Seesaw for Kindergarten Music

If you are virtual, Seesaw can be a great tool for hearing students sing, having students respond to a lesson, and assessing! If you are in person, it can be a wonderful way to have students show you what they know, and then share that with parents. Instead of sending home worksheets, you can simply click a button to share with parents, and they can see right on their phone, ipad, or computer! To find out more, click here.If your classroom teachers already use Seesaw, it can be really seamless to start using in the music room, because students are already comfortable with it. This was my situation this year with Kindergarten.Here are three examples of Seesaw activities for Kindergarten, to help you brainstorm different ways to use Seesaw. If you want to add them to your library, sign up at the end of this post to receive the links!Thank you to Krista Wallden, Whimsy Clips, and Paula Kim Studio for the clip art in the images below!