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Where to buy toilet paper online in Australia.

So what on earth is going on in the land down under? Has everyone lost their marbles? Not only is toilet paper running out at many stores so is hand sanitiser, face masks, pasta, nappies and a whole range of consumables that one would normally take for granted. Granted – the world is going through some significant changes at the moment especially with the need to self isolate and protect against the Corona virus (Covid 19)but why toilet paper? Why was this the first product to be wiped of the shelves? We have noticed a greater focus on learning from home as well due to Covid 19 such as when we reviewed Reading Head Start a few months ago.

Toilet Paper Online – Get yours today

It became apparent around mid February 2020 that something was not quite right in Australia’s major supermarkets such and the obvious big two: Woolworths and Coles. People began to prepare for self isolation even before Coronavirus began to infiltrate Australia. Coles and Woolworths began to run out of toilet paper so customers them decided to try their local IGA which has no run out of toilet paper. When that run out they looked at Aldi. When Aldi run out they tried Costco.

Ok. So you didn’t want to panic buy and thought to yourself I will wait quietly over here until they get some more in. In guessing your still waiting. Why not at least try buying your toilet paper online via the following Australian online outlets which we have reviewed:


  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Big W
  • Officeworks
  • ebay
  • Amazon Australia
  • Cleaning shop

Buy Toilet Paper in bulk!

At the time of writing this post the big bulk stores such as Costco and Aldi had all sold out of toilet rolls that’s despite assurances that more would become available soon. The panic buying and hoarding of toilet paper at these outlets can be seen in the YouTube video below. As a consequence many people who want to purchase toilet paper at a bricks and mortar store are now looking for online alternatives. Just today the Prime Minister of Australia gave a press conference condemning the stockpiling of essential goods as “Un Australian”. The Australian government advices against the stockpiling and bulk buying of toilet paper because everyone including the elderley and disabled need a chance to get their own supplies.

Buy Toilet Paper in bulk

Buy toilet paper online near me

So you still want to get toilet paper at a bricks and mortar store? Well there might be some good news just around the corner. The laws around delivery of goods to supermarkets has just been relaxed as of today. The curfew or allowable delivery times have been changed to encourage around the clock deliveries to keep the supermarket shelves full.

Some customers are suggesting going in early to an IGA to give yourself the best chance of buying a few rolls of toilet paper. Yesterday Woolies (Woolworths) confirmed that they will allow the first hour of shopping for the elderly and disabled customers between Tuesday – Friday. This will mean pensioners and the disabled will be able to buy toilet paper near where they live from 7-8am on those days.

Toilet paper Wars – What is going on?? Where can we buy toilet paper online?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Causing Toilet Paper Tension…

Victoria has again run out of toilet paper.

We thought this would never happen again but with the return of Covid 19 and stay at home orders – panic buying once again – especially in Victoria is happening again. Hopefully commonsense will prevail and the stores will have learnt there lesson and will be restricting bulk buying of essential items.