About Knowitallnev (Nifty Nev)

Nifty Nev has been reviewing his own purchased products mainly in the Internet marketing sector with a specific interest in selling online especially via some of the the numerous drop shipping methods as well as affiliate marketing focusing mainly on Amazon. However, with the rise of competition in Amazon and their reduction in commission we decided to shift our focus from micro-niche websites to think about creating content around reviews in the same sector but in different niches. Also, rather then us picking the product to review we have gone with the user content model. The products will be decided by you the public and we will publish our findings once we are satisfied with the end result; Good or bad. These reviews will not always be positive and its just our personal opinion.

To fund the up-keep of the site we will be active affiliates with the products we recommend and also the products that we don’t.

To see our AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE statement please go to link at the top of the page.

Nifty Nev (or Knowitall Nev) is keen to share his findings to a wider audience. If you would like Nev to trial a product or service on your behalf and write an honest review you can email him at askniftynev@gamil.com or use our contact form at the top of this site.

We look forward to testing products or renewing the latest guides/eBooks/offerings/ SaaS – so you don’t have to.

Stay tuned!