Best-selling Luxury Streetwear to Dropship in 2021

Starting a state-of-the-art streetwear dropshipping store is always a great idea. This sentence might sound a bit tacky at first but what lies behind it is reasoning stemmed from thorough research on luxury streetwear styles and the popular demand. But before delving further on what styles and items make up for the perfect dropshipping streetwear […]

Electrical Jet Producer Panhwar Closes Collection A Financing With Valkyrie GRP

August 10, 2021 ( –

Panhwar Jet has designed and is currently building the world’s first all-electric, self-charging luxury business aircraft. The groundbreaking, self-charging technology brings major disruptive innovation to the electric aircraft industry. Current battery density does not allow most electric aircraft to fly beyond two hours total flight time. However, the self-charging technology created by engineers at Panhwar Jet will allow the aircraft to fly up to 12 hours without touching down. 

Panhwar Jet’s patented technology has solved many of the existing battery limitations. Panhwar Jet is also hyper-focused on providing a superior flight experience by using clean, sustainable energy, which will create a new future of aviation where speed and range have less limitations. 

Chad Swensen, Founder and Managing Partner of Valkyrie: “We’re excited about the innovation that Panhwar Jet is bringing to a large global market. 

“We are fully committed to supporting Panhwar Jet in realizing the full potential of such a revolutionary technology in electric aviation.”

“We’re excited to collaborate with Valkyrie Group as our strategic capital partner,” says Ms. Ayisha Fareed, Chairman, and CEO of Panhwar Jet. Fareed commented, “Valkyrie and Panhwar Jet share the passion, team spirit, background, and experience that will disrupt the electric aircraft industry.”

According to Fareed, “This investment will allow Panhwar Jet to enhance the specifications of “ElectroBird,” our first two-seater all-electric plane. We will unveil our technology to the market while attempting to achieve world records in electric aviation.”

Panhwar Jet is assembling the prototype aircraft in Heber City, Utah, and plans to conduct early test flights beginning in 4th Quarter 2021


Panhwar Jet Inc.

Ms. Kulsum Hussain, Communication Manager at Panhwar Jet 



Mobile: (949) 763-9601


Valkyrie Group LLC

Doug Corpuz, Vice President of Operations



Mobile: (801) 580-6685

Source: Valkyrie Group

Cable Issues Launches USB-C® Twin Video Adapters With 8K Help

August 10, 2021 ( –

Cable Matters®, an industry-leading connectivity solutions supplier, today launched two innovative USB-C® video adapters with 8K and dual 4K 60Hz resolution support for the ultimate work and play video solution.

The Cable Matters® USB-C® to 8K HDMI® and DisplayPort™ Adapter combines an HDMI adapter and a DisplayPort adapter into one for maximum flexibility and performance. The USB-C video hub supports up to an 8K resolution over HDMI or DisplayPort, enabling ultra high-resolution video over one convenient adapter.

“This is one of the first adapters on the market to support 8K video through DisplayPort and HDMI,” said Cable Matters President and CEO Jeff Jiang. “It is the perfect one-adapter solution for 8K devices.”

Cable Matters also launched the USB-C® to Dual HDMI® Adapter. It leverages the latest standard as specified in HDMI 2.1 to support up to an 8K resolution on one HDMI port. Both USB-C adapters support dual 4K 60Hz monitors if two video ports are in use at the same time, providing the ultimate multi-monitor solution for the serious worker or gamer.

These dual video adapters are perfect for hybrid or remote workers wishing to extend their workspace, boost productivity, and work and play. Turn a standard laptop into a high-quality, high-resolution multi-monitor workstation with an adapter small enough to bring to the office and the home office. The combination of DisplayPort and HDMI ports is the perfect solution for work and play – connect the adapter to a 4K office monitor by day and a 4K TV by night for gaming and streaming.

The USB-C adapters are fully compatible with tablets, smartphones, and Windows computers with USB-C, Thunderbolt™ 4, or USB4™ ports. The adapters are also compatible with Mac computers in single video mode.

About Cable Matters

Cable Matters, with headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, offers a complete line of cables, adapters, docking stations and networking products for the home, office, and data center. Cable Matters offers first-class quality products, backed by exceptional customer service, at an affordable price. Established in 2009, Cable Matters serves markets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Japan.

Cable Matters® is a registered trademark of Cable Matters Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, Ultra High Speed HDMI, Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable Certification Program, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

DisplayPort™ and the DisplayPort™ logo are trademarks owned by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) in the United States and other countries.

USB4™, USB Type-C® and USB-C® are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.

Thunderbolt™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation.

Media Contact:

Sarah White


Source: Cable Matters Inc.

Datamine Delivers Highly effective Visualization to Mining Clients with HOOPS Visualize

BEND, Ore.,
August 10, 2021 ( –

Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces that Datamine, a leader in digital mining technology, is utilizing HOOPS Visualize to power their flagship product, MineScape, to provide unparalleled visualization and rendering capabilities to mining customers worldwide. Since 3D visualization is integral to many aspects of mine design and planning, the company wanted to find the best way to deliver the powerful graphics and performance its customers needed – and that required a change from its in-house development approach.
“It is imperative that our customers can display their data quickly, in real-time, with support for the massive data sizes that are typical in mining,” said Simon Todd, Senior Development Manager for MineScape. “In earlier versions of MineScape, we built our own 3D engine, which required a lot of development resources. We were simultaneously trying to keep a graphics engine up to date while also creating mining-specific features for our customers.”
A 3D rendering engine used in hundreds of successful engineering applications, HOOPS Visualize makes it easy to add high-performance, interactive 3D visualization to both desktop and mobile applications.
“During the proof-of-concept stage, it was immediately apparent that the HOOPS Visualize SDK was way ahead of the competition in terms of functionality, speed, and ability to seamlessly integrate into MineScape’s architecture,” said Todd. “That technical edge – coupled with the responsiveness from Tech Soft 3D around answering questions, addressing any support issues, and sharing roadmap plans – made it clear we had found our vendor of choice.”
Because the company’s development resources can now focus on industry-specific features and functionality, MineScape can come out with new product releases that respond to the needs of the mining market very quickly.
“It used to be that when mining consultants would come to us with a new feature request, it might take us months to develop it since we were busy maintaining our own graphics engine and writing visualization code,” said Todd. “Now, we can turn around new features in a week. The faster time-to-market that is enabled is really great.”
Alongside freeing up resources and increasing business agility for the company, HOOPS Visualize has delivered rock-solid performance to the application itself.
“We can throw tens of millions of triangles at MineScape, and the performance doesn’t miss a beat,” said Jim Sronce, General Manager at MineScape. “The amount of data we can load up and manage is really impressive. You wouldn’t believe how many comments we get from customers saying, ‘Wow, that’s really fast – we haven’t seen anything like that.’ That’s all because of the HOOPS Visualize engine.”
Todd concluded, “3D visualization is at the core of MineScape. It’s integral to everything the product does – from display, to plotting, to interrogation, to sectioning and slicing. The results of using HOOPS Visualize speak for themselves: Our customers are delighted with our 3D graphics, how well the product works with large data, and the amazing things the product can do for them. Our partnership with Tech Soft 3D has been a real success, and there are good synergies in place as we go forward together.”
About Tech Soft 3D
Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful applications. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, France, England and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power nearly 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. For more information,
Media Contact
Angela Simoes

Source: Tech Soft 3D

Quantivate Launches Challenge Administration, Fortifying Monetary Establishments With Trendy Instruments to Mitigate Danger

August 10, 2021 ( –

Quantivate, a leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software, today announced the launch of its newest SaaS application, Issue Management. Issue Management gives financial institutions a clear path for identifying, prioritizing, mitigating and ultimately resolving issues, all while allowing for dynamic reporting throughout the process.

“Issue Management puts a feature-rich set of tools at a team’s fingertips, enabling them to better understand issues across the organization. It also equips teams to remediate immediate and future risks, while saving financial institutions time and money,” said CEO and Founder Andy Vanderhoff.

Issue Management achieves four main positive business outcomes that allow banks and credit unions to operate more efficiently:

Enhance visibility: The software creates a single source of truth for issue management and executive oversight.

Break down data silos: Teams are able to manage issues enterprise-wide using standardized processes and shared data.

Maintain an audit trail: Organizations are able to document issue management and mitigation processes in a single system of record.

Gain organization insights: Learning the root causes of issues, as well as which pose the most risk, allows teams to support strategic management decisions. They’re also able to leverage risk data from eight other Quantivate applications to get a complete view of their organization’s interconnected risks.

Quantivate Issue Management provides end-to-end functionality with tools and resources for each stage of the issue management lifecycle. Feature highlights include:

Dedicated issue management processes
Centralized digital dashboard
Built-in templates and content
Risk assessment
Root cause analysis

Issue treatment: accept risk or create a mitigation plan
Issue review and monitoring
Extensive customizable reporting
Automated notifications

Quantivate’s platform allows financial institutions to choose if they want to start small by adopting departmentally aligned solutions then scale as their business grows. Issue Management is sold within Quantivate’s ERM, Audit and Procurement solution package and integrates with the entire GRC suite.

About Quantivate

Quantivate has provided web-based governance, risk and compliance software and service solutions to organizations of all sizes since 2005. Since then, the company has grown to feature a full suite of GRC modules, including Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Internal Audit, Regulatory Compliance, Policy & Document Management, Complaint Management and Issue Management. Our GRC solutions have helped thousands of companies transform the way they manage risk, improve compliance and strengthen governance. For more information, visit

Contact: Robin Conner, Vice President of Marketing425-332-4675,

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Nextep Named One of many 2021 Greatest Workplaces in Consulting & Skilled Providers™ by Nice Place to Work®

NORMAN, Okla.,
August 10, 2021 ( –

Great Place to Work® honored Nextep as one of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services™. Nextep ranked number 27 out of the top 50 companies in the industry.
The Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services award is based on an analysis of survey responses from more than 463,000 current employees across the U.S. In that survey, 96% of Nextep’s employees said the company is a great place to work — 37 points higher than the average U.S. company. 
“Since our beginning 24 years ago, we have always strived to have a great work environment,” said Brian Fayak, Nextep founder and CEO. “We’re proud of this designation because it means our employees are happy, thriving, and see how we’re constantly working to make their lives better.” 
Nextep has implemented several benefits and policies over the years as employees’ needs evolve, from 100% paid health benefits and 12 weeks of paid parental leave to a flex policy of partial work from home. Nextep is incredibly honored to receive this designation coming out of the pandemic. With the challenges all companies faced last year — maintaining culture in a virtual environment, learning how to communicate in different ways effectively, and staying in touch with employees’ needs — this designation solidifies what Nextep strives to be: a people-first company. 
Great Place to Work is the only company culture award in America that selects winners based on how fairly employees are treated. Companies are assessed on how well they create a great employee experience that cuts across race, gender, age, disability status, or any aspect of who employees are or what their role is.
“These companies are proof that strong company culture is not restricted to the physical workplace,” said Sarah Lewis-Kulin, VP global recognition, Great Place to Work®. “Despite the challenges of the pandemic and remote work, employees at these companies say they feel supported by their leaders, connected to their colleagues, and that managers bring out the best in everyone.”
About Nextep
As a CPEO, Nextep provides small and mid-sized companies access to big-company benefits and HR services, which can help them become premier employers. With Nextep as a partner, businesses have comprehensive HR, benefits, payroll, and risk and compliance solutions without the burden of administrative duties. For more info on how a PEO helps a business, visit
The IRS does not endorse any particular certified professional employer organization. For more information on certified professional employer organizations, please visit
Nextep, Inc.1800 N. Interstate Dr.Norman, OK 73072www.nextep.comPhone
ContactChristy HrencherOffice

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AeroClean Applied sciences Publicizes Partnership With Cape Cod Healthcare to Ship Pathogen-Free Air at Services Throughout the CCHC Community

August 10, 2021 ( –

Today, AeroClean Technologies announced partnership plans with Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) to install more than 100 Pūrgo™ air purification and sanitization devices in their facilities as soon as early fall 2021. Pūrgo™ utilizes patented, proprietary, UV-C LED technology to significantly reduce or remove harmful pathogens like allergens, mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the surrogate pathogen for COVID-19 – offering continuous air sanitization as an additional important safety measure for patients, staff, and visitors.

In May 2021, Cape Cod Healthcare announced that Cape Cod Hospital has been recognized as a Healthgrades 2021 Patient Safety Excellence AwardTM recipient – a distinction that places Cape Cod Hospital among the top 5% of all hospitals and the only such hospital in Massachusetts. Cape Cod Healthcare will also be the first hospital in Massachusetts to widely deploy medical-grade air sanitization devices in indoor spaces shared by patients, staff and visitors – further demonstrating an unwavering focus on clinical quality and safety.

“We are committed to diligently ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the Cape Cod Healthcare community, so in addition to continuing to exercise all health and safety measures a year into the pandemic, we will add active air purification to enhance the protection of our patients, and in our high-traffic areas. This will allow everyone to breathe easy and to interact in our spaces with confidence,” said Michael Lauf, President and CEO of Cape Cod Healthcare.

The Pūrgo units will be utilized in both clinical and non-clinical spaces. The clinical spaces include outpatient treatment areas with immunocompromised patient populations, like Cancer patients receiving Chemotherapy. Non-clinical spaces will include lobby areas, waiting rooms, dining areas, staff break rooms, offices, conference centers, and other enclosed areas. Eventually, Cape Cod Healthcare will also begin testing AeroClean’s new Pūrgo LiftTM technology to protect patients, staff and guests inside elevators across the CCHC network.

“The intent of installing this cutting-edge technology is so that patients and their family members, staff and any guests feel more secure about transitioning back and utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities. AeroClean is the ideal partner to help carry out these enhanced sanitization plans,” said Michael R. Bachstein, Vice President, Facilities Management.

Pūrgo will continuously work to purify and eliminate viruses and other harmful pathogens from the air, exchanging the air inside most rooms more than six times per hour, providing continuous sanitization efforts.

“Demand for clean safe air has never been greater, even at our most advanced medical facilities, where high air exchange rates and HEPA filtration are used routinely in operating rooms and treatment areas. However, the CDC and WHO are now recommending HEPA filtration and advanced air cleaning technology (germicidal UV irradiation) in indoor spaces to effectively mitigate airborne threats, like COVID-19. Traditional HVAC systems and filtration cannot support the air sanitization requirements in these common areas to sufficiently mitigate risk from airborne pathogens – especially those that are transferred locally, person-to-person indoors,” said Jason DiBona, CEO of AeroClean. “We are proud to provide Cape Cod Healthcare with a real-time solution that can be deployed safely in any of their spaces to purify the air and add substantial additional protection for everyone who enters their facilities.”

Cape Cod Healthcare plans to implement the enhanced sanitization plan in phases starting this summer and will make Pūrgo™ widely available across their enterprise by the end of 2021.

About AeroClean Technologies: AeroClean is a pathogen elimination technology company on a mission to keep work, play and life going—with continuous air sanitization products called, Pūrgo™ (pure-go). We create solutions for hospitals, offices, and many shared spaces as well as elevators, aircraft and more. Pūrgo™ products feature SteriDuct™, a proprietary technology developed by our best-in-class aerospace engineers, medical scientists and innovators. Powered by SteriDuct™, our solutions are medical-grade, eradicating viral, fungal and bacterial airborne pathogens. Our purpose is simple: to never stop innovating solutions that keep people healthy and safe, so life never stops. Learn more at 

About Cape Cod Healthcare: Cape Cod Healthcare is the leading provider of healthcare services for residents and visitors of Cape Cod. With more than 450 physicians, 5,700 employees and 790 volunteers, Cape Cod Healthcare has two acute-care hospitals, the Cape’s leading provider of homecare and hospice services (VNA), a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, an assisted living facility, four urgent care centers and numerous health programs. For more information, visit Cape Cod Healthcare’s website at Visit our health news site for the latest in relevant and credible healthcare news.

Source: AeroClean Technologies

Digital Company Mylo Named 2021 InsurTech Innovator of the Yr by Wealth & Finance Worldwide

August 10, 2021 ( –

Digital insurance agency Mylo has been named InsurTech Innovator of the Year in the 2021 FinTech Awards conducted by the global publication Wealth & Finance International. Mylo was honored for innovating an embedded insurance platform that leverages proprietary technology, decades of expertise, leading carrier partners, expert licensed advisors and more to connect small business owners and individuals with coverage that protects financial assets.

Wealth & Finance International, whose worldwide audience includes 130,000+ fund managers, high net worth individuals and private and institutional investors, launched the FinTech Awards to recognize innovators who change the way people manage their finances. One of Mylo’s specialties is delivering expert insurance services to financial advisors to ensure the success of their clients’ holistic financial plans. Mylo’s tech-equipped concierge team provides strategic insights to advisors and earns industry-leading customer satisfaction scores for assessing client assets and recommending wealth-promoting coverage.

Launched in 2015, InsurTech leader Mylo is backed by the world’s largest independent broker Lockton and global investor Guggenheim Partners. Drawing on 50+ years of Lockton expertise, Mylo’s innovative technology – The Mind of Mylo™ – delivers personalized insurance solutions through tech engines that recommend ideal coverage to protect financial wellness, match risks with carrier appetites and identify the right policy at the best value from top-rated carriers.

“We’re excited to be recognized as InsurTech Innovator of the Year for our embedded insurance platform that is driving change for financial advisors,” said David Embry, Mylo CEO. “The financial industry is undergoing a major transformation, and we’re proud to help lead the way by revolutionizing insurance.”

Mylo continues to win honors that include receiving the 2021 InsurTech Innovation Award in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards and being named one of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021 by Forbes. Mylo was a Gold winner as Most Innovative Company of the Year and a Silver winner as Insurance Company of the Year in the 2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards. Mylo was also named to Insurance Business America’s Hot 100 in 2019 and recognized on the Techweek 100 in 2018 as an Innovator and in 2017 as a Rising Startup.

About Mylo: Mylo is a digital insurance shopping platform that seamlessly integrates into partner experiences to connect business owners and individuals with top-rated insurance products from multiple carriers, including business, small group benefits, home, auto, life and individual health. Backed by the world’s largest independent broker Lockton and global investor Guggenheim Partners, Mylo draws on 50+ years of Lockton insurance expertise to offer expert insurance recommendations online or in person with licensed agents. For more information, go to

About Wealth & Finance International: Wealth & Finance International is dedicated to providing fund managers and institutional and private investors around the world with the latest industry news across both traditional and alternative investment sectors. Distributed each month to more than 130,000 high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, fund managers, institutional investors and professional services firms, Wealth & Finance International has rapidly become the go-to resource for those looking to make the right decisions when it comes to securing and growing their wealth. For more information, visit

Source: Mylo

Social Bee Adventures Launches Its Augmented Actuality Journey Platform

August 10, 2021 ( –

Social Bee Adventures, an app showcasing augmented reality in tourism and travel spaces, is leveraging technology to offer self-guided guided tours. While the underlying technology is complex, the idea is simple. The app allows creators to build step-by-step tours, scavenger hunts, and all-around adventures in augmented reality that consumers can then use, through the app, when it’s convenient for them. An experience in Social Bee Adventures consists of points of interest, trivia, photo, video and audio activities that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Consumers can gain points and see where they rank for the experience on the experiences leaderboard on the app. Creators can offer their experiences free of charge or charge a fee. 
First, creators use the Social Bee Adventures app to create their experience — a tour of a city or neighborhood, a hike, a scavenger hunt, an event, and much more. Once complete, the creator publishes their experience and consumers can find and purchase the experience from the app and go on the self-guided tour when it’s convenient for them using Social Bee’s gamified augmented reality platform.  
Travel and tour guides specifically have been hit hard by the pandemic. Social Bee Adventures provides a contactless option that allows tour guides to build their tour experiences and monetize whenever an app user consumes it. Social Bee Adventures provides new revenue streams for those greatly affected by the pandemic, while helping to protect the industry from future hardships. 
Social media platforms do little to get people out exploring the world. As most social platforms’ goal is to keep users inside, increasing digital screen time, Social Bee Adventures helps users 1. find fun and local activities and experiences and 2. guides them step-by-step through the experience.
“My goal is to use technology to get people out into the real world, to make learning and exploring as fun and engaging as playing video games, and to create deeper and more meaningful connections with the world around us and the people we share it with,” says founder Jason LaBaw. “I want to invite all the experienced creators, tour guides, travel bloggers — the one friend in the group who always sets the itinerary and makes sure the trip is filled with fun. Join us in creating amazing experiences and sharing them with the rest of the world.” 
About the company
Social Bee Adventures is a platform consisting of an eCommerce website and iOS app, on a mission to revolutionize the tourism industry by using its proprietary augmented reality and mapping technologies to provide contactless tours indoors or outdoors. 
To learn more, visit
Name: Sjoerd Martens
Phone: 1-646-480-0356

Source: Social Bee Adventures

Smithereen Pest Administration Companies Expands Into Terre Haute, Indiana

NILES, Ill.,
August 10, 2021 ( –

Smithereen Pest Management Services, a provider of integrated pest management since 1888, announced the acquisition of Indiana-based Pioneer Pest Control. While Smithereen has historically served clients in Indiana, this acquisition broadens the company’s coverage in Eastern Indiana.

Since 1982, Pioneer Pest Control has operated around Terre Haute, covering parts of the Indiana-Illinois border.

Both Pioneer Pest Control and Smithereen Pest Management Services pride themselves on remaining family-owned and operated throughout their histories, as well as offering environmentally friendly, integrated pest management. 

“Pioneer Pest Control shares the same commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Scott Seifert, Smithereen’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “By combining our resources, we can continue providing proactive pest remediation for common pests, termites, bed bugs, and wildlife through practices that are safe for both people and the environment.” 

About Smithereen Pest Management Services

A Green Shield-certified company, Smithereen prides itself on offering effective and environmentally sensitive elimination and prevention services for a wide variety of insects, rodents, mammals, and birds. Smithereen provides full-orbed care, including extermination, inspection, addressing structural issues in client properties that could admit pests, and monitoring of pest life cycles to avoid new outbreaks. Since 1888, Smithereen has served as a leader in pest management in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana

Source: Smithereen Pest Management Services