Managing supplies for music facilities

If you want to do centers with more than one grade level at a time, there are some creative ways to organize your materials so they don’t become a mess. Let’s say you are doing centers with first grade for ta and ti-ti, and centers for third grade for tika-ti. You could have similar centers set up, but with different materials at each center. If you have worksheets for ta and ti-ti, you could place them in a green folder, for example, and the worksheets for tika-ti could be in the same area, but in a red folder, so you can keep them separate. The pencils could be sitting at the center, ready for either grade level. If you have rhythm flashcards at an instrument center, you could have the ta and ti-ti flashcards printed on one color cardstock and the tika-ti flashcards printed on another. You could even have one rhythm card sitting behind the other, so that the only thing you have to do is flip the cards between grade levels, and they are ready to go! By having similar centers, but different color materials, it can help you quickly switch between one grade level and another, and not overwhelm your space.

5 Methods to Be taught This Summer season

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