook and homework helper. Someone’s always the stronger disciplinarian or rule-maker. 

And if you’re a parent, maybe you’re evaluating your dynamic among you, your co-parent, and your child or children. What better way to spend Parents Day? 

Traditional gender roles are problematic because gender’s a social construct, not to mention gender’s not binary. But when it comes to teaching kids how to handle money and personal finances, are mothers more inclined to teach kids how to handle money than fathers are? 

Moms beat out dads, but not by much

As with just about every sensitive or controversial topic—from sex to drugs—parents generally aren’t doing a great job of teaching their kids about money. 

According to a recent survey of 1,040 people nationwide from the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), when asked “Which parent taught you the most about money and personal finance?” nearly 24% of respondents said their mother, while nearly 23% said their father. But more than half (almost 54%) said neither. 

The two youngest age groups—Gen-Zers (18-24) and younger millennials (25-34)— were most likely to select “neither” than other age groups, at an average of just over 57%. Just one more thing we can blame on our parents, as the financial issues we face in adulthood can usually be traced back to the financial hardships we experienced during our childhoods. 

The NFEC advises parents to teach their kids about financial literacy starting at an early age and continuing until they reach adulthood. 

Debt can have generational effects

Talking about money can be difficult and uncomfortable, even with the people you’re closest with. And if you’re a parent with debt, that doesn’t just affect you and your family financially, but also it can hurt your kids’ socioemotional wellness. 

A 2016 study from Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests that parents’ unsecured debt is tied to worse socioemotional development for children. 

If you’re struggling with unsecured debt—like personal loans, credit cards, or student loans—and it seems to be affecting your children, it might be wise to develop a debt repayment plan. A loan payoff calculator can help you determine how quickly you can pay off your debt and move closer to a debt-free lifestyle that not only will improve your own life, but also that of your children. 

All parents pass baggage onto their kids, but ideally you want to lighten the load as much as possible. Give ’em a little personal item and not a full-sized checked bag by unloading them from the prospect of inheriting your debt. 


-National Financial Educators Council 


Source: Credello

Mosprom: Commerce Between Moscow and the European Union Themsleves 2% within the Earliest Quarter of 2021

July 26, 2021 ( –

“In January to March of this year, the total volume of trade between Moscow and EU member states reached USD 27.46 billion, up 2% year-on-year,” the deputy mayor said. “Of that total, non-resource and non-energy exports accounted for USD 1.6 billion, an increase of 46.2% year-on-year and 79.2% from the first quarter of 2019. Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden were key consumers of Moscow’s exports.” 
According to Yefimov, this upturn in exports outside of natural resources and energy is critical for Moscow as the city eyes targets set by a national program entitled International Cooperation and Exports. Under the program, Moscow and other Russian regions are tasked with increasing their non-resource and non-energy exports 70% between 2020 and 2030. 
Industrial goods make up a significant percentage of Moscow’s non-resource and non-energy exports to the markets of the 27 EU member states, accounting for USD 1.57 billion in Q1 2021, up 49.2% year-on-year. Key industrial exports included polyethylene, polypropylene, automobile tires, immunological treatments, vaccines, and electronic equipment for industry. 
“Moscow’s exporters have high-tech products to offer Europe,” said Alexander Prokhorov, head of Moscow’s department for investment and industrial policy. “Components for the electronics and automobile industries – things like integrated circuits, EMV cards, and similar products – are good examples.”
Prokhorov added that he sees potential for the capital’s exporters in the comparatively new niche of organic cosmetics. Since Moscow-based companies already export cosmetics to Europe, organics are worth studying.
In Q1 2021, Italy purchased USD 407.46 million of Moscow’s industrial goods, making it the city’s largest export consumer. Italy was followed by Germany, which purchased industrial goods worth USD 352.38 million, and the Czech Republic, which purchased USD 176.09 million. 
Natalia Shuvalova, director of the Mosprom Center, a non-profit group providing support to the capital’s industrial exporters, sees Moscow’s non-resource and non-energy exports growing more steadily than mineral-resource dominated total exports. She believes this puts non-resource and non-energy exports in a good position to drive expanded trade cooperation between partners in Moscow and Europe. 
Mosprom Center forecasts that Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovenia will be the most promising export markets in the near future because, according to the experts, these countries have posted the greatest increases in imports over the past three years.


Farms Worldwide Meals Remedy Program

July 26, 2021 ( –

On the weekend of July 24-25, 2021, Despite torrential rains the teams from three Plantations International offices in Thailand all got together with local Pattaya authorities to distribute thousands of food parcels to families most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Since its founding, Plantations International strongly believes in the importance of firmly supporting the local communities that it operates in at the grassroots level. And urgently filling the humanitarian holes that overburdened and underfinanced local municipalities are not capable of filling. Click Here for photos.

Also, according to Mr. Garath Cookson, Plantations International’s Director of Operations for the ASEAN region. on Friday, September 24th. of this year, Plantations International is holding its annual charity golf tournament at the prestigious Thana City Golf Club in Bangkok, Thailand. All proceeds from the event will be distributed on a pre-proposal basis by The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham). Mr. Cookson went on to say that this year’s charity golf tournament should have double the participants of last year’s event that was held at the Laguna Golf Club in Phuket, Thailand.

About Plantations International

With offices, plantations, and representatives across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Plantations International agroforestry group of companies is a multinational plantation and farm management company that specializes in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry or “agroforestry” management services for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large landholders and corporate investors. We put teamwork, innovation, and our passion for creating “Ethical & Sustainable Capital” at the heart of everything we do.

Plantations International Media Contact

For further information about Plantations International Thailand, please contact:

Mr. Garath CooksonDirector of Operations ASEAN

Plantations International Co. Limited4th floor, Trendy Office BuildingSukhumvit Soi 13, BangkokThailand 10110

Office: +66 3313 5380Email: garath.c@plantationsinternational.com

Source: Plantations International

A Comparison Between eCommerce and mCommerce

As the access to the internet and the adoption of digitalization increases, we can’t overlook the fact that selling and purchasing goods and services online has become an all-important part of our everyday lives and the global retail landscape. As a result, the number of digital buyers is also increasing rapidly year on year. According […]

Worldwide Delivery: All the pieces You Have to Know in 2021

International shipping is a fact of life in ecommerce. Store owners have access to a market that is more or less the size of planet Earth.
Which begs the question: How can you get products from Point A, which could be just about anywhere, to Point B, which could also be just about anywhere?
This is extra important for dropshippers. After all, the whole beauty of dropshipping is that you can sell products from suppliers all over the world.
That solves one challenge – getting products – but introduces plenty of others, like controlling international shipping costs
This guide introduces you to the ins and outs of worldwide shipping and arms you with seven useful tips to help ecommerce store owners, and especially dropshippers, navigate the maze that is international shipping. 
We’ll cover

The basics of international shipping rates
The cheapest way to ship globally
The different international shipping companies
How long it takes to ship internationally

If you make it to the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea of how international ecommerce shipping works and have a handful of cross-border shipping tricks to implement in your store.
Shipping is all about speed, so let’s hurry up and get to it.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

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How to Ship Internationally: What You Need to Know 
Starting an ecommerce business can be exciting. But logistics can be one of the most frustrating yet important aspects that need to be sorted out.
Before you get down to planning how you’re going to get your product from Point A to Point B, one of the first things you need to consider is where your suppliers are and where you’re shipping to.
Once you have this sorted out, you can begin checking out the different international shipping companies and their services.
International Shipping Companies
The international shipping company you select will likely depend on where they ship to and the different rates they offer.

Both DHL and UPS, for example, offer extensive information on importing and exporting regulations on their websites.
Cheapest International Shipping Companies
Depending on your ecommerce platform, you may have access to discounted rates negotiated with international shipping companies.
Shopify, for example, offers users in the United States and Canada specially negotiated rates with shipping companies including USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and Canada Post. Some of these companies also provide the option to schedule a discounted or free pickup.
When you buy international shipping labels via Shopify, the correct documentation and customs forms are generated for you. If you use DHL Express to ship things from the US, these documents are electronically forwarded to customs without requiring extra paperwork. 
Get Shopify Shipping rates today.
International shipping rates
As an ecommerce business, understanding how international shipping rates work is important.
If you’re offering free shipping, this will help to determine how you should be pricing your product. You don’t want to be overcharging your customers but neither should you be absorbing this cost. 
And if you’re charging shipping costs separately, understanding shipping rates allows you to better gauge your product’s fully landed cost.
In this section, we’ll touch on the different factors determining international shipping rates.
How Much Does It Cost to Ship Internationally?
International shipping rates vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as

The origin and destination of your parcel. As a general rule of thumb, the farther you’re shipping, the higher the international parcel delivery cost. However, as we’ll see in an example later, that’s not always the case. 
Whether you ship with postal carriers or express carriers. Because of the better services express carriers provide, these tend to be more expensive.
The type of product. Different countries apply different rates of taxes and duties on different products, which will, in turn, affect your overall international shipping costs.

How to determine international shipping costs?
Using a rate calculator for the carriers you choose can help you find the costs of shipping worldwide. Here’s a list of shipping calculators for commonly used carriers. 

Shopify store owners based in the US can see how much shipping to other countries will cost in this shipping calculator.

What Is the Cheapest International Shipping Method?
Using multiple carriers is one of the cheapest ways to ship things internationally. Because each carrier sets its own rates, one way to take advantage of this would be to check through their rates and make a list to get an idea which company offers the lowest rate based on destination and package type.
For example, the USPS is the cheapest carrier to ship small parcels. You can ship the USPS Priority Mail 3-Day Flat Rate Box for $7.90. This box can weigh up to 70 lbs, so you can ship multiple clothing items or accessories in one go. If your order size is small, you might be able to ship things for even less with USPS’s small package pricing. Based on the shape and weight of your item, the expense could be as little as $4.00. For larger items, the best way to ship internationally is to use DHL Worldwide Express 
Cutting down on product packaging can also reduce the costs of international shipping. Bulk down on packaging to lighten the weight and consequently, shipping costs. Also, consider sourcing free packaging material from shipping companies. USPS, for example, does offer free boxes and materials.

Another way to lower the costs of an international delivery would be to avoid shipping express. This would mean a longer shipping time, but for those customers who are willing to wait, this will certainly be an attractive option.
How Long Does International Shipping Take
Typically, express international shipping takes 2-3 business days for delivery, while standard shipping takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks. In cases where customs clearance is slow, orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.
Distance and shipment mode (whether you select express) can affect shipping times. But there are other factors such as customs, duties, and taxes that have the potential to draw out shipping times.
Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to customs, taxes, and duties. 
It’s important to get the paperwork sorted out properly to avoid holdups at customs. Local postal service can often help with the documents required. While these can vary from country to country, the commercial invoice and an export packing list are almost always required.
Likewise, taxes and duties should also be paid on time to avoid any customs hold, which could unnecessarily prolong the international shipping process.
Update: The global pandemic has adversely affected international shipping operations. Many carriers have suspended international delivery routes and are saying there could be delays on several operational routes. A lot of them recommend businesses to use express mail if they want to avoid delays. 
How to Ship Worldwide: 7 Tips for Ecommerce Businesses
Now that we’ve equipped you with the basics of international shipping, let’s move into some tricks of the trade. More specifically, we’ll deal with

How to find reliable suppliers 
How to create customized shipping zones 
How to sync your marketing strategies with shipping realities
How to present shipping information on your website

1. Use Shipping Filters to See International Shipping Rates
If you use Oberlo dropshipping, then you should be able to use filters to find the cost of international shipping.
Inside Oberlo, for example, the “Shipping filter on a product’s page lets you see the rates for sending items to specific countries. So if you want to ship items to the US, you can type the country’s name to get an idea of shipping rates.

2. Work With the Best Suppliers
There are a few ways to gauge the reliability of potential suppliers. Our favorite method is to order product samples for yourself. Put yourself in your shoppers’ shoes, and see what international shipping looks like from their perspective. This will give you a chance to scope out the product’s packaging, see how long delivery takes, and maybe even contact the supplier with a question.
Consider Free on Board (FOB) shipping if you think you can find more cost-efficient delivery services from your supplier to your warehouse.
3. Explore More Markets
The US, UK, Australia, and Canada are powerhouse markets for Oberlo users.
But there are plenty more markets that facilitate fast shipping – especially if you have a good understanding of how international deliveries work.
For example, Malaysia and the Philippines both account for more dropshipping sales than their populations would suggest. There could be lots of reasons for that. Both countries have large English-speaking populations and high Facebook penetration, so they speak ecommerce’s biggest language and are tech savvy.
What’s more, both countries are a stone’s throw from China, at least compared to some of the other big markets. This reduces barriers to international shipping on lots of dropshipping merchandise.

Other sneaky-good markets for dropshippers can be found in Scandinavia and Western Europe. In addition to disposable income, these markets have rock-solid options for international shipping. 
4. Be Methodical With Your Shipping Zones
Your ecommerce platform should let you create customized shipping zones. These can be a huge energy-saver for merchants trying to optimize international shipping.
Here’s how it looks inside Shopify, where you’ll find shipping zones inside of your shop’s “Settings” page.

One approach that we recommend is setting up a free shipping zone comprised of countries that you can ship to cheaply.
For example, if the price of shipping to the US, Sweden, and the Netherlands is the same, you can simply create one zone with free shipping. This zone can cover all of your key international shipping markets.
We’re in Germany, so the “Domestic” zone will be Germany by default. And until we customize our international shipping options, everything else falls into the “Rest of the World” bucket.

Let’s suppose we’re working with suppliers that have good international shipping options for Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US. Maybe it costs $1.50 per purchase to ship to each country. Instead of charging that $1.50 at checkout, which might hurt conversion, you can simply charge an extra $1.50 for the product, and then offer free shipping to cover those costs.
So what we’ll do is add those four countries, along with all of Europe – there is a “Europe” checkbox, so you can add them all in one click – and then set the price to free.

Of course, there are still lots of countries out there. And you might not want to bother with them, even if international shipping is available. They might be expensive, there might be language barriers, there might be import taxes – there are all sorts of reasons.
Any countries that fall into this “I don’t want to ship there” bucket will be listed as “Rest of world.” A good international shipping hack is to simply delete the countries in this group, thereby making it impossible for people there to place orders.

5. Match Your Facebook Targeting to Your Shipping Priorities
Once you know which markets you want to target and have your international shipping groups sorted out, make sure that your advertising efforts are consistent with where you want to ship.
In our previous example, we only had international shipping options available for the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Therefore, that’s exactly where we should focus our advertising efforts:

We don’t want to throw money away advertising in countries where our products are literally unavailable.
This geographical restriction will also apply to any “lookalike audiences” that we use.
6. Ship Products to Yourself First
Shipping products to yourself and then personally sending them on to your customers – basically “intercepting” the package – is a great way to offset some of the challenges that come with international shipping.
We’ve heard from a handful of ecommerce businesses, including those utilizing the dropshipping method, that use this strategy, and it comes with a few key benefits.
First off, it gives you a chance to repackage the product before it gets to your customer. If you find suppliers with nice packaging, then this isn’t a big deal. But sometimes dropshipping suppliers send items in packaging that is, well, less than inspiring. If you send it to yourself first, you can spruce it up, slap your own label or stamp on it, and then ship it to your customer.
This approach also gives you a chance to do a quick quality check on the products before they go to your customer, enabling you to ensure the sustained quality of your suppliers – both the products themselves and the timeliness of the shipments.
Now, there are drawbacks to this approach. For example, if someone from Malaysia orders a product that is being sourced from China, and you live in the US, shipping it to the US and then to Malaysia doesn’t make a lot of sense.
But if you’re in the US and targeting American customers, then this strategy gives you a chance to cultivate a brand. Even if you’re just slapping a sticker on the package, you’re increasing the odds that people will remember your brand and come back for more.
7. Provide Transparent Shipping Details at Your Store
And finally: Make sure your customers are informed.
Detailed information is a must when it comes to international shipping. Most ecommerce stores, especially dropshipping stores, have the built-in challenge of having longer delivery times than, say, Amazon.
This is unavoidable. What is avoidable, though, is uncertainty for your customers.
It’s vital to display information about all things shipping – be it on a shipping information page, or on each product. Information should include which countries you ship to, how long it will take, if customers will be able to track their orders, and so on.
This will save you time in two ways – you don’t have to answer these questions over and over, plus you won’t have to handle refund requests from people who don’t understand where their package is.
Here are a few examples of how Shopify-powered stores handle shipping information.

How Much to Charge for International Shipping?
There are various factors for deciding how much to charge for international shipping. The main ones include:
Packaging is an expense, so make sure to work the cost of packaging into your overall product cost. Based on the quality and size, this should be around $1.50 to $6.00 each. The cost may vary based on how many boxes you’ll need to accommodate different sized orders. Packaging supplies like bubble wrap and stuffing may also affect your packaging and product costs.
Handling Charges
What’s the minimum hourly wage in your country? Based on the figure, you might want to add a “handling charge” into your product pricing. See how long it takes you (on average), to prepare an order for shipment, then use the minimum wage benchmark to determine your handling charge.
For instance, if it takes you 15 minutes to prepare an order for international shipping, and the hourly wage is $12, you could add a $3 handling charge to cover your effort. Since international customers are usually willing to pay more for safe, quality shipping, there should be no problems here (a big part of quality shipments is how they’re packaged and handled).
Taxes and Duties
You can use duty calculators to determine the taxes and duties for your destination countries, then factor them into your product pricing. Alternatively, you can pass on the responsibility of paying taxes or duties to your customers. This is called Delivered At Place (DAP) and requires the customer to pay charges before they can receive their order.
If you want to deliver a surprise-free shopping experience, it’s best to pay the fees yourself and send items as Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). In this case, you should request customers to cover these fees in advance.
Regardless of your approach, make sure to be transparent with the customer about additional fees that may apply.
Conclusions on International Shipping
It might seem like a hassle to study suppliers’ warehouse locations or research shipping options in places like Malaysia.
But it’s important to remember that these are luxury problems. You can sell products from hundreds of different suppliers! You can ship stuff to Malaysia!
Sure, international shipping can be tricky. There is lots to remember.
But this extra work is the direct result of extra opportunity. Every challenge you overcome makes your potential customer base that much bigger.
Summary: 7 International Shipping Tips for 2021 

Use Oberlo filters to determine international shipping rates
Work with the best product suppliers.
Explore more markets to facilitate fast shipping.
Be smart with your shipping zones.
Match your Facebook targeting to your shipping destinations.
Ship products to yourself first.
Display transparent shipping details on your store.

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13 Finest Work From Residence Jobs to Apply for in 2021

After having children, it’s not unusual for people to hit pause on their full-time careers to start working from home.
In the past, you had limited ways to earn extra income from home. But now, with the growing number of work from home jobs, it’s more possible than ever to work and complete household chores at the same time.
In this article, we provide you with a list of work from home positions that are legitimate, flexible, and good-paying. Also, we keep it to jobs that you can do remotely, which means you can often do them on your schedule (talk about a dream come true!).
Read on for jobs that’ll help you make extra cash while letting you work remotely from home.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

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1. Ecommerce Manager
If you’ve ever run an online store and sold products to consumers, you can consider working as an ecommerce manager. In this job, you’ll develop and implement strategic marketing plans for businesses that sell items on the internet. The wonderful thing about ecommerce store management is the opportunity to specialize in certain platforms to cater to different types of customers. For instance, you can position yourself as an ecommerce manager skilled at generating sales for Shopify stores.
Find jobs on: ZipRecruiter, Fiverr
2. T-shirt Designer
People with graphic design knowledge can offer to create artwork or print designs for t-shirt businesses. Using mockup generators, you can illustrate how your designs will look on real clothes. This will give prospective clients a better idea of your creativity. When designing shirts, make sure to keep things simple. Some of the most famous t-shirts feature the simplest designs.
Find jobs on: DesignCrowd, Upwork
3. Freelance Writer
If you love to write and can move people with your words, consider becoming a freelance writer. Typically, writers get paid per word or hour and don’t require any special degree to start working. What you really need is live clips of your work that you can use to demonstrate your skill. Those looking for part-time work from home jobs can do freelance writing 15-20 hours per week. (The money’s good and jobs are plenty!)
Find jobs on: ProBlogger Jobs, Upwork
4. Transcriber
Fast typist? You’ll love working as a transcriber. This role requires you to listen to audio files and type out what you hear. You don’t need any advanced skills, making transcription one of the best work from home jobs for individuals with no experience. Did we mention it’s also a job you can do on your own time? Yup! You can transcribe whenever you carve out solo time in your crazy-busy life.
Find jobs on: Rev, GoTranscript
5. Online English Teacher
If you have a good grasp of the English language plus a neutral accent, you could start giving classes to young kids in China. Most online teaching positions pay $25 per hour (entry-level), making it one of the best-paying remote work from home jobs. Plus, varying time zones mean you can work while the kids are napping or before the hectic part of your day starts.
Find jobs on: VIPKID, Magic Ears
6. Virtual Assistant 
Virtual assistants are in demand. These professionals do a little bit of everything for businesses, helping them run smoothly and efficiently. Common tasks involve scheduling social media posts, responding to emails, and editing/upload blog posts. The best thing about the virtual assistant job is that you can work when it’s convenient for you (whether that’s before sunrise, in the evening, or when everyone’s asleep). 
Find jobs on: Upwork, FreeUp
7. Online Fashion Stylist
If you have excellent communication skills and a great sense of style, you may be able to snag a role as an online fashion stylist. Your main role in this job will be to work with clients to find outfits that suit their budget and taste. Have clients fill out a detailed survey to help you better understand their expectations and needs. Doing so will make it easy for you to choose outfits that flatter them.
Find jobs on: Upwork, FlexJobs
8. Data Entry Clerk
Looking for easy work from home jobs? Start doing data entry for businesses This type of clerical role usually requires no experience. Some tasks you’ll do are entering information from physical or digital documents on a computer and working in Excel to update a company’s record. Although the work may not be the most thrilling, it’s a work from home job you can easily fit in around your chores. 
Find jobs on: Working Solutions, Upwork
9. Chat Agent
For those with the ability to simplify complex information, chat support may be the perfect work from home job. Some responsibilities of chat agents include handling product queries, assisting with billing, and offering technical assistance. Often, the job requires little training to help you get familiar with the employing company. But that’s part of onboarding and adds to your expertise.
Find jobs on: CrowdChat, Jooble
10. Video Spokesperson
If you’re a good speaker and not camera-shy, consider becoming a video spokesperson. In this job, you’ll be responsible for walking an audience through a video. Companies may hire you to give informative introductions, explain how their product or service works, or promote a giveaway. With so many businesses launching their YouTube channel, there’s plenty of work from home opportunities for confident folks.
Find jobs on: Upwork, Fiverr
11. Search Engine Evaluator
In this role, you will find yourself evaluating the results of searches. With an active internet connection and a set of guidelines, you will test the quality and relevance of search engine outputs. All you need is a basic comprehension of instruction. Your evaluation will then be used to help better the quality of results in the future. Search evaluation is an entry-level, real work from home job that anyone can take up. No prior experience is needed to apply.
Find jobs on: Appen, Workforce Logiq
12. Online Counselor
If you have been trained in counseling, you can put it to work online. By text chat or by phone, this form of counseling allows people to take the first step towards mental wellness. Taking calls from patients, you will provide emotional support without the pressure of a face-to-face meeting. You set your working hours, client list, and session length. This is the ideal choice for someone looking to make a difference and help others!Find jobs on: FlexJobs
13. Paid Expert
You can be paid for answering questions in your field of expertise! People seek help with everything from veterinary care and finance to school tutoring online. Work from home, whenever, by signing yourself up online and putting your expertise to work. Whenever someone asks a question related to your field, the employer will contact you for an answer. All you need to supply is evidence of your achievements, such as diplomas or licenses, and you’ll be good to go. 
Find jobs on: JustAnswer, Studypool 
Best Work From Home Companies
Besides applying on job websites, you can check out companies hiring for remote work from home jobs. Here’s a list of organizations accepting applications from remote workers:
1. Shopify
Shopify wants to make commerce better for everyone, and it’s hiring talent from around the world to help fulfill its goals. You can work from wherever you see home and be a part of the company that sees the next century.
Find jobs on Shopify careers page
2. Xerox
Xerox paved the way for printing and scanning at home and the workplace. They have remote opportunities in sales and customer service. Apply for a chance to work from home for a company fulfilling every business’ copying needs.
Find jobs on Work from Home for Xerox page
3. Intuit
The company behind Quickbooks, Intuit strives to simplify the process of managing a business’ financial needs. Individuals with a finance or accounting background will find more opportunities to progress at this firm.
Find jobs on Intuit careers page
4. Spotify
Music lovers rejoice! The Sweden-based music streaming company Spotify is hiring for offering a range of remote positions. The company believes workers are more productive and happier when they have the freedom to choose their office. With this vision, the company supports a better work-life balance. 
Find jobs on Life at Spotify page
5. Kaplan
If you have ever wanted to teach, Kaplan has the courses. Offering 6-month minimum contracts and part-time work, they offer ideal from-home working positions for people wanting flexible schedules. Help others learn and evolve from the comfort of your living room.
Find jobs on Kaplan Join Our Team page.
6. Liveops
Tailor your working hours around your busy life and earn a decent income. Liveops has built teams of independent agents servicing a plethora of clients from dozens of different industries. All you need is a suitable phone and internet line. 
Find jobs on Liveops remote jobs page.
7. Zapier
From digital engineering to analytics and sales, Zapier needs people to help build their digital automation platform. Working for Zapier means being part of a close team while still working from home. This doesn’t stop them from building a strong team spirit through company retreats and competitive salaries. 
Find jobs on Zapier jobs page.
8. Kelly Services
Kelly Services is a comprehensive staffing agency that works globally and brings the right people to their ideal jobs. For prospects, this means helping maintain and support their virtual platform. Kelly Services makes sure their employees feel their appreciation with medical insurances and vacations, too!
Find jobs on Kelly Connect page.
9. ADP
Known for its excellent human resources, payroll, and compliance services, ADP has been admired and respected for over a decade. To maintain this position, they need home-working researchers, recruiters, and HR outsource managers. Plan your schedule and be part of one of Fortune Magazine’s top companies.
Find jobs on ADP careers page.
10. Hopper
Hopper has revolutionized on-the-go travel and hotel booking. Just like their remote booking services, they need remote employees. If you want a flexible career in data analysis, project managing, travel planning, or software engineering, then Hopper has opportunities for you. 
Find jobs on Hoppers careers page.  
11. Zoom
Zoom has been at the forefront of the home-working revolution. It’s best known for offering video conferencing software, and to maintain its leadership, the company needs a dedicated workforce of analysts, administrators, and specialists. Be part of a 24/7 team that keeps the world connected.
Find jobs on Zoom careers page.
12. HubSpot
HubSpot’s hiring is as flexible as its services. Recruiting for a variety of positions, they also seek employees who can work from home. Choose your ideal setup: two days at home, three at the office, or 100% work from home. HubSpot is ideal for those who want a flexible work schedule.
Find jobs on HubSpot careers page.
13. LogMeIn
Also offering a hybrid work style, LogMeIn is looking for copywriters and directors who want to help connect the world. The company wants what’s best for their employees’ mental health and lifestyles. Whether at home or in the office, their flexible schedules certainly help prove that.
Find jobs on LogMeIn careers page.
14. Rent the Runway
Providing high-end yet affordable fashion is Rent the Runway’s dream. Work from home to help build this dream by improving their software, customer relations, or catalog. In return, RTR rewards its employees with annual getaways and team celebrations.
Find jobs on Rent the Runway careers page.
15. Salesforce
Providing the best in customer relationship services software requires a dedicated team of software engineers and data analysts. Salesforce is building that team with ideal from-home, in-office, and hybrid working schedules. Help improve companies worldwide from your home office or on the go.
Find jobs on Salesforce careers page.
So there you have it, a bunch of work from home jobs that don’t require you to leave your residence. If you’ve been looking to make extra income in your spare time, hopefully these opportunities will inspire you to take the next step. 
Like most things in life, these suggestions will take real work and dedication but just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve big results. Find a work from home job today by checking out job websites and companies with globally distributed teams. Good luck!
Summary: Top 13 Working From Jobs for 2021

Ecommerce manager 
T-shirt designing 
Freelance writing
English teaching online
Virtual assistant 
Online fashion stylist
Data entry
Chat customer service
Video spokesperson
Search engine evaluation
Online counseling
Paid expert

Summary: List of Work From Home Companies Hiring

Kelly Services
Rent the Runway

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