AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV

There isn’t any decision-making needed once you jump aboard the YouTube TV train.

With only a single package, YouTube simplifies selecting a live television provider at the expense of available content.

YouTube TV’s only pricing option is cheaper than AT&T TV’s most affordable option and includes over twenty more channels.

If you’re after the basics, then YouTube TV might be the option for you.

AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV no contracts

One of the best aspects of selecting either AT&T TV or YouTube TV is the lack of service contracts. Some providers require you to sign multi-year contracts to get the best pricing at sign-up, but you won’t need to worry about that factor here.

Additionally, breaking service contracts with some providers results in nasty termination fees. If you aren’t happy with either AT&T TV or YouTube TV, you can cancel your service at any time with no pricing consequences.

Not even all of our best TV providers include this option.

AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV no hidden fees

With AT&T TV and YouTube TV, what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees for either service.

YouTube TV does offer a 4K service option, but at $20 a month, and a limited selection of channels, we feel that most customers can go without it.

AT&T TV offers a media streaming box that you can purchase to stream the service to your television. Still, it isn’t necessary if you already own a compatible device, including Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku.

If you opt to purchase AT&T TV’s media streaming box, it will either cost you $120 upfront or $5 per month over 24 months with no interest.

You can stream YouTube TV via the same streaming boxes that are compatible with AT&T TV, as well as Xbox and PlayStation.