Foundations about order completion from the Shopify Achievement Community

The Shopify Fulfillment Network, our own third-party logistics and warehousing network designed for scaling Shopify merchants, has shipped millions of orders to thousands of ZIP codes. Although SFN is a technology-forward shipping solution (have you met Chuck?), we have amazing humans powering the tech and tackling order fulfillment challenges that may sound very familiar.
Whether your business is using third-party logistics or not, measuring and improving your order fulfillment process is more than a simple operational task. It unlocks opportunities for improvement in efficiency, cost, speed, and overall customer experience. Here are some of the lessons shared by our team of fulfillment experts.
Start with the basics
This might seem too obvious, but the number one rule when optimizing order fulfillment is to ensure your orders are being received and transmitted smoothly—also known as “order flow.” Ensuring this process is well-oiled ensures your business is ready to tackle the changes that come with growth. Examples of order transmission errors might include:

Inventory discrepancy
Address verification
Payment fraud risk

Once the basics are locked in, you can shift your mindset to optimizing—including the way you work with your fulfillment partner, overall shipping speed and cost, and the clearness in your expectation setting with customers.

🧐 Ask your dataIt might be difficult to spot trends in order flows at a glance. Use certain signals that orders are not going through—such as returns—or even looking at the percentage of orders fulfilled to spot trends over time. Are there specific months or weeks in which these numbers are trending below expectation?

Measure what matters
Your business is unique, and although there are best practices, order fulfillment performance should mirror your overall inventory and order processing strategy. If you don’t have a formal strategy yet, that’s fine too. The trick is to start from your current state and make iterative improvements along the way.
For example, if you have a team handling your fulfillment, or a logistics partner, they might only be shipping orders according to a cutoff time, which means you shouldn’t be looking at percentage of orders fulfilled in the same day until later in the day, or not at all depending on when that is. Performance should be measured according to existing processes. Some of the key metrics you should consider are:

Percentage of orders fulfilled: same day, next day, within internal/external service-level agreement (SLA)
Average fulfillment time: including fulfillment cost per order, profit
Products returned

🧐 Ask your dataRight from your orders screen, Shopify lets you dive into some of these metrics. In-context analytics offers you a set of metrics that are a part of the performance measurement of businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re starting to improve operational efficiency or are well into managing internal or external relationships, this set of reports allows you to drive performance improvements over time.

Order fulfillment improvement is not a sprint—well, mostly

It’s a fair statement that most improvements to order fulfillment will take some time to realize into gains. When you’re busy focusing on growing your business, optimizing operations might stay on the back burner.
While fixing order flows and putting sustainable change in place can have an immediate impact, changes to partnerships, cutoff times, and costs might lead to medium-to-long-term gains. As a rule of thumb, use the following guidelines for when to spend some time looking at these metrics. The suggestions above are also connected to when you should start seeing performance improvements.

Order flow metrics: daily and weekly
Shipping time and cost: monthly
Fulfillment partner performance: monthly and quarterly

🧐 Ask your dataCreate a custom report to assess your monthly shipping profit and loss. Simply subtract the amount you charged customers for shipping from the cost. Dividing that amount by the number of orders in that time period gets you to an average profit or loss by order and unlocks clear opportunities for improvement.

Do not let yourself feel overwhelmed by the endless amount of optimization that can be tackled in order fulfillment. Start with the structural basics, build your own shipping processes (or align with your 3PL on what those should be), and make improvements over time to other opportunities, such as increasing your shipping profit, shipping speed, and the promises you can ultimately make to customers.
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Simply Sells On craigs record: Harley gloves, Jeep Halen 8 paths, Stereo system, Sony Watchman, Bunn espresso maker

I finally have some decent sales to talk about.
I sold a vase from the one commission I have. She must have collected these because I have had maybe six or so from the same artist listed at one time or another. The artist name is Robert Eickholt. This one sold for $90.
This is a set of photography lights and umbrellas. I have a similar setup, but this one was from a neighbor moving away. It belonged to her son. Not sure, but I assume he was selling online.
This is a mid-century wood lamp shade. When I listed it, I decided I would set it up at an angle in a 20x20x20 box. However, I had just used my last one, so I tried taking a used large box and cutting it so it was more square. It came out lopped sided, and I wasn’t sure if it would make the coast to coast trip intact. I finally just went to Home Depot and purchased a 24x24x36 wardrobe box and cut it down to size. I was able to pack the shade flat. So, my $34 was reduced by $13 for the box and about $2 in extra postage. Oh well.

These actions Sells On may be: Harley gloves, Lorry Halen 8 downloads, Stereo system, Sony Watchman, Bunn espresso maker

I finally have some decent sales to talk about.
I sold a vase from the one commission I have. She must have collected these because I have had maybe six or so from the same artist listed at one time or another. The artist name is Robert Eickholt. This one sold for $90.
This is a set of photography lights and umbrellas. I have a similar setup, but this one was from a neighbor moving away. It belonged to her son. Not sure, but I assume he was selling online.
This is a mid-century wood lamp shade. When I listed it, I decided I would set it up at an angle in a 20x20x20 box. However, I had just used my last one, so I tried taking a used large box and cutting it so it was more square. It came out lopped sided, and I wasn’t sure if it would make the coast to coast trip intact. I finally just went to Home Depot and purchased a 24x24x36 wardrobe box and cut it down to size. I was able to pack the shade flat. So, my $34 was reduced by $13 for the box and about $2 in extra postage. Oh well.

CharmHealth, MedicalMine Inc.'s Cloud-Primarily based Platform, Launches Revolutionary Sensible Navigation, a Pure Language Interface to Affected person Data and Apply Administration

July 28, 2021 ( –

MedicalMine Inc.’s CharmHealth suite of products is a leading comprehensive solution including EHR, PM, and RCM for independent medical practices.

The recent pandemic has brought to light the multiple benefits of using cloud-based telehealth-enabled Electronic Health Records system. Providers use the system today for functions ranging from prescribing medications, ordering or reviewing lab results, messaging their patients, or entering chart notes. Practice staff also use the system to perform a variety of tasks like scheduling, billing, and other functions. All of these functions are also performed from remote locations, desktops, mobile devices, and other interfaces. Various systems have adopted different designs of User Interfaces to make complex system navigation faster and easier. However, building a frictionless interface to these complex systems has been a challenge. Today, CharmHealth announces Smart Navigation within the CharmHealth platform, which allows a user to use natural language commands to get to any functionality in the system.

CharmHealth’s Smart Navigation feature allows a user to type or dictate the function naturally in the English language. This eliminates all the mouse clicks needed to navigate to a page or screen. This also reduces the learning curve for new users and saves valuable training time. Quick access to often-used functionalities, and pending activities, provide intelligent prompts to further reduce time to navigate to the desired functionality. Smart Tabs allow users to open multiple views by opening them in multiple tabs. Users can switch to any of the opened tabs with ease.

“We have envisioned a time when we could go to a command field, and type or say, ‘List my appointments for today’ or ‘Open prescriptions for Mark Smith’, and the system could take the provider to the results, without cumbersome mouse clicks. Today, I am delighted that we can accomplish that and more. A busy staff member can say, ‘Make an appointment for Jane Doe on Tuesday the 27th July, at 4 pm,’ and the information can be digested by the system and the appointment can be confirmed in one step. A lot has been written about usability in EHRs, and we hope that this is a significant step in solving this challenging problem. We hope that this feature contributes to improved productivity in physicians and their staff and ultimately better care for patients,” said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO, MedicalMine Inc. 

CharmHealth is created by a California-based company, MedicalMine Inc., which is a leading cloud-based health IT platform for independent practices. CharmHealth’s mission is to serve independent practices by empowering them with clinical and financial technology tools that improve provider experience and patient outcomes.

CharmHealth’s integrated cloud-based product suite is built to provide superior patient care, reduce delivery costs, and provide exceptional access to patients’ medical data. CharmHealth includes Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Patient Portal for Patient Engagement, Revenue Cycle Management, TeleHealth solutions, and an Instant Messaging solution for Providers, CharmConnect, all with complementary mobile solutions.

For more information on CharmHealth, visit To get breaking news on CharmHealth, follow the company on Twitter at and Facebook at

Source: MedicalMine Inc.

InvestChile's Portfolio of Initiatives Grew by 28% within the First Half of 2021

July 28, 2021 ( –

Foreign investment in Chile didn’t stop for the pandemic. This is clear from the results of InvestChile’s portfolio of projects, which, at the close of the first half of this year, recorded an increase of 28% in the total value of its initiatives, rising to nearly US$24 billion from US$18.8 billion at the same date in 2020.

During the period January-June, the agency processed 372 initiatives — at different stages of development — which together will generate more than 11,000 new jobs. 

The largest growth in value terms was in the Infrastructure sector, which closed the first half at US$1.65 billion, an increase of 746% over the same period in the previous year. However, the industry that made the biggest contribution to the whole portfolio was Energy, which grew from US$5.4 billion in 2020 to US$9.2 billion in 2021. Other industries showing a big rise in value were Mining and Suppliers (15%) and Global Services (9%).

Chinese projects, biggest contributors by value 

Turning to the countries of origin of the projects handled, China ranked first with an increase of 26% in the value of its initiatives and 11% in their number, totaling 30 projects for a combined value of US$5.6 billion. In second place was the U.S., with US$5.1 billion, an increase of 15% over the same period in 2020. Canada, in third place, showed a 32% increase in the value of its initiatives to US$4.1 billion. 

InvestChile Managing Director Andrés Rodríguez noted that, despite all the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the flow of foreign investment into Chile has not stopped. “This is good news and reaffirms investor confidence in Chile,” he said.

“One of our main work strategies has been precisely to support companies — despite the pandemic — in continuing to develop their business,” Rodríguez added.

Plans for the second half

The Agency has announced that it will focus its efforts in three core areas in the second half of this year. First, it will reinforce the proactive search for companies, through both in-person and remote activities in key markets, and work with companies that have already been contacted in order to speed up their decision to set up in Chile. Second, it will develop the “Investment Link” strategy, an unprecedented initiative to promote investment aggressively through the network of commercial offices. Third, it will work with ministries to generate policies to improve the business environment and facilitate foreign investment.

Work will continue to attract investment from new markets. A working plan already exists to attract capital from the Middle East and talks are at an advanced stage with sovereign funds in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, which together handle assets of some US$1.4 billion. Another focus is India, where a proactive campaign is underway to attract companies with investment potential.

Press Contact:

Francisca Schwerter,

Denisse Vásquez,

Source: InvestChile

Grove Applied sciences Ranked Amongst Elite Managed Service Suppliers on Channel Futures 2021 NextGen 101 Checklist

July 28, 2021 ( –

Grove Technologies has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious Channel Futures 2021 NextGen 101 rankings.

The NextGen 101 list, honors industry-leading managed services and technology providers who are driving a new wave of growth and innovation for the tech channel via the groundbreaking solutions they deliver for their customers. The Channel Futures NextGen 101 are those companies that hold great promise given the leading-edge information technology and communication solutions they offer. Many of those business models revolve around generating recurring revenue from cloud, security, and unified communications, among others.

Given that they represent the future of the technology channel and IT industry, the Channel Futures NextGen 101 are the growth organizations to watch in the channel today. This year’s NextGen 101 winners were selected from applications received for the 2021 Channel Futures MSP 501.

Channel Futures is pleased to name Grove Technologies to the 2021 NextGen 101.

“Being nominated and then winning a spot in the coveted top 10 is amazing. We started in 2014 with a simple premise, provide efficient and meaningful IT solutions to small companies, and build relationships that last.”

Channel Futures always wants to ensure that their partner communities are being recognized for what they do best and are therefore creating programs targeted toward their needs. The Nextgen 101 represents that effort.

“The NextGen 101 represents those organizations and leaders ushering in a new wave of growth for the technology industry. The customer experience is at the very heart of their businesses and thinking and they approach partnering in a unique way,” said Robert DeMarzo, vice president of content for Informa Tech Channels.

“The NextGen 101 is designed specifically to honor partners dedicating resources to building out their practices — all while maintaining the integrity of their core businesses,” said Allison Francis, editor and content producer at Channel Partners and Channel Futures. “Given that these companies represent the future of the technology channel and IT industry, the Channel Futures NextGen 101 are the most-watched of all organizations in the channel today.”

The data collected by the annual NextGen 101 and MSP 501 drives Channel Futures’ market intelligence insights, creating robust data sets and data-based trend reports that support our editorial coverage, event programming, community and networking strategies, and educational offerings.


The 2021 MSP 501 and NextGen 101 lists are based on data collected by Channel Futures. Data was collected online from March 1 through May 24, 2021. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, profit margin, and other factors.

Media Contact  Jon BrownCEO,

Source: Grove Technologies

Current Tragedy Highlights Want for Structural Integrity Monitoring

July 28, 2021 ( –

After the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, it’s more apparent than ever the need for monitoring a building’s structural integrity. As an example of structural monitoring, in July of 2021, Florida DOT awarded Structural Monitoring Solutions (SMS) the Roosevelt Bridge Structural Monitoring contract using this new cutting-edge technology. One of the Roosevelt Bridge challenges is to define the true life of the structure and SMS will help to provide these answers.

“We have learned is that decades of inspections and testing can still miss major problems.  Monitoring has proven to help find many of these unseen problems,” said Terry Tamutus, Founder of SMS. For example, after many months of nightly testing and inspections on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, inspectors missed a critical problem but monitoring found it early and saved $18 million in repairs. “This problem could have been catastrophic; however, the DOT was extremely concerned about the safety of their 240,000 daily commuters and chose to be proactive through structural monitoring.”

A common structural failure is in post-tensioned concrete, which is also found in buildings and parking garages. Post-Tensioning uses steel wires embedded in concrete that are un-inspectable and can corrode. The Miami Florida International University and Genoa, Italy bridge collapses are prime examples of these failures. 

With catastrophic events like Surfside, high-rise condominium values will drop and will prove difficult to sell. Monitoring buildings will help determine if there are any structural issues and if there are identify their rate of deterioration and may help to define the most cost-effective preventative maintenance strategy. The Return on Investment is by protecting property values as well as providing a higher level of safety. Tamutus said, “The question for all future high-rise property buyers will be, ‘Is this building structurally sound and is it being monitored?'”

About Structural Monitoring Solutions – SMS provides advance fiber optic structural integrity monitoring sensors for many types of structures, including buildings. These sensors monitor various problems including foundation, deteriorating concrete, corroding steel reinforcement, and other potential issues. Monitoring can detect minute changes even before cracks appear. One new SMS sensor is an invisible cable that is simply mounted to the outside walls or major structural members. This low-cost real-time monitoring solution could help safeguard the lives of residents and can permanently monitor a structure for decades at very little cost. For more information, contact, P 609-433-8485, or visit

Source: Structural Monitoring Solutions

Set up a Optimistic Picture With Press Launch Distribution Via's Award-Profitable Community

July 28, 2021 ( –

A positive image can have a drastic effect on the public’s perception of a brand. It can have a major impact on social sentiment and how the public interacts with a business. With easy and affordable press release distribution, customers can put their best foot forward and share stories that contribute to establishing a positive brand image.

“A positive brand image is the result of several good interactions a customer has had with your business,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Making a good first impression, maintaining that same high level of interaction, and engaging through news, announcements, and events all contribute to creating a high-quality experience from start to finish.”

Positive brand image plays an important role when people make their buying decisions. That image often reflects the quality of product, service, and overall experience with a business. Leaving a positive, long-lasting impression is the way to influence perceptions of a business and keep customers coming back.

A positive brand image builds trust, and customers can rest easy knowing that the business will deliver what it sets out to do. Once that trust has been established, future marketing initiatives will benefit from a focused approach and consistent messaging to help boost that image. 

With strategic press release distribution, businesses can quickly and easily share positive news and contribute towards building a long-lasting brand identity, increase brand awareness, and drive more engagement with their core audiences. helps CEOs and business leaders improve their targeting and reach via simple and effective press release distribution services. To learn more about how to create newfound value through press release content, visit

About provides simple, affordable press release distribution services to public and private companies through the most comprehensive networks and 1.8M media contacts.

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PressRelease.comMedia RelationsOffice: 800-998-2927


Nornickel Restocks Yenisei River With 200,000 Sturgeon as A part of Biodiversity Initiatives

July 28, 2021 ( –

Nornickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper, headed by Vladimir Potanin, has released 200,000 Siberian sturgeon fry into the Yenisei river at Prutovsky shallows near the town of Yeniseisk.
The project was carried out under Nornickel’s wider fish restocking programme, which was initiated in line with scientific advice and focuses on replenishing several breeds of fish, including sturgeon, grayling and char.
The sturgeon fry were bred by Maltat LLC, a fish-breeding complex in the Balakhta district, with which Nornickel has worked since 2016. In the course of their partnership, the Company and Maltat have released over 1.2 million sturgeon fry, with a record number of 475,000 released into the Yenisei in 2018 alone. Nornickel’s investments into the project amount to around 45 million roubles. Artificial stocking is critically important to the conservation of fish populations as anthropogenic factors continue to have an impact on river ecosystems. Such ecological programmes are most often aimed at the release of sturgeon species as this valuable fish is endangered and listed in the Red Book.
In the last century, hundreds of tons have been fished, and, despite the ban on fishing, numbers are recovering very slowly. Nornickel’s fish stocking programme forms part of its biodiversity activities. One of the Company’s key goals is to reduce the negative impact of its operations on the environment. In 2021, Nornickel approved its new environmental strategy, which covers all major areas of environmental impact, notably: climate change, air, water, tailings and waste management, soil and biodiversity.
Yuri Semenov, Head of the Industrial Ecology Department of the Polar Branch of Nornickel, commented: “Environmental safety and maintaining wildlife diversity is a key priority for Nornickel, and in all areas of our operations, we go to significant lengths to preserve unique biological species. Today’s release of sturgeon fry into the Yenisei is a vivid example of this.”
Sergey Shakhmatov, Co-Chairman of the Russian Green Party and Krasnoyarsk eco-activist, added: “We recently carried out a scientific expedition that demonstrated the adverse impact of human activity, including pollution, on the fish populations of the Yenisei. Nornickel’s initiative is playing a very timely and important role in preserving the biodiversity of our river.”
About MMC Norilsk Nickel
MMC Norilsk Nickel is a diversified mining and metallurgical company, the world’s largest producer of palladium, high-grade nickel, and a major producer of platinum and copper; it also produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium,tellurium, sulphur and other products. Nornickel shares are listed on the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Stock Exchanges; ADRs are traded over the counter in the U.S. and on the London, Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.
Contact: Tatyana Egorova,

Source: MMC Norilsk Nickel

Edmentum Completes Acquisition of Apex Studying

July 28, 2021 ( –

Edmentum (, a global pioneer in education technology, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Apex Learning, a Seattle-based industry leader in 6-12 digital curriculum. With the addition of Apex Learning, Edmentum will be the premier provider of high-quality K-12 virtual and blended learning programs, supporting millions of students worldwide.

Jamie Candee, Chief Executive Officer of the combined organization said, “I am thrilled to officially welcome Apex Learning to the Edmentum family. Apex Learning is known both for their quality of programs and their educator-focused approach to partnership. We are at an inflection point in education, and this combination strengthens Edmentum’s ability to empower teachers to create successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.”

The combined organization will retain the Edmentum company name. Apex will continue to operate under the Apex Learning brand for the upcoming school year, with full support for customers and products.

 “Continuity of learning is critical for our partners,” said Chris Porter, Apex Learning CEO, “The two organizations are well-balanced in our programs, services, and respective cultures, as well as in the ways we support our customers. I am excited about the future of our combined entity and the innovative ways we will support teachers and students.” Porter will continue with the organization as an advisor on Edmentum’s Product Advisory Council.

Both Candee and Porter said the combination will drive a dynamic shift in the digital curriculum marketplace. Apex Learning provides a rich and complementary suite of middle school, high school, and advanced placement course offerings. For Edmentum, the acquisition follows a strategic investment in the company by Chicago-based private investment firm The Vistria Group. Apex Learning’s prior investor, Education Growth Partners has decided to continue forward with Edmentum and invest back into the combined organization as a minority investor.

“School administrators are facing an unprecedented need in supporting their mission for student progression. This acquisition enhances the tools Edmentum can provide to partner with schools in that mission,” said Phil Alphonse, Senior Partner at The Vistria Group. “This marks a significant investment in Edmentum’s future growth, and we are energized to have Apex Learning and their robust instructional programming part of that story.”

“Apex Learning has been a beloved brand in the EdTech space for over 20 years. We are proud of what they have accomplished so far and believe that this acquisition by Edmentum will only strengthen their ability to support positive outcomes for students and educators,” said Andy Kaplan, Managing General Partner at Education Growth Partners.

About Edmentum

Edmentum, Inc., a global leader in education technology, is committed to helping educators individualize learning for every student through simple technology, high-quality content, and actionable data. Edmentum is committed to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. Built on 60 years of experience in education, Edmentum solutions like Edmentum Courseware, Exact Path, Study Island, and EdOptions Academy, currently support educators and students in more than 40,000 schools nationwide and internationally. For more information, visit

About Apex Learning

An industry leader in digital learning with deep expertise in online learning, Apex Learning collaborates with school districts across the country to implement solutions proven to accelerate learning and create opportunities for student success in school and beyond. The company is driven by the understanding that supporting the needs of all students – from struggling to advanced – strengthens schools and creates stronger communities, brighter futures, and a more equitable world. Apex Learning is accredited by Cognia and its courses are approved for National Collegiate Athletic Association eligibility. Apex Learning, where opportunity thrives. For more information, visit

About Education Growth Partners

Education Growth Partners (“EGP”) is a private equity firm dedicated to investing in proven, high potential learning, knowledge, and workplace companies that offer compelling solutions to unmet needs. The extensive investment expertise of Education Growth Partners’ team ensures its companies receive an infusion of highly strategic capital and insight that can accelerate their reach, scale, and impact to create long-term value. Our highly experienced team is composed of investors with operating experience who have a passion for education and behavior change and an understanding of the power of great companies to create opportunities for individuals, organizations, and systems. For more information, please visit

About The Vistria Group

The Vistria Group is a Chicago-based next-generation private investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit. We partner with middle-market businesses in Healthcare, Education, and Financial Services that are passionate about growth and committed to the community. Our decision to invest in these areas is driven by our belief in companies producing scalable social value. Vistria’s team is comprised of highly experienced operating partners and investment professionals with proven track records of working with management teams in building innovative, market-leading companies. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts


Ashlee Tatum-Eckleyashlee.tatum-eckley@edmentum.com214.294.9904

The Vistria Group:

Alex ThomasRes Publica 755-3593

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