22 Proven Ways on How to Make 100 Dollars a Day or More

how to make 100 dollars a day online without a website a no moneyTo make a living online is a trend that has become shockingly easier over the years. Learning how to make 100 dollars a day or more is a common goal many have. Creating a sustainable stream of income from the internet can sometimes sound good to be true to the layman. But more often than not, there are sites and resources which are not only legitimate—but profitable as well!

There are numerous ways to make 100 dollars a day online for free that are anything but scams—and without paying anything upfront. You can definitely learn how to make 100 dollars a day online quickly and legitimately.

It all starts by learning how to create real value for other people & companies by leveraging the right systems & resources.

And the online money making opportunities that abound many times can take anywhere from only five minutes to an hour of your time each day.

While trying to sort out qualified methods among scams out there in the world might seem like a futile and time consuming effort, today I will make it virtually hassle free for you. And best of all, I’ll give you everything you need to get started today!

List of 22 Proven Ways on How to Make 100 Dollars a Day

1- Market Research Surveys Online

While there are still plenty of physical focus group facilities to be found in nearly every major metropolitan city, the digital landscape has exploded with online survey questionnaires.

Providers such as FocusVision, Survey Junkie and Vindale Research specialize in a range of online research studies ranging in everything from ten minute surveys to in depth qualitative research, with plenty of opportunities for sign up and referral bonuses.

2- High Yield Online Savings Accounts

One of the differences between online savings banks and physical banks is the fact the former typically offers much greater incentives than their physical counterparts; in fact some providers offer interest rates almost 30% greater than the national average! Companies like CIT Bank, Ally and Simple currently offer APY rates starting at 2% and above annually, as well as providing some incredibly helpful planning tools and resources.

3- Cash Back Apps

You can receive cash back on everyday purchases simply for downloading an app. Yep, it’s that simple. What’s not to love about that right? There’s plenty of providers that offer cash back apps such as the wildly popular Ebates, TopCashback and BeFrugal which offer incentives of anywhere from 5 – 40% cashback on select purchases; plus, quite a few with additional referral bonuses and double cash back points.

4- Watch Videos On Your Phone

Companies, networks and artists frequently rely on test viewers prior to broadcasting an ad, program or video. Why not take advantage of the opportunity if you’re already watching videos online? SwagBucks, InBox Dollars are just two among many sites that offer cash rewards to people like you who will take the time to watch their videos and offer constructive feedback to them.

5- Nielsen Ratings App

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Nielsen Company. But did you know they have an app you can download on your PC or mobile that will pay you $50 a year just to run it? While they collect statistics on data and viewing habits, it’s completely anonymized and recorded only in aggregate form; no information is directly linked to you! Find out more at Nielsen Mobile Panel

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6- Search Engine Trials

InBox Dollars has an interesting promotion. They will actually pay you to conduct searches using their own search engine in order to learn about user preferences and habits. It’s certainly not a great money maker—20 cents for every 4 searches and a $5 sign up bonus—but if you’re already using search engines, you might as well get paid for it.

7- Website Testing

Companies and designers are frequently looking for users to review prototypes of sites in development to gauge feedback on design, ease of use and relevancy. Some providers can pay anywhere from $8 – $15 for just 10 minutes of your time. Find out more from UserTesting and Testing Time.

8- Freelance Proofreading

Proofreading is in high demand from both publishing firms, companies, courts and manufacturers who are looking to outsource transcription services as a result of high volume. In fact, some freelance proofreaders have transitioned to being full time entrepreneurs once they realized just how high the demand was! Read more about one woman’s remarkable story here.

9- Freelance Creative Writing Jobs

Equally in demand is the need for qualified remote freelance writers on anything from blog posts to product reviews to full length articles. While competition can be fierce, this may just be a solution for you if you have a way with words. Find out more from sites like Problogger, Freelance Writing Jobs and All Freelance Writing.

10- Virtual Assistant

There’s been a tremendous increase in demand for virtual assistants over the past three years, offering administrative services including customer support, general administrative tasks and over 150 other solutions. Some of them earn just as much as a physical executive assistant (anywhere from $30 – 50/hour.) Fiverr, Remote.co and Contemporary Virtual Assistance are all great places to start.

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11- Teach English Online

Did you know you can teach English online without a degree in education? While most online teaching programs do require their instructors to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, this is a great way to make money online and make an impact on a child’s life. For more information, take a look at Teach Away, VIPKid and DaDa.

12- Freelance Website Design

A talented website designer can always sell their services on the side—sometimes earning more than their physical counterparts. There’s thousands of companies who are looking to hire great talent in many industries including designers for one time projects (and sometimes, even long term.) You create your profile and immediately start offering your services at any of these freelance platforms:

13- Blogging

While blogging may seem like a hobby, it’s actually one of the more useful ways to make money online; particularly if your blog relates to a service you provide. It’s as much a question of marketing yourself as writing a resume. Your particular niche can easily lead to selling advertising, affiliate marketing and guest posting on other blogs for a commission. Here’s a great post with some tips from full time blog marketing and SEO guru Neil Patel.

14- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is still one of the best time-tested and profitable ways of earning passive income online without needing money upfront. Depending on the drop ship model you take, there is no overhead required and the returns can be substantial as long as you do it right. The retail arbitrage model is extremely popular but be aware the problems with this model here.

Cutting out the middle man, getting approved with suppliers directly, choosing a niche, making the business people-centric, marketing, selling hot products and being different are all important things to learn how to do which admittedly can take some time. If you head over to my sister brand, DropshipXL you can take the free dropship crash course to help you get started.

15- Become A How-To Wizard

If you are particularly adept at a skill—say investing, ecommerce or web design—why not market yourself as an expert? There’s hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who use their particular skill set to teach online courses and offer expert advice for a tidy sum; and that number seems to be growing each day. Skillshare’s is one especially useful site if you’re looking to share your particular knack with the rest of the world.

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16- Ride Sharing

The popularity of services like Lyft and Uber have exploded into a global phenomenon, with some drivers earning as much as $2,500 a month—in their spare time alone! This is probably one of the quickest and friendliest ways to transform your idle time into a source to make money online ad you will look to set your own hours.

17- Host Sharing

The rise of the peer sharing community has led to countless new avenues unheard of in the past; and host sharing is one of the more popular results. Sites like Airbnb and VRBO allow you to rent out a spare room in your home for a brief or extended stay at rates you set yourself. If you’re a homeowner, chances are you already have an unused spare guest room; why not transform it into additional income?

18- Affiliate Marketing

For those of you who have an established following of people in any form through any platform or system who trust you or like what you share with them, then consider affiliate marketing.

Basically how affiliate marketing works is you recommend products and/or services to people you know by sharing with them a link to click on. Once they click the link and they take the desired type of action such as downloading a guide, entering their zip code, filling out a form, or buying something then you would get paid a commission from the advertising company you recommended.

Amazon for example has an affiliate program here. They have everything from A to Z so there will always be something there to share with people to earn a commission out of.

There are also hundreds of other affiliate networks you can join as well. Here is a free list of the best affiliate networks on the planet. Go sign up for a few of them, find products and services you think your audience will find helpful, copy your unique affiliate links and get sharing!

Each time you recommend certain types of snacks, books, outdoor products, clothing items, restaurants, cell phone carriers, credit cards you could get paid as well. Get the idea?

You can share you affiliate links with your audience through avenues our outlets such as social media, a blog, sending emails, online forums and chat or discussion groups, guest blog posts, paid marketing campaigns through Facebook and other social media and search engine platforms, video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and the list goes on. As long as the channel or outlet you’re using doesn’t have any rules against sharing links you’re good to go.

You can literally make money online by getting paid a commission referring almost anything that’s going to help your people out! And one of the greatest things about affiliate marketing is that many times the links you share with your audience they would have bought anyway such as food, clothes and books, but in this case your friends will be helping you earn a commission that normally would have been left on the table had you not shared your affiliate link with them.

The key to making affiliate marketing work is to recommend good stuff that is legit. It’s also best if possible to only share things you have used and/or thoroughly vetted out yourself. Doing so assures you are not promoting junk or services out to scam your friends or family. Help people legitimately solve their frustrations and aspirations by recommending links to sites they will love. That will help you create a solid stream of passive income over time as you stay consistent.

19- Private or Group Coaching and Mentoring

Once you’ve really established yourself as an expert in your particular niche, you may want to set your hat out as a private or group mentor like I’ve done here. This is a little different than marketing yourself as a how-to expert; you’re not just offering online tutorials and classes, but personalized advice about how your students can directly apply your lessons in their day to day lives.

Keep in mind that this advice should most likely be custom tailored to each student’s particular circumstances and lifestyle. This is also a unique opportunity to see just how impactful a change you can make in someone’s life.

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20- Third Party Sales

If you are new to ecommerce, retailing on third party vendor sites such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon are excellent starting points to dip your toes in the water. While they really can’t compete with a fully integrated ecommerce store of your own in the long term, those platforms do have their benefits of helping you quickly get started with selling products online.

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can establish yourself as a retailer and learn about some of the preliminary steps before making your next big move.

One of the best and fastest ways to make money is to take pictures of the things kicking around your own home or that of friends or family. Students of mine, including myself, have made thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks selling stuff around the house and even splitting the profits with friends and family doing the selling work for them.

Selling Tip: remember to use the best keywords in your titles and descriptions along with use clear, crisp images to sell your products faster!

21- Customized Apparel Sales

Ever since sites such as Zazzle and CafePress exploded on the market some fifteen years ago, the demand for customized, personalized apparel and accessories has never really waned. In fact, it’s only gone up. If you’ve got a creative edge, this might be the perfect market for you. Whatever niche audience you can think of, personalized apparel providers can print that for you on demand many times as your design is placed on a tshirt, hat, hoodie, mug, etc. And with personalized vendor site capabilities, ordering has never been easier!

22- Become a Clickworker Doing Micro Tasking

Companies like clickworker are always looking for top notch proof readers who can do all kinds of micro tasks like:

  • go to local stores and take pictures of products and upload them
  • edit text
  • test apps
  • participate in surveys
  • search and organize key data
  • proofreading
  • and more

There’s a huge need for micro task work in multiple markets. And if you’re the detail oriented type or are willing to buckle down and learn, this can also be a great way to make money online without a website or investing a dime upfront.


So, how many ideas on how to make 100 dollars a day did you not know about? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

While the focus of this article was to give you ideas on how to make 100 dollars a day without needing a website and without any cash, the intent is not to distract you if you are already focused on building your existing business.

If you are in the middle running a profitable business already then these ideas will probably only distract you. However, if you are still trying to figure out your own niche or just want to make some money online or get inspired then I hope you can run with at least one idea on how to make 100 dollars a day and improve your financial life because of it.

Want help implementing these ideas in your life? I’ve helped thousands of single and married breadwinners & entrepreneurs across the globe on the road to creating passive income. I can help you, too. To book a free breakthrough phone call me click here to find a good time on my calendar. When we speak we will discuss your goals, what you struggle with most, get to know each other a bit and then discuss a real plan that will work to help you reach your goals and how to make 100 dollars a day online.