Dropshipping on Alibaba: must you occur to be for or on?

AliExpress continues to be one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, with more than 150 million buyers. The marketplace, owned by a China-based Alibaba group, is also extremely popular for dropshipping. That’s thanks to its abundance of suppliers, competitive product quality, and low costs.If you consider AliExpress dropshipping, you can count on various ready-made solutions for aid. But you also should consider all the pros and cons — and we are here to help.The nuances of AliExpress and Alibaba dropshippingTo save you the confusion, here are the main differences between the two:AliExpress is more of a B2C (business-to-customer) platform. You can place orders for as many or as few items as you wish.Alibaba, owned by the same Alibaba Group, is more of a B2B (business-to-business) platform. It’s a wholesale marketplace more aimed at bulk orders, with perks like mass customization products for a certain brand. There’s usually a minimum number of items you must order, usually starting with 100 per batch.AliExpress is okay with dropshipping. They even offer an affiliate program for dropshippers that allows you to get additional income. Let’s take a look at other advantages and disadvantages of the platform:Pros:Lower costs that can be really appealing to your customers.A chance to discover truly unique products.Low risk. Lots of trustworthy suppliers to choose from. They also offer great customer support and are very serious about quality, shipping, returns, etc.Wide shipping geography. AliExpress suppliers ship to more than 110 countries, so there’s a huge chance your customers will get their orders.Cons:Longer shipping time. The average free shipping time from AliExpress is 30 business days, and it can take as long as 45.Return Process. Yes, most suppliers will issue a refund or offer to send you another product if you complain on behalf of your customer. But if it comes to opening a dispute, you will have to wait for days to weeks for a decision to be made. While waiting, you will most likely have to refund the unsatisfied customer out of your own pocket to save your store’s repute.What about Alibaba dropshipping? The pros and cons appear as follows:Pros:Pricing & quantity negotiation. Suppliers on Alibaba are open to a dialogue, so you can always discuss prices and a minimum number of products to order.Lots of suppliers & unique products. Some products are only manufactured in China, and Alibaba is the only place to order them in bulk.Cons:More shipping risks. It’s one thing to run into delivery troubles with one relatively cheap item. But what if a pricey bulk order gets damaged or lost?Shipping time still takes longer. Plus with ordering products from Alibaba you have to wait additional time for them to be manufactured.When comparing the two, dropshipping with AliExpress is much less risky than Alibaba dropshipping. Yes, it has its obstacles, but they are not that hard to work with.

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Scavenger Life Episode 524: NYC Avenue Scavenging

Welcome back, Jay and Ryanne. It was great to hear about your vacation and even better to hear about the possible new helper.
I didn’t post my numbers last week with the podcast on pause, so here are two weeks worth. I hit a milestone in sales in the last week of July. There is a small caveat related to it: the last week of July was the National Sports Card Convention so my theory is a lot of card collectors/speculators who were unable to attend were on eBay. Fear of missing out and all that. Not unlike how sales were almost all last summer. With that said, my sales are even higher than they were last summer, and I’m very eager to see what happens in the fall and winter.
One of the nice things about reaching a new level of eBay sales is that I have a huge backlog of unlisted inventory, and it’s not all junk. Finding good inventory to replace what had sold was one of my biggest obstacles as I grew the store from 500 to 1000 listings and then from 1000 to 2000. It’s nice to be able to invest in nicer inventory. That’s really why my sales are up so much — I’ve been listing a lot more and most of the items are better quality.
7/25/21 – 7/31/2021
Items sold: 100 (64 by best offer, 16 by seller initiated offer)
Gross sales: $4586.01 (up 62.7% from one year ago)
Net sales: $3279.41 (up 64.3% from one year ago)
Highest price sold (net): $469.49 — Baker Mayfield autographed cracked ice rookie
Why is this card so valuable? Mayfield is the young quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, who made the playoffs last year for the first time in 18 years. This card hit on all the elements that create value in modern cards — autograph, rookie, popular design (the cracked ice foil) and low serial number. This particular card wasn’t one that you could find in packs, instead it was released on the manufacturer Panini’s website to purchase with redemption points. The value of those points dipped dramatically last year during the early part of the pandemic, so I stocked up on points then (all eBay purchases). A lot of the most valuable cards in my store were purchased for Panini points.
Lowest price sold (net): $7.97 — Mahler Symphony No. 9 DVD
8/1/2021 – 8/7/2021
Total items in store: 3062
Items sold: 72 (55 by best offer, 2 by seller initiated offer)
Gross sales: $3925.11 (up 134% from one year ago)
Net sales: $2848.81 (up 137% from one year ago)
Highest price sold (net): $380.85 — Ryan Tannehill NFL shield patch
Cards with a unique piece of jersey in the card, like the team’s logo or NFL logo, sell for a premium. This card happens to be a popular quarterback and a very popular set (National Treasures). It sold for my full buy it now price which is always really exciting.
Lowest price sold (net): $9.81 — Lonzo Ball white pulsar prizm
This card might have been my lowest sale price of the week (in fact my only sale under $10), but a few years ago this set (Obsidian white pulsar prizms) were the most popular cards around for a brief second.
Like a lot of Panini’s most unique offerings, these particular packs were released only on their website and sold out within a few minutes. Same as the Mayfield above, these packs were also only purchasable using redemption points, the equivalent of something like $150 per pack. (Crazy I know) All of the cards in the packs have the same shiny (white pulsar) design. No autographs, no variations, no jerseys, no serial numbers. Either your pack contains good players who are worth more than what you paid, or you’re unlucky and you get skunked.
Sometimes, after you open your packs and don’t get the new hot rookie or star player worth hundreds, you might list all the cards on eBay for auction to get whatever money you can for them. That might be $20 for two packs’ worth (6 cards) because auctions are weird and unpredictable. It’s so strange to think about how many modern card buyers regularly spend hundreds of dollars on packs or boxes hoping to get lucky, and when they don’t, turn around and sell their pulls for a fraction of the original price.

Scavenger Life Episode 524: NYC Road Scavenging

Check out our coffee! ► broadporch.coffeeJoin the conversation in the forum > > Our Store Week August 1-7, 2021
Total Items in Store: 7448Items Sold: 17Gross Sales: $597.57 (including eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Net Sales: $200.58 (minus eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)Cost of Items Sold: $15Cost of helpers: $0Highest Price Sold: $50 (kitchen sink sprayer)Average Price Sold: $22.87Returns: 0Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0Number of items listed this week: 40————(Your numbers can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/sh/performance/sales)
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CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT Physique Blends Remembers Nationwide CBD Daytime With 4-Day 50%-Off Sale

PUEBLO, Colo.,
August 7, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

On a mission to help people Have a GREAT THC-Free DayTM through better health and wellness without impairment, CBD Body Blends is celebrating #NationalCBDDay (Aug. 8) with a four-day 50%-off sale in-store and online Saturday-Tuesday (Aug. 7-10) on all regularly priced items with coupon code CBDME. The THC-free CBD company handcrafts hundreds of everyday products onsite for people and pets.

“We’re also celebrating three years of helping people and animals live happier, healthier lives without impairment with what’s now 300+ purposeful natural wellness and relief support products,” said Michelle Duncan, chief people and pet advocate. “We had just four products in 2018 in a handful of milligram strengths and blends. We listened to our customers, who are specifically shopping for CBD without THC, and added more blends, flavors, sizes and milligram options. We now have gift certificates and monthly plans and even added products they didn’t know they had to have like lip balm, bubble bath and even a spa face mask.”

For people new to CBD, Duncan recommends the already-discounted 300 mg Pain Relief Support Starter Kit – so they have a baseline to work from – that includes a tincture (choose the flavor) and creamy silk lotion or the CBD Try It Sampler / Traveler Kit that includes four products: a sample-size of massage oil, creamy silk lotion and bubble bath – the perfect size to try before moving to full-size products (choose the blend and milligram strength) – and a full-size lip balm (choose the flavor).

“Lockdown was very tough for retail. But it was also rough for our customers who, already challenged physically, were struggling financially with tighter budgets, so we ran a 40%-off sale in March to help. We made a decision to keep the sale going until January simply because it was the right thing to do. And we added Klarna for our online shoppers so they could stagger payments if they needed to, without paying anything extra to do it. This 50%-off sale is 100% in celebration.”

CBD Body Blends uses premium Colorado-grown hemp CBD, which has 0.00% THC and is the purest form of CBD, in all its custom-crafted products, as well as the highest-quality initial ingredients infused with select essential oils, natural flavoring and other beneficial ingredients for purposeful wellness and relief support blends. The extensive ZERO THC product line includes yummy-flavored oral drops for both people and pets, no-mess massage oils, creamy lotions, flavored lip balms, essential oil roll-ons, bath fizzies, bubble baths, face moisturizers, spa face masks and more in a variety of flavors, blends, sizes and milligrams.    

“Over these last three years, our store on Abriendo in the historic Broadway Arcade Building in the heart of Mesa Junction has become a destination for people – they are coming in with purpose. No one ever leaves empty-handed. And, because we are a small-batch company servicing our private-label, wholesale and retail customers from the same location, we make fresh product regularly, from 300mg to 3,000mg, as well as custom orders. We do not have a machine that produces our products – they are handcrafted by us. We had someone call the other day asking if we had anything in 6,500mg and we were able to go downstairs, make it and ship it out to them quickly.”


Not just another CBD company, CBD Body Blends is a family-owned small-batch company creating people and pet products for purpose with knowledgeable staff on a mission to help people understand CBD and guide them to products that will work best for them. Our mission is to help our customers Have a GREAT THC-Free DayTM through better health and wellness without impairment or side effects. We handcraft onsite more than 300 Fantastic Everyday Products You Would Use Even Without the Awesomeness of 100% THC-Free Hemp CBDTM. CBD Body Blends: Rocky Mountain Naturals WITHOUT the HighTM. We’re “That CBD Shop on Abriendo”TM. A+ BBB rating.

CONTACT:Michelle Duncanhello [at] CBDBodyBlends [dot] com719.542.4CBD (4223)facebook.com/CBDBodyBlends.com

Source: CBD Body Blends

ASCENDtials Launches Its Actually On-line Yoga Journey By means of a Partnership Which have Onyeka Tefari and as a consequence Nikki Bose

August 7, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

ASCENDtials today announced a new partnership with Onyeka Tefari, at Onyeka Tefari.com, and Nikki Bose, a yoga instructor at reUnify Yoga, for a new partnership and service launch. This partnership is to promote ASCENDtials 1st Online Divine Femininity Yoga Retreat, Aug. 20, 2021, starting at 12:30 p.m. PST, and is intended to give participants exposure to African Kemetic Yoga, a spiritual way of life known in Ancient Africa, before being adapted in Asia. This is important to recognize and preserve this culture, so that we may be grounded in truth, respect, and protect the contributions of Black bodies to culture. Join us for this online Yoga Event!

This fundraiser is to support ASCENDtials in its mission to bring awareness of oppressive structures in place, in its effort to dismantle them by building higher-level problem-solving skills, to address and create systems for good based on the science of science by applying KOS to grow, sustain, balance and to secure Equality for all.


“Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.” -African proverb

An invention or creation is just like an offspring; it comes from its creator and therefore has its creator’s Nature and likeness. “Therefore, a person, place or thing has the nature and likeness of whoever created it, regardless of whether that information is actually detrimental to the survival and well-being of those receiving it.” – African Creation Energy 

“Seeking truth will bring about Equality and protect the survival of humanity, which is at risk” – M. Marzette ASCENDtials founder

The benefits of this new partnership include:

Community collaboration with two instructors for our 1st Online yoga retreat to share the importance of Knowing Thyself.
Brings widespread attention and awareness to Knowing Thyself and its benefits in the fight for equality.
Engages more people in the social transformative/justice movement.
Promotes understanding of KOS-Melanin-ology™ as a humanizing experience for all.

About ASCENDtials:

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in Critical Consciousness by providing thoughtful holistic educative tools, resources, and training programs that prepare, are preventative, instill, and reinforce a deeper appreciation for self and community, a oneness that builds capacity and environmental care.

About Onyeka Tefari, of Onyekatefari.com:

Onyeka is a holistic healer who uses massage therapy, yoga, and aromatherapy to help clients heal all aspects of life. Knowing that everything is connected, we must embrace the journey to health and healing as an ongoing process.

About Nikki Bose, of reUnify Yoga:

A Chicago native who fell in love with the power of the Ocean 10 years ago and has been surfer-chic-living in San Diego ever since. Formerly a molecular biologist, she’s now a trained Yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga since 2012. 

Source: ASCENDtials

Débordement is Launching of the Progressive Fusion Sensible software to Create an Excellent Defi Buying and selling Platform

August 7, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

Today Zel Technologies GMBH announced that Flux, a proof-of-work cryptocurrency and decentralized cloud computing network, is launching the Fusion app which opens up Flux to Defi integration with ten blockchains. By using Fusion Flux holders can now seamlessly swap Flux between the native Flux blockchain and Flux parallel assets on the Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, and Kadena blockchains – with seven more blockchains to follow.
The Fusion app is part of the Zelcore self-custodial crypto platform that supports thousands of different crypto assets. When combining Flux and Zelcore, traders now have access to a powerful platform for holding their assets and interacting with major decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The ecosystem is now positioned to become the premier alternative to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, empowering the end-users by ensuring that it’s always ‘their keys, their crypto’.
With Fusion and the Zelcore, it is now possible to:

Do 1:1 swaps between native Flux and Flux parallel assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Kadena blockchains with 7 additional blockchains to be added including Solana and Tron.
Hold thousands of different assets in Zelcore self-custodial platform – ‘your keys, your crypto’.
Easily interact with major decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap through the robust WalletConnect integration.
Purchase crypto with FIAT currency or do crypto quick swaps directly in the Zelcore platform.

“Flux and Fusion are all about empowering the end-users by providing decentralized alternatives to relying on corporate entities and large centralized exchanges. Fusion provides Flux holders with ease of access to Defi at large enabling them to make the most of their investments. The Flux approach to Defi is a game-changer because it breaks down the barriers between different blockchains by making everything accessible through Fusion swaps. This, combined with all the opportunities that our official Zelcore platform already offers, is a very powerful and complete crypto trading platform where the user can operate without having to rely on centralized exchanges,” comments Flux Co-Founder Dan Keller. He adds; “While the launch of Fusion is a major milestone for us, we have many other developments on the way. Our decentralized computational network is still seeing rapid growth and we’re working hard to build a proper decentralized alternative in the cloud computing space.”    
About Flux
The Flux Ecosystem is a suite of decentralized layer two computing services and blockchain-as-a-service solutions which offer interoperable, decentralized, AWS-like development environments. Flux node operators can choose from three tiers of hardware requirements to stand up after providing the necessary Flux capital, which is then soft-locked in their platform. This allows anyone to be rewarded for providing hardware to the network, from anywhere in the world.
Media contacts
Daniel KellerChief Strategy Officer Fluxinfo@runonflux.iohttps://runonflux.io

Source: Zel Technologies GMBH