Why are automotive escape instruments essential?

Reasons Why Escape Tools For Car Are Worth It
Every time you get on the wheel, you can only hope that you don’t get involved in an accident. But then, you can do more than hope. Nobody anticipates having an accident. Therefore, since you never know when, and,  if it’s gonna happen, you must always be prepared. Have everything you think you might need in case of an emergency all the time in your car. Something like a car escape tool comes in handy when you least expect it. Yet, people fill their emergency kits with all sorts of things and forget about emergency car escape tools. 
Why are car escape tools important? You are wondering. We will be digging into that and more pertaining car escape tools in this post. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand what a car escape tool is and how it works.
What is a car escape tool?
Just like the name suggests, a car escape tool helps you escape from your car during an emergency. Picture a situation where you are stuck in your car because of one reason or the other. And, you need to leave fast and have no time to wait for emergency services to come and rescue you. In instances such as when your car is submerged in water or has overturned, your safety belt might hinder you from escaping. That’s where escape tools for car come in. 
Car on fire
The escape tools may be in form of a seatbelt cutter or a glass breaker. Still, some tools have both of these features so you don’t need two different tools. They save your life and those of other passengers on board. It’s a tool worth investing in and you should not wait until you get in an emergency situation to realize that you need to purchase one. Because boy, it could be too late. Better safe than sorry, remember? 
Benefits of having car escape tools in your vehicle
It’s a life saviour 
This is the number one reason you should get a car escape tool. There are accidents such as fire that will kill you within no time unless you act fast. Having car escape survival tools at such a time in your vehicle will spare your life. Imagine not being able to leave your car during such a life-threatening moment just because of a jammed seatbelt! With a cutter, you can escape unhurt.
It saves you time
Emergencies need no dilly-dallying. Let’s be honest, well, you can dial 911 for help but by the time they come to rescue you, you are no more. It’s best to do what you can do while you can still do it. If you can quickly cut the safety belt and break the window to save your life, do that. But how are you going to do this if you do not have car escape tools, huh?
Being ready gives you confidence
The last thing you want is to get into an emergency and you have no idea what to do and where to start. During accidents, confusion has a tendency of kicking in immediately. You are stuck in your car and you need to escape fast enough. But then, you are freaking out so bad that you cannot even think of calling emergency services. So, you cry and shout in your car and pray that someone comes to your rescue. 
You could avoid all this by getting prepared for such scenarios. When you are equipped with the right tools, you will be calm since you have confidence that your tools got you covered. 
It’s convenient
We are not talking about a heavy and huge tool that eats up all the space in your car. No. Car escape tools are compact and lightweight making them very convenient to carry around. In fact, you can hook it to your key chain or cigarette lighter. It leaves you with no excuse for not having one.
With all these great benefits of car escape tools, it still would not be useful if you cannot afford one! The good news is that car escape tools are quite affordable. You can get yourself a car escape tool for as low as $10. With this price, you will get a tool with basic features that will save your life. You can, however, pay more for a tool with added features such as a USB charger and flashlight.
Buying the best car escape tools
When looking for the best car escape tools to buy, a quick online search for “Best car escape tools reviews” should get you started. Make sure to look at features such as quality and resilience. Also, put in mind that some glass breakers only work for tempered glass. You want to be sure that the tool you buy will work for your car. 
Read what people are saying about a specific tool before buying. Some people have complained that certain tools did not perform the tasks they are supposed to. Just take your time to go through customer reviews.
Also, consider your budget so that if it allows, you can go for a tool that comes with additional features that make using them easier. If you often have kids on board, your cutter should have a protected edge to avoid injuries. 
As you can see, a car escape tool is one that you should never lack. We think of accidents such as colliding with other cars but hardly do we foresee a situation where we might need to escape from our own cars. There’s no excuse for not owning these emergency tools seeing that they are very useful and also very affordable. 
Just make sure you do your homework well before making a purchase. Consider the features we have mentioned in this article to help you make a purchase that you won’t regret. Sometimes the simple things we ignore end up being the most important ones. If you have been putting off the decision to get a car escape tool, it’s about time you acted ASAP.

4 Greatest Sprint Cam Mirror Mounts

Dash Cam Rear View Mirror Mount
There are numerous dash cameras in the market. Many people however opt for the rearview dash cam mirror mounted ones. And this is pretty obvious because they are surprisingly easier to install. They also do not block the driver’s view of the road. Mirror-mounted dash cameras rarely cause any legal issues associated with their mounting location.
People equip their cars and trucks with dash cams for several reasons. They not only act as independent witnesses on the roads but also ensure the safety of your vehicle while it is in the parking mode, with its unique surveillance system.
This is particularly true for a dashcam with parking mode. This article outlines some of the most commonly used dash cam mirror mounts in the market you can consider purchasing alongside your favorite dash cams.

Table of Contents

1. Dash Cam Mirror Mount, Universal Dash Cam/DVR Mount Holder, Compatible with Most Other Dash Camera.
This dashcam mirror mounts from TiToeKi is very universal. It can accommodate nearly all types of dash cams. It comes with more than ten different joints and is pretty much easy to install and remove. Once mounted, it never falls from the windshield. It is designed in such a way that it can rotate up to 360 degrees, providing a wider angle adjustment for your dashcam footage.
Another of its special feature is the swivel ball adapter head which offers the mirror mount enough flexibility for you to position your camera well. This ultra-slim dashboard camera mirror mount is suitable for the rearview mirror. It measures 9.70mm with a cylindrical-shaped stem that has a minimum length of 0.4”(10mm) and a diameter ball of 15.8 mm.
Universal Dash Cam Mount Holder

While this dashcam is compatible with YI 2.7″, Rexing V1, UGSHD, Z-Edge, Old Shark, KDLINKS X1, Crosstour, and most other Dash Camera, it is certainly not suitable for other dash cameras such as Vantrue N2 Pro, WheelWitness HD PRO, KDLINKS X1. This can make a perfect dash cam for truckers.
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Some of these dash cam mirror mount users noted it can fit perfectly with minor modifications. Others loved its numerous attachments for different dashcams and how it enabled them to capture great video content. They however disliked that it did not attach very well as they had anticipated.
Key Specifications
Rotation design: 360 degrees.
Ultra-slim 9.20mm design.
Cylindrical Shaped stem 0.4”(10mm) long minimum.
Compatibility: YI 2.7″, Rexing V1, Crosstour 1080P, Z-Edge, Old Shark, YI, APEMAN,Roav,E-ACE,Falcon Zero F170HD and Most Other Dash Camera.
Not compatible with: Vantrue N2 Pro, WheelWitness HD PRO, KDLINKS X1, etc
Manufacturer: TiToeKi
Easy to install and remove
Has 360 degrees rotation, providing a wider angle adjustment.
Comes in an ultra-slim and flexible design, suitable for most cars.
Does not fit all types of dash cameras such as Vantrue N2 Pro, WheelWitness HD PRO, and KDLINKS X1.
2. Flexible Dash Cam Mirror Mount Kit for Most Dash Camera and Car Camera.
If you happen to be a frequent driver on the roads, then, this is a must-have dash cam mirror mount kit. This suction mount from AMORTEK is designed with seven different joints which accommodate most car dash cameras in the market.
These include Rexing V1, Z Edge, Falcon F170, Old Shark, YI, Amebay, KDLINKS X1, VANTRUE among other hot selling dash cams you may think of. When you mount your dashcam with this behind your car’s rearview mirror, it will provide you as a driver, with a better view. It can also rotate up to 360 degrees, hence, you can adjust your dashcam at any viewing angle.
Dash Cam Mirror Mount.

This ultra-slim snake mount design measures 9.70mm and is suitable for your rearview mirror. If you have been looking for a sturdy mirror mount, then, this is it! It is also resistant to heat and once mounted, it does not fall off the windshield. It is padded with environmental silicone rubber, making it anti-slip and anti-shake.
This dashcam has universal compatibility. It can even accommodate your smartphone and mini-tablet. Its inbuilt wireless charging pad can detect the presence of foreign objects and turn off automatically in hot conditions preventing your dashcam from overheating.
Users of this dash cam mirror mount loved the fact that it is very stable, secure, and durable; and is easy to install. They however disliked the fact that it is not compatible with some of the dash cams.
Key specifications
Batteries not included.
Rotation design: 360 degrees
Mounting Type: Suction mount.
Other features: Environmental silicone rubber pad, anti-slip and anti-shake, heat-resistant.
Suitable for: Rexing V1, Z Edge,Falcon F170, Old Shark, YI, Amebay, KDLINKS X1, VANTRUE and other hot selling dash cam.
Very durable.
Easy installation.
Very stable and offers sturdy support to your dashcam.
Does not accommodate all types of dash cams.
3. Universal Dash Cam Mount Rear View Mirror Holder 
This amazing mirror mount is compatible with at least 99% of the dash cams, GPS, DVR, and camcorders available in the market. It has 16 different joints kits. It is however not compatible with Garmin, Crosstour CR900, and other similar back slots. This dashcam mount has a ball diameter of 0.63inch. It comes in an ultra-slim design of 9.70mm, with a clamping diameter range of 13-65mm (0.5-25.6in).
This mirror mount dashcam is sturdy and cannot easily slip or break. Its heat-resistant property ensures it can still be in operation even in hot climate conditions. When you mount it in your rearview mirror, this dash cam will provide you with better views of the roads. The design is also absolutely flexible, rotating up to 360 degrees to allow you to adjust the dash cam’s angle of view. All dash cams require accessories like this dash cam mirror mount. Your driving experience will be better.
Universal Dash Cam Mount

It is compatible with Rexing V1P, Yi, YI Nightscape, Roav, Zhiroad, Byakov, Pathinglek, Trekpow, Old Shark, UGSHD, Z-Edge, Crosstour, Falcon F170, etc. (including but not limited to). It is however not compatible with Garmin, Crosstour CR900, WheelWitness HD PRO, KDLINKS X1, and other products with a similar back slot.
Users of this mirror mount dash loved how quick it was for them to install, allowing them to hide the camera behind the mirror. Some of the users however encountered problems with fixing the single wing nut into the bolt.
Key specifications
Rotation design: 360 degrees.
Material: Plastic and rubber
Clamping Diameter Range: 0.5-2.6 inches
Compatible with: Rexing V1P, Yi , YI Nightscape, Roav, Zhiroad, Byakov, Pathinglek, Trekpow, Old Shark, UGSHD, Z-Edge, Crosstour, Falcon F170 and etc.
Not compatible with: Garmin, Crosstour CR900, WheelWitness HD PRO, KDLINKS X1 and other products with similar back slot.
Super quick to install
Heat resistant.
Some dash cams cannot be mounted with this mirror mount.
4. APEMAN Dash Cam Mirror Mount Kit, Car Rear View Mirror Mount Holder with 360 Degree Free Rotation.
The APENMAN dash cam mirror mount kit has four different joints and can be used by many other car dash cameras. Its rotation angle is 360 degrees, providing freedom of adjusting the mounted dashcam into any direction for a better view.
Once it is fitted perfectly behind the rearview mirror, it cannot distract the driver. It is fitted with POM and ABS plastics which makes it more stable and durable. You will have a smooth contact surface with the silicone plastic belt.
Car Rear View Mirror Mount Holder

The car’s protective film will not be damaged. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to install without requiring any special tools. It has to be used on the rear-view mirror with a clamping diameter range of between 38mm-65mm.
Users loved the quality of both the front and rear cameras which had a clear picture and video grasp. They also found the cables easy to secure, eliminating what could have been a potential viewing barrier between the driver and the road. Some, however, found it hard to get tight and snug as the adjustment screws were difficult behind the mirror. Others noted the camera can develop severe wobble while driving.
Key Specifications
Ball Diameter: 15mm
Rotation design: 360 degrees.
Clamping diameter range: 38mm-65mm
Ultra-slim: 9.70mm design to suit most car rear view mirror
Easy installation
Works well with different types of cameras.
Very affordable
May wobble while driving.
Before buying your dash cam, it is important to consider the kind of mount kit you will require. There are many types of dash cam mirror mounts in the market such as the ones described above.
While most of them are universal, you have to ensure the one you purchase is compatible with your dash cam. When you are buying, consider the size, shape and setup of the mirror mount. Some may be bigger physically than they appear on online photos.
Ensure their size and setup do not obstruct your view as a driver. Take a keen look at the specifications of the camera and its related dimensions.
Use a tape to compare these dimensions with that of your car and see if it can be a good fit before purchasing. You will have an idea of how it will look like once it is mounted.