5 Best LIVE Shopping Apps for Shopify dropshippers

5 Best LIVE Shopping Apps for Shopify dropshippers2021 is definitely the year of live stream shopping, a type of promotion that combines  a lot of consumer favourites: live video content, two-way communication, and the ability to purchase directly from the platform. In the U.S. the livestream shopping market is expected to reach $11 billion by the end of 2021 and $25 billion by 2023. Live shows feature content you want: Product demonstrations, Unboxings, New launches, Customer connects, Partnerships or Collabs. Shows usually highlight product features and help engage customers with the item before they buy it.Do you think that LIVE Stream Shopping is incompatible with dropshipping? This is not true. Keep reading to find out the best Shopify LIVE Shopping Apps for your store and how to use them with your dropshipping business!Live Shopping and Streaming by Channelize.ioLivestream Shopping, also known as “Live Shop on Shopify”, helps you promote your products through Live or On-Demand Shopping Shows, increasing real-time customer engagement and therefore sales.This app integrates perfectly with Shopify so customers can watch a “Live Shop” page directly on your store for your store. It also offers in-show Products Promotion, Product Spotlight, and Add-to-Cart functionalities. Livestream shopping enables 2-way conversations through pinned messages and reactions but also provides live chat moderation tools. There is a free-to-install option that includes four 20 minute events per month but you can increase event frequency and audience numbers with subscriptions starting from $49 monthly.Live Shopping by Live ScaleLivescale’s app Live Shopping Apps integrates seamlessly with Shopify and requires no programming knowledge to set up. It can help engage audiences, increase loyalty through branding and scale sales. A branded experience can be set up by complete beginners and a branded account for live chat responses and community engagement is also part of the package.One of its key features is in-video check-out flow so that customers are not diverted onto other pages and their entertainment experience is not interrupted. Customizable polls and quizzes mean that this app also offers exciting gamification opportunities keeping consumers entertained and engaged for longer.Shop Showy Livestream WindowShopShowy uses a slightly less sophisticated technology that creates a picture-in-picture window on your website. Here, customers can choose to  watch live-stream while browsing specific products that are featured in the live-stream.As the app is free, it is ideal for dropshippers just dipping their toe in the water with live shopping. It does not require a lot of branding or high levels of interactivity and data analysis either.Shoppable Livestreams by Maestro Interactive, Inc.Shoppable Livestreams leverages the power of captive audiences to help you scale your sales.It is a native Shopify app that can be fully customized to your brand and offers a suite of two-way engagement features ranging from chat to polls, Q&As, gamification and raffles.Interactive overlays direct audiences to buy through Shopify transactions at key moments in your content without ever leaving the stream. This favours stickiness to the channel.There is no set monthly fee but a 5% service fee.SmartzerThe Smartzer app allows Shopify store owners to overlay live streams so that viewers can click on them to shop directly.Overlay pop-ups can also offer additional information such as sizing and prices or give additional product experience content such as demonstrations or unboxings. Pop-ups can also be used to direct to the product page for full specs.Like most of the other  Live Shopping apps listed it offers interactivity with the host through the chat bar and content can be recorded to be viewed at a later date on-demand.Best Practice for dropshipping and LIVE Shopping AppsIf you are going to take advantage of the full range of opportunities offered by live shopping then you need to make sure you have sourced top quality products at B2B prices that can be shipped to your destination country fast.To do this you need to select a supplier that can source products from a huge range of manufacturers and that runs checks on them  as well as on single items and that can offer stable shipping rates and tracking numbers for your customers.Yakkyofy’s track record for quality and huge range of hot products means you’ll be spoilt for choice when you choose items. So connect Yakkyofy to your Shopify Store downloading our Shopify App and import the product that you want to sell on your store.As soon as your orders start to arrive from your LIVE stream sales they will be automatically uploaded on the Yakkyofy dashboard, fulfilled and shipped to your customers.Buy a sampleTo make your LIVE shopping video you need a product or better a couple of variants to show to your customers. Don’t worry also if you sell in dropshipping, with Yakkyofy it is really easy to order a sample to ship to your home addresYou just need to upload an order using an excel file as you can see in this video below.Once the product arrives at your home, you can open it, check it, take some pictures to advertise the events and use it for the live show.And in case you run out of ideas, Yakkyofy also takes the pulse of dropshipping trends and monitors hot products offering you a curated selection on its dashboard.Packaging with you own logoWe know how much people love unboxing videos, so for your live show you can also think about unboxing the product in front of your customers. And what can be better than to show a box or a bag with your own logo on it to increase Branding?Having a customized packaging can help you make people remember your brand and increase the perceived value of your product. Do you think that with dropshipping this is impossible? No it isn’t, with Yakkyofy you can easily buy private label products with just a couple of clicks on our dashboard and at a very fair price.You need to buy a small MOQ of packaging (for example 300 standard bags are 60 dollars) and we will keep this packaging for free in our warehouse ready to be used as soon as you receive an order with no additional pick and pack fee.Not bad right? So what are you waiting for? Register on Yakkyofy to start creating amazing LIVE shows with dropshipping products.SIGN UP NOW! July 20, 2021by I. De Virgiliis

5 Budget-Friendly WooCommerce Marketing Tactics for Store Owners

2020 made us realize that the real market to benefit from is available online and if you are not utilizing or learning more about eCommerce, then you can’t cope with what the future brings. There was a 5.5% increase in online spending in the year 2020 as compared to the previous year and it’s only increasing as it goes. And thus, eCommerce became the new normal. Although we gravitated towards online shopping long ago, 2020 just fast-tracked the process.These uncertain times opened doors for many startups and home-based businesses to shine out and make a name for themselves. But that still didn’t change the fact that they had to deal with a hugely competitive market with a low marketing budget. So how do you stand apart with such odds? WooCommerce provides a free platform where startups can create a functional eCommerce site. WooCommerce is suitable for small to large businesses, there is everything for everyone, even in marketing! In this article, we are going to list some effective budget-friendly digital marketing tactics for WooCommerce store owners, so you are not left behind and can achieve your goals with zero to minimum money input. Let’s get started!Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips for WooCommerce Store Owners1. Display Social ProofIf you only have to employ one marketing strategy on your WooCommerce site, make it this one. Being used in retail shops since the beginning, social proof has also become an effective conversion tool for eCommerce sites. So what is the theory behind social proof and how it works? Social proof is a psychological marketing technique where people follow the masses or follow the actions of others in a situation. This provides an amazing opportunity for WooCommerce owners to display social proof on their site through customer reviews, real-time ordering, countdown timer, best-selling product, and much more.For example, adding trust seals on your site builds credibility around your brand and visitors are more likely to purchase from you. Social proof also adds a sense of urgency, enticing your customers to purchase before time runs out. There are many fun scenarios you can create with social proof and increase customer trust and sales.2. Build an Email ListNo marketing blog is complete without mentioning email marketing and how it is still the most effective strategy to date. Devising an email marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store is crucial because it helps you build a client list and engage with them routinely. This helps in creating better customer relationships and also results in more sales. For effective email marketing, you need to think about a catchy subject line, template, content, and automating it. There are many free and cost-effective solutions available that can send out mass emails to your customers in case of a triggered event. Email marketing has more ROI than any other marketing automation technique, even social media platforms. Emails also help in generating new leads and making sure your customers never forget you. If used wisely, email marketing can help you achieve your goals with minimized costs. 3. Influencer MarketingAnother cost-effective marketing strategy of recent trends is influencer marketing. Social media has taken over the world and most of your sales are dependent on it. But creating powerful content is not enough unless your business is not recommended by influencers. Influencers are experts or self-acclaimed experts of an industry that have gathered a huge following. Now you can get access to this potential client base by partnering up with influencers. This is a beneficial partnership for both parties involved, they get your product, a special discount, or a coupon, whereas your business gets the recognition.   4. Create Video ContentBlogs and images are great, but you know what’s even better? Videos! Videos are the new content type that helps in gaining the attention of your audience in a captivating manner. Instead of reading a 4-minute blog, your customers will be more gravitated towards watching a video that explains everything in short and precise words. It is also important that you share videos on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly YouTube. It is better because it has a wider reach and also doesn’t affect your WooCommerce site speed or performance. 5. Use an Analysis ToolHow do you know what’s working or not? Is a current marketing strategy achieving the goals you set? Investing in a good data analysis tool is a necessary step for every type of business, be it a startup as well. The market is tough and you need to know you are taking the right steps to ensure that all your efforts are not going in vain.A data analysis tool helps you identify your areas of concern and provide suggestions to improve them. It also analyzes the key metrics of your site, such as the number of active customers, abandonment rate, best-selling product, and much more. Conclusion WooCommerce provides you with multiple out-of-the-box functionalities to take your online store to the next level and the fact that it’s free isn’t lost on us.While we understand that the eCommerce one is a highly competitive market that forces you to spend money on promotions and products, there are some smart ways to save up some bucks.Nowadays many choose to fulfil their orders with dropshipping, a supply-chain method in which you do not have to purchase your products before you have made the actual sale!In short, once you get orders, you contact a third-party supplier who will proceed to ship the products directly to your customer, on your behalf.But even then, there are no warranties that you will be able to get high-quality items. So how can you be sure that your clients will be happy with their goodies and won’t return their goodies?Easy, you need a supplier like Yakkyofy, as we will : Source your products from some of the best Chinese factories at B2B prices;Fast ship your products directly to your customers;Automate your logistics, thanks to our WooCommerce plugin.These are only a few of the services that we provide, we can help you manage your dropshipping business daily tasks from the sourcing of top quality products up to the fulfilment of your orders and after sale assistance.Best thing: our plugin is free to use!So what are you waiting for, make your life easier with us and…    REGISTER ON YAKKYOFY nowBIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR Xaviera Khalid is the content writer at WooKeeper.com. She is an avid reader and uses her creativity to write interesting articles about WooCommerce and its related topics. She focuses on SEO-optimized content and provides factual writing. May 26, 2021by I. De Virgiliis