eBay Vacation Transport Delay Vendor Survival Ideas!

eBay Holiday shipping delay seller survival tips!eBay Holiday shipping delays are a major seller headache right now. What can sellers do to help buyers without losing hundreds of dollars?
I’ve heard from dozens of sellers that many of their packages have one or no scan. Those packages sit for days — even for more than a week — with no further movement. Then when a buyer reports that they have not received their item, eBay is forcing the seller to refund them.
What to do about eBay Holiday shipping delays?
First of all, if this is not happening to your packages, then lucky you! 2020’s holiday shipping snafu is not impacting every seller. Personally, I’ve had only a handful of packages in limbo out of the nearly 100 packages I’ve shipped lately. All of the others arrived in timely fashion. So if you’re not having shipping issues, don’t borrow trouble. Enjoy the Holiday rush and keep shipping!
Currently on the USPS site and in the eBay purchase sequence, buyers are warned of shipping delays.
So, if your holiday selling season is haunted by the Spirit of Christmas Gifts Yet to Arrive, then you’ve got three options:
1. Continue shipping. In all likelihood your packages will reach their destinations eventually.2. Keep selling and shipping. Extend your handling time to 5 or 10 days. Ship same or next day. Also you can wait X number of days before shipping.3. Use Time Away (formerly known as Store Vacation). You can block your listings from being viewed and not sell until 2021. Additionally you can sell and start shipping at the end of the year or on whatever date you set.
Here’s the bottom line: It’s your business to run as you see fit.
Right now, eBay does not reimburse sellers for funds lost due to refunds being given for items delayed in transit.
Here are some ideas for you in my video “Stop eBay Holiday Shipping From Costing You Hundreds Of Dollars!”
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What can eBay sellers do if their package(s) are stuck in transit and late in arriving to the buyer?
So, there are a couple of things you can do when tracking shows that a package has gotten hung up somewhere enroute to the buyer. Sometimes logging the tracking numberinto USPS.com will goose it along.
To do this, click USPS.com.  In “Search or Track Package” field, fill in the USPS delivery confirmation number. Then click “Fill in the form” to send an online service request. This often yields results within 48 hours. You can share with your buyer that you logged an inquiry for them with the USPS. Helpful customer service goes a long way to calm frustrated shoppers looking for their purchase.
Read this eBay Announcement to find out what eBay tells buyers of the current state of holiday shipping. Basically eBay adds protections for sellers’ Top Rated Status with problematic shipping scans and delivery. However, don’t look to eBay to reimburse sellers for delayed or lost packages.
To note, lost packages have always been a sellers responsibility. Furthermore, this is true on most online sites. What’s different now is how many items are stuck in transit. For some sellers it’s hundreds of dollars of products. Even with this increase in stuck and lost packages refunds for lost packages remains at the sellers’ feet.
Seller help for late eBay packages!
In closing, every seller is in unique situation this Holiday season.
Some sellers have little to no problems with packages stuck in transit. Others suffer with dozens of “stuck” parcels. eBay offers seller reputation protections but not financial reimbursement for lost packages. Every seller needs to look at their sales and chose what is best for them.

eBay Seasonal Gross sales Success Should Dos!

Now is the time to buckle down and focus on your eBay seasonal sales must do’s seller! Get ready to throw away your eBay To Do list. Yes, I said throw it away.

eBay seller last minute “Must Dos” for Seasonal success!
Because now it’s time to start on your eBay Seasonal “Last minute must do list.” It’s not too late to score holiday sales!
Here’s what should be on your “Last Minute Must Do list.” It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
First, be sure to keep plenty of shipping supplies on hand! Don’t run out of anything. If you need more polymailers, free USPS Priority Mail boxes, or eBay-branded packing tape, order them NOW. Better to have too much on hand than too little! Besides, you’ll use them up eventually. Order now and more than you’ll need as the USPS website is already warning of shipping delays on their free supplies.
Next, keep sourcing and listing!
Brick-and-mortar stores have predetermined financial goals — i.e., they must sell $X by Y date. Watch for 50%-75% off sales on any and all things holiday related. And remember, Christmas sells all year long. And don’t  overlook listing those Holiday goodies you are buying. As fast as your purchase Holiday products, get them on the eBay site!
Finally, don’t overlook basic holiday décor, either.
Your area may have an abundance of twinkle lights in stock, but the next state over may not be so lucky. My recent YouTube video “eBay Hot Item to Sell? Yes? No?” will give you more tips and ideas for last-minute holiday product sourcing. I actually went to two stores in NYC in search of candy canes! Neither store had them. Guess who bought candy canes online this year?

IIs it worth it to list on eBay?
Ship FAST, as in ASAP! If you can get sold items out the door the same day they’re purchased, by all means do so. And while you’re doing so, share that fact via social media. Post pics of your packages going out — being picked up by your carrier, getting dropped off at the post office, etc. Be sure to blur or strike through any visible shipping addresses! Check out my blog post Last Minute eBay Holiday Sales Tips for more Holiday shipping ideas.
There’s a postscript on your eBay Seasonal Last Minute Must Do list!
While listing, packing, sourcing and shipping, don’t forget to take good care of yourself as well as your business on eBay.
What pumps up your holiday spirit? Play your favorite Christmas carols or other holiday tunes while you list, pack and ship; sip a cup of hot cocoa (marshmallows and/or spiking optional); relax in a peppermint-scented bubble bath…you get the idea. Whatever jingles your bells, indulge yourself.

Must do’s to score last minute eBay Holiday sales!
‘Tis the season to be jolly! So yes, take care of your customers, but also take care of YOU. I wish you the happiest of holiday selling seasons!

eBay 4th Quarter Here We Go Sellers!

Ready or not, eBay 4th quarter is here.
eBay 4th Quarter. Here we go sellers!
That means it’s time to get down to business and sell, sell, sell. Yes, states are beginning to modify or even lift restrictions on retail stores, but safe shopping practices are still the order of the day. Check out the National Retail Federation (NRF) guidelines for brick-and-mortar retailers.
The good news for you, eBay seller, is that millions of consumers are choosing to shop online.
So your eBay 4th quarter could be amazing! Here are four things you can do to help make that happen.
First, be aware that products that may not have been big sellers in the past are now hot, hot, hot. Use Terapeak and eBay’s Advanced Search function to check prices and trends. In most cases, it’s best to look at recent prices, because prices from last year could be very different than what they are now. After all, a lot has changed since then!
Second, here’s a heads-up regarding Halloween: Don’t stock up on Halloween costumes; instead, think home décor! Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there will be much less traditional trick-or-treating this year. But there’ll be plenty of folks staying at home, so decorations and seasonally themed items should continue to be in high demand.
Third, it’s true that all four seasons sell well on eBay all year round. However, right now many shoppers are looking for Fall and Winter items. If you have any unlisted inventory, this is the time to sort through it with an eye towards the Q4 calendar.
For example, do you have any sweaters, coats, boots, and/or other Fall and Winter clothing on hand? If so, get those items listed ASAP!
Fourth, I’m here to help.
4th quarter eBay money making tips!
My free downloadable Fall/Winter Essential Products Guide takes the guesswork out of eBay 4th quarter inventory quandaries.

Complimentary Fall/Winter Essential Products Guide!
Its 20 pages list dozens of items that will keep selling throughout the holiday season. Print out this handy guide, then take it with you to thrift and consignment stores, wholesale sources, or your favorite top-secret destination for retail arbitrage.
So there’s your four-part plan of attack for eBay 4th Quarter:
Research hot items, trends, and prices.
Halloween costumes, no; seasonal home décor, yes.
Identify and list Fall/Winter inventory ASAP.
Download and print out your complimentary copy of my Fall/Winter Essential Products Guide, then take it with you when you go product sourcing.
The sooner you get started on putting this plan into action, the more amazing your Q4 sales are likely to be. Good luck, and happy selling!