Dream Job: Get Paid $2,000 to Strive Subscription Bins!

Are you a lounge-chair loafer, consistent consumer, or picky purchaser? Do you get tired of shopping for stuff when you could be sleeping, surfing the net, or streaming some shows? Then we need your talents as a Subscription Box Specialist!
Subscription boxes make it easy to grab things like food, skincare, makeup, shaving kits, geek boxes, craft supplies, home goods, and other products you need on a regular basis. Presuming porch pirates don’t steal your stuff, you’ll get a consistent curated collection of things you’d want to buy anyway–without leaving home.
With so many subscription boxes available, Reviews.org wants to hire a Subscription Box Specialist to try 10 subscription boxes and tell us which ones are worth the money. We’ll pay you $2,000 for your work and send you a doorbell camera to keep those deliveries safe.
Perks of the job include a cool job title, the ability to work from home, a video doorbell camera, $2,000, and your choice of 10 subscription boxes to review.
Are you ready to cash in on this cool, convenient mini-career?