Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2020

One of the crucial factors in running a successful dropshipping business is selling the best dropshipping products to your customers.

Owing to the ever-changing shopping trends and customers’ demands, selecting the products for your dropshipping business may seem like a hectic task.

But don’t worry! We have prepared a comprehensive guide on what products to choose, how to choose, and a list of the best-selling products in 2020 to help you kick-start the business with the best products in the dropshipping market.

How to Decide What Kind of Products to Sell?

Define your supply according to the demand—research what your customers would want to purchase. There are two ways to choose what kind of products you would like to dropship.

1.  Select a dropshipping niche: For example, beauty and fashion, tools, cell phone accessories, etc. Then choose the best-selling products in that particular niche.

2. Create a combination of the trending products: If you are a new business, restricting the dropshipping business to one particular niche may not yield the best results.

So, choose a combination of the trending products and then decide further based on how well they sell.

The best dropshipping products fall under one of these categories:

  • Products in the cheaper price ranges (5$ – 50$) – These products satisfy the customer’s impulse buying urge. When the product they want to purchase is available at a cheaper cost, there’s a higher chance that the customer would buy the product.
  • Products that improve the customers’ quality of life – We all are in the constant search of making our lives easier and better. So, cater to the customers’ needs and choose the products which would make their lives better. E.g., travel kit for makeup brushes, wireless chargers, etc.
  • Products that are unique or rare-to-find – There’s a high demand in the market for unique products. Novelty always attracts customers.

Now that we have established what kind of products fall under the best-selling category in the dropshipping business. The next question is how to find the best dropshipping products for your business. Let’s find out!

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products for Your Business?

Always remember, research is your best friend. There are a few sources to research what products will be suitable and profitable for your dropshipping business.

  • Amazon bestsellers – If your business has a particular dropshipping niche, this is the best way to research what products are profitable. Go to the Amazon bestsellers page and select the niche you are targeting and find the products that are doing well. All you have to do is sell them at lower prices to attract more customers.
  • Google Trends – This is one of our favorite tools to analyze the customer market for each product. Logon to Google trends and search for the product you would like to sell. The interest over different periods is readily available here.
  • AliExpress Hot Products – If you are starting a new business, AliExpress Hot Products provides an overview of the products that have been profitable for online businesses. This is also useful in reviewing the suppliers and the prices in the market.
  • Salehoo Market Research Lab – Salehoo is one of the most popular dropshipping supplier directories that enable the dropshipping businesses to research the trends, the hot products in their niches, and the competition stats etc. based on the real data.
  • Spocket – Spocket is also a dropshipping supplier directory that provides the winning products list in each category for your retail business.
  • Reddit – Reddit is an unconventional yet brilliant source for product research. There are hundreds of subreddit threads for each category. Read the discussion forums and analyze the needs of the customers.
  • Competitor research – List out the potential competitors for your dropshipping business or the businesses that have been doing well already in the dropshipping business. Research what products they are selling, the prices, and the profit margins. By doing this, you will get a clear picture of the latest trends in the market, the price-fixing strategy, and the competition rate for each product in the market.

In addition to the sources mentioned above, the businesses can also use Product mafia, Product research labs on Facebook groups, engaging with the social media audience, etc.

To make this easier for you, we have researched and created a comprehensive list of the products that have performed well in 2020 so far. Let’s get into the list.

The Best-Selling Dropshipping Products of 2021 (So Far)

After extensive research on various eCommerce websites and the data on Google trends, the following products are made into the best-selling category of 2021.

  1. Hand Sanitizers
  2. N-95 Respiratory masks
  3. Travel makeup brushes
  4. Fitness trackers
  5. Screen protectors
  6. Loungewear
  7. Shapewear
  8. Slime
  9. Facial oils
  10. Scalp massager

Hand Sanitizers

Figure 1 Best Dropshipping Products Hand Sanitizers

On the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are very concerned about their cleanliness and hygiene. The sales of the hand sanitizers have surged up like never before. The data on the Google trends also shows the same.

Figure 2 Google Trends for Hand Sanitizer
Google trends data on the worldwide web search of hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are readily available for purchase in bulk quantities. Even if you set a very slight margin, you can make a reasonable profit due to the demand.

N95 Masks

Figure 3 Best Dropshipping Products N95 Masks

Since 2020, people have got habituated to the new normal of wearing masks. Due to the health concerns of contracting the Coronavirus, N95 respirator masks have been one of the best-selling dropshipping products.

Figure 4 Google Trends for N95Mask
Google Trends data depicting the sudden surge in the interest in N-95 masks.

Travel Makeup Brushes

Makeup and beauty products are always in demand. According to Google Trends, there has been a consistent demand for travel makeup brushes over the past five years.
Figure 5 Best Dropshipping Products Makeup Brushes

Figure 6 Google Trends for Travel Makeup Brush
Google Trends data showing the interest over five years on travel makeup brushes.

Since there is heavy competition in selling the makeup brushes, it is profitable if the dropshipping business sells higher-quality brushes and a low margin to attract more customers.

Fitness Trackers

With people increasingly becoming conscious about health and fitness, fitness gadgets sales have become an indisputable option for the dropshipping business.
Figure 7 Best Dropshipping Products Fitness Trackers

Figure 8 Google Trends for Fitness Tracker
Google trends data showing the consistent demand for fitness trackers.

The profit margin can be almost as high as 25-50% for each fitness tracker, making the fitness trackers one of the best dropshipping products in the eCommerce business.

Screen Protectors

Everyone has an electronic gadget in their hands these days. The demand for screen protectors will not go down as long as there are electronic gadgets in this world.
Figure 9 Best Dropshipping Products Screen Protectors

Customers are looking for high-quality screen protectors to protect their expensive devices. So, as a seller, it’s crucial to source screen protectors from an excellent dropshipping supplier.
Figure 10 Google Trends for Screen Protector


Work from home has become the go-to solution for a lot of employees in 2021. Most of the companies are suggesting the employees work from home because of the current situation.

All the working population has the comfort of wearing loungewear without the hassle of choosing what outfit to wear to work.Figure 11 Best Dropshipping Products Loungewear

Figure 12 Google Trends for Loungewear
Google Trends data showing the sudden spike in the interest over loungewear.

Google Trends shows how the interest over loungewear has seen a sudden spike in the first quarter of 2020 and has been consistent after that.


Figure 13 Best Dropshipping Products Shapewear
Thanks to the Kardashians! Shapewear has become a go-to for a lot of women to look hotter and impeccable. Shapewear has become a consistent topic of conversation in the fashion industry. Shapewear is here to stay. The trends predict the same.

Figure 14 Google Trends for Shapewear
Google Trends data for the web search of shapewear over the past 12 months.


Figure 15 Best Dropshipping Products Slime
As silly as it sounds, slime is one of the bestselling dropshipping products so far. Owing to our sedentary lifestyle, we all want to fidget or play with something.

The sheer fun and the stress-relieving factor makes this product a very trending product. There has been a consistent demand for slime over the past one year.
Figure 16 Google Trends for Slime

Facial Oils

Skincare products have gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years. Over the ever-evolving skincare trends, facial oils are one of the trending products in the skincare industry.
Figure 17 Best Dropshipping Products Facial Oil

Customers are keen on buying a high-quality facial oil which makes their skin supple and soft. From a drop shipper’s perspective, facial oils can earn a high-profit margin compared to other products.

Figure 18 Google Trends for Facial Oil
Google Trends showing an almost consistent interest over the last one year for the facial oils.

Scalp Massager

Scalp massager is one of such dropshipping products which satisfies the impulse buying urge of the customer. The price of this product also falls under the low price products category.
Figure 19 Best Dropshipping Products Scalp Massager

You can buy the scalp massagers for very low prices in bulk (as low as 1$ per product) and sell them for a reasonable price margin (almost 5$ per product).

The demand for scalp massagers has been following an increasing trend as the customers are attracted to the relaxing and wellness factor associated with them.

Figure 20 Google Trends for Scalp Massager
Interest over scalp massagers for the last 12 months as shown by Google Trends.

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in Q4 2021

Based on the trends predicted for the rest of the year and the customers’ interest over the last twelve months, we have compiled a list of the products that are going to be sold like hotcakes.

  1. Touch-screen gloves
  2. Weekly planners
  3. Halloween pet accessories
  4. Blankets
  5. Novelty lamps
  6. Waterproof shoe protectors
  7. Desktop punching bags
  8. Wireless chargers
  9. Reusable silicone food covers
  10. Baby flat-head pillows

Touch-screen gloves

With the winter coming soon, there’s a need for gloves that work on the touch-screens of our phones and tablets.
Figure 21 Best Dropshipping Products Touch Screen Gloves
Touch-screen gloves are unique, and there is less competition in the market, making them very trending for the dropshipping business.

Figure 22 Google Trends for Touch Screen Gloves
Google Trends showing there has been an increase in the interest of touch screen gloves in the fourth quarter each year.

Google trends show that the interest on the touch-screen gloves has increased from September to December in the past five years. It is predicted that this product is going to follow the same trend in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Weekly planners

Figure 23 Best Dropshipping Products Weekly Planner
Weekly planners make the customers declutter their schedule, plan, and organize ahead.Google Trends shows that the demand for the weekly planners worldwide is going to rise over the next couple of months.

Figure 24 Google Trends for Weekly Planner
Google trends data predicting the increase in demand of weekly planners.

Halloween pet accessories

Figure 25 Best Dropshipping Products Halloween Pet Accessories
Halloween is right around the corner. People would want to dress their pets up and celebrate Halloween with their extended animal family. This makes the pet accessories a profitable and unique option for all the animal lovers out there.
Figure 26 Google Trends for Halloween Pet
As Google Trends shows, there will be a surge in demand for Halloween pet in October as it did in the past five years.


Figure 27 Best Dropshipping Products Blankets“Winter is coming.” Forgive my Game of Thrones reference. Blankets are essential items to protect us from the low temperatures and the cold weather. Blankets are one of the profitable dropshipping products to sell in the last quarter of the year.
Figure 28 Google Trends for blanket
The graph clearly shows that the demand for the blankets has increased in Fall(Sep-Dec) and thereafter consistent.

Novelty Lamps

With all the festivals such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up and with the travel restrictions all over the world, people engage in a lot of festivities and decorations at home.
Figure 29 Best Dropshipping Products Novelty LampsNovelty lamps are one of the unique, trending products for dropshipping for this Fall season. To make this product a profitable one, choose the best supplier based on the ratings and choose high-quality lamps for selling.

Figure 30 Google Trends for Novelty Lamp
Google Trends data showing the interest in novelty lamps.

Waterproof shoe protectors

In tropical countries with heavy monsoons, it’s a risk to step out in your favorite sneakers. So, the waterproof shoe protectors with a zip-locking facility are a boon to all of us who don’t want to ruin our favorite sneakers.
Figure 31 Best Dropshipping Products Waterproof Shoe ProtectorsThe demand for waterproof shoes has been consistent throughout the year.
Figure 32 Google Trends for Waterproof Shoe ProtectorThe graph in the Google Trends backs up the same.

Desktop punching bags

Stress has been such a huge complaint, irrespective of the age demographic or the profession demographic. Stress can be named as the next global pandemic.
Figure 33 Best Dropshipping Products Desktop Punching BagsDesktop punching bags are the right option to channel the pressure in the right way for all the students and employees sitting at desks for long hours.

Figure 34 Google Trends for Desktop Punching Bag
Google Trends data depicting the worldwide search for the punching bags.

Wireless chargers

Ever since the advent of the wireless chargers, their demand has been consistent over the years. They are one of the best dropshipping products because of the convenience factor of the customer.
Figure 35 Best Dropshipping Products Wireless ChargerThe profit margin can be as high as 50%, making them a profitable option for dropshipping.
Figure 36 Google Trends for Wireless Charger

Reusable silicone food covers

Reusable silicone food covers make this list for several reasons. One, they make the customers’ lives better. Two, they are unique. Three, they promote sustainability and aid in protecting the environment.
Figure 37 Best Dropshipping Products Silicone Food CoversInstead of stocking up food covers in the groceries every month, the customers prefer to buy these reusable covers for one time and reap the benefits.

Figure 38 Google Trends for Silicone Food Cover
Google Trends data for the interest over the last one year for silicone food cover.

Baby flat head pillows

Baby flat head pillows are new products in the dropshipping market. The new moms constantly worry about their babies having a flat head.
Figure 39 Best Dropshipping Products Baby Flat Head PillowsThis product puts an end to all those worries and make their already busy lives more manageable.
Figure 40 Google Trends for baby flat head pillow

Over to You!

With the growing competition in the online businesses and the volatile dropshipping markets, it can be a daunting task to choose the dropshipping products that sell well. We hope we made this easier.

If you have already decided what dropshipping products to sell and are looking for a dropshipping sourcing agent that could provide you with the best dropshipping suppliers, you should check out NicheDropshipping.

If you’re interested in starting your own dropshipping business and would like to know more, you should check out Dropshipping 101.

Our job is done here. Now, good luck with your dropshipping business.