Alpaca Social Housing Communities Rockets Past 10-Million Member Mark

Alpaca, an online apartment rental company, celebrates a milestone this week in reaching 10 million global members in their Facebook housing communities. Alpaca manages over 1,000 Facebook housing groups in 35 different countries, with 4.3 million members in the USA across 133 different cities alone, making it the largest housing player on social media.

Renters looking for apartments can join Alpaca’s online housing communities to make apartment hunting easier and faster. Users can post requests for specific housing needs or search for offers posted by other community members. They can also look for valuable first-hand information for a particular neighborhood or city. The Alpaca team uses machine learning and human oversight to keep the community free from spam and scam.

Members of the Alpaca housing community also have a direct line to Alpaca’s virtual assistant Alex. Alex is free, easy to use, and filters through thousands of listings to share curated recommendations based on user preferences. Alex helps users become smart renters by providing insights based on market analytics. By connecting with Alex, users can search for their next home with ease and convenience. 

Alpaca was founded by a group of friends who have collectively moved countless times, across eight countries. As the creators of Alex and the world’s largest rental-focused social community, Alpaca’s goal is to ease the whole process of apartment hunting, starting with connecting landlords with renters.

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