16 Greatest China Sourcing Agent Firms – 2021 Evaluate

Sourcing agent companies play a vital role in helping you find qualified suppliers based on specific products imported. With the absence of fixed industry standards, it can be overwhelming and challenging to hire the right sourcing agent in China.The right China sourcing agent companies will ensure the seamless and efficient import of goods from the country. Some of them can provide comprehensive services in addition to sourcing products, such as quality check, production administration,etc.To help you make a choice, this article lists the best China sourcing agent companies that cater to your needs. Read on to know more about them.List of Best China Sourcing Agents1. NicheDropshippingNicheDropshipping is one of the pioneering dropshipping & sourcing agent companies based in China. They source a wide range of products from China for small and medium-sized businesses, such as Shopify store owners.This China sourcing agent’s exceptional services range from product sourcing to inventory storage, branding package, private labeling, order fulfillment, and more.Their experienced and professional sourcing agents can connect you to the top manufacturers in China, enabling you to dropship quality products at the best price.All you need to do is tell them the required products, and they will furnish you with a free quote within two working days.
2. Imex SourcingThe Imex Sourcing agent is based in Guangzhou, China. Its parent company is Imex liaisons. With Imex, clients can access products in the market and factories through customized online portals. This makes the entire process stress free as you can keep track and control the Sourcing orders.In addition to this, you also enjoy better product pricing and services from the company’s dedicated agents. Imex Sourcing agents provide detailed and comprehensive sourcing of products, quality inspection, maintenance, negotiations and agreements, logistics, product shipping, and factory audits.
3. Foshan SourcingAs the name indicates, this company is located in Foshan. They have been in product Sourcing for more than ten years and specializes in furniture, tiles, materials, ceramics, doors, and windows.Foshan’s services include sourcing products, storage, warehousing, providing post-sales facilities, quality checks, and shipping.  Foshan China Sourcing agent takes about 48 hours to deliver quotations to the clients. Most of the product sourced are delivered by shipping, as most of them are heavyweight items. This is the ideal source for bulk buying, wholesale, and small and medium enterprises.
4. Import DojoManuel Becvar established import dojo. It is headquartered at Kwai Chung. This company has sourced products worldwide and for famous retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Metro, and several others. Businesses in North America and Europe benefit from the product sourcing solutions provided by this company.Today it is connected with 2500 manufacturers from various industries. This enables clients to source almost every product that they require. In addition to this, import dojo lets you choose from different pricing deals.Some of the other import dojo services include negotiations, product development, quality, and feasibility checks. It is one of the best go-to agents if you are a new seller on Amazon looking for Chinese sourced goods.
5. China2WestChina2West is a deep-rooted company for sourcing products from china. This company stores comprehensive and detailed data and information on Chinese products and its sourcing networks and suppliers. The employees in this company hold the expertise to connect clients to an extensive range of different products in the market.Some of the services provided by China2West include product layout, development, quality assurance and on the spot checks, product testing in labs, logistics network management, certifying, sourcing, customer support, factory administration, tooling, project management. This company caters to western businesses in need of china sourced goods.
6. Jing SourcingJing sourcing agent is headquartered at Yiwu in China. This company employs 40 professionals to help clients find their product sources.Their goal is to uplift small businesses by sourcing the products they are looking for and getting it at reasonable competitive prices.Jing sourcing provides excellent solutions that save clients from product importing risks. Their sourcing service is free, while the other services are charged at 5 to 10% commission.Jing sourcing agents handle the negotiations of prices and fix quality issues immediately.7. Meeno groupThe Meeno group has its headquarters in Yiwu, China. This sourcing agent provides the complete product sourcing services, right from the beginning to the end. Everything regarding the sourcing is made transparent to the clients, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.
8. LeelineSourcingLeelineSourcing has 10 years of expertise and experience in China for being a sourcing agent. Acting on the request, the agent finds the company a suitable manufacturer. The company does not charge any service fee until the client chooses the supplier.Apart from this, LeelineSourcing also offers the following services: Amazon FBA prep service, price bargaining, quality inspection, free warehousing, export documentation arrangement, shipping arrangement, etc.LeelineSourcing is ideal for small and medium businesses, and other e-commerce businesses, such as eBay, Shopify, and Amazon Sellers.
9. Sourcing BroThis sourcing agent is located in Shenzhen, China. It has occupied a core position in trade across the world. Clients from various countries can access an enormous number of products.Sourcing Bro has several years of experience, enabling customers to find the right products and get them from China’s best markets.Some of the services provided by Sourcing Bro includes warehousing commerce shipping processes from a product Sourcing quality control and inspection.Sourcing Bro company offers solutions for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises and those dealing with product creation.
10. Dragon SourcingDragon Sourcing has its contacts globally to get you all types of products. This China Sourcing agent was established in the year 2004 and has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.It has also set up offices in other countries like that of Kenya, the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, Kenya, Italy.It has served customers worldwide in sourcing products from China during the several years, and it has left footmarks with exceptional services.Dragon Sourcing provides additional services like product and procurement source, development of samples, supply verification, negotiations, quality checks, logistics, order administration, etc.
11. LazpandaLaz Panda is dedicated to finding the right suppliers at a lower cost. They help to mitigate most of the risks that come with it. This company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The founder of this company has extensive experience and expertise in electronic markets and the processes involved.
12. B2C SourcingB2C Sourcing is the perfect agent if you are looking to source products from Ningbo and the surrounding areas. The team is highly professional and experienced in product development and Sourcing.Some of the top clients they have provided their services include Philips lumec, Disney, Amazon, and eBay. B2c Sourcing is focused on aiding small businesses Enterprises sellers on Amazon, eBay, and Entrepreneurs.
13. RiwickRiwick Sourcing agent has its main office headquarters at Longjiang town Foshan city. They deal exclusively with imported furniture from China for home, office, and industrial requirements. In addition to this, it is also famous for its ceramic, sanitary products, décor, and household products.Give them the required specifications, style, and preferences of the products, and they will ensure that you find them in the extensive furniture markets of China.With Riwick, customers get to access the big box stores, large showrooms, and factories from where the products are sourced. This enables you to compare rates and get the best quotes directly from the suppliers.Apart from this, Riwick also offers pick-up, quality inspections, billing, labeling, translations, etc.
14. Guided importsGuided imports are one of the leading sourcing agents in the country. It provides comprehensive services and solutions regarding trade. From product building and development to import of products for e-commerce, guided imports do it all.This company enables customers to shop for products while taking on the management tasks all to themselves. This allows you to plan, finance, and purchase seamlessly without shelling out a lot of money.This company fills the gaps by providing additional services that give access to the benefits of overseas production.The services provided by guided imports include product sourcing and development, custom broker, international banking facilities, product purchasing agent, specializing in product quality management and delivery, sample consolidation, and validation.The services also extend to product photography and FBA preparation. Guided imports are the ideal go-to sourcing agent if you are looking to set up an ecommerce business. They provide an all-in-one solution for all product sourcing issues.
15. SupplyiaSupplyia is focused on assisting small businesses that find it difficult to reach out to suppliers in China and source and import products.The services are provided at a reasonable cost, and Supplyia has the required experience and expertise to handle all kinds of imported related risks ever since its establishment in 2013.This company goes out of its way in ensuring customers enjoy a risk-free importing experience of Chinese products while taking care of the inventories. This enables businesses and customers to focus on other core aspects that promote growth and expansion.
16. NicheSourcesNicheSources, located in Yiwu China, specializes in product sourcing and supply chain management.NicheSources provides e-commerce business owners and small importers with professional one-stop sourcing services, including free sourcing, private labeling, sample confirmation, quality inspection report, photography, custom packaging, and arranging shipment to Amazon FBA or third-party warehouses.
If you are looking for an easier solution to sourcing and shipping from China with on-time delivery, NicheSources can be your best partner and sourcing agent in China.With NicheSources’s rich resources in various industries, you can expect your goods with excellent quality at an ideal price. To get started, send them an inquiry and you’ll receive a best quote shortly.FAQs about Sourcing AgentWhat Is A Sourcing Agent?Sourcing agents aid individuals, companies, and businesses in finding sources for products at reasonable rates. The products are sourced wholesale and made available to customers.This enables companies to avoid the costs of production. A good sourcing agent will have access to well-established contacts from carrying on business over the years.Sourcing agent companies have an excellent business sense and work towards a win-win situation for both the company and the customers while exhibiting good coordinating skills.China Sourcing agent companies ensure that you get the best prices for your product orders.Their connections with product manufacturers and suppliers enable you to get special discounts on deals.Sourcing agents not only save money for the company but also prove to be valuable in the long run.Why You Need A Sourcing Agent in China?Startup companies, business enterprises, entrepreneurs, and wholesale companies looking to source products from China need the assistance of such sourcing agents.It is a requirement because customers and clients from other countries do not know about the Chinese market and how to get the goods they are looking for.This is where Chinese sourcing agents can come to your rescue as they handle every aspect of product Sourcing from China.How Much Do China Sourcing Agents Charge?Well, many factors define the rates or charges. Some agents charge fixed fees while others work on a commission basis. At the same time, there are companies that source products free of charge, such as NicheDropshipping.What Types of Products Can You Source from China with the Assistance of A Sourcing Agent?Some of the most common products that are in demand across the world can be sourced from China. This includes furniture, toys, hardware, home products, decor, garden items, tools, kitchenware, jewelry, apparel, etc.The area of specialization of these China Sourcing agent companies can be found by visiting their websites and contacting customer support.What Are the Services that A Chinese Sourcing Agent Is Capable of Delivering?Access to product manufacturersGetting in touch with an actual manufacturer can be overwhelming in a large country like China. It is almost difficult when you are not a native Chinese citizen, yet require the products for your business.A Chinese sourcing agent has well-established contacts with manufacturers and suppliers across various cities and parts of China.Product production and ManagementSourcing agents in China are familiar with the handling of production of products. With them, you can be rest assured that they can efficiently handle and manage the production.Chinese agents can visit the factory where the Goods are produced and check for quality and the process used to manufacture products.As these agents know the native language and can communicate better with the product production company and manufacturers based in China, the outcomes will be seamless.Quality checksQuality is of prime importance when purchasing products from China. Chinese sourcing agent companies can inspect the goods in the factory and do regular checks for quality from the time it is manufactured up to delivery to the customer.Every single product is thoroughly checked, and they are responsible for handling issues concerning it.Shipment of productsOnce the products are ready to be shipped, the Chinese sourcing agent will provide you with updates as to the status. They will also tap into their extensive contacts for the right freight forwarder that ensures the product reaches the customers safely.Chinese sourcing agent companies handle the delivery of products to customers, enabling you to set the shipment schedule and delivery route, whether by sea, air, or railway.How to find the right Chinese Sourcing agent?Without the right Chinese sourcing agent, the entire process of Sourcing products from China will be a disaster and prove to be expensive. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind when finding the right Chinese sourcing agent:Check details of the agentEvery Chinese sourcing agent or company has its own website. This is vital for running e-commerce and online businesses. Browse through the agent’s website, services provided, design, and the company.Read through the information on the website. Perfection in quality content to images, blogs, articles, and designing is an indication of expertise.Communicate with the agentReach out and communicate with the agent directly through their website and get into a video conferencing chat. This is a good way to get to know them better, leaving you confident and satisfied that they will manage the product sourcing for you.Begin with small ordersFirst, to test a Chinese sourcing agent, begin with small orders and check if they can deliver them on time while ensuring quality. Check for professionalism, dedication to the order, regular updates on the status of the products.ConclusionNow that you have the list of the best China sourcing agent companies, sourcing products and importing them from China is easy. Minimize product costs, and expand your business by gaining access to a wide range of products in Chinese markets.

Greatest Dropshipping Niches to Increase Your Enterprise in 2021

What is a niche? Niche is nothing but a category of interest.For any dropshipper, be it, someone who is just starting a business or someone who is well-experienced in the dropshipping business, it’s very important to choose the best dropshipping niches to make their businesses profitable.There are thousands of niches out there in the E-Commerce industry. It can be quite difficult to decide what niche is going to be suitable for your business.Worry not, as we put together a detailed guide on why and how to choose a good dropshipping niche and also, the list of the best dropshipping niches that are going to be profitable in 2021.Let’s not waste any more time and dive into it!Why Do You Have to Choose a Niche?There is heavy competition among the retailers in the dropshipping business.To sustain and grow in the highly competitive market out there, choosing what category of products you want to sell is important. It should be the first step for the success of the business.The advantages of choosing a niche for your business:1. Directed FocusIf there is no one particular niche, it is hard to focus on what products need to be sold. You will be in a constant search for what products need to be sold. It becomes too stressful.If you choose a niche, you can easily check what products are trending in your niche and focus on selling them. This saves a lot of time, effort and money losses.2. Low CompetitionDue to the narrowed range of products, the competition will also be less as you won’t be competing with all the retailers of many niches.3. Targeted Audience and MarketingLet’s say, if you are selling gardening equipment, only people who are interested in gardening will be your targeted audience. It is easy to market these products to the targeted audience by running social media promotions, influencer marketing etc.,How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Niche Suitable for Your Business?Some businesses get off on a good start. They have good knowledge about the dropshipping businesses, they have reasonable knowledge about the best dropshipping suppliers or sourcing agents.But they falter when it comes to choosing a profitable niche for their business.Research is your best friend to find what niches are in high demand and which one suits your business. A few questions to ask yourself to choose the dropshipping niche that fits your business needs:1. What Do You Like to Sell?What are your passions? What are you most interested in selling? If you are into technology, you should choose a niche and a sub-niche related to technology and not fashion.2. What Is Your Knowledge and Professional Experience Selling These Products?This question is to assess how proficient you are in selling the niche that you choose. Are you well-versed with all the details about your niche?3. What Are Customer Pain Points?This is one of the most important aspects to consider for the profitability of your business. What can you sell to make the customer’s life easier and better?For example, neck pillows are very comfortable and reduce the discomfort for the customer. Choose products which solve the customers’ problems.4. What Are the Current Trends?Trends and fads are different. There are products which sell like hot cakes depending on the time and the external circumstances. For example, due to the pandemic situation since 2020, cleaning and sanitizing products have been trending like never before.Fads are the products which make good sales for a short period and fade away. For example, fidget spinners. It is very important to follow the current trends and sell trending products.5. What Are the Best Sellers of the Competitors?If you are new to the dropshipping business and you don’t know how to proceed, it is wise to study the best sellers of the competitors or the sites like AliExpress, Spocket, Oberlo, etc. Then, pick a niche based on those statistics.
The List of the Best Dropshipping NichesThere are two types of niches for any dropshipping business. One, the broad niche – Covering a wide range of products. For example, women’s clothing and fashion. It covers a variety of products such as casual wear, lingerie, swimwear, party wear etc.,Two, deep niche – Deep niche is more targeted and specific. It covers a very specific type of product. For example, one-piece swimwear.We will list a few broad niches and the deep niches (or sub-niches) that fall under the broad niche.1. Technology NicheTech products and gadgets are one of the best-selling product categories every year. As the world becomes increasingly digital by the day, the consumer needs for technology keep increasing too.Some of the sub-niches under the technology niche:• Wireless audio devices• Virtual Reality (VR) devices• Cell phone accessories• Drones and accessories1.1. Wireless Audio DevicesAccording to the top market report posted by MarketsandMarkets.com, the wireless audio device market size is projected to grow from USD 57.3 billion in 2020 to USD 134.2 billion by 2025.This makes the wireless audio devices one of the best dropshipping niches to sell.The fuss-free nature of the wireless audio devices, less probability of damage, high audio quality with noise cancellation, adaptability and wearability in gyms, sports, etc. make them very attractive to customers.Wireless/Bluetooth headsets, AirPods, earphones and earbud cases all fall under this category.1.2. Virtual Reality DevicesAccording to Statista, the sales of the augmented virtual reality headsets is estimated to be 5.5 million units and is predicted to increase to 43.5 million units by 2025.After all, who doesn’t want to have a realistic experience while playing a game or watching some video? For the next five years, virtual reality devices are going to one of the best-selling products for your dropshipping business.1.3. Cell Phone AccessoriesNeedless to say, as long as the technology lives, cell phones and accessories are going to stay. People who do not use a phone in this age are very few.Cell phone accessories such as screen protectors, mobile phone cases, add-on lenses for the mobile camera, etc. have been the trending products on various E-Commerce platforms like AliExpress.1.4. Drones and AccessoriesWith the growing interest in photography and the popularity of drone photography over the social media platforms, the sales of drones are predicted to increase substantially over the next five years.As the cost of the drones is very high in the offline stores, customers look for the drones which are available at lower prices online. Not only the assembled drones, but the spare parts of the drones also have a high demand in the retail industry.2. Lifestyle NicheDo you want to attract more customers? Gain more profits? Cater to the customers’ daily needs and improve their quality of life. The products in the lifestyle niche do that, making it an attractive option for your dropshipping niches.Some of the most profitable sub-niches that fall under lifestyle niche are:• Smart home devices• Closet organization systems• Home desks and office supplies2.1. Smart Home DevicesDue to the advances in technology, smart home devices have become an alluring alternative for regular devices. They save a lot of time, improve the efficiency with which the day-to-day tasks are done and improve the overall customer satisfaction.Some of the most trending smart home devices for your dropshipping business are biometric home locks, smart pet trackers, robot vacuums, automatic liquid soap dispensers, induction water savers, smart bulbs, smart power sockets, etc.2.2. Closet Organization SystemsCloset organization systems are evergreen products for a dropshipping business. Be it a home space or a workspace, be it a small area or a large area, closet organization systems make a space look more aesthetic and organized.After all, who doesn’t want to be neat and organized? There are a ton of products in this niche that have the potential to generate high-profit margins.You can sell products such as storage cabinets, section shelves, shoe racks, closet organizer boxes, drawer dividers, etc.2.3. Home Desks and Office SuppliesWith a majority of people working from home, setting up a workspace at home has become the new normal in 2021. This is the reason why the home desks and office supplies niche is one of the best dropshipping niches.There are a lot of variations for the home desk setup that you can dropship such as standing desks, portable desks, adjustable desks, desks with breakfast and stationery tray, etc.3. Fashion NicheFashion was and is going to be a profitable dropshipping niche as long as there is mankind on this planet.Since fashion is such a broad niche, covering a wide variety of products, we put together a list of the most trending sub-niche ideas that fall under the fashion category.• Halloween costumes• Swimwear• Cardigans and sweaters3.1. Halloween CostumesWith Halloween right around the corner, dropshipping Halloween costumes in this season is highly profitable. Although they can’t be dropshipped round the year, Halloween costumes are always trending every fall season.You can dropship Halloween costumes for men, women and children, Halloween face masks, accessories, etc.3.2. SwimwearSwimwear is one of the most trending dropshipping niches at any given point of the year. As it is a recreational activity, a hobby and a fitness activity, there is a high demand for swimwear targeting a variety of customers of all age groups and genders.You can dropship a variety of swimwear products such as one-piece swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, beach cover-ups, swimming shorts, trunks, etc.3.3. Winter-WearWinter is almost here. It’s that time of the year when we need the warmest clothes possible to protect us from cold temperatures. Winter-wear is a fool-proof way of generating revenue for your dropshipping business at this time of the year.Loose cuts, fur and faux fur coats, hoodies and cardigans are the most trending winter-wear products right now, according to the top rankings on AliExpress.4. Fitness NicheThere has been a huge shift in the thought process of the world population when it comes to fitness.As the health concerns are growing at an alarming rate, health experts are suggesting everyone consider fitness seriously. Owing to this, people are including fitness as a part of their daily routine.Fitness products are in demand now more than ever. Some of the most popular sub-niches under fitness niche are:• Athleisure clothing• Fitness trackers• Yoga bricks, resistance bands and other accessories4.1. Athleisure ClothingAthleisure clothing is not just a mere form of clothing; it has become a fashion statement. It is a beautiful blend of sports, fitness and fashion.The versatility factor of the athleisure clothing (we can wear it for athletic activities, to the gym, as casual wear or as a brunch outfit) makes it an attractive dropshipping product.According to Google Trends, the search volume of the athleisure clothing has been consistently high. If you are looking for a reliable dropshipping niche to generate steady profits, athleisure is a safe bet.4.2. Fitness TrackersFitness trackers are an easy way to keep track of the users’ overall health by tracking physical activity, sleep patterns, heart rate, amount of calories burnt, etc.According to the forecasts from Marketsandmarkets.com, The wearable fitness technology market was worth USD 5.77 billion in 2016 and USD 12.44 billion by 2022, growing at a rate of 13.7% from 2016 to 2022.Dropshipping fitness trackers is a very lucrative business idea for the success of your online business.4.3. Yoga Bricks, Resistance Bands and Other AccessoriesYoga bricks, resistance bands and accessories such as gym towels, etc. are the fitness related products that attract customers towards the E-commerce stores because of their readily available nature and low prices.5. Beauty NicheBeauty niche is the most popular dropshipping niche for obvious reasons. The demand for beauty products is only going to increase year after year.Some of the best-selling product ideas under the beauty niche are:• Rollers and massagers• Face masks• False eyelashes5.1. Rollers and MassagersFacial rollers and massagers have become increasingly popular for their health and anti-ageing benefits. They remove the puffiness, increase the blood flow and promote skin tightness. They provide spa-like benefits at home.They are one of the most trending categories in the beauty niche. It is very easy to attract customers if you choose this niche as they provide amazing benefits at low cost.5.2. Face MasksThere are a variety of face masks available in the market such as sheet masks, clay masks, activated charcoal masks, etc. depending on the concern and the skin type.Face masks are also one of the major revenue-driving dropshipping niches in the online retail business. If you are looking for a profitable category in the beauty niche, face masks are a good option.5.3. False EyelashesThanks to Kardashians and all other beauty gurus. False eyelashes have gained a cult following over the last couple of years. Their demand seems to be only increasing over time, making them a profitable niche for your dropshipping business.False eyelashes have been one of the top trending products on AliExpress too. So, don’t waste time thinking about what product to choose for your beauty business, choose this amazing option.Over to You!Now that we have presented you with the list of the best dropshipping niches and the top trending products in each niche, we hope you are ready to jump-start your business now.Let us know what dropshipping niche you are choosing and what kind of products you wish to sell.If you are into dropshipping business, but you are wondering where to start, check this ultimate guide to dropshipping.If you are looking for more examples of what dropshipping products to sell, you may want to check this list of the best dropshipping products this year.What are you still waiting for? Now is a good time to start your dropshipping business and build your empire. All the best!

11 Finest Dropshipping Suppliers – 2021 Overview

Dropshipping has become a buzzword in the ecommerce industry over the past few years for all the right reasons.Dropshipping enables drop shippers to find products from the manufacturers at lower prices and sell them for a more profitable margin to the retail customers, without the hassle of managing inventory or shipping products.Since the suppliers are the ones who handle the shipping and the returns of the products to the customers, choosing an excellent dropshipping supplier is a critical factor in the success of any dropshipping business.Are you thinking, who are the best dropshipping suppliers? How do I find which one suits me the best? Worry not! We have done extensive market research and listed down the top 11 dropshipping suppliers of 2021.Let’s dive into it!The best dropshipping suppliers to consider for your business are:CJDropshippingNicheDropshippingAliExpressOberloSalehooSpocketDobaLightInTheBoxWholsale2BDHGatePrintify#1. CJDropshipping – The Best Dropshipping Company With Global Fulfillment ServicesCJDropshipping is one of the most well-known dropshipping companies in China. They have a well-developed platform, allowing you to automate the order fulfillment process to the utmost.You can list their products to your store, post sourcing requests for new products, sync orders from your store to CJ’s platform, upload CSV orders, design your custom boxes or insert cards,  and more in a few clicks.If you place a high priority on the customer experience, you can take advantage of CJ’s global warehouses. Get your orders shipped from the US, Germany, Thailand or Indonesia. You can offer your customers ultra-fast delivery like never before.Features:Integration with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, etc.Print-on-demand products availableCheck product quality before shipping24/7 online customer supportRecommend winning products by email on a regular basis#2. NicheDropshipping – The Best Dropshipping Solution for Any Business
NicheDropshipping, a dropshipping & sourcing agent in China, has gained massive trust among its clients over the past few years. NicheDropshipping provides different solutions for all your dropshipping needs based on your requirements, making it an affordable option for small and medium businesses.This Dropshipping sourcing agent addresses and solves most of the concerns dropshippers have – such as customized branding package, private labeling for the dropshippers that want their logo on the products, photography, and video samples to upload on the websiteIt helps businesses ship various products such as electronic products, including magnetic products, sharp objects, liquid products such as cosmetics, etc.NicheDropshipping has four plans from which you can choose according to the needs – Beginner, Startup, Go Big and Grow Brand.Features:Accepts PayPal, Wire transfer, Stripe, Credit cards, supporting quick and easy payments.Quality Inspection.Fast shipping times and delivery speed when compared to the other suppliers such as AliExpress.Sources better products at lower prices.Quicker response time and efficient customer support.Facilitates worldwide shipping.Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce.Private label products and branded packaging with minimum order quantity required.#3. AliExpress – The Best Dropshipping Option for a Range of Products
AliExpress, owned by Alibaba Group, based in China, is one of the most renowned websites that offer a wide range of products for Shopify stores and online sellers. It facilitates worldwide shipping, and the translation is available in five languages.There are many suppliers who post their products, but there is minimal information available. So, You have to rely on the store ratings and reviews of the other customers who bought the product.Features:Over 100 million products are available.Facilitates worldwide delivery.Offers 24/7 customer support.Supports most payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, but PayPal has been restricted to only some countries.Delivery time may vary depending on the location to be delivered.Offers money-back guarantee if the product is not as described.Product quality is heavily reliant on the manufacturers.#4. Oberlo – Easy to Use Dropshipping Supplier Option With Shopify
Oberlo is a dropshipping tool that can be used in conjunction with Shopify. It facilitates users with an extensive catalog of products to add.Oberlo comes with three kinds of plans – Starter plan (which is free) and the businesses can switch to the other two plans as the business grows. Oberlo facilitates worldwide shipping, provided the suppliers of the product ship it to the desired delivery location.Although Oberlo can’t be used for any other E-Commerce platform except Shopify, the features that Oberlo offers for dropshipping on Shopify almost make up for it.Features:Wide-range of products to choose from.Very easy to use. Suitable even for the beginners.Supports Debit cards, Credit cards, and Paypal for payment.Order tracking available.Easy to choose products from the catalog as there are in-depth product statistics.Oberlo has three plans – a free starter plan, a basic plan (29.90$/month), and a pro plan (79.90$/month).#5. Salehoo – The Best Dropshipping Supplier Directory
Salehoo is not a dropshipping supplier. It is more of a dropshipping supplier directory that has worked with over 137,000 sellers since 2005.Suppose you are a beginner thinking of starting a dropshipping business. In that case, Salehoo has features like Market Research Labs to research what kind of products are trending and what percentage of profit margin you will get after selling the product.Salehoo also has online training programs and video tutorials to facilitate learning for dropshipping businesses.Features:Lists over 8,000 local and global suppliers.Offers one-on-one support via e-mail, chat, phone, and Facebook.Promises a 60-day money-back guarantee.Provides a 7-day trial period.Pricing – 67$ for one-year access and 127$ for lifetime access.#6. Spocket – The Best Dropshipping Option With Simple User Interface
Spocket, founded in 2017, houses over 60% of the suppliers from the US/Europe. For the businesses located in US/Europe, Spocket is a good choice as the delivery speeds are faster than the other dropshipping supplier options. You can register on Spocket free of cost without any credit card details or registration fees.Features:No upfront registration fee.Businesses can get product samples to assess product quality.Branded packaging for dropshippers that would like the packaging to reflect their brand.Reliable delivery speeds.Promises high-quality products.Provides four plans – Starter (starting at 19$/month), Pro (49$), Empire (249$), and customizable unicorn plan.#7. Doba – The Best Dropshipping Company With Supplier Screening
Doba is a US-based dropshipping company with over 1.6 million products listed on the website. It boasts of offering the business a 30-day trial period to get the hang of the dropshipping business.Doba reviews the suppliers listed on the website. They go through a rigorous screening process, and every supplier is given a scorecard based on fulfillment rates, average processing time, shipping time, etc. This makes it easier for you to choose the products from the listings.Features:A wide variety of products are available.Supplier Scorecard is a definite plus.Facilitates uploading multiple orders at a time.Offers a 30-day Trial period and an added one-month trial period on buying an annual subscription.Provides four plans – Basic (starting at 29$/month), Advanced (69$), Pro (249$), and a customized Enterprise plan.#8. Lightinthebox – The Best Dropshipping Supplier Facilitating Direct Contact With Manufacturer
Lightinthebox, founded in 2007, with the headquarters in Beijing, is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. Listing over 2 million products, Lightinthebox has various products for sale, such as apparel, accessories, and gadgets. It allows you to contact the manufacturer directly.Features:A wide range of products available, including customized dresses for weddings and proms.Supports all kinds of payments.Ships worldwide, almost to every country.Provides additional discounts for the businesses that place bulk orders.Order tracking available.#9. WHOLESALE2B – The One-Stop Dropshipping Portal for Products, Tools, and Services
Wholesale2B, with 1.5 million products on the catalog, is an easy-to-use dropshipping supplier directory. You can add the products to their E-Commerce website without any difficulty.Wholesale2b lets you import the product listings to any online store such as eBay, Amazon, Weebly, or a personal E-Commerce website.Features:Provision to add unlimited orders.Wholesale2b handles each order within one business day.Order tracking and returns available as per the policies of the suppliers.For beginners, there is a lifetime free account without adding any credit card details.For the businesses which do not have a website, wholesale2b offers dropship website creation services too.Easy to import product files in CSV format and provides automated inventory updates.A variety of pricing options are available – free account, For dropshipping on eBay, Amazon(37.99$/month), for a dropshipping website (39.99$/month), dropship analytics (10$/month), Shopify app, BigCommerce app, WooCommerce App, Ecwid App, Weebly App (29.99$/month).#10 Dhgate – The Best Dropshipping Supplier With Buyer Protection
DHGate is a dropshipping supplier based in Beijing, provides products manufactured in China for B2B trading. DHGate offers buyer protection by guaranteeing secure payments or if the refund in case the item isn’t delivered or if it is not according to the description.DHGate follows the escrow system for payments. So, the supplier gets paid only when the customer receives the product. The dispute process takes a long time to get resolved if there is an issue with the order. That’s the only downside.Features:Millions of products are listed on the website.Provides buyer protection.Offers discounts and offers for recurring users and bulk orders.24/7 Customer service.No joining fee or membership costs.#11. Printify – The Best Dropshipping Supplier for Customised Print Products
Printify is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier for all the customized product needs. It has over 90 printing locations, mainly in China, the US, UK.Printify provides a tool called a mock-up generator to customize the product according to our needs. Printify has a feature to add the flat shipping rates to the customers’ orders.Features:Provides over 250+ unique products such as Tee shirts, mugs, hoodies, shoes, bags, etc.Offers 24/7 customer support.Can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, etc.Offers merchant protection – with strict image quality control over the print, sound refund policy, and reprint facilities for improperly printed items.Provides three pricing plans – free for access to five stores, premium (29$/month) for ten stores, and a customizable enterprise plan for unlimited store access.How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Supplier?Dropshipping is an evolving and very profitable online trading trend if we proceed with caution and care. The dropshipping suppliers play a pivotal role in the success of any dropshipping business.Customers build trust based on the processing time of the orders, the shipping time, the delivery time, the quality of the products delivered, the return and refund policy, and the products’ overall cost. So, it is very crucial to select the best dropshipping supplier in the market.While choosing the supplier, there is no ‘One size fits all’ solution. As a dropshipping business owner, it is your responsibility to make a wise decision to choose the best dropshipping supplier according to your business’s needs.
For example, suppose you are looking for a beginner plan. In that case, you can choose a supplier who provides free of cost registration and trial period to see what kind of products you would like to sell.If you are an evolving brand that requires a good plan to expand the business, choose a plan that fits the need for your bulk orders.If you are looking for help with product sourcing, go for the best dropshipping sourcing agent capable of sourcing the right products at reasonable prices.Likewise, it depends on the products that you would like to sell. Choose the dropshipping supplier according to the product ratings and the supplier ratings.A few questions to ask yourself before choosing the dropshipping supplier suitable for your business:Does the supplier have products that are suitable for niche?Is the product pricing reasonable?Do they offer product sampling?Do they offer buyer protection?What are the processing, shipping, and delivery times for the orders?Is the order tracking available?How is the return and refund policy?How is customer support?And lastly, check the reviews online.This article reviews the best dropshipping suppliers of 2021. Hope we provided a comprehensive view of each supplier to review and assess the suppliers for your business needs.

1688 Dropshipping: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a comprehensive guide on 1688 dropshipping. In this detailed FAQ article, you will be able to understand everything that you need to know about the best alternative to AliExpress for dropshipping.As the dropshipping world is getting more and more competitive, this guide will serve as a sigh of relief for dropshippers all around the world.Instead of using traditional and most common methods to source your products, you will discover the amazing benefits, tools, and tricks to dropship items directly from 1688.comMake sure you read this article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any important information that is crucial for your dropshipping alternatives.Let’s start and as you read further, the details will follow to answer every query that might come across your mind.What Is 1688.com?1688.com is an e-commerce marketplace owned and run by Alibaba Group of Companies. It is one of the largest online platforms for online shopping.You might wonder why there is another online shopping website in addition to Alibaba and AliExpress. Alibaba is in fact, a parent company and owns a few other online websites including AliExpress 1688 and Taobao.There are certain differences in the online sites owned by Alibaba group among which language and business models are the key differences. Most dropshippers who do not know a word in Chinese rely merely on AliExpress for dropshipping.Sites like 1688 and Taobao are primarily run in the Chinese language. Therefore, another reason to differentiate 1688 from AliExpress is the language barriers of Chinese suppliers.The suppliers who are not familiar with the English language maintain their availability in 1688 and Taobao. Let’s have a deeper dive into what 1688 is all about.When you just write “1688” in Google search, you will get a result like this:While you may be scared of the result and might think of leaving the option to explore the possibilities with this site, we suggest you stay calm and read this article till the end.As we stated at the start of this article, you will have a solution to every problem that you might face with 1688.com.You can see that the products shown at 1688 are almost the same as they are shown at AliExpress. The website theme, options, and overall feel of 1688 correspond more to AliExpress and Alibaba sites.What Is 1688 Dropshipping?1688 dropshipping is the option to source your products from 1688.com. Just like you dropship products from AliExpress, you would have to change your product sourcing to 1688. This is the whole idea of 1688 dropshipping.As the competition has grown fierce in the dropshipping world and the margins are getting squeezed day by day, there is a dire need to explore options to dropship products from sites other than the traditional sourcing sites like AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon, etc.There are a number of suppliers, factory owners, and wholesalers available at1688 to cater to your dropshipping needs.You only need to have the right communication with the product sourcing agents present on this site to succeed with 1688 dropshipping.You must also know how to find the best product with the best supplier in order to have a smooth dropshipping journey with 1688.The process of dropshipping with 1688 is almost the same as that of AliExpress dropshipping.Fun Fact: As AliExpress has earned wider popularity worldwide, it has become more difficult to sell items from AliExpress to the people who are already aware of AliExpress.Sourcing products from 1688 gives you the margin to outperform your competitors in many ways.These special methods to lead in the dropshipping sphere will be discussed in the remaining article as we move on to the next sections of this article.How Do I Dropship with 1688?Dropshipping with 1688 is easy. If you are a dropshipper, you won’t face any problems while using 1688 as your sourcing site. Although it may not be a piece of cake for everyone, we will guide you to follow the directions to achieve success.We will go step by step to walk you through the process of dropshipping via 1688. Read carefully the steps explained below and if you follow them correctly, you will get going in no time.1.Creating an Account on 1688.comTo start dropshipping with 1688, you have to register your account on this site just like you did with AliExpress.Don’t be afraid of the Chinese language. Thanks to technology, you can use Google translate to have an idea of what this website is asking from you.For your convenience, we are providing you with the info you would have to enter while applying for a registration at1688. You have to provide the following details while creating an account on 1688:UsernameLogin PasswordPassword ConfirmationYour Phone NumberAfter providing the above-mentioned details, just tick the checkbox below, slide the security confirmation slider to the right and click the box at the end.2.Product Research on 1688Visit 1688.com and search for the products you want to dropship. There are various ways of product research in 1688.Three of the easiest and most common product research methods are listed below:Use Google translate and write the keywords in English.Utilize the services of a freelancer who is familiar with the Chinese language to carry out product research for you.Make use of image search to find the products that you have already seen somewhere else.Fun Fact: Smart dropshippers already have the products in their mind and they just search those products in 1688 to look for a cheaper price to increase their revenues and profit margins.3.Adding Product Details from 1688 to Your StoreYou can add the product details to your store manually but there are intelligent ways to do it too.You can use Google extensions to import the details of the products. One of such extensions is 1688 Data Scraper.You can import the details of the selected products in a CSV file with the help of such extensions.Apps can also be used to import the product details. In the case of Shopify, an app called Importify can be used.The detailed guideline about using 1688 with Shopify will be discussed later in this article.4.Adjusting Prices with Your MarginsAdjusting prices and margins are a piece of cake for a dropshipper. But unlike having frequent apps to adjust prices in the case of AliExpress, you may have to rely on manual entries with 1688.5.Placing an Order at 1688Placing an order at 1688 has a direct relationship with product and supplier research. There is an option to place an order directly for a product just like other e-commerce websites.If you have already done your product research and supplier selection, you can easily communicate with suppliers for managing your bulk orders.The following practices of order placing are acceptable at 1688.Direct orderCSV fileGoogle sheetExcel sheetMore details about placing an order on 1688 will be discussed in a separate question in this guide.Fun fact: You need to talk to your suppliers at 1688 about the shipping methods and cross border destinations. A typical 1688 agent or a supplier provides shipping services locally in China.Clearly mention it to the suppliers at 1688 that you are a dropshipper who is interested in international shipping.What Products Can Be Purchased from 1688.Com?1688 offers almost everything that you can find on AliExpress. As this website primarily serves as the supplier or wholesaler site, you can find the latest hot and trending items to be sold for cheaper costs.You can find the categories on the left side of this website just like the categories you find on AliExpress.From fashion to industrial items and from the latest accessories to exciting gadgets, you can purchase anything from 1688.Fun fact: It is not recommended to buy heavier products from 1688 as the shipping charges for heavier products would increase the overall price of your products to manifolds.How Do I Search for an Item at 1688?Searching for an item at 1688 is not that hard. You can search for a product at 1688 by typing the keyword in the search bar and you will get tons of products in the search results.Most buyers or dropshippers get scared of the Chinese language. You can use Google translate and write the keywords in the English language.Opening websites in Google Chrome automatically translates the website in other languages to English. If it does not translate, you can right on the web page and click translate to English.When you search for an item on this site, try using the broader and simpler keywords. If you find your required product, just click on that item and the related items will also be there for further options.You can also try to explore different products by writing the dropshipping buzz words in the search bar.For example, you can try writing the words like “portable”, ” solar”, “foldable”, and ” multipurpose”, etc in the search bar to have a broader idea of the range of products that you might be interested in dropshipping.Caution: Be cautious in calculating shipping prices at 1688 including domestic and international shipping charges. Don’t forget to add shipping rates to your prices.How Can I Find the Hot Sales at 1688.com?If you just want to find out what products are selling like hotcakes at 1688, you should use filters. Just write down the keyword on the search bar and sort the search results by sales.You can also explore the option of “Popular recommendations” where the website features the latest and trending products.You can also choose any category from the category list to explore the products of your own choice in a specific category.Another great method to search for hot selling products at 1688 in a specific niche is to write the name of your niche in the search bar.For example, if you are in an outdoor niche, you can just write “outdoor” in the search bar and sort the search results by “sales”. You will see the hot selling products in the outdoor niche in the results.It may not be the best idea to search for hot selling items directly on 1688 but you can shortlist the products from other websites like AliExpress and search these products on 1688.A great method to search the product on 1688 is to search the product by image just like the ” search by image” option available on AliExpress.Caution: Always communicate with your suppliers and ask for stock availability before scaling your products. Don’t just rely on the product stock details mentioned on their website.Products sell fast on 1688 and things might be sold out before you start preparing orders.How Do I Place an Order on 1688?Placing an order at 1688 is very easy. You can place an order on 1688 just like you place the order on AliExpress.It is highly advised that you talk to the suppliers or manufacturers present at 1688 before placing an order. You must also compare the overall cost of the product by adding up the shipping fee as well.In that case, you would find it very easy to place the order because you already would have established a relationship with the manufacturers.Talk and discuss everything with the suppliers at 1688 regarding product availability, product quality, shipping times, and the information regarding any shipping delays, etc.It is always a good idea to engage a virtual assistant who knows how to communicate in the Chinese language with your suppliers but to make it cost-effective, you would have to be having a lot of daily orders.As already discussed in this article, you can also share the order details with your suppliers on 1688 via Google sheet and Excel sheets, etc.Fun fact: The smartest way to sourcing products from sites like 1688 is to hire a dedicated service of agents like the one offered by NicheDropshipping.How to Dropship from 1688 via Shopify?Dropshipping via Shopify is one of the most common methods in the world of e-commerce. While there are some differences between methods of Dropshipping from AliExpress and 1688 on the Shopify platform, there are many similarities too.Using 1688 as your source website with Shopify will require you nothing more than a website built on Shopify, some useful applications, and a few manual entries.Of course, dropshipping has many advanced options when the combination is Shopify and AliExpress but using Shopify with 1688 is not that hard either.If you decide to use a full-time sourcing agent service like NicheDropshipping, then “CJDropshipping” will be the best Shopify app for that purpose.Another useful Shopify app called “Importify” will be there to assist you in importing product details onto your Shopify store.Apps like Importify and “Easy Boost” reduce much of your workload. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with such apps are mentioned below:Product import with translated detailsHelp with tags and product customizationHelp with importing product reviewsOrder fulfillment servicesIn addition to the use of apps, you can also do manual entries on Shopify with 1688.Why Sourcing from 1688.Com Is a Good Choice for Dropshippers?With so many dropshippers popping into the field of e-commerce, sourcing from sites other than AliExpress is the need of the hour.1688.com has many reasons to become a better choice for dropshippers. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.Insanely lower prices of products at 1688 as compared to other sites.Direct access to factory owners and wholesalers.The benefit of knowing the product launch prior to availability on AliExpress.Less competition on 1688 due to low awareness and language barriers.Fun fact: As AliExpress has become one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world, most shoppers login to AliExpress to double-check the prices of their favorite items.As dropshippers obviously sell the products with margins over the prices offered by AliExpress, they tend to lose orders.With 1688, you can offer the same products to be sold at lower prices while still keeping your margins intact. Higher margins would obviously mean more online earnings.Fun fact: Some sellers on AliExpress are Chinese dropshippers sourcing from sites like 1688 and selling them on AliExpress with their margins.How to Select Reliable 1688 Suppliers for Dropshipping?The process to find reliable 1688 suppliers is almost the same as it is on other e-commerce sites.There are a few factors that are important to find out in a supplier for the purpose of dropshipping. The most common of them are mentioned below.Better communication and cooperationQuicker response timesA substantial number of years servedCompetitive pricesDiscounts on bulk ordersAnswering your queriesA healthy number of ordersPositive feedback from customersThe supplier having the most numbers in the criteria discussed above will be a reliable supplier for you on 1688.There are some extra criteria on 1688 that may be helpful for you to find a reliable supplier. These include:The return rate of the products in percentage should be low.The number of buyers in the last 90 days should be high.The cargo description and shipping response should be great.How Can I Find the Best 1688 Sourcing Agents?If you don’t want to take the hassle of doing everything on your own with sites like 1688, you can go for the option of sourcing agents.It would be the responsibility of a sourcing agent to get the products of your choice from Chinese suppliers at the same or even at lower prices.In this way, you can automate dropshipping business with the best product sourcing services.Look for the sourcing agents who offer the following to you.Comfortable with communicating in your language and Chinese.Able to find products on sites like 1688 and Taobao.Arrange the same quality product at cheaper prices.Able to negotiate with Chinese suppliers to make your business operations smooth.As time is a crucial factor for dropshippers, choosing the right sourcing agent would surely be the best idea for hassle-free and happy dropshipping.The best option in this case will be the fulfillment services offered by NicheDropshipping. These services will be discussed separately in this article.How to Talk to 1688 Suppliers for Dropshipping?There are various options that you can use to talk to 1688 suppliers. You are most likely to have problems while talking to 1688 suppliers if you don’t know how to communicate in the  Chinese language.As dropshipping is a serious business, it is highly advised that you take supplier communication seriously.Follow the guidelines mentioned below for better communication with suppliers at 1688.Keep the Conversation Simplest. While using the option of “contact the merchant”, ask the supplier if he speaks English. If they do not speak English, you can try taking help from Google translate.Even if the supplier speaks English, try to keep the conversation as simple and to the point as possible.Fun fact: While talking to Chinese suppliers, don’t even bother to communicate in wrong grammar as far as the conversation is simple.You can also hire the services of a freelancer or ask a sourcing agent or a fulfillment company to do the communication on your behalf.How to Pay 1688 Suppliers for Dropship or Wholesale?Paying suppliers at 1688 is slightly different than the processes followed at AliExpress. Unlike the practice of using credit cards at AliExpress, 1688 offers three payment methods to pay for your dropship or wholesale orders.These methods are:1.AliPayAliPay is the easiest and most common practice of paying suppliers. If you don’t have an AliPay account, you can register with AliPay where you can make transactions using your credit cards and MasterCard, etc.2.Bank TransferBank transfer is a trickier part. One limitation with bank transfer is that it only accepts payments in RMB. As 1688 is primarily meant for Chinese local shopping, this option suits the local Chinese people.3.1688 Purchase FundsThis option is meant for existing 1688 shoppers. They can redeem the purchase funds offered by 1688 for regular shopping.Fun fact: You can also use the option of sending payments to suppliers at 1688 via mediums like WeChat when you have developed enough trust and understanding with the suppliers in case of bulk orders.Is It Reliable to Buy at 1688.com?1688 is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group and is considered one of the most trusted e-commerce websites in China. So, you can buy at 1688.com with full confidence.Alibaba plans to grab the international market of online shopping aiming to beat ecom giants like Amazon and eBay. So, it takes care of its customers and there are processes defined to secure the payments and ensure the deliveries of buyers.How Can I Buy from 1688.com If I’m Outside of China?The only solution to buy from 1688 is by communicating with 1688 suppliers. You can talk to suppliers and they are happy to ship the products internationally at nominal charges.Dropshipping from China is mostly carried out by people who are outside of China while1688 is meant to be the Chinese e-commerce website for local residents.That is the reason it is fully in the Chinese language and the rates of the products are quite low. The accepted currency is RMB and even the shipping options are also only available within Chinese destinations.It is only by talking to 1688 suppliers and making them clear that you want the products to be delivered outside China.What Are 1688 Dropshipping Reviews?Reviews are dependent on the number of people using the product or services. Dropshipping via 1688 is still an under-explored idea. Nevertheless, the dropshippers who have tried out sourcing products from 1688 are highly satisfied.Profitability is one of the foremost factors for any dropshipper when it comes to their business success.As 1688 offers high margins to dropshippers, this website enjoys tremendous support from dropshippers who have tried this method. You just need to explore this site and you can rule the e-commerce business for sure.Is 1688 Cheaper than AliExpress?Yes. 1688 is meant to host direct manufacturers and wholesalers. So, the rates offered by factory owners would obviously be quite lower than the rates offered by distributors or middlemen.At AliExpress, a wide majority of the sellers are 3rd party agents. These agents source products from manufacturers and list them on AliExpress by adding up their margins.This, in turn, makes the prices of the product higher as compared to the prices offered by sites like 1688.Is Alibaba the Same as 1688?Alibaba is not exactly the same as 1688. You can term Alibaba as the parent company and 1688 as its subsidiary. The main differences between Alibaba and 1688 are listed below:Alibaba is a bigger platform as compared to 1688.Alibaba is meant to be an international e-commerce platform while 1688 is primarily a local Chinese marketplace.Alibaba can be accessed in multiple languages including English while 1688 is only managed in the Chinese language.Alibaba is more of a B2B model. You have to provide a minimum order quantity (MOQ) at Alibaba which is not compulsory at 1688.For international shipping from 1688, you need to talk to the suppliers in person while it is already understood at Alibaba.Multiple payment gateways are available at Alibaba while limited options for payment are offered by 1688.Is 1688 the Same as Taobao?1688 and Taobao bear a few similarities. Both of these sites are meant for the Chinese local marketplace and both sites are run in the Chinese language.The differences between these websites are discussed below:As opposed to the three payment methods at 1688, Taobao accepts payments via Alipay only.Taobao caters to final customers, while 1688 mainly targets small and medium-sized businesses and wholesalers.Taobao is considered as a bigger and more famous platform as compared to 1688.How Can NicheDropshipping Be Helpful with 1688?There is a shortcut solution to all the challenges in doing 1688 dropshipping. You can hire the services of NicheDropshipping and bypass all the difficulties in sourcing products from 1688.NicheDropshipping makes the whole dropshipping agent service a lot easier for dropshippers. It goes beyond the idea of sourcing products from 1688.One of the major purposes in 1688 dropshipping is to go for cheaper prices with the same quality with lower shipping costs.With NicheDropshipping, you can trust our agents in finding out much cheaper priced products and start dropshipping products right from China in no time.You just have to provide the details of the products you want to sell and our agents will search for the best available products at the lowest possible prices offered by multiple platforms including 1688.You can enjoy the following perks and privileges with NicheDropshipping:Sourcing products for your dropshipping business at competitive prices. You can also consider us as your 1688 agent in China.We can also be your full-time agent in China talking to Chinese suppliers on your behalf for the purpose of negotiations and product status updates.Doing a quality inspection of your products is one of the prime responsibilities of NicheDropshipping so you don’t have to worry about whether your customers are getting the same products they ordered or not.Custom photos and videos of your products in high quality.Stocking your products in our own warehouses and providing you with order fulfillment services.Customized packaging and branding facilities.Private labeling and putting up your company logo and promotional material in the packages delivered on your behalf.We hope that as an ambitious dropshipper, you found this article helpful by unraveling the hidden fears of limiting your choices to popular yet expensive websites like AliExpress.We have tried our best to answer every query regarding 1688 dropshipping. If you have any other questions regarding the topic, feel free to leave your comments and we will be more than happy to address them shortly.

Alibaba Dropshipping: The Final FAQ Information

Alibaba is the largest B2B marketplace for wholesale products. At least, it started like that.Today, you can also find dropshipping products on Alibaba, as well as sellers that agree to fulfill your orders.Due to its low product prices, Alibaba dropshipping has piqued the interest of eCommerce store owners worldwide. To increase your success with this, we’re giving answers to all your questions about Alibaba dropshipping.So, let’s dive in!Is It Possible to Do Alibaba Dropshipping?Even though Alibaba started as a bulk-only B2B website, the concept has tweaked a little throughout the years.Nowadays, on Alibaba, you can find dropshipping suppliers who will agree to do the order fulfillment and shipping process for you.It might take a little bit of time, patience, and research until you find the right supplier who has affordable prices, a fair number of minimum orders, as well as positive reviews.But, when you locate such suppliers, it’s absolutely possible to start dropshipping with Alibaba.How to Start an Alibaba Dropshipping Business?You can list each product that you like on Alibaba on your online store, regardless if you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, etc.The first thing to do when searching for Alibaba suppliers is to type your ‘product + dropshipping’ or ‘product + private label’ if you want to customize.Products on Alibaba will have different MOQs, clearly visible in the search results you get.If you’re starting with a minimum budget and you still don’t have a proven bestseller, it’s better to look for a supplier that agrees to ship out individual pieces one by one.However, you have to convince the supplier to collaborate with you. For example, you can tell them that you want to test the product first, but you will place larger orders in the future.Here’s a great YouTube video that explains the best ways to contact Alibaba suppliers and increase your chances of collaboration:What Are the Differences between AliExpress and Alibaba Dropshipping?Dropshippers that are just starting their eCommerce store always seem to choose AliExpress for dropshipping.However, it’s good to know that’s not the only choice.Here are the differences between Alibaba and AliExpress dropshipping:Pricing: products on Alibaba have better pricing because they’re usually sold in bulk from wholesalers or directly from manufacturers. Plus, on Alibaba, you can negotiate the price with suppliers by using the message function.MOQs: a typical Alibaba seller will usually have an MOQ set in place. That can be 10, 100, 500, or more pieces. However, it’s possible to find Chinese suppliers that have a 1-piece MOQ. On AliExpress, you can buy each piece individually.Ratings: on AliExpress, you’ll be able to see the product ratings, so it’s easier to see if the product is of high quality or not. On Alibaba, you can only see the rating of the supplier, not the product itself;Ease of use: here, AliExpress wins. Since it’s a B2C platform, the interaction with dropshippers is much better on AliExpress.AliExpress sellers do not expect you to have a registered company, which means you can order everything as a private person.Customization: for customized white-label or private label products, there will be a minimum order number anyways. In this regard, Alibaba is better than AliExpress for more reasons.First of all, AliExpress suppliers are not manufacturers. In most cases, they’re buying in bulk and reselling it to you for a higher price.On the other hand, on Alibaba, you can find manufacturers or wholesalers who will agree to customize your products or your packaging.Payment methods: since Alibaba is for larger, B2B transactions, it has fewer payment methods: traditional wire transfers, T/T, lines of credit, eChecks, and letters of credit.AliExpress focuses on end-customers, offering more modern and widely-used payment options such as debit or credit card, wire transfer, Western Union, PayPal, etc.Is AliExpress Better than Alibaba for Dropshipping?As we mentioned above, there are pros and cons to both platforms, depending on the dropshipping needs.If you’re new and still haven’t tested any products, AliExpress is better for dropshipping ready-to-sell, single products to end customers.However, if you do have a proven best-selling product and a stable number of daily orders, Alibaba is much better. With Alibaba, you’ll get a better price and the possibility to customize the products with your branding.When using Alibaba for product sourcing, ensure that you either find a supplier that agrees to dropship your products or your own storage space.Another option is to hire a dropshipping agent with warehouses in China (and preferably, in the USA).Many dropshipping agents in China offer free inventory storage when you use their product sourcing services, so make sure you consider this possibility.What Are the Advantages of Alibaba Dropshipping?Some of the benefits of dropshipping with Alibaba are the following:Lower prices in bulk;Better customization opportunities;Possibility for collaborating directly with manufacturers;Displayed supplier rating;Potential for price negotiation;What Are the Disadvantages of Alibaba Dropshipping?These are some of the cons when it comes to Alibaba dropshipping:MOQ (minimum order quantity) set in place;Fewer payment methods available;More challenging to find dropshipping services;Harder to order one piece of a product;Must order a sample first, since there are no product quality insights;Requires negotiation skills;Fewer automation tools for integration with eCommerce stores;Can a Dropshipping Agent Help Me with Alibaba Dropshipping?On the Alibaba platform, you can find suppliers who agree to dropship and do the order fulfillment process for you. However, this is rare.It’s more common that you’ll have to hire a third-party dropshipping agent with a fulfillment center in China to take care of things for you.Many drop shipping agents in China work with product sourcing from AliExpress, but not so many from Alibaba.However, if you plan on using a dropshipping agent for product sourcing, the best is to send them a link to the Alibaba product you need. Then, you can let them do their job and source the products.Often, dropshipping agents in China will source directly from Taobao or 1688.com instead of Alibaba because prices and MOQ numbers are lower.Can I Use Alibaba Dropshipping for My Shopify Online Store?Of course. Even though most integration tools are for AliExpress product sourcing, some will help you import products from Alibaba sellers.One of the most well-known tools for Alibaba dropshipping with Shopify is Importify.If you feel like your options are too limited with Alibaba, you can contact dropshipping agents in China who can source the same products from Taobao or 1688.com.Can I Use Alibaba Dropshipping for My WooCommerce Store?It’s possible to import products from Alibaba to your WooCommerce store by Importify or other similar tools.Another option would be to find a way to export the Alibaba products as a .csv file and then import the products in your shop.Are There Better Alternatives to Alibaba Dropshipping?If you’re a first-time dropshipper, it’s better to start with AliExpress since that’s the platform meant for dropshipping.Using AliExpress for dropshipping is much easier and cheaper at the beginning since you won’t have any MOQs.Afterward, when your dropshipping business is stable, you can work directly with a dropshipping agent in China who can source products from Taobao or 1688.com.These two platforms have by far the lowest unit prices and MOQs, which makes them perfect for any dropshipping business.What Tools to Use for Automating Alibaba Dropshipping?A considerable drawback of dropshipping with Alibaba is the lack of tools to automate your online store’s integration.Importify is a tool that can help you import products from Alibaba to your store, but the list is pretty short.Take this into consideration before you commit to Alibaba dropshipping – automated dropshipping is hard to achieve with Alibaba.Due to this lack of automation tools, you’ll have to manually do many of the processes if you decide on Alibaba dropshipping.How to Find Good Alibaba Dropshipping Suppliers?On Alibaba, you can switch your search bar to look either for products or suppliers.For this purpose, you should leave it to search for suppliers, not products. So, with the search bar set on suppliers, type the product you need.In your search results, you’ll now have multiple suppliers for the product you need. You’ll be able to see several things:Main products of that supplier;Country/region of the supplier;Total revenue of the seller/company;Top 3 markets where the supplier sells their products;Number of transactions in the last six months;Transaction value in the previous six months;The response rate of the supplier;It would be best to look for suppliers who have a high response rate and a large number of transactions.Besides the specifications mentioned above, there are three other things to notice:Trade AssuranceVerified SupplierGold SupplierYou’ll notice an option to filter and search only for verified suppliers or suppliers with trade insurance. What do these things mean?When you see the badge Trade Assurance on a client’s listing, it’s a guarantee that protects you if the supplier doesn’t ship the products on time or the products are not with the needed quality.However, estimating if a product is of high quality or not can be a pretty individual opinion. For this reason, Alibaba will ask to see if you gave proper specifications of the product to the seller.You’re only protected if you specifically asked for a type of product but got something different.If you see a Verified Supplier badge on your supplier’s listing, that’s perfect! That means that the company has gone through a third-party on-site inspection. You should try to look for this type of seller since they’re the most reliable.And finally, the badge Gold Supplier is a premium membership for which the suppliers pay. As such, it doesn’t mean much to you since it doesn’t prove anything.Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for Dropshipping with Alibaba?Usually, yes. Alibaba is a B2B platform, and as such, they initially created it for wholesale only.Nowadays, it’s possible to find suppliers that don’t have a MOQ or agree to sell one piece of a unit. However, you need to show them and convince them that it’s worth working with you.How to Contact Suppliers for Dropshipping on Alibaba?The message function on Alibaba gives you the possibility to contact suppliers and get all the info you need.Usually, you’ll need to ask them things such as:What’s the production time of a unit?What’s the base price per unit?Is it possible to order a sample and ship it?What are the shipping costs?What are the delivery times?What’s the number of minimum orders (MOQ)?Do you have discounts on bulk orders?What’s the guarantee and the refund policy?Make sure that your message is short, concise, clear, and to the point.Another critical point is the product specifications. Ensure that you’re giving your supplier the correct details for the product you expect to get.So, don’t be afraid to send specs such as product material, thickness, color code, measurements, etc.Is Dropshipping from 1688 and Taobao Better than Alibaba Dropshipping?Generally speaking, 1688 and Taobao offer much cheaper products and have a lower MOQ. So, then why aren’t more dropshippers using them?Here’s the trick – both websites are in Chinese! That makes the language barrier a real problem. And even if you find a plugin that translates the website for you, the suppliers listed on these websites will usually speak Chinese.For this reason, once you have a stable number of daily orders, it’s best to work with a dropshipping agent in China.If you work on Shopify or WooCommerce, NicheDropshipping can help you source products from 1688 or Taobao, since their app integrates with Shopify.On the other hand, if you want to dropship to the Amazon FBA warehouses, you can get in touch with NicheSources.In ConclusionAs you can see, Alibaba dropshipping is possible but probably not suitable for everyone.If you’re new in the eCommerce business, it’s better to start dropshipping with AliExpress until you have a proven best-selling product.However, once you reach some stability and wish to scale and order in bulk, Alibaba is definitely a great option!If you feel that Alibaba dropshipping is not the right choice for you, you’re welcome to get in touch with us. We can source the same products from Taobao or 1688, where they have a lower MOQ and even cheaper product prices!

The right way to Discover a Good Dropshipping Provider

When to Hire a Dropshipping Agent?A dropshipping agent is totally different from the sellers on AliExpress. For the AliExpress sellers, they can sell at 1 pc of products, so if you have just started and have no orders yet, it’s good to start drop shipping from AliExpress.Because dropshipping from AliExpress will help you test products, find product inspirations, and usually there is no minimum order quantity required.After a lot of marketing and testing your products, you will have more sales, then you will see that the AliExpress sellers will not be able to reach your on-demand requirements.As the product gradually becomes one of your winners, now, it is time to work with a dropshipping agent.How to Find a Good Dropshipping Agent / Dropshipping Supplier?Search from GoogleWith the keyword dropshipping agent, and check it out which rank on the top first page with organic search, because Google works smarter than the human mind.Google wants to show its users the best answer that it wants them to see. If there are some dropshipping supplier ranks in the first page, it means that thousands of dropshippers have used their services.Search from YoutubeStep 1 Search “dropshipping agent” in YoutubeSearch from Youtube with keywords, like dropshipping Agent, dropshipping supplier, check their videos and see how they present their services.Step 1 Search “Dropshipping Agent” In YoutubeStep 2 Watch the content and learn if this is what you’re looking forWatch the videos to understand if their services mentioned fit you or not. You can check the reviews and comments below, and see if there are any bad reviews about them.Step 3 Test their dropshipping serviceAs you can see in the example below, NicheDropshipping presents how they arrange samples.Details are very important for all businesses. If you want to find a good agent, the more details you understand, the clearer you will know about how they perform their business.How to Evaluate If a Dropshipping Agent Is Suitable for Your Business?Communication matters.Check if they offer quick or instant support. Try to make a Skype or Zoom video call to the supplier.Instant support is very important for dropshipping business, because your customer satisfaction and reviews are totally based on how they perform their work, especially when there is some emergency.Full automatic integration to Shopify or App is important, rather than CSV orders.Ask them if they have a fully automatic application to control the whole working flow for every day orders.I understand that some of you might prefer to use CSV files, but there are many disadvantages for CSV files because it is very easy to make mistakes, and there are always orders missed or errors.If you are small and you are just started, it is ok for you to use csv dropshipping, but if your order is more than 20 orders each day, make sure they have a fully automatic integration with your store.Here are the advantages of automated dropshipping:Easy to manage and track all orders in one place, you don’t have to check it again and again.You will have total control of the product sourcing process, the whole order fulfillment process, and when there are problems you can open a dispute.High efficiency and time-savingNo doubt that an integration will save you lots of time so that you can focus on marketing and drive more sales.Easy to calculate and shipping feesThis means it will save your cost, because if there is no good integration with Shopify, sometimes, you may be overcharged or double charged for the shipping fee if your customer buys two or three products in one order.If there is integration for that, the multi-order can be easily combined into one order, and they will charge the total weight, rather than two different packages.Be aware, ask them if they have some hot products from other customers to recommend.I know sometimes it is difficult to ask these questions, but you should. As we all know that for dropshipping businesses, it is very important to have a winning product.When you are working with your dropshipping supplier, it means that they know your everything. If someone will recommend you the hot products from somewhere else, I believe one day, your products will also be recommended to others.I don’t recommend you to work with someone who would like to recommend you hot selling products because most of the hot products that are recommended to you are mainly from other customers.Just think about it, if they recommend other customers’ hot products, your winner will probably be recommended to others.Warehouse in the USAAs we all know, the United States is the main market for most of the drop shipping business, and you need to compete with Amazon regarding the delivery time, especially when you have a big volume.To have a USA warehouse supplier is very good for your business, in this way, you can improve the whole delivery process to improve your customer experiences.Especially in Q4, the slow ePacket shipping from China might make customers angry, which might result in chargebacks and might influence your cash flow and put your whole business in danger.Be aware of the upfront fee or monthly fee.A reliable sourcing agent or dropshipping agent usually has a huge database of products and factories and all the data are easily accessed.So usually the product sourcing part is for free, for example like NicheDropshipping, we offer our customer free product sourcing service, and there is no any upfront fees for that.We offer free service like that because we have a professional team working behind us and we have rich factories and product resources which make it easy to get all the products you might be interested.If you are asked for an upfront fee because they claim “it takes time to source the products”, it usually means that they might not be professional at sourcing.Private label dropshipping is the future.Ask the factory if they can offer private label dropshipping service, because private label dropshipping will help you build your brand, increase your band identity, and increase loyal customers.It is good for your business in the long run. We know from the very beginning if you don’t have too many quantities, private label dropshipping might not be easy, but when you scale and have many orders each day, it is a must to build your own brand.If the supplier cannot offer private label dropshipping, you have to change another agent which means it takes time, and it might hurt your business.When you choose a sourcing agent or dropshipping agent, you don’t buy from them once, you are growing with them together.From the first day that NicheDropshipping got started, we started with the mission : Help online businesses succeed by offering creative sourcing agent and dropshipping agent services that are fast, efficient, reliable and easy to use.In ConclusionThere are many steps involved to hire a good dropshipping agent to help you take care of the supply chain management in china.You need to search from Google and Youtube, check which is with a good reputation, make a phone call or video call to discuss details, and then move on.

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2020

One of the crucial factors in running a successful dropshipping business is selling the best dropshipping products to your customers.Owing to the ever-changing shopping trends and customers’ demands, selecting the products for your dropshipping business may seem like a hectic task.But don’t worry! We have prepared a comprehensive guide on what products to choose, how to choose, and a list of the best-selling products in 2020 to help you kick-start the business with the best products in the dropshipping market.How to Decide What Kind of Products to Sell?Define your supply according to the demand—research what your customers would want to purchase. There are two ways to choose what kind of products you would like to dropship.1.  Select a dropshipping niche: For example, beauty and fashion, tools, cell phone accessories, etc. Then choose the best-selling products in that particular niche.2. Create a combination of the trending products: If you are a new business, restricting the dropshipping business to one particular niche may not yield the best results.So, choose a combination of the trending products and then decide further based on how well they sell.The best dropshipping products fall under one of these categories:Products in the cheaper price ranges (5$ – 50$) – These products satisfy the customer’s impulse buying urge. When the product they want to purchase is available at a cheaper cost, there’s a higher chance that the customer would buy the product.Products that improve the customers’ quality of life – We all are in the constant search of making our lives easier and better. So, cater to the customers’ needs and choose the products which would make their lives better. E.g., travel kit for makeup brushes, wireless chargers, etc.Products that are unique or rare-to-find – There’s a high demand in the market for unique products. Novelty always attracts customers.Now that we have established what kind of products fall under the best-selling category in the dropshipping business. The next question is how to find the best dropshipping products for your business. Let’s find out!How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products for Your Business?Always remember, research is your best friend. There are a few sources to research what products will be suitable and profitable for your dropshipping business.Amazon bestsellers – If your business has a particular dropshipping niche, this is the best way to research what products are profitable. Go to the Amazon bestsellers page and select the niche you are targeting and find the products that are doing well. All you have to do is sell them at lower prices to attract more customers.Google Trends – This is one of our favorite tools to analyze the customer market for each product. Logon to Google trends and search for the product you would like to sell. The interest over different periods is readily available here.AliExpress Hot Products – If you are starting a new business, AliExpress Hot Products provides an overview of the products that have been profitable for online businesses. This is also useful in reviewing the suppliers and the prices in the market.Salehoo Market Research Lab – Salehoo is one of the most popular dropshipping supplier directories that enable the dropshipping businesses to research the trends, the hot products in their niches, and the competition stats etc. based on the real data.Spocket – Spocket is also a dropshipping supplier directory that provides the winning products list in each category for your retail business.Reddit – Reddit is an unconventional yet brilliant source for product research. There are hundreds of subreddit threads for each category. Read the discussion forums and analyze the needs of the customers.Competitor research – List out the potential competitors for your dropshipping business or the businesses that have been doing well already in the dropshipping business. Research what products they are selling, the prices, and the profit margins. By doing this, you will get a clear picture of the latest trends in the market, the price-fixing strategy, and the competition rate for each product in the market.In addition to the sources mentioned above, the businesses can also use Product mafia, Product research labs on Facebook groups, engaging with the social media audience, etc.To make this easier for you, we have researched and created a comprehensive list of the products that have performed well in 2020 so far. Let’s get into the list.The Best-Selling Dropshipping Products of 2021 (So Far)After extensive research on various eCommerce websites and the data on Google trends, the following products are made into the best-selling category of 2021.Hand SanitizersN-95 Respiratory masksTravel makeup brushesFitness trackersScreen protectorsLoungewearShapewearSlimeFacial oilsScalp massagerHand SanitizersOn the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are very concerned about their cleanliness and hygiene. The sales of the hand sanitizers have surged up like never before. The data on the Google trends also shows the same.Google trends data on the worldwide web search of hand sanitizers.Hand sanitizers are readily available for purchase in bulk quantities. Even if you set a very slight margin, you can make a reasonable profit due to the demand.N95 MasksSince 2020, people have got habituated to the new normal of wearing masks. Due to the health concerns of contracting the Coronavirus, N95 respirator masks have been one of the best-selling dropshipping products.Google Trends data depicting the sudden surge in the interest in N-95 masks.Travel Makeup BrushesMakeup and beauty products are always in demand. According to Google Trends, there has been a consistent demand for travel makeup brushes over the past five years.Google Trends data showing the interest over five years on travel makeup brushes.Since there is heavy competition in selling the makeup brushes, it is profitable if the dropshipping business sells higher-quality brushes and a low margin to attract more customers.Fitness TrackersWith people increasingly becoming conscious about health and fitness, fitness gadgets sales have become an indisputable option for the dropshipping business.Google trends data showing the consistent demand for fitness trackers.The profit margin can be almost as high as 25-50% for each fitness tracker, making the fitness trackers one of the best dropshipping products in the eCommerce business.Screen ProtectorsEveryone has an electronic gadget in their hands these days. The demand for screen protectors will not go down as long as there are electronic gadgets in this world.Customers are looking for high-quality screen protectors to protect their expensive devices. So, as a seller, it’s crucial to source screen protectors from an excellent dropshipping supplier.LoungewearWork from home has become the go-to solution for a lot of employees in 2021. Most of the companies are suggesting the employees work from home because of the current situation.All the working population has the comfort of wearing loungewear without the hassle of choosing what outfit to wear to work.Google Trends data showing the sudden spike in the interest over loungewear.Google Trends shows how the interest over loungewear has seen a sudden spike in the first quarter of 2020 and has been consistent after that.ShapewearThanks to the Kardashians! Shapewear has become a go-to for a lot of women to look hotter and impeccable. Shapewear has become a consistent topic of conversation in the fashion industry. Shapewear is here to stay. The trends predict the same.Google Trends data for the web search of shapewear over the past 12 months.SlimeAs silly as it sounds, slime is one of the bestselling dropshipping products so far. Owing to our sedentary lifestyle, we all want to fidget or play with something.The sheer fun and the stress-relieving factor makes this product a very trending product. There has been a consistent demand for slime over the past one year.Facial OilsSkincare products have gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years. Over the ever-evolving skincare trends, facial oils are one of the trending products in the skincare industry.Customers are keen on buying a high-quality facial oil which makes their skin supple and soft. From a drop shipper’s perspective, facial oils can earn a high-profit margin compared to other products.Google Trends showing an almost consistent interest over the last one year for the facial oils.Scalp MassagerScalp massager is one of such dropshipping products which satisfies the impulse buying urge of the customer. The price of this product also falls under the low price products category.You can buy the scalp massagers for very low prices in bulk (as low as 1$ per product) and sell them for a reasonable price margin (almost 5$ per product).The demand for scalp massagers has been following an increasing trend as the customers are attracted to the relaxing and wellness factor associated with them.Interest over scalp massagers for the last 12 months as shown by Google Trends.Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in Q4 2021Based on the trends predicted for the rest of the year and the customers’ interest over the last twelve months, we have compiled a list of the products that are going to be sold like hotcakes.Touch-screen glovesWeekly plannersHalloween pet accessoriesBlanketsNovelty lampsWaterproof shoe protectorsDesktop punching bagsWireless chargersReusable silicone food coversBaby flat-head pillowsTouch-screen glovesWith the winter coming soon, there’s a need for gloves that work on the touch-screens of our phones and tablets.Touch-screen gloves are unique, and there is less competition in the market, making them very trending for the dropshipping business.Google Trends showing there has been an increase in the interest of touch screen gloves in the fourth quarter each year.Google trends show that the interest on the touch-screen gloves has increased from September to December in the past five years. It is predicted that this product is going to follow the same trend in the fourth quarter of 2020.Weekly plannersWeekly planners make the customers declutter their schedule, plan, and organize ahead.Google Trends shows that the demand for the weekly planners worldwide is going to rise over the next couple of months.Google trends data predicting the increase in demand of weekly planners.Halloween pet accessoriesHalloween is right around the corner. People would want to dress their pets up and celebrate Halloween with their extended animal family. This makes the pet accessories a profitable and unique option for all the animal lovers out there.As Google Trends shows, there will be a surge in demand for Halloween pet in October as it did in the past five years.Blankets“Winter is coming.” Forgive my Game of Thrones reference. Blankets are essential items to protect us from the low temperatures and the cold weather. Blankets are one of the profitable dropshipping products to sell in the last quarter of the year.The graph clearly shows that the demand for the blankets has increased in Fall(Sep-Dec) and thereafter consistent.Novelty LampsWith all the festivals such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up and with the travel restrictions all over the world, people engage in a lot of festivities and decorations at home.Novelty lamps are one of the unique, trending products for dropshipping for this Fall season. To make this product a profitable one, choose the best supplier based on the ratings and choose high-quality lamps for selling.Google Trends data showing the interest in novelty lamps.Waterproof shoe protectorsIn tropical countries with heavy monsoons, it’s a risk to step out in your favorite sneakers. So, the waterproof shoe protectors with a zip-locking facility are a boon to all of us who don’t want to ruin our favorite sneakers.The demand for waterproof shoes has been consistent throughout the year.The graph in the Google Trends backs up the same.Desktop punching bagsStress has been such a huge complaint, irrespective of the age demographic or the profession demographic. Stress can be named as the next global pandemic.Desktop punching bags are the right option to channel the pressure in the right way for all the students and employees sitting at desks for long hours.Google Trends data depicting the worldwide search for the punching bags.
Wireless chargersEver since the advent of the wireless chargers, their demand has been consistent over the years. They are one of the best dropshipping products because of the convenience factor of the customer.The profit margin can be as high as 50%, making them a profitable option for dropshipping.Reusable silicone food coversReusable silicone food covers make this list for several reasons. One, they make the customers’ lives better. Two, they are unique. Three, they promote sustainability and aid in protecting the environment.Instead of stocking up food covers in the groceries every month, the customers prefer to buy these reusable covers for one time and reap the benefits.Google Trends data for the interest over the last one year for silicone food cover.Baby flat head pillowsBaby flat head pillows are new products in the dropshipping market. The new moms constantly worry about their babies having a flat head.This product puts an end to all those worries and make their already busy lives more manageable.Over to You!With the growing competition in the online businesses and the volatile dropshipping markets, it can be a daunting task to choose the dropshipping products that sell well. We hope we made this easier.If you have already decided what dropshipping products to sell and are looking for a dropshipping sourcing agent that could provide you with the best dropshipping suppliers, you should check out NicheDropshipping.If you’re interested in starting your own dropshipping business and would like to know more, you should check out Dropshipping 101.Our job is done here. Now, good luck with your dropshipping business.