10 Moments In “Born For Enterprise” That Had Us Rooting For Entrepreneurship

Born For Business is officially available for streaming (on Peacock in the U.S. and Crave in Canada) 🎉
The docuseries chronicles the lives of four entrepreneurs with disabilities who are defying society’s expectations to build successful businesses. Each episode sees laughs and tears, while offering an unfiltered look at the entrepreneurial journey in all its ups, downs, and everything in between. 
If you binged all the episodes already, we don’t blame you. We did too and we’ve got thoughts and feelings on the top moments that had us rooting for the cast and the unique paths they’ve paved for themselves…
🚨 Warning: Mild spoilers ahead! 🚨
When Chris let us in on his goals and aspirations of securing a good future for his daughter, Shae.

Meet Chris Triebes: a driven single dad with spinal muscular atrophy (type III) making waves in the music industry.
Chris lets us in on a non-secret: he doesn’t have time for small goals. He’s looking to hit a home run so he can secure a good future for him and his daughter, Shae. He is a true serial entrepreneur who runs a concert production company called The Congregation Presents, co-owns two venues in Chicago and Indianapolis, and manages music festivals. It’s a tough industry to be in, but Chris recognizes the importance of grit and persistence to make it, so we always see him up for the challenge.
When Qiana talked about how lonely entrepreneurship can be.

Qiana is the owner of Culture’s Closet, one of America’s top curvy clothing brands, and is always on the lookout for expansion opportunities.
When Qiana notices that she’s mixing friendship and business, she is the first to acknowledge that she needs to do something about it. We see her gracefully handle a situation involving an underperforming employee who also happens to be a personal friend.
We know it and Qiana knows it: Entrepreneurship is lonely. On one end, it can be tempting to recruit friends for some extra help. And on the flip side, the mixing of friendship and business could get complicated real easy, real fast.
Watching Qiana masterfully navigate the complicated situations of running a business had us rooting for her from the start. You go, Qiana!
When Lexi let us in on her intense battle with anxiety.

Throughout the series, Lexi Zanghi takes us on an in-depth journey exploring anxiety and her quest to maintain her mental health and live life with passion.
From not making it past her college orientation day to being hospitalized, Lexi’s journey hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk. And we gotta say, it makes us appreciate her hustle, commitment, and dedication even more.

While Lexi’s anxiety caused her to drop out of college, she finds joy and inspiration in being the owner of Always Reason, a trendy womenswear boutique in Long Island, New York. It can be hard to see entrepreneurship as a viable path given the many challenges, but we see Lexi take on every uphill battle with stride as she takes her three-year-old business to the next level, and we 👏 are 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it.
When Collette was brought to tears because of COVID’s impact on her business.

Not only did the pandemic slow down business for Collettey’s Cookies, some of Collette Divitto’s employees took temporary leaves and her biggest new client cancelled their orders.
It was a big loss to take in after what seemed like a great growth trajectory right before the pandemic. Our hearts were breaking right along with Collette’s, though we won’t spoil the comeback story… 👀
Collette, a baker with Down syndrome, shows a level of groundedness and perseverance that would come handy in every entrepreneur’s toolbox. After prospective employers kept telling her that she “wasn’t the right fit” after graduating college, she started Collettey’s Cookies and hasn’t looked back since. You go, Collette!
When Qiana’s store was vandalized and looted but she tenaciously bounced back better than before.

During the May 2020 protests against racial injustice, Culture’s Closet was broken into and vandalized. Qiana watched the whole thing happen live on her security cameras. It was a devastating blow to the business – financially and psychologically. Eventually, Qiana decided to “take lemons and make lemonade.” Her and the team painted murals, fixed up the store, and pushed through a difficult time because the existence of their business is more important than ever!
An inspiration for us all, to be honest.

When Lexi’s lease for a retail storefront is approved and she is overcome with emotion.

Lexi knows a physical retail space would catapult her online store to the next level and we see her take every step to make it happen. Lexi doesn’t let setbacks like the loss of her dream space or hesitation from her dad (an investor) deter her from pursuing her dream.
When her lease for the space is finally approved, she recounts all the dark moments that led up to this milestone and it gets us in our feelings.
It’s the grit and persistence for us, personally.
When Qiana finds out she’s experiencing signs of an active lupus flare up and needs to rethink working habits.

At one point, Qiana admits she used to think she was going to die in her late thirties because of her lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes painful inflammation.
When Qiana’s doctor tells her that she is experiencing another flare up, Qiana becomes emotionally overwhelmed. Though Qiana confesses her fear of looking weak (which we can all relate to), she eventually takes the needed rest and bounces back.
Watching Qiana show so much resiliency in her day-to-day work is like watching a master class on navigating entrepreneurship. In the process, she teaches us about the importance of resting and refueling – not just for our professional endeavors, but for our personal and physical health too.
When the pandemic takes such a toll on Chris’ business that he is faced with the potential of leaving the events industry.

There’s no doubt about it: Chris does what he does for the love of it. When post-pandemic production resumes, cameras capture how difficult Chris has especially had it having to close his doors for months with no end in sight. 
In the face of a catastrophic financial environment, he uses the same creativity that spurred him forward to adapt and try new things – like virtual events and livestreams. Financial ruin is a distinct possibility, but his goal is tenaciously unchanged: to continue his dream and do things on his own terms before the world changed abruptly.
When Collette and her sister have a tender moment.

Our hearts may or may have not melted when Collette was celebrating her 30th birthday with her mom and sister in San Diego. In the same episode, Collette admits the pandemic has left her lonely and isolated, so she takes a trip to the west coast to explore expanding Collettey’s Cookies there.
It is there that Collette and her family get a chance to reflect on her accomplishments. “What Collette has done is so remarkable. She’s accomplished so much in her 30 years,” her sister Blake says.
When Qiana gives her sons (and us) a life and entrepreneurship pep talk 😭

Okay hear us out on this one: Qiana is entrepreneur goals.
When things go sideways at her new family business venture, Munchiez, she pulls her sons aside and gives them a master class on what it means to weather the tough times when running a business. She emphasizes the importance of tackling problems head on instead of brushing them to the side and tells her son, Keenan, to step up into the future role he envisions for himself at the company.
“The environment may be hectic, but that’s life, baby. That’s life.” Preach, Qiana 🙌

As tough as things get for Qiana, she is always grounded in her end goals and values: growing her brand and laying the groundwork for her sons’ futures, just like her mom did for her. “My momma did everything for me so I wanna make sure you also got what you need,” she tells Kennan and Kameron.
Entrepreneurship changes lives.
Take it from us: Entrepreneurship is hard, it’s gritty, and it’s not glam. But entrepreneurship can change lives and unlock opportunities people never thought possible.

Snapt Launches Nova 2 for Improved Consumer Expertise

August 23, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

Snapt, the pioneering application security, visibility, and control company, today announced the availability of Nova Version 2, the second generation of Snapt’s ground-breaking centralized ADC platform.
Nova V2 is the latest evolution of Snapt’s next-generation, cloud-based ADC for modern applications, including load balancer, WAF, GSLB, and web accelerator. Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling, and monitoring ADCs at scale. Nova allows users to deploy ADC services from a central controller into any cloud, container, or virtual machine. 
Dave Blakey, CEO at Snapt, said: “We designed Nova for organizations deploying modern applications and web services at scale. Nova’s unique architecture gives it a huge advantage over traditional ADCs for those use cases. With the new features and enhanced user interface in V2, Nova is taking a giant leap forward in usability and observability. Nova V2 makes it even easier for developers, DevOps, and IT professionals to integrate Nova into their workflow and to monitor and control their application security and performance – even in large and complex networks.”
Version 2 is a seamless upgrade to Nova, free for all users, providing a more responsive user interface, enhanced security, and precise, intelligent real-time data. Snapt reworked the entire user experience to give users the information they want quicker and easier, and to improve the security capabilities. 
Nova is the most user-friendly ADC around, and now it’s even better. Simple, accessible menus; logical color-coding; text optimized for readability; and clear visualizations for Nova’s real-time metrics.
With WAF Profiles, users can set up their web application firewalls (WAFs) to share configuration and stay in sync or to have unique configurations to account for variations in requirements, geographies, and compliance rules.
For Nova V2, Snapt overhauled alerts and reporting, with all new graphs and layouts and many new reports and stats. Alerts are highlighted consistently throughout the UI, making it easier for users to see when something requires attention. The Nova WAF now provides more information about specific blocks, including the location and time, user details, and threat description.
Ben Erridge, CTO, at CIM said, “We’re really looking forward to providing that extra layer of security because we deal with a lot of protected health information. We are also really interested in providing the best security that we can possibly have. There are some amazing features for security inside of Nova.”
“I mean, you get so much expertise built into something that’s really boiled down and simplified to a couple of decisions that you need to make. To be able to leverage just so much expertise in the realm of load balancing and firewalls and security [which is] a very complicated area…you get so much of it and leverage all of that knowledge.”
Nova V2 is a free and seamless upgrade for all Nova users. Nova is available to buy now with a flexible, on-demand pricing structure. To learn more and get started with a free Nova account, visit https://www.snapt.net/platforms/nova-adc.
About Snapt
Snapt provides solutions for application security, visibility, and control, for edge-to-origin in traditional, hybrid and cloud-native environments. Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services, and APIs are always on, always fast and always secure. Snapt is a venture-funded, privately held company based in San Jose, CA. https://www.snapt.net/. 
Media Contact
Iwan Price-Evans
+1 404 618 1201

Source: Snapt

What’s the Medicare Give Again Profit?

August 20, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

The Medicare Advantage Give Back Benefit* is a reduction in the Medicare Part B premium paid in part or in full by the insurance provider. Medicare Advantage plans are different from Medicare Supplement Plans in that they’re an alternative to Original Medicare.

*It is also known as the Medicare Advantage Give Back Program and Medicare Buy Back Benefit. By any name, the Medicare Advantage Give Back Benefit is a reduction in your Part B premium, not a reimbursement.

How does the Medicare Give Back Benefit work?

The Medicare Give Back Benefit works through Social Security, so you will not receive a check or reimbursement directly from the carrier. (The Give Back Benefit is not a reimbursement—it’s a premium reduction.)

If you pay your Medicare Part B premium through Social Security, you’ll see the reimbursed amount given back in your Social Security check.

If you pay Medicare directly, once you are enrolled in your plan that offers the Medicare Give Back Benefit, you’ll pay Medicare the reduced amount. Anything additional you pay will not be reimbursed to you by your insurance provider.

How much does the Medicare Give Back Benefit cover?

The amount of your reduction will depend on your carrier and location. Your Give Back Benefit may be as low as $0.10 or as high as the full amount of the Medicare Part B premium. These benefits are more widely available than ever before. In 2021, 48 states will offer Medicare Advantage Plans. However, there are some zip codes where it is not available.

How do I qualify for the Medicare Give Back Benefit?

You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
You must not be receiving any government assistance to help you pay your premium for Medicare Part B
You must live in an area that participates in the program

If you don’t qualify for a Medicare Give Back Benefit, there may be other options for you. Be sure to speak with a local Medicare expert to go over your best options.

Other factors to consider

It’s always important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a Medicare Advantage plan to see if it’s the right option for you. Saving on your monthly premiums is a great benefit, but make sure the plan you choose is able to meet your other needs as well.

With any Medicare Advantage program, you can generally expect low premiums, a relatively small network of doctors, and out-of-pocket limits.

There may also be additional dental, vision, and hearing insurance that your Medicare Advantage plan offers. Be sure to explore your options to see what you could save and gain from a Medicare Advantage plan.

Source: iQuanti, Inc.

Why the Medicare Giveback Profit Could Not Be Price It for You

August 20, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

The Medicare giveback benefit, or Part B premium reduction plan, is becoming more available and popular among beneficiaries. Not an official Medicare program, this benefit is offered by some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans and covers some or all of your Part B monthly premium.
You may qualify for a premium reduction if you’re enrolled in Part A and Part B, do not rely on government or other assistance for your Part B premium, and live in the service area of a plan that offers this program.
While it may seem enticing to have your Part B monthly premium reduced or eliminated, there are several downsides to the giveback benefit that may not be worth it. Here is some more information about premium reduction plans and things you should consider before enrolling.
Downsides to the Part B premium reduction plan

Not always available. Premium reduction plans are only offered by some – not all – Medicare Advantage plans. To enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you must live within the service area it serves. This means you may have a limited number of plans in your area, and the reduction program may not be offered by those plans.

Possible reduction in benefits. Many beneficiaries enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan because it covers everything Original Medicare does and more, often including coverage for routine vision, dental, hearing and prescription drugs. However, many plans that offer a reduction program eliminate those additional benefits to make up for reducing the Part B premium. The plan’s deductible or other copays/coinsurance may add up to more than the giveback benefit depending on the care you need.

Givebacks vary. You may not receive all $148.50 with this program. The amount you get back could range from less than $1 to the full premium amount, which means you still could be required to pay the majority of the premium.

You don’t get paid. You’re not reimbursed or sent a check if you qualify for this program. Instead, you’d just pay the reduced premium amount. Your Part B premium comes out of your Social Security check, and your payment would reflect the reduced amount.
For example, if you typically pay $148.50 per month, but your Medicare Advantage plan’s giveback is $50, you don’t get $50 back each month. Instead, you’d only pay $98.50 each month. If your plan offers a full $148.50 refund, you simply wouldn’t have a Part B monthly premium to pay.

May not save you money. Some Medicare Advantage plans come with additional out-of-pocket costs, such as a monthly premium for the plan, annual deductibles, or varying coinsurance or copays. Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans have a smaller network of providers, and seeing an out-of-network provider could cost you more.
If the plan’s coverage isn’t what you need, or your doctor isn’t in the plan’s network, you may be paying more than what you’re saving with the giveback program.

It could change. Because Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies, they can set their own fees and costs, and change them each year. This means your plan could offer a certain reduction in your Part B premium one year, and then change it the next year.
Before deciding to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, do some research and compare different options available to you. Make sure the benefit of the Part B reduction outweighs any other downsides to enrolling in the plan, and that the plan’s coverage and network works for your needs.

Source: iQuanti, Inc.

GenM Apprenticeship Assessment 2021: How GenM Apprenticeships Work ?

Are you a newbie in digital marketing or someone who needs a part-time trainee in digital marketing as an apprentice or a freelancer?
Digital Marketing is indeed flourishing and it would certainly be a big plus for the businesses ahead. Small businesses or entrepreneurs need digital marketers as well as content writers for a certain time period.
You can start your career as a noob and learn from experienced marketers with time. GenM gives the platform to the students to learn and start the apprenticeship. In this post, we have shared a detailed GenM Review 2021 with all the features and deep insights into it.


🤔What is GenM Apprenticeship ?

With GemnM Apprenticeship gain more experience through apprenticeship. Here with GenM you can get more exposure and experience by learning skills and doing apprenticeship at GenM.

✅Is GenM Reliable?

Yes! No doubts, GenM is a reliable platform for students as well as for business. And the best part is that they are offering courses for free. Just make sure you’re using this opportunity to get started with GenM and learn new marketing skills.

🔥Does GenM Offers Free Courses?

Yes! GenM does offer courses to students who really want to learn and acquire new marketing skills easily. They offer many courses that anyone can get started for free

GenM Review August 2021: Is It Worth Your Hype? Is GenM Legit?
Detailed GenM Review
GenM was founded by three friends; Richard Shaw, Marco D. Tundo and Moe Abbas with a motive of giving free courses and training to the people who are willing to have a career in digital marketing. It offers training for all aspects such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Advertising, and Analytics.

Create your profile in 2 minutes and you ready to go. GenM is specifically designed for the students as well as the businesses.

GenM for Students
It is a perfect start to the digital marketing career if you are willing to learn it. GenM offers a number of courses and then 3-month apprenticeship which you can add to your resume.
It offers various courses for the students and you can choose any number of courses. You will be given a curriculum-based o the industry standards and according to the industry demands.

The list of courses that it offers is Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Analytics, SEO and other soft skills.
Once you have completed the course, you will be mentored by 1-on-1 by professionals in the industry. A digital apprenticeship for a month or 3 months will be assigned where you can work for a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 10 hours. In return, you will be given mentorship and valuable feedback.
As you progress further, you will be assigned the mentorship. They will provide full support to the students.
GenM for Businesses
Be it the small business or a flourished business, you can hire either the apprentice or freelancers for the small projects. No need to hire employees anymore.
Apprenticeship: Hire for your business
It can prove to be really beneficial for businesses. Businesses can get the apprentice and in return, they offer the work. A minimum of 3-month marketing can be given by each apprentice.
After the completion of 3-months, it is up to the businesses as if they want to hire or not. You can polish their skills and hire them lately.
GenM has designed the apprenticeship timeline to avail more benefits from each apprentice.

This is what you can offer to the students that are willing to learn. In the first month, the business can focus on strategies such as social media content planning and blog writing. They can learn about the products to sell and how can they sell the products.

In the first month, you can offer tasks such as Social media management, live chat website support, blog writing, and Guest post outreach.

In the second month, businesses can train on more advanced levels and outreach. The apprentices can learn the execution and targeting of the customers, as well as, understanding the business potential.

In the second month, the apprentices can also learn about the landing page optimization, conversion rate, copywriting etc. It includes tasks such as Community Management, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion rate, and Copywriting.

In the third month, you can focus on growth hacking strategies. You can help your customers focus on the referrals, customers making, running ad campaigns, customer segmentation. The apprentices can also learn the influencer marketing and analytics for which they can later prove to be an asset for your company.

The membership for the GenM businesses costs just $49 per month which is indeed affordable. You can also get lifetime access by sharing it with the community and save on your business. GenM gives you free credits and lifetime access for the referrals.
 Hire Freelancers for Business
If you are not someone who needs an apprentice for a period of 3 months, you can get Freelancers for small projects.
Businesses can hire freelancers for small projects. You can hire the freelancers at $20 per hour.
However, freelancers are paid according to their experiences and demands. You can look into the pool of freelancers with different services.
To begin with, you need to first select from a list of the pool. Just fill in your requirements and you will be matched with a pool of freelancers. Browse profiles and proposals, get the reviews and you can hire them accordingly.
GenM offers collaboration tools, workflow systems, and payment systems to satisfy your service.

Beginner: $20 per hour (Eligible for freelancers who has completed 4 digital apprenticeships)
Intermediate: $30 per hour (For them who has experience of 1-3 years of digital marketing)
Expert: $40 per hour ( For them who has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing)

Benefits for the Freelancers
If you want to become a freelancer with GenM, you will have to first become an apprentice here. After completing the 4 apprentice programs for 1 year, you are eligible to be a freelancer.
If you have the experience of at least 6 months in digital marketing, you can apply with the resume and references. You can be hired as a freelancer after acceptance. Check our detailed Thrivecart review to get in-depth insights into this shopping cart platform.
 How much can you earn as a Freelancer?
As a freelancer, you can earn as low as $870 per month. As your level increases, you can make earn a pretty good amount of sum.
The freelancing plan works according to pay as per you go plan. You can opt for a minimum of $10 hours per week to a maximum of $40 hours per week.

Beginner: $20 USD per hour

10 hours per week- $869 per month
20 hours per week- $1,738 per month
30 hours per week- $2,607 per month
40 hours per week- $3,476 per month

Intermediate: $30 USD per hour

10 hours per week- $1,304 per month
20 hours per week- $2,607 per month
30 hours per week- $3,911 per month
40 hours per week- $5,214 per month

Expert: $40 USD per hour

10 hours per week- $1,738 per month
20 hours per week- $3,476 per month
30 hours per week- $5,214 per month
40 hours per week- $6,952 per month

What courses does GenM offer?
GenM offers various courses for digital marketers. It includes various courses such as social media to analytics.

Social Media Marketing: This course consists of everything related to social media marketing. It includes 5 courses in all.  

Facebook (8 lessons)
Google Business (5 lessons)
Instagram (6 lessons)
Twitter (6 lessons)
Yelp (6 lessons)

Paid Advertising: In this program, you can learn how to use online advertising to reach people who are interested in your products. It has 4 courses.

Ad Networks (5 lessons)
Landing Pages (5 lessons)
Facebook Ads (7 lessons)
Google Ads (6 lessons)

Content Marketing: Considered for the content marketers, Content Marketing courses offer you the secrets and insights into content marketing and choosing the blogging platform.

Content Marketing Basics (8 lessons)
Blogging (5 lessons)
Videos (6 lessons)

SEO: Learn SEO for ranking your page higher and optimizing it well.

On-Page SEO (6 lessons)
Off-Page SEO (5 lessons)

Email Marketing: This program will cover everything related to email marketing and business.

Email Marketing basics (5 lessons)
Email Content (5 lessons)
Campaign Optimization (4 lessons)

For the full list of courses, refer to the website.

Why GenM is better than the others?

Benefit for Students: Students can learn and gain skills to have professional relationships in marketing.
Vocational Working: The students will only be assigned the work related to their vocation and no extra work.
Limited Access to the members
Variable courses for the Digital Marketing
Excellent Customer Support

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: GenM Reviews 2021 | Is GenM Legit? YES LEGIT TOTALLY
GenM is one of the best platforms for learning and excelling in digital marketing. If you are a newbie willing to make a career in digital marketing, you can join these courses without paying nothing in return of apprenticeship.

It fits perfect for the businesses as well as freelancers. It is preferred by a number of businesses such as Shopify, Harvard, Google and a number of digital agencies around the world.
Overall, it is beneficial for the businesses as well as the noobs willing to learn internet marketing. This was my detailed review of the GenM online digital marketing courses. If you have used it and found it valuable, leave us feedback in the comments box.

Understanding the Distinction Between Medicare Complement Plans

August 20, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

Medicare Parts A and B have significant gaps that Medicare Supplement plans can cover. Medicare supplement plans are provided by private insurance companies and they supplement the Medicare that you already have. Medicare Supplement plans are not the same as Medicare Advantage plans, which replace Medicare Parts A and B, also known as Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans are commonly known as “Medigap policies” and must adhere to federal and state laws designated to protect you. Insurance companies sell standardized policies that are identified by the letters

How to compare Medicare Supplement plans

Here are some of the main factors to consider when comparing Medicare Supplement plans and what they mean

Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are used up.

All Medigap plans offer this feature as of 2021. Without it, Medicare will only cover so much of any hospital costs you incur.

Part B coinsurance or copayment

After you hit your deductible for Medicare Part B, you typically pay a coinsurance or copayment equal to 20% of the Medicare-Approved Amount of services rendered (plus any excess charges). All Medicare Supplement plans will cover 100% of the coinsurance or copayment except for Medigap K and L, which cover 50% and 75% of it respectively.

Bloodwork and Transfusions (first 3 pints)

Unless you are donating blood or having the blood donated to you, or unless the hospital or provider gets it from a blood bank at no charge, you may be responsible for the cost of the first three units. All Medicare Supplement plans will cover this at 100% except Medigap plan K and L which cover 50% and 75% respectively.

Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance

Original Medicare fully covers skilled nursing facility (SNF) care only for the first 20 days. It offers partial coverage for days 21-100, and then afterwards the entire cost burden falls on you, unless you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan that offers coverage indefinitely.  

Part A and Part B deductible

In 2021, the deductible is $1,484 for Medicare Part A and $203 for Medicare Part B. Some Medicare Supplement plans will meet the deductible for you. For example, if you enrolled in Medigap D you would not have to meet the $1,484 deductible for part A, but you would still have to meet $203 for part B. The only plans that cover Medicare Part B deductible are plans C and F, and you can no longer sign up for those unless you were eligible before 2020.

Part B excess charge

There are doctors who accept “assignment” which means they agree to accept Medicare-approved amounts as full payment for services rendered. Doctors who don’t accept “assignment” may charge up to an additional 15% than the Medicare-approved amount, and this additional amount is called an “excess charge.” Only Medigap F and G will cover such charges.

Foreign travel exchange

Medicare generally will not cover any fees associated with medical treatments or services outside the United States, but some Medigap coverage plans offer up to 80% additional coverage. 

Out-of-pocket limit

The out-of-pocket limit is the maximum amount you would pay for covered services in a given year. Premiums do not count towards your out-of-pocket limit.

Plans K and L are the only plans with an out-of-pocket limit of $6,220 and $3,110 in 2021, respectively, while other plans do not currently have out of pocket limits. After meeting your out-of-pocket yearly limit and your yearly Part B deductible covered services will be paid for at a rate of 100% for the rest of the calendar year.

The bottom line

Original Medicare offers great coverage, but for many people, a Medicare Supplement Plan can help provide more coverage for their specific needs, including needs that may come up as you age. Comparing your options can help you choose the right Medicare Supplement Plan for you. 

Source: iQuanti, Inc.

Module 7: E mail Deliverability and Listing Upkeep

Whenever you ship a letter via the U.S. mail with a stamp and a supply deal with, you could be pretty sure your letter goes to reach safely in just a few days.  This isn’t all the time the case with electronic mail. When you shouldn’t run into many points in case you are following […]

Litigation Ends With No Restrictions to Video King

OMAHA, Neb.,
August 20, 2021 (Newswire.com) –

On August 13, 2021 the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled on appeals by Planet Bingo, LLC and VKGS LLC “Video King”, bringing an end to eleven years of litigation first brought by Planet Bingo in state and federal courts in Michigan.  While the Nebraska Supreme Court opinion affirmed both a breach of contract claim of Video King as well as a breach of contract counterclaim by Planet Bingo, there was no ruling that restricts, restrains or otherwise diminishes the right of Video King to use any of its intellectual property including the OMNI software system.   The ruling simply affirmed the damages that each party was awarded during two separate jury trials—Video King was awarded $558,405 which will be netted against an award of $2.99 million to Planet Bingo.  While Planet Bingo sought to obtain injunctive relief alleging misappropriation of trade secrets, among various other claims, no relief was granted.  In fact, all claims of the parties—other than the damages for a breach of contract—were either dismissed or denied at trial. 

 In short, both parties sought and were awarded monetary damages on singular claims of breach of contract—which have already been paid through surety.  Notably, despite erroneous suggestion to the contrary, this litigation did not result in any restriction, restraint or other impairment upon the use of Video King’s intellectual property.  In particular, the Nebraska Supreme Court, nor any other court, did not restrict Video King’s right or ability to deploy and use its state of the art OMNI software management system that it has continued to develop over the last 15 years.  “Moreover, as a pioneer and leader of the electronic gaming industry, Video King will continue to develop and market OMNI as well as other innovative products.  While we are not ultimately satisfied with the monetary result of this litigation, we are extremely happy to have this nuisance litigation behind us” said Rusty Morin, Video King’s Chief Financial Officer.

Contact:Rusty Morin, Chief Financial Officer1045 N. 115th St. Suite 200Omaha, NE 68154402-951-2970 ext. 6843

Source: Nebraska Supreme Court Opinion – August 13, 2021

Right here's extra proof that WhatsApp for iPad is lastly near launch

Last month WhatsApp confirmed to TechRadar that it would soon be rolling out support for using accounts across multiple devices, and now there’s more evidence that an iPad app for WhatsApp is going to be included in that feature push.A tweet from the always reliable tipsters at @WABetaInfo shows off a screenshot of WhatsApp running on an iPad as one of the devices linked to an account. At the moment, multi-device support is being tested with a limited number of users.The tweet refers to “multi-device 2.0”, suggesting that more devices – specifically the iPad and tablets running Android – are going to be added to the mix very soon. At the moment, only the web app, the desktop app, and Facebook Portal gadgets qualify as part of a multi-device setup.NEWS: WhatsApp is finally working on multi-device 2.0, and you can use iPad as new linked device ☄️Android tablets are also planned to support multi-device on WhatsApp for Android!It’s under development and it will be released in a future update. Follow me to discover more 💚 pic.twitter.com/rND4xQfBDjAugust 20, 2021See moreWatch this spaceWhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has previously gone on record as saying that he would “love” to see a WhatsApp app for the iPad, which sounds promising for those owners of an Apple tablet who would like to keep messaging while away from their phone.Multi-device support means each device gets a separate connection to WhatsApp. Right now, if you open the desktop or web app, they sync conversations over from your phone; in the future, these apps will communicate directly with WhatsApp’s servers, while maintaining the end-to-end encryption it’s known for.According to this new leak, support for the iPad and Android tablets is now “under development” and will appear “in a future update”, though we don’t have any more details in terms of a specific timetable or launch window. Based on this new evidence, it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.Analysis: WhatsApp knows it has to keep evolving(Image credit: Tada Images / Shutterstock)Multi-device support has certainly been a long time coming – we’ve been talking about WhatsApp enabling users to log in from multiple devices for several years at this point, and it now looks as though the wait is coming to an end.Whether it’s iMessage, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, most messaging apps now work seamlessly across several devices at once – and WhatsApp owner Facebook knows that its users are going to want to log into several places simultaneously. It needs to continue adding features to keep up.There is still going to be one important limitation, even with this new multi-device support: you’ll still only be able to use WhatsApp with one smartphone at once. The secondary devices will need to be computers and (as we’ve learned today) tablets.A follow-up tweet from @WABetaInfo confirms that the iPad app will indeed be a native app rather than a web app, and that it will work independently from an iPhone and other devices. The quickest way to get the new functionality is to join the WhatsApp beta.

Module 8: Authorized Facets of E mail Advertising

Whereas e-mail advertising and different elements of Web companies can generally really feel like you might be working within the Wild West, e-mail advertising is regulated in america, Canada, Europe and in another developed international locations. It would be best to study your nation’s particular laws relating to e-mail advertising, so you may keep in […]