Listagram Assessment 2021: A Legit Lead Technology Software program? (9 Stars)

Gamification  is a term or technology which was once only limited to the gaming industry has now gradually become one of the latest and most important new technologies used to make online marketing campaigns more attractive and effective. It is gradually transforming business models by creating new ways to drive customer and employee loyalty by extending relationships and crafting longer-term engagement strategies.
The important things to understand here is how gamification in the marketing world is different from that used in the gaming industry and how it works. According to several industry experts, “Gamification leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement, and reward.”
Gamification empowers businesses to create true loyalty when it is effectively combined with the big data generated by user interactions and the latest research on motivation. Over the past 5 years, as social media has gained pace with developing internet technology, businesses have experienced an increase in engagement both internally and externally.
This has also facilitated numerous small yet keystone elements of the functioning of a successful online business like more website traffic, lower times for adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase, and reduction in onboarding time. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive guide about gamification, its importance and a detailed  Listagram Review 2021 one of the most popular lead capturing and gamification marketing tools. Let’s get started here.

Listgram Review 2021: A Legit Lead Capture Software
About Listagram
Listagram is a popular lead capture software and Email list building tool which has been specifically designed to help businesses increase opt-in conversion rates by turning opt-in forms into an interactive game. Businesses both small and large have been using Listagam to trigger the opt-in form using exit intent, timeout trigger, link or button click and you can set these according to which device a visitor is using. Higher email opt-in rates in less than 30 minutes.

Listagram as software has been praised by experts and customers internationally as it only triggers on specific areas of your site by giving you the power to include/exclude URLs. Listagram is extremely easy to set up and use, works on any platform via a simple one-line install. It has been globally commended to out-perform traditional opt-in forms.

Highlight features
When it comes to lead capturing, Listagram is a name that is often recommended by industry experts to online businesses for effectively capturing leads and converting them into potential customers. The features and tools offered by Listagram are extremely easy to use for anyone and are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, be it small, medium or large scale businesses.
Popup design

Stunning default themes
Fully customizable
Create your own custom theme
Upload your own graphics
Seasonal themes available

Advanced analytics

Get a full overview and metrics about the performance of your popups
Monitor cross-device conversion rates
See your top performing landing pages
Breakdown of your coupon and slice distribution
Break down metrics by days, weeks and months

Settings and features

Leave intent and timeouts based trigger
Advanced triggers with links
Individual settings for desktop and mobile devices
Run multiple wheels on multiple domains and URLs
Urge customers to use a coupon with footer reminder
Full control of cookie durations
Advanced slice and coupon configuration

Works on any platform

Easy to install on all platforms
Install on custom sites
Easy to use after set up.
Easily deploy using Google Tag Manager and similar tools

Listagram in numbers
The success and credibility of each and every software, application, and plugin in this world is defined by the facts and figures it garners over time. Keeping this point in mind, the credibility of Instagram can be defined by the fact that since its inception, the software has had over 27,400,000+ IMPRESSIONS, catered over 3,100,000+ EMAILS and delivered an AVERAGE CONVERSION RATE OF 11.4%

Listagram seamlessly integrates with email automation tools, allowing you to synchronize your email subscribers automatically and setup automation to turn leads into customers.


Plans & Prices
Listagram is one of the most cost-effective paid services currently available in the market today. It offers three monthly subscription packages and one free package without any agreements to offer versatility to all types of customers.
One good thing about Listagram is that all of its packages offer you a 7-day trial when creating your account. After the end of this limited trial period, you will have to enter your credit card details and choose a plan. You can also cancel your service at any time and will never be charged again.

Listagra currently offers 4 different packages, thus ensuring that their services are available and suitable for all types and scales of business. These 4 packages also include a free plan ideal for individual bloggers and small scale businesses.
Price: NA

5,000 Wheel views
Listagram branding

Price: $29 per month

25,000 Wheel views
Listagram branding

Price: $99 per month

100,000 Wheel views
Listagram branding

Price: $299 per month

500,000 Wheel views
Listagram branding

For more information and details regarding all Listagram packages and their features, simply jump online to their official website!
What is Gamification?
Gamification, in general, is a process for integrating game mechanics into various modules and projects to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. The advantage of Gamification is that it can be incorporated with anything that already exists, from your website to social media presence, day-to-day operations, customer engagement and more.
It is extremely important to understand that many common internet users mistake Gamification as the creation of games for business application, which is not at all true! Gamification is rather the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. The things that are commonly employed while gamifying a project include game design elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, crowdsourcing, employee recruitment and more. Rising demand for Combination.
                      [embedded content]
The demand and use of Gamification is growing rapidly as more and more online businesses are popping into the internet world these days. Gamified marketing holds over traditional marketing and several types of research have revealed that it can generate 42% more leads and 66% more sales than the conventional marketing strategies. Using gamification in your marketing campaigns results in more impressions software or platforms that enable you to gamify your marketing can collect over 145K+ Emails, delivering an Average Conversion Rate of 12.7%
How to Install Listagram on Woocommerce or WordPress
[embedded content]
How to Install Listagram on Shopify

Gamification has been widely applied in marketing. According to a major survey conducted by Forbes in 2013, over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies said they planned to use gamification for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. Gamification has also been widely incorporated in marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs to strengthen the customer-brand relationship.
A popular example of a major brand using gamification is of Starbucks who in 2010 gave custom Foursquare badges to people who checked in at multiple locations. Along with that, the company also offered discounts to people who checked in at an individual store most frequently. These are small, easy but extremely effective strategies to retain existing customers and winning over new ones.  
Whether you are just learning about the power of gamification or have experienced implementing gamification in your own business, here is a quick guide showing you how gamification can change the complexion of your business and help grow your business and improve your life along with a quick review about Listagram,
Importance of Gamification
Gamification has been able to transform the way entrepreneurs and digital marketers do business as millions of companies from across the globe, regardless of size and stature, large and small are relying more and more on gamification. Their primary objective here is to help improve not just customer engagement, but in many cases even make their employees happier.

Increase Engagement And Conversion

Gamification can help improve sales because winning something even as small as a coupon, encourages them to want to use it. That small coupon or another freebie often plays a crucial role in getting potential customers to pull out their credit cards and buy.
Using gamification to amplify the social media effect is one of the best ways to quickly build a large fan base for your business. As humans, we love sharing content that is both valuable and entertaining.

Leverage The Power of Social Media

As a marketer, you can take advantage of specific plugins to run giveaways or share relevant quizzes with your audience.
If your target audience is digital nomads, for example, you could run a giveaway with 5 of the most popular items for world travelers. Or you could build a quiz suggesting “which country they should visit next.”
If you run an e-commerce site selling t-shirts, you could have your community signup to enter for a free custom shirt. The more they tweet, share and email the promotion the more chances they have to win.

Increase Motivation And Follow Through

Gamification can also help ensure a warm lead ends up completing the purchasing process on your store. Many times would be buyers simply get distracted with by a new browser tab or have their attention diverted elsewhere. By implementing an abandon cart sequence, preferably with some discount or other gifts, you can significantly improve the chances of that potential buyer following through with their purchase.
Gamification helps to use the power of psychology to give a slight nudge in the right direction often leading to incredible results.

Improve Employee And Customer Learning And Engagement

Of course, gamification doesn’t just apply to get more conversions and increasing sales. It can also be used to effectively impact other areas of your business as well.
Another major issue startup founders and CEO’s often face is getting their employees to complete those pesky “mandatory” training. While these training often does improve productivity and effectiveness overall, it’s often a struggle to get your team to “buy-in.”
By choosing education programs that gamify the process you can improve the likelihood of your employee follow through by using their own psychology in their favor. Even the best employees sometimes need a boost in the right direction.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Gamification can also be used to increase brand loyalty even in the most competitive of spaces. Here is a prominent example of a brand successfully using gamification to build customer loyalty come from two very unlikely places.
The US-based pizza company Domino’s was one of the first pizza chains to successfully implement gamification in their mobile and online app to order pizza. You open the app, choose your toppings and see your pizza being made virtually while you wait.
The app continues to guide you through the process as the pizza maker puts your pizza in the oven and even leaves the store for delivery. This small change saw Domino’s stock rise significantly and brought the struggling brand back to life almost overnight.
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Conclusion: Listagram Review 2021
It is extremely important to figure out why and how you should use lead generation software for your business. Choosing the right tool for capturing leads greatly depends on your demographic and how your users will react to the fortune wheel. Listagram as been received well by both critics and customers, with several businesses reporting that the highest converting users have averaged over 20% conversion on high traffic sites after using Listagram with an average of around 12-15% across all users. 
Listagram works well with almost all types of businesses but has shown the best results with eCommerce sites and blogs which collect email addresses from their visitors. The primary reason behind this is that both eCommerce merchants and eCommerce consumers are tired of seeing boring popups asking them to join someone’s newsletter which is not engaging and fun.
Listagram has also successfully satisfied customers with their after sale service. They boast of a super responsive support team who are available to help you get up and running with their service or even whenever you run into any problems. Their team is available for consulting 24*7 and can be reached via phone, email, online chat as well as through services like Skype. Though located in Norway under the GMT+1 time zone, they can still be reached outside business hours.

Booster Theme 5.0 Review August 2021: (Coupon Code15% Off) Is It Better Than Than Debutify?

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Let’s Start With Booster Theme Review
If you’re tired of your store being slow and outdated, it’s time to boost your store.
Building a Shopify store is not an easy process. There are so many things to consider and it can be overwhelming for a beginner.
If you’re struggling to set up your store, Booster Theme is here to help. With our Theme Manager, you can create an incredible store in less than a minute.
Booster Theme is the most advanced Shopify theme ever created. It’s optimized for speed and includes over 100 new features, making it the perfect Shopify theme for any store owner who wants to sell faster, sell smarter, and sell more products.
In this article, we’ve done Shopify Booster Theme Review along with you’ll get Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon August 2021(100% Verified).
Dropshipping is one of the best online businesses for the past few years and it is certainly going to progress. There are a number of Dropshipping tools and platforms in the market. Some Dropshipping tools and plugins are necessary for better conversions and to generate more sales.
Bottom Line Upfront: Unlock the true potential of your Shopify store, and Booster theme helps you to design your Shopify store in minutes. 
Spend less time building out your store and more time selling. Booster has all the latest Marketing tools for your Shopify store without the monthly fees. Try Booster Theme Now.

In this post, I have featured Booster Theme Review 2021 that includes detailed insights into this Shopify Booster Theme.
The most important part of the Dropshipping tool is the platform. For this purpose, Shopify is the best solution for Dropshippers. I have written a number of posts about Shopify and its other plugins as well as tools.
Shopify has got a number of themes that can be profitable to boost your sales. I have used a number of themes for the Dropshipping stores and I was amazed to see the features that Booster theme offers.
Booster theme was previously known as the Shopify Booster does not merely have the themes but also a number of plugins in it.
UPDATE:  I have updated this review with the new version of the Booster Theme! (Version 5)

You might have questions for Booster Theme like this: 
Are booster themes free?
Are booster themes good?
How much is the Booster theme?
What is a Booster theme?
How do I get a booster theme for Shopify with less money
Can you get a refund with the Booster Theme?
Can you get the Booster Theme for free?
Can I reuse Shopify themes?
Do you pay monthly for Shopify themes?
Does the Booster Theme have any demo stores?
How hard is it to change Shopify themes?
How is the support for the Booster Theme?
Features: Booster Theme Review helps you get more sales by taking your Shopify store to the next level.
Advantages: With a well-balanced theme, you will get 3X faster sales than with the same amount of effort from other developers.
Benefits: No matter how small or big your Shopify store is, Booster Theme Review provides maximum performance and power in the form of a simple and responsive theme with easy installation.

Booster Theme Review (5.0): The Most Complete Shopify Theme
Shopify Booster theme or just Booster Theme 5.0 is not just a theme but also has a lot of functionalities inclusive of all the plugins. Shopify Booster theme review will take you close to lots of functionality you may not be knowing. You can create product stores using these themes. Also, you can create the mini sales funnel which is not as effective as the other sales funnels but yes the appreciable one.

It includes the add-on upsells, sales page and the direct checkout to the Shopify checkout page. I have shared a detailed Shopify Booster theme review with you.
Don’t Have Time: Check Out! My Booster Theme Review Video.

Here is Purchase for Shopify Booster Theme: 

What is new about Booster Theme 5.0?
Booster 5.0 Beta is stable and safe to use, we’ve tested it hundreds of times, but it’s still the beta version, so make sure to test everything before publishing it live on your store.
The only thing we noticed that changed with the Booster Theme 5.0 is that they modified their pricing plans to a yearly fee instead of a one-time fee. The booster theme became much more affordable now.

Why Choose Booster Theme Over Debutify:
– Boost your sales without paying the upfront cost. Booster theme will help you raise your conversion rates, and optimize your store for maximum profitability
– Directly integrates with popular Shopify plugins such as WooCommerce, CodeGallery, Grid Commerce, and more.
– Optimized for a wide range of devices and browsers
– No coding required! Just drag and drop the images into your theme, upload content files or upload the shop’s image from FTP.
– Customize your Shopify store with over 50+ options to improve SEO rankings.
– Supports all themes by the most popular Shopify plugin developers.
– Boost sales by up to 2X.
– Optimized for larger business store designs.
– The latest Shopify theme from the top developers in the industry.
– A clean and easy-to-use interface.
– Unlimited customizations: modify elements, colors, layout, and more.

Booster Theme Review 5.0 & Updates
They improved the Product Page design:
The New Booster Theme 5.0 Standard Product page design is now wider than before and the way the countdown timer is shown to visitors is now improved.
They have added a Second Product page design, meaning you can choose between product page designs. We called it the Marketplace Product Page Design!
Inspired by one of the most successful eCommerce websites, Amazon!
This new product page design has 3 columns instead of 2. Each column has its own purpose. The first one is for media, the second is for the description and the third one is dedicated to the purchases!
New Product Reviews Integration:
We’ve integrated your favorites reviews apps directly into the theme to make it easier for you to use them. Loox Reviews and Ali Reviews are now easily integrated with Booster!
More Apps integrations are coming up soon.
Improvement in the Testimonial Section Design:
Booster has added the 5 Stars rating under our testimonials section, it’s a small improvement but worth a mention, details are important.
New Sales Notification Design:
Booster has improved the Sales Notification design, it now looks and feels smoother for your visitors.
New Action Bar on the home page:
For those of you who have too many items on their menu. It’s now possible to add an action bar section in your store. You can either add it directly under the header and use it as the main menu. Making your site easier to navigate.
New Header Style:
You can now use a transparent header over the slideshow section or the image text overlay section. It’s a nice new touch.
Currency Converter Integration:
Booster has improved the integration with the new currency converter from Shopify. So it’s now running smoothly!
New Header Strip functions:
You can now display multiple messages in your header strip, the messages are going to change automatically with a smooth transition animation.
New Badges on the collection and product pages:
Booster refreshed the collection of the badges to today’s taste.
New Custom HTML section on the home page:
You now have more freedom to craft your unique store.

Shopify Booster Theme Features Review
I would prefer this Booster theme because of its ease of use. The most amazing part about this is that it saves up a lot of your time.
Most of the time, customers leave the transaction in the middle as the checkout process is tedious or too long.

Shopify Booster Theme redirects you directly to the checkout page without any waste of time. This way, you can make the most of the conversions using this awesome booster. You can install the theme with just one click.
The sales page of your Dropshipping store has all the features that are needed for better conversions. Let’s have a look at it:

Countdown Timer
Number left in the stock
Currency converter for worldwide customers
Remaining stock bar
Number of visitors
Estimates Delivery time
Security Badges
Read More Button
Image Zoom
Jump Direct to the Checkout page
NEW* Button Shaker
Mega Menu
Header Strip
Search box for the Products

Booster Theme Review: Free Theme Updater App

It’s now easier than ever to update your Booster theme to the next version. After all, this is what I am sharing the small aspects in my Booster Theme review with you guys. No more pain in the ass to start again designing your whole store to update to the next version. Just install the app and click the Update button. That’s it!
✅Works from your phone✅You can review everything before publishing✅Saves you a LOT of time✅Always have the latest feature on your store. ✅You don’t have to start again designing your store like other theme

Free Sales Notifications

Let’s your visitors know they aren’t the only ones shopping into your Shopify store. You setup the frequency you want it to show up, and it will show up either if you never had a sales into your store.
✅Increase Visitor Trust ✅Show latest sales (Live mode) *NEW✅Save on Acquisition Cost ✅Creates fear of missing out. ✅Show fictious sales if no customers

Free Product Upsell

Increase your average customer cart value by showing your customer products that may fit their needs. You can upsell any products with Booster Theme.
✅Increase your profit✅Increase your Average Order Value Instantly✅Offer complimentary items easily✅Improve the customer experience✅Upsell any collections or products

Free Collection Cross Sell

Increase your average customer cart value by showing your customer products that may fit their needs. You can cross sell any collections with Booster Theme.
✅Increase your profit✅Increase your Average Order Value Instantly✅Offer complimentary items easily✅Improve your customer experience✅Upsell any collections or products 

Free Geo Ip Currency Converter

Booster theme makes things easier for your worldwide customers to make purchases from anywhere. All the prices from your store will automatically adjust to the country of your customer.
✅Automatically adjust $ to the country ✅Proven to Increase Conversion ✅Feels more comfortable for your customer✅Convert better✅Increase trust 

Free Exit Discount

98% of your web store visitors abandon your store. 70% of them will NEVER RETURN. Exit Pop will help you convert those visitors into customers a second before they leave your store.
✅Take that last chance before your visitors leaves ✅Create an irresistible offer✅Collect email for newsletter✅Create a momentum✅Give a reason to buy now

Free Automatic Mega Menu

The only theme on the market having the option to create mega menu with sales product inside. Make the navigation through your online store a great experience, using the Booster automatic Mega menu.
✅No more complicated Settings ✅Your mega menu always looks clean ✅Increase the user experience ✅Promote discounted product inside ✅Showcase: collection, product, menu 

Optimized For Free + Shipping

This Shopify theme automatically detect the $0 item in your store and replace the Buy Button for a new one. You are free to put the message and color you want on this button.
✅Leverage the Most powerful word: FREE ✅Fully Customizable button for your FREE Products ✅Increase your ADD TO CART Instantly ✅Fully customizable✅Help to get buyers emails (Soft close) 

Free Countdown Timer

Create a sense of urgency into your store by adding a timer countdown to your product page. Having your product available for only a limited time is a fantastic leverage tool to convince your visitors to BUY immediately.
✅Create Instant Urgency✅Create a Fear of Missing Out✅Leverage the Most Powerful Human Emotion✅Make People Act Faster✅Give a reason to buy now

Free Direct To Checkout

Every step that your customer has to take to make a purchase decreases yourconversion rate. Booster Theme is made to convert your customer as fast as lightning ! With Booster, you can chose your Buy it now Action, direct to cart, give a thank you message or direct to checkout.
✅Less Step = More Conversion✅Skip the Cart Page✅1 Click to Checkout✅Increase impulsiveness✅Save time to your customers

Free Optimized Cart Page

The best cart page ever created for SShopify. Designed to create a sense of urgency to your customers, this cart page will convert your visitors into customer without any friction.

Urgency Designed Cart Page
Increase your Reach Checkout
Designed for Conversion
2 checkout button
Set time limit to buy

The Standalone Features Of Shopify Booster Theme

1. Direct Checkout
The tedious task of adding to the cart and then jumping to the checkout page can be tedious and certainly be irritating for the customers. To get more conversions and less bounce rate, Booster theme redirects the customers to the checkout page and save their time.

So, to increase the front end conversion and get better sales, you can either get the sales funnel or this awesome booster theme.
2. Sales Notifications
That’s a great way of boosting your sales and getting more conversions. This tool gives the fake sales notifications and creates a sense of urgency for the customers. It is a great way to put your customer’s trust and prove them with the social proof about a specific product.
Make sure you don’t use it too often and it’s completely up to you that how frequently you want to keep the pop-ups. You can disable it anytime you want to.

3. Product Upsells
Upsells are a great way to generate more sales. You can sometimes sell the cheaper product to attract more customers. When someone orders a product and navigates to the checkout page, you can create the suggestion for those products which goes well with that product.
It actually helps!! Suppose a customer has purchased a torch, he would need the batteries too. You can add the batteries in an upsell and thus create an urge to buy the recommended product. You can add up to 6 products as an upsell.
4. Currency Converter
Another reason to choose this Shopify theme is that of its robust feature of the currency converter. You might often face difficulty in converting the currency of your products. Your audience might not just be limited to a specific country.
Let’s say if you have got the audience from the USA and Europe as well. If the product is merely showing up in USD, then it would be less interesting for the audience in Europe.
Thus, you need a currency converter that can effectively and quickly convert the US dollars or any other currency into the audience’s location-based currency.

The basic Shopify theme doesn’t offer the currency converter and it becomes a headache when you have to download a currency converter for your store.
5. Mobile-Friendly
Mobiles are more convenient and handy than the laptops. Thus, to make your store more convenient and easy to use, this theme suits well. This Shopify theme is fully mobile optimized. At the top, the images, as well as add to cart button, is present which are helpful for the conversion.
6. Email Discounts Plugin

Most of the times, the customers might not return to your store or even abandon your store. Booster themes bring more traffic to your Shopify Dropshipping store. You can build your email list by giving the discount offers as a pop-up to the visitors.
There are plugins too for this purpose but Booster theme gives you everything right with this plugin. Once the visitor gets to your website, he/ she will have a pop up with the discount offer where you can customize the pop up asking for the relevant details.

7.  Automatic Mega Menu

This is the only Shopify theme in the market that offers the mega menu option. The navigable mega menu gives every product and category easily visible. The better design for your store is responsible for the higher conversions as well.
The mega menu gives a better user experience. You can promote the discounted products inside and also Showcase only collections, products and menu.
8. Optimizer + Free Shipping
If you want to sell a product for free, you can edit the button text and optimize the product according to you.  The Booster theme automatically detects the free tools and thus edits the button text.

You can add ‘Just Pay Shipping’ or ‘Free + Shipping’ in case you want to give the product as well as the shipping for free. It is a great way to the sales at the initial stage of your Dropshipping. This way, products will be added instantly and also you can grow your email list.
9. Optimized Cart Page
This feature is not available with the other Shopify themes. The cart optimization page can boost your sales by creating a sense of urgency for the visitors. With this, you can increase the reach after checkout. It has got 2 checkout buttons which makes it handier for the customers.
How to Install Shopify Booster Theme?
Shopify Booster Theme is really easy to get. You will have to purchase this theme in order to proceed. There is no free trial for this theme.
Click on ‘Get Now’ on the left-hand side of the page.

Once you have purchased the theme, you will receive an email. In the email, click on the green button ‘Download your Order’.

You will be taken to the download page where you can save the zip file or download it to your desktop.
Next step is the installation of your theme. Log into your store admin and click on ‘Online Store’.
Though there are a number of themes already available, you can upload the Booster theme by clicking ‘Upload theme’.

After uploading the theme, it will be visible on the saved themes. Click on the available theme and publish it. Lastly, you will need to copy the license key and you are ready to customize the booster theme.
Join The Thousands Of Shopify Stores Using Booster. Get your sales Boosted in One-Click.? Easy Setup. No Coding. Take less than a minute to install.

Shopify Booster Theme Pricing Plans | Booster Theme Discount Coupon
USE COUPON: BID10  At Checkout to Get 15% OFF
The Sale is ON!! Booster theme is offering the Black Friday deal on all its pricing plans. The pricing plans for the Shopify booster are not fixed as the company keeps updating it with each new update. Previously, the booster theme premium was available but there are three different pricing plans for this theme.
The single site license plan is charged for $179 for one-time recurring fees.  If you are willing to get the license for 2 sites, the 2 site license plan would cost you $297 and 5 sites license is charged for $497.
With each plan, you will get the auto-update free for 1 year.

Booster Theme Review: Pros and Cons
Pros Of Booster Theme

Fully Mobile Optimized
Increased Conversions and Sale
Mobile Responsive & Retina Ready
Complete control over the layout and design.
No monthly charges; one-time recurring fees
All in one app; no need for the paid apps or third-party apps.

Cons Of Booster Theme 

Variable charges; charges may increase or decrease at any time.
No Free Trial

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Tips To Master Shopify Booster Theme Review
Planning something right from the start is easier than fixing something wrong after its completed.
The same goes with building an eCommerce store too. It is better to include certain elements in your store, right from the start than customizing the website in the end.
Here are some such elements I have covered in this Booster Theme review, that you can consider while building your online store so that you won’t have to waste time fixing things later.
1) A clearly identifiable brand logo
Do you know why Puma, Nike and Adidas shoes sell better than any other brands? Because, they all have a brand logo that has left a strong impression in the minds of users.
A logo is not just a symbol. It is a means to communicate with your store visitors and make them understand what your store stands for and what it means.
Take for instance the logo of
The above logo means two things: First, you get A to Z products from Amazon. Second, the logo implies that customers have a smile when they transact with Amazon. This symbolic expression of selling definitely leaves a mark with customers.
Once your brand logo is established with a value proposition, sometimes all it takes is the logo presence and the ‘Buy now’ button. It will sell on your behalf.
2) Deals, offers, freebies and so on

If there is one thing which brings visitors to an online store like bees to beehives, it is deals, offers and freebies.
Otherwise, what difference do they have from shopping from an offline store? Of course,the convenience of doorstep delivery is there, however, what really matters in online shopping is deals, offers and freebies.
At least 71% of shoppers agree that they find better deals online than in offline stores.
So prep your online storefront with deals and offers that customers would want to check out.
3) Checkout page matters!
Do you know? Approximately 67% of store visitors abandon their carts without completing the transaction. The reasons are plenty. To begin with, they trust the very genuinity of the store.
Can I trust this store?
Does this store sell original products?
Is payment using my credit card safe and secure?
Will I get the delivery promptly?
These are some questions that goes through the minds of every buyer before making a purchase from an online store.
While it is not possible for you to personally talk to them and convince them of the security and authenticity, it is always possible to let trust seals and badges work in your favor.
This is a classic example of some types of trust badges that you can include in your eCommerce store to make it better:

Image Source –
Also, the checkout page must also be configured with HTTPS encryption. A Wildcard SSL certificate is an ideal choice for those ecommerce owners who are using main domain for product display and sub-domains for other-purpose like transaction, logins and account management. By using a single Wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure your root domain and unlimited numbers of sub-domains.
4) Best-sellers & trending products
There are customers who come online to look for specific products. Then there are those customers who scour the Internet randomly to find something that matches their fancy.
What if your store has something that can excite them? The best way to match their interests is by showcasing a growing list of best-selling & trending products in a separate section of the website. You can also assign a ranking to each product in its own product category and sub-category which would help customers make wise decisions without thinking a lot.

Image Source –
This is a way to win the customers’ hearts by assuring them with social proof that the product is indeed something that is sold in great numbers. It tends to convince them to buy easier than with other persuading tactics.
5) Free shipping
At least one quarter of online customers abandon their shopping carts because they are charged for shipping & delivery. You can definitely charge customers for shipping by including the cost in the total price.
But, showing the cost as a nasty surprise at the time of checkout is a sure recipe for cart abandonment. If free shipping is too expensive for your store, then consider setting a minimum order value for which free shipping is provided. This will create a win-win situation for both the store and for you, thus, leaving all happy.
Attention :  Shopify Plus Vs Magento Features Compared: READ HERE !!
6) Social sharing
At least 20% of online selling is said to be originating from social media references. The public opinion and images shared in social circles is definitely a great boost for online selling.
What if you can leverage the power of social media through your store? All you need to do is set up social sharing buttons for orders and products. Buyers can simply click on the button to share their recent buys from your online store.
It serves two purposes: brings in more organic visitors and also heightens the possibility of more conversions at zero cost.
7) Live chat & assistance
Do you know what buys 83% of online shoppers?
The support after sales and assistance provided by online stores. Every customer has the right to ask and know things before they make a purchase and also after the purchase is completed.
Your store must be ready to take it up. There are technology enablements like live chat, chatbots, and on-call assistance all of which help customers feel at peace. Live chat ensures that their queries are attended to round the clock without any hindrance. If you are selling to a global customer base, having live chat is a must-have.
Similarly, providing customer assistance through alternate mediums like telephone, email, social media can also experiment.
Booster Theme Reviews | Customer Testimonials

Booster Theme Review: FAQs:

What is a booster theme?

Booster Theme is the best converting Shopify theme that gives you complete power over your store’s look and feel. Stop limiting your ideas because of your current theme’s limitations and build out your dream store with booster theme.

Is booster themes free?

No, booster theme is not free. It’s Single license plan comes with $179. But, it’s worth paying as it is one of the most advanced Shopify theme on the market

How to use Booster Theme Coupon Codes?

In order to use the Booster Theme Coupon Codes or avail the Booster Theme Promo Code you need to just go to the signup page and choose a plan then scroll down to insert the coupon codes and avail the discount offer

How much maximum discount can you get on Booster Theme?

If you use our link then you can get upto 15% off on Booster Theme that is the maximum discount you can get. Use coupon BID10

Does Booster Theme offer any money back guarantee?

If you buy any product on Booster Theme and want a refund for it then you can apply for refund within 30 days. You can get a refund in the original payment or store credits.

What is a Merchant account?

Merchant account is an account where the money you receive from your customers is deposited after being authorised and processed

Is it necessary to be a Designer or Developer to use Booster Theme?

No, it is not required to be a Designer or Developer to use the website. The website has a simple interface which makes it easy to use even for those who have no knowledge regarding Coding or Designing

Can I use more than one Booster Theme Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

Booster Theme only allows you to use one coupon or promo code per order. You can use the coupon that gets you the value and delivers the best savings.

Are booster themes good?

You will undoubtedly profit from using the Booster theme in the following ways: Excellent features. You will have access to all of the fantastic features that I have described. Only a few Shopify themes have all of these functions, and consumers must usually purchase them as Shopify applications.

What is Shopify booster?

Clean Canvas, a theme with many capabilities for bringing the in-store shopping experience online, designed and supports the Shopify Booster Theme. This Booster Theme is what you’ll need if you’re setting up a one- or two-product store with a little sales funnel.

How much is the booster theme?

The new Booster 5.0 theme is now available for a one-time cost of $179 per year.

Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

The Shopify Theme Store themes may be a little less adventurous in terms of style than custom-designed stores and websites, but they often contain a higher degree of features such as related products, navigation integration, galleries, and more.

Can I reuse Shopify themes?

Using a Shopify theme on a different Shopify store without having to pay the licence fee again. Without paying an additional charge, reusing, even extensively changed, code or other theme files that are based on another theme. Making a large number of changes to a premium theme and then reselling it as your own.

Are Shopify themes a one time purchase?

Yes, you just need to buy a theme for your store once. Updates and support for manual themes are always free. You’ll need a Shopify account, which comes in a variety of levels to meet your needs.

Can I transfer my theme to another Shopify store?

When you purchase a theme from the Shopify Theme Store, it is licenced only for the store for which it was purchased. You must contact Shopify Support if you want to transfer a theme licence to another store. When new features are published, unlicensed themes are not eligible for support or updates.

Are Shopify themes refundable?

We regret that no refunds are available for any of our other themes; thus, we always urge that you test out the demos first to ensure that the theme is perfect for you. If a theme isn’t working for you, but you think another theme in our collection could, contact us to see if we can offer you a replacement.

Do you pay monthly for Shopify themes?

A premium theme comes with a one-time fee! You will own the theme once you have paid for it and will not be required to make any more payments. The only exception is that the purchase is for a single business; if you wanted to start a second store and use the same theme, you would have to purchase a second copy.

How long can you try a Shopify theme?

You may sign up for a free 14-day trial of Shopify to try it out before committing to a monthly membership.

Is Shopify free to use?

No, however you may sign up for a 14-day free trial with Shopify. You can create your store and make it public during the trial period.

How hard is it to change Shopify themes?

Swapping your your theme is a breeze with Shopify. However, if you have any theme customizations, such as Shopify applications that add functionality to your business, you may need to perform some work before switching.

Booster Theme Alternatives:
1. Debutify Shopify Theme
Debutify is a clean-looking and highly conversion-optimized Shopify theme that continues to be one of the most popular themes sold throughout the world because of its simple and intuitive UX and appealing appearance.
Debutify was intended to ensure that entrepreneurs have the best possible opportunity of succeeding on Shopify. Everything you need is included right out of the box. To begin, Debitify is lightning fast and mobile-friendly.

But it’s with its sales-boosting add-ons that Debitufy outperforms other free themes. Countdown timers, add-to-cart stickers, discount vouchers, and more are all options. The aforementioned features are, most importantly, built-in.
Above all, Debutify ‘guarantees’ that it will improve your Shopify business, even if you are a complete novice in the dropshipping industry. To use the plugin’s functionalities, you don’t need any development, marketing, or Shopify experience.
Debitify allows you complete control over how your website appears and functions at the customer’s fingertips. The dashboard is simple to use, with many options for customizing your store. You can choose from over 29 distinct color palettes on Debutify.
Displaying featured products on your website will assist you in directing visitors to the pages you want them to see. Debutify allows you to select the number of products to display, as well as whether or not to use an autoplay option and whether or not to use arrows and dots. The product slider will respond to swipes on both mobile and desktop.
Animations and movies are increasingly replacing traditional image galleries. Take advantage of Debutify’s fade-in animation function to modify your product sliders and change how they appear on your website.
Never undervalue the impact a header can have on the remainder of your website. You can select from a variety of options, such as a translucent or sticky header, as well as how the interface changes as you scroll down the page.
2. Shoptimized Shopify Theme
The Shoptimized Theme, like many other premium themes, gives you access to more than just a conventional template. It also allows you access to a diverse set of apps that will help you save money in the long run. The theme presently has 30+ plugin features, including entry/exit popups, internal product search, stock remaining counter, add to cart option, shipping estimates, and currency switchers/personalizers.

One of the most outstanding features is the customization tool, which allows you to personalize your main menu to your store’s demands as closely as possible. Everything from a currency converter to a cart symbol can be found on the menu.
You can also connect to internal store pages from the top menu, such as price, FAQs, blog, about us, contact us, support, reviews, and my account. In the center of your page, you can also include your store logo, social media icons, and a search box with predictive search.
The Shoptimized Theme aids organizing by allowing shop owners to incorporate product collections with individual tags that display details such as price and a product review, as well as icons like free shipping and quick buy. The header banner will automatically transition to a smaller menu including information such as the phone number, logo, and search bar as one scroll down, this is also customizable.
You can add photographs of products sold in your store and identify them with appropriate tags, just like the individual collections on the homepage. Owners can also submit descriptions, shipment details, delivery and return information, as well as customer reviews, on the product information tab. Once a customer has added a product to their cart, the page allows owners to add popup upsells.
Shoptimized offers a variety of cart pages, which often include a title, a thumbnail image, the total price, as well as the standard view of my cart and checkout buttons. You can use upsells like “You’re X amount away from free shipping” to entice people to buy more goods to their cart.
The Shoptimized theme is great, and it is the theme you need if you are serious about optimizing your store for sales. It works wonders for improving the order value of each visitor who comes to your store. We were able to accomplish six-figure months because to this theme.
3. eCom Turbo Shopify Theme
eCom Turbo is a premium Shopify theme created for dropshippers who require a simple to use and customize the theme. To use the theme, you don’t need any coding or design knowledge, and all of the features are incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to develop a high-quality store theme that gets you the conversions you want.

It’s also an all-in-one solution for Shopify stores, with a number of sophisticated apps pre-installed. This allows business owners to save a significant amount of money on in-app fees that they would otherwise incur.
Unlike other Shopify themes created by people who have never had a Shopify store, the eCom Turbo theme was created by Franklin, an entrepreneur who has spent years testing and growing online businesses. When you buy the eCom Turbo theme, you gain access to a private Facebook community, full-theme training, and lifetime support, among other things. There’s even some extra eCommerce training to help you get started faster.
One of the most noticeable benefits of using eCom Turbo is that it can significantly reduce the time it takes for your website to load. With a default load time of 2 seconds (3 seconds is the minimum recommended), you ensure that users aren’t left waiting to access the site, which is a sure-fire method to lose visitors.
You also have access to the Customer Footer feature, which allows you to alter the footer as well as the layout, text, fonts, logo, and headers on the site, which isn’t accessible with all Shopify themes. It’s a wonderful touch that you can employ to make the site more unique while also including important features like social networking links, return guarantees, and free delivery, among others.
eCom Turbo is fully optimized for mobile devices, with all of the main features put above the fold, eliminating the need for scrolling. This, combined with quick load times, ensures that clients browsing on their phones will connect promptly and without experiencing any performance degradation.
eCom Turbo is a fantastic Shopify theme that includes a plethora of features that would normally be acquired separately. With fast load times, mobile optimization, and simple customization, you can develop the ideal theme for increasing conversions by providing the finest user experience.
4. Saleshunter Shopify Theme
SalesHunter is a lovely theme with some marketing functionality. The store’s general design is clean, basic, and professional. If you’re selling branded goods, this is a wonderful theme to use. SalesHunter comes with a number of money-making tools that can help you expand your Shopify store by attracting trustworthy consumers. It includes a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to design your home page in minutes.

They have an urgent countdown clock that warns consumers that time is running out and that they should buy as soon as possible before the offer expires. Other features like real-time notifications, intelligent up-sell pop-ups, and a fully customizable cart page make it the best-converting Shopify theme for any type of e-commerce business.
Try SalesHunter if you want to add sales-boosting aspects to your website. It proudly enjoys the position of being one of the greatest premium Shopify themes, with a modern, adaptable, and strategic design.

Booster Theme Review Conclusion: Booster Theme Discount Coupon
Every successful online store has certain elements that excite and impress customers. The above-mentioned features are some such features that most customers expect to be available in an online store by default.
Does your online store have it? Maybe you should including them if you are planning on building a top visited eCommerce store.
Though there are a number of themes available for Shopify, none of them offers robust features as much as the Booster theme does. You will certainly see an appreciable increase in sales.
The most important thing is that it is all in one package and does not need different plugins. This way you can spend less and earn more. Don’t forget to use Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon:  BID10 at checkout to save money 🙂 
USE COUPON : BID10  At Checkout to Get 15% OFF

Everything is set up and you just need to spend a few bucks. This was my detailed review for the best Shopify Booster theme that goes well with its name and certainly boosts your store.
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Finest Dropshipping Merchandise To Promote On Black Friday 2021

As every businessperson in the world knows, Black Friday in the United States presents an unparalleled opportunity to make sales and boost up revenue. 
For instance, more than 30% of retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas.
It is the largest shopping event of the entire year and Black Friday alone can make a dropshipping business successful by introducing new customers to your website.

They can then purchase things and become repeat customers.
Black Friday is on November 23 and everyone is competing for a slice of the pie.
To be successful, you need to be prepared and know what customers are likely to buy.
To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best dropshipping products to sell on Black Friday 2018 so that you can dropship and make a killing.
A successful dropshipping item has three elements in it.
It should induce a customer to impulse buy, the customer should have the purchasing power to buy it and it should be a trending item.
Our list has items which fulfill all three conditions.
Let’s get straight into it!

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Best Dropshipping Products To Sell On Black Friday 2021

1. Touchscreen Gloves–
It’s the holiday season and that means it’s cold outside!
People need warm gloves during the winter but don’t dropship just any gloves because a good dropshipping item needs a little novelty in it.
That’s why touchscreen gloves are a hot ticket item to sell.
These very soft and comfy gloves will help keep your customer’s hands toasty and won’t compromise their need to use their smartphones or tablets because they can be used to manipulate touchscreens.
The gloves are stretchy, thick and flexible and your customers will absolutely love them.
What’s more, you can upsell them with other winter wear like caps, hats, and woolens and so increase your profit.

Image courtesy: Pixabay 
You can get them in many designs so choose one which will appeal to your target customers, say young women.

2. Cool LED Lanterns
This item is a gem to dropship on Black Friday because everyone likes lights in the festive season.
Your customers can buy them as a gift for their friends and families which can be used to decorate the house during the holiday season. 
These lanterns come in many appealing shapes like flamingos, trees, pineapples and cacti.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
They are perfect gifts as they can be used for decoration around the house and near Christmas trees. 
You can buy them cheap from AliExpress at about 5 to 8 dollars and sell them for more than 4 times that amount. 
That’s some serious profit!
3. Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Another great item to dropship on Black Friday is oversized Hoodies.
Due to the cold, people are gearing up and getting ready for the winter and oversized hoodies will help them make a bold fashion statement.
Your target audience for this item should be young women between the ages of 16 to 28 who are living in colder areas of the US as they are most likely to buy this.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
Be sure to include high-quality images on your site and if you are making an advertisement, then you should put up a picture which includes a real life model as such advertisements generally convert better.
These sweatshirts are very trendy right now and are super comfortable and will sell well.
Try to upsell these sweatshirts and hoodies with thigh high boots and a vest as that combination is particularly appealing.
4. Self-stirring Mug
Its winter season and the demand for self-stirring mugs is higher than ever because people want their drinks and they want them hot.
These mugs are extremely convenient and handy for coffee lovers. 
All your customer will have to do is pour water and their favorite ingredients into the mug, press a button and their drink will be ready within a few minutes.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
These mugs can also make instant soup, and another handy feature they have is that they can be cleaned easily. Simply pour some water and soap inside, press the button and the mug will clean itself! 
To make the self-stirring mug more appealing, you can choose one with a design that is holiday-centric or has a cool slogan for coffee lovers.
You can buy them for around 12 dollars and dropship for more than 25 dollars. Be sure to inform your supplier that you are dropshipping and they are not to include an invoice with the product. 
You can upsell the self-stirring mug with other cool coffee related products and showpieces because chances are that a coffee lover will buy the things related to coffee.
The mugs work with batteries so if you can, then try to dropship some batteries along with them.
5. Shoe Drying Machine- 
There is usually a lot of moisture all around during the winter.

Image courtesy: Pixabay 
People step into puddles or walk in the snow and invariably, their shoes get wet.
That is why a shoe drying device is a perfect item to dropship on Black Friday. 
Some models emit ultraviolet light along with heat so that in addition to removing the moisture from the boots, your customers will be able to remove bacteria and disinfect their boots which is a huge plus point and makes them unique.
The design of the shoe drying rack is also unique and looks like a racing car which adds a lot of aesthetic value to the product.
These devices work at 220V and 10W and so can be used in the United States.
They are of a high quality and are durable and also have a cable outlet protector so that their cables won’t get harmed easily.
You can buy them for just around $6 from AliExpress and sell them for $20 and make a heavy profit. 
The supplier includes free shipping along with their item so if you want, you can add a nominal shipping cost and add it to your profits.
Be sure to upsell this item with some trendy shoes in order to increase your profit.
6. Waterproof Shoes- 
If you don’t want to sell a shoe drying rack, then how about some waterproof shoes! 
These items will have heavy sales on Black Friday because of the same reasons as a shoe drying machine- there is a lot of rain and snow around and they are in heavy demand. 
Your waterproof shoes however need to be different from the rest in order to sell a lot.
How about ones which glow in the dark, or have LED lights in them! That will cause your customer to think that they are awesome and will look good in the rain and they will buy them up quick.

7. Portable Language Translators-
 It’s holiday time and many people go on vacations during the holidays.
That is why a portable language translator is a great item that you can dropship during Black Friday. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
These devices will let your customers go anywhere in the world and not face inconvenience from the change in language.
They will be able to soak in the culture and beauty of their destination without being hampered by language barriers and can roam exotic and foreign lands with ease.
These language translators can handle as many as 34 languages and cost only about $30 so you can sell them for more than double that amount and make a great profit.
Add a small video of these devices in use and you’ll have a good advertisement which brings in more conversions for your product. 
You can find such videos on YouTube and request creators to sell you the rights for an advertisement and you’ll have a readymade ad for your purposes.
Upsell these translators with a memento of the country they are going to visit so that they have something with them even before they reach the location as that will increase their desire to reach their dream destination all the more.
For example, if your client is going to Japan, then you can sell them an “I Love Japan” T-Shirt.
8. Very Cute Unicorn Themed Earphones- 
Unicorn-themed earphones and basically, all cute earphones are very much in demand during the holiday season. 
You can get these super cheap at AliExpress for about a dollar and a half. 
They have 4.9 stars on AliExpress and have almost 340 orders.
You can pair them with unicorn themed slippers or phone covers and can expect to get more profits from upsells.
9. Digital Photo Frame- 
A lot of people who are shopping on Black Friday are looking for gifts. 
One of the best gifts to give to anyone during Christmas and Holiday season are Digital Photo Frames. These devices can display many hundreds of pictures.
Your Ad campaign for this gift can be that nowadays many of us take pictures on our phones but do not look at them afterwards, digital photo frames help us remember our memories better and also have many other features such as displaying MP3 and MP4 media files, showing the time and date and so on.
Many of them are compatible with SD cards and can store a huge amount of pictures which can then be set to change pictures every 5 minutes or so. 
10. Pet Jacket- 
Pet owners really really care for their animals and love them a lot.
This means that they also buy good things for their pet’s comfort and want their pets to be happy.
That is why a Pet Jacket is a great item to dropship on Black Friday. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
These help keep dogs warm and toasty on winter nights so that their owners can sleep at peace knowing that their pets are doing okay. 
These jackets are especially important for owners of dogs with short fur so if you are advertising on Facebook for example, you can target people who like pages on dogs with short fur. This will let you get targeted customers who will convert quickly.
Try to make an emotional appeal to the customer using dogs in your video who look sad in the cold.
As you already know, connecting emotionally with the pet owner or any other customer is the best way to get them to buy your product. 
You can upsell dog jackets with other pet-related items like pet toys and grooming products. 
11. Hair Combs Which Look Like Cookies-
 Everyone wants to buy things which look cool and a hair comb that looks like a tasty Oreo cookie is an absolutely brilliant thing to dropship.

Image courtesy: Alidropship
This item is full of novelty because of its quirky nature, it’s very cheap to source as it costs just about $1 on AliExpress and it you can sell it at almost 10 times the cost you buy it from.
People will take one look at this and go, “I want to buy this!” .
Market this product on Instagram which is a better place to advertise for such items which have a great visual appeal.
The comb comes with a mirror and is thus a good item to sell.
You can upsell it with other items which will appeal to women like a make-up kit or a hair straightener.
12. A Quirky Mouth Mask To Protect The Wearer From Infection- 
People generally get ill during holidays and have to spend valuable time at home recovering from a cold rather than going outside and enjoying their free time or doing whatever they love doing inside. 
To prevent this from happening, they can take the precaution of getting a mouth mask and that can be your selling point for dropshipping a mouth mask.
Don’t just dropship any old mouth mask though, get a mask with a difference, for example, a mouth mask which makes the wearer look like a cute little kitty cat. 
These items are very popular during the winter and can have heavy sales on Black Friday.
If your target audience are moms with little children, then you can sell two different masks to the buyer, one a little smaller in size than the other to double your profit! 
13. Accessories of Popular Games like PUBG and Fortnite-
Since these games have become all the rage, you can jump on the bandwagon and sell items related to these hugely popular video games. 
There are keychains available on AliExpress with designs from PUBG which will appeal to any true gaming fan. The keychains are replicas of the weapons used in the game and also the famous helmet.
These items are a sure shot thing and will sell by the hundreds. What’s more, they are quite cheap to source and cost about $1.3 to $3.5. You can sell them for almost 3 to 10 times the amount and make big profits. Try to target Facebook pages which are dedicated to these games. You can also do Instagram influencer marketing and get sales from that. There are no limits to the amounts of upsells you can do with these products as the number of items available are nearly limitless.

14. Dropship Gym Equipment- 
People who are health conscious might overeat during the festive season but will always remember to take care of their health and weight so there is always a perennial demand for gym equipment. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
The only problem is that such equipment is usually very costly to ship but there is a solution to this issue, all you have to do is get a local dropshipping supplier who has low transportation fees and you’ll be hitting upon a largely untapped goldmine with lots of profit potential.
Upsell one gym item with other gym items and you’ll be getting a large source of revenue.
15. Handbags–  
Its holiday season and that means that more and more people will be going out to watch the sights, eat good food and just have a generally great time.
This means that they’ll need good handbags and that is why handbags are next on our list and are one of the best things to dropship during Black Friday. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
Every girl likes a good handbag so be sure to choose some really cool looking ones from AliExpress or any other supplier that you might have. 
Remember, although cute designs may appeal to most people, some women prefer more sombre colors and so you should think about the pros and cons and choose the product you know will sell. See data on how many products have already been sold and you’ll have a solid idea on how many will sell in the future. 
You can upsell handbags with any kind of jewelry and other small ticket items and get good returns.
16. Portable Bluetooth Speakers- 
Black Friday is a day which heralds a lot of incoming parties and people do love their music during parties. 
There are many cute looking, low priced but high-quality Bluetooth speakers on AliExpress which should meet all your supply requirements.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
You can dropship one which looks like a mushroom, some which look like cute toy animals and even a little robot- the most popular option. 
You can get the Mushroom speaker for around $5 and the Robot for as little as $8.40.
These can be sold for around $20 to $25 at a high profit. 
Pair these devices with some other music related items such as a mug which has a guitar as its handle or some good earphones.
17. Some Kawaii Pens- 
Both premium and cute stationery have made a comeback in recent years. Your customers will buy them on Black Friday because they make perfect small gifts which can be given to a large number of people.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
These pens write smoothly and are available in several appealing designs. 
Target women between 16 and 18 as your customers on advertising mediums as they are most likely to still be in school, gift these pens to their friends and fellows and have the purchasing power to buy them by themselves. 
You can upsell these Kawaii pens with some cool paper weights and people will buy the things in your combination.
18. Shirts That You Have Designed- 
Custom printed shirts are another hot topic item that sells well on Black Friday. Try to get some Christmas and Holiday related graphics and words on the shirts you make so that they will appeal more to the customers. 
There are a number of companies such as Printful on Shopify which can do an integration with your store and you can design shirts with them and they will deliver them to your customers, either at a nominal cost or with some more money attached.
You can even custom print other items such as mugs and cushions and sell these on your store. 
19. BTS Related Merchandise- 
There is a lot of K-Pop related merchandise on AliExpress and it can be a great idea to dropship it on your store. 
BTS is the most popular and happening boy band in recent times and have even given a speech at the United Nations. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
Catch the wave of love that is sweeping the nation for these cool boys and make as the lot of profit selling bags, sweatshirts, shoes, watches, T-Shirts, Jewelry, and hoodies related to them.
You can upsell any item with another at your wish and if you don’t want to sell BTS merchandise, then there are other bands out there whose products you can dropship easily.
20. Mini Hair Straightener-
Everyone wants to look good on the holidays and that is why there is a huge rush to find self-care and grooming products on Black Friday. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
You can also get into the game by dropshipping cute mini hair straighteners which are sure to have a big demand. 
Make certain that you get only a high-quality device from your supplier as low-quality devices might malfunction and the person might be harmed. 
This might also lead you to be sued.
Pair the hair straightener with other self-care and grooming products like makeup or a comb and mirror.
The best thing is that you can get a very stylish hair straightener for just about $5 dollars on AliExpress and these will be of high quality too.
21. Travel Pillow- 
Travel pillows are a great item that you can dropship on Black Friday.
People are going to go on vacation soon and might not like the beds provided to them in their journey and they will also need a good pillow with them on their flight.
Such pillows are also used by people to reduce neck pain.
You can get them cheap on AliExpress for just around $3.60 and sell them at a much higher price. 
Get some with cool prints on them to appeal to a younger crowd such as millennials while you can market higher quality premium neck pillows for people with neck pain.
22. Smart Watches–
Smart Watches are in vogue. 
People find it cool to walk flaunting a watch which does a lot more than tell time. 
Although there are premium and costly smartwatches such as Fitbits out there, many people also wear lower-end devices which have almost all the functionality of the higher-end products.
Cawono’s Bluetooth smart watches can be found on AliExpress for just $11, have a 4.7-star rating and have had more than 11,000 sales! 
This should give you an idea about the popularity of such devices. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
Smartwatches are best sold using a bold advertisement detailing all the benefits of their use such as an ability to take calls on your phone, tracking your sleep patterns so that you’ll sleep better, monitoring your heart-beat, pedometer and even note-taking. 
The watch even has a 0.3MP camera and your customers will be able to listen to music on it.
Pair a smartwatch and upsell it with products like a smart ring! 

23. Smart Ring- 
Many customers prefer smart rings to smartwatches because of their versatile nature. 
These devices use NFL technology to work and connect to the user’s smartphone.
They can be used to make quick and easy payments, track activity like a smart watch, offer a wide variety of gesture control and of course, are cool looking pieces of jewelry. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
These rings have an increasing demand because of the growth of the Internet of Things and people becoming more open minded to gadgets other than the smartphone.
Healthcare and cloud computing have also been driving up demand for smart rings.
Some of these rings can be bought for just $1.68 on AliExpress while others go up to $10.
You can dropship them at a cost you think is reasonable, usually 10x for $1.68 and less for the costlier versions.
24. Fleece Jacket- 
Fleece Jackets are warm, cozy and comfortable and are in huge demand during Black Friday. They are available from several dropshipping suppliers and you can make a killing selling them. 
Just be careful to choose a version which is aesthetically appealing to many people and you’ll do great. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
One idea is that you can target a specific niche in Fleece Jackets such as people who love Anime. 
You should always aim at niche markets because dropshipping stores have a greater chance of success when they do so.
You can first do a little research on which Anime is currently popular and trending or you can go for some evergreens like Fairytail and Dragon Ball Z.
The cuter your product and the stronger it resonates with your customers, the more the chances are of you selling it.
25. Heated Water Bowl For Pets- 
This is another great product related to pets which will do great on Black Friday. 
Pet owners don’t want their beloved pooches and kittens to drink freezing cold water and so will definitely buy a heated water bowl for them.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
You can buy them for about $12 to $24 from suppliers on AliExpress and sell them for double that price or say at $29.99 flat. 
Since shipping is free to the USA, you won’t have to worry about that part of the business.
You’ll also get a warm feeling from selling this product as you’ll be making the lives of many lovable pets easier. 
26. Snow Goggles- 
There are several snow storms during winter time and many people need a good pair of snow goggles to keep their eyes safe and watch the road when they are cycling. 
That is why snow goggles make it to our list of the best items that can be sold during Black Friday. 
The goggles will let your customer enjoy the activities they are doing in the snow more easily be it skiing, snowboarding or just making snowmen and snow angels.
You can make an advertisement regarding the importance of snow goggles for children who play when the snow falls, target it to their parents and watch as your sales go through the roof. Be sure to inform them about how these goggles can protect their little ones from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
27. Snow Ball Maker- 
Kids are going to be kids and they are going to play with snow and snowballs during winter. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay
People who shop for Black Friday know this and thus snowball makers are a great product that you can dropship at this time.
These products have an immense novelty value to them and people will buy them up quickly from you as they make perfect inexpensive gifts to give to little children. 
You can get these snowball makers for just around a dollar using suppliers on AliExpress which you can then sell for five or even ten dollars. 
Upsell these devices with gloves and socks and you should be good to go to get a lot of profit.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Products To Sell On Black Friday 2021
This was our article on the best products to dropship on Black Friday 2021. 
We hope you enjoyed reading and we wish you a lot of success ahead. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Product Targeting Ad Sets

All winning products come with 3x FB targeting sets. That’s right! 3 sets to choose from!
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Suppliers, Competitors, and Profit Charts

Increase your sales quickly by using trustworthy winning product suppliers!
Everybody struggles when it comes to finding potential winning products. It takes a lot of tiring research and the results are not always guaranteed. We know that the odds are not always in your favor but don’t get discouraged.
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Other Ecomlad Features:

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Shopify eCommerce Store Done For You by Ecomlad Team ( They are trusted by Grant Cardone & many more)
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Shopify Account Set Up From Scratch
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Email Marketing Setup With Klaviyo
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Some Of their Students Results

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Ecomlad will also include their complete courses from Ads by Ecomlad for free if you join their Lifetime Membership Today!
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76% Discount | Custom Store Design By Ecomlad
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Higher Success Rate
Since all your focus is on a single product or a niche selection, you are way more likely to succeed with your store.
Branded Content
We will create custom branded banners for your store, graphics and logo options so your store will appear more professional and gain more trust from your customers.
Product Oriented
Since there is only one product or niche category, our design team can create your whole website around it, this will increase your conversion rate dramatically.
Want a Conversion Oriented Store Get your hands on Ecomlad Now.
Ecomlad – What Actually is it?
Ecomlad is a sophisticated piece of software that attempts to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in growing their online stores. This tool can be used on any eCommerce platform, such as Amazon or eBay, as well as on your own WooCommerce or Shopify sites.
You may use Ecomlad to establish your own unique Shopify store, find viral products for your store, analyse audiences, spy on your competitors; advertisements, learn how to make winning advertisements, and learn how to target the correct audiences with your products.

You’ll receive access to a variety of tools and blueprints that will help you acquire an unfair advantage over your competition once you’re inside.
Recently, Ecomlad has been extensively pushing itself online. Ecomlad reviews abound, demonstrating both its positive and negative characteristics. They’ve joined a highly competitive niche that’s only going to get more competitive.
As a result, they’re leveraging smart data to help automate procedures and provide their users with a wealth of innovative product ideas.
How does Ecomlad Works?
In order to take advantage of this tool’s special capabilities, you’ll need to subscribe. You’ll be able to import the tool into your own store after you join up for Ecomlad and choose your subscription (more on subscriptions below).
After that, you may start using the Ecomlad database to conduct audience research, spy on your competitors, and generate effective adverts.
You’ll be able to earn sales and increase your income once you’ve chosen your products, advertised them, and directed traffic to your site. On a monthly basis, about 300 new products are added. Basically, the EComlad team sends you monthly products that have been shown to sell online.

You may rely on Ecomlad’s algorithms to identify exactly the perfect products for you instead of wasting time and money on product research. You’ll also have access to competition data, video advertisements, Facebook advertisements, ongoing training, and a dedicated team ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using this product.
You’ll get access to endless hours of training and innumerable product testing sessions using this tool. You’ll also have access to a series of courses and training videos that will help you take your dropshipping business from zero to hero in no time. Ecomlad will save you time and money whether you are a novice or a seasoned dropshipper.
Membership Options:
As an Ecomlad member, you get access to all of the tool’s features and specifications. Ecomlad’s staffchose to offer five different membership levels in order to meet all of their clients needs:

3-day membership for only $2.99: this is the ideal trial for folks who wish to learn about allof the program’s features and tools.
Monthly membership for $39: this is the most common membership option for dropshippersthat like to work on a monthly pricing plan. This feature allows you to stop paying wheneveryou want to save money.
A three-month membership is $89, which is a better price than a monthly membership.
If you think Ecomlad is for you, you should absolutely take advantage of this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. 6 months membership for $119: an even better value than the 3- months membership.
Lifetime membership for only $119: if you think Ecomlad is for you, you should definitelytake advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance. For the purchase of only 6 months, you canhave lifetime access.

Ecomlad Features:
Ecomlad has many product search features to promote your sale:

Access to hundreds of databases of multiple items for sale
Daily update of the selection of winning products
Targeting potential sellers on Facebook
Video ad for each product on sale in your shop
Monitoring of other sellers (competitors) to better choose the items with high
Potential and so that there is less competition
Access to product databases and full analysis

You will be able to get detailed statistics (prices, reviews and reviews, competition) for over 10,000 winning items thanks to Ecomlad. An beneficial feature that allows you to save a significant amount of time by not having to hunt for them one by one.
Ecomlad uses these facts to estimate how much money you can make from the sale of a product. It also provides information about a winning product’s popularity, which is useful for analysing its competitors. Strong product rivalry will complicate your sales, which is why, before introducing a product to your shop, you should conduct a thorough investigation of it.
Continuous Addition Of New Winning Products
More than 250 new winning products are uploaded to Ecomlad every month to keep up with the latest items to sell and to broaden the selection criteria. Ecomlad is solely interested in high-quality products, not in quantity. This feature is handy for avoiding the need to hunt for things to sell. You’ll be able to sell the products you found on Ecomlad in your shop after that.
Targeting a good Facebook audience

It features a product with Facebook targeting to help you grow your business quickly. After you’ve created a winning product, you’ll need to find the ideal people to market it to. This feature is available for that purpose. Ecomlad’s targeting tool allows you to promote your products to the correct audience and thus get greater sales results.
Direct access to product suppliers
It allows you to go straight to the websites that sell the winning products and locate the best prices. Ecomlad presents a table of advantages that shows the predicted improvements for various goods.

It is vital to keep track of competitors in order to develop a sales plan and stay on top of the best- selling products. This is necessary so that you may form your own opinion about a product and compare it to the figures of other merchants.
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FAQ’s On Ecomlad Lifetime Membership Coupon 2021

💥Is Ecomlad safe and secure to use?

Yes Ecomlad is 100 %safe, they take utmost care of their security and they use Stripe & Paypal for billing to their customers.

🔥How Accurate Is the Data of Ecomlad?

Ecomlad claims they provided 101% accurate data and thousands of students have their services, they are happy & satisfied. Even real estate Tycoon Grant Cardone love their services.

👉Does Ecomlad offers Lifetime membership coupon ?

Yes Ecomlad is offering lifetime membership at $67 for limited period time but usually they have lifetime members at $199.99.

💰 How much can I save with Ecomlad Coupons & Promo codes?

You can save lot of money with Ecomlad lifetime membership they offering bonuses worth $15k and lifetime membership costs $199.99.

🛒 What is the best valid Ecomlad coupon that I can use?

On BloggersIdeas we will provide you with best valid Ecomlad coupon code, they have lifetime membership at highly discounted price of $199.99.

😃 Can I use more than one Ecomlad Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

NO for every single order, you can use single coupon code provided by Ecomlad.

👉How often the Ecomlad Products List is updated?

Ecomlad team keeps updating the lists on daily basis, their team always look for the hot & trending products in the market.

✅Is there a cost for updates for Ecomlad lifetime deal?

No there is no additional cost of upgrades, the Ecomlad team will constantly update their database and each upgrades will be smoothly applied to your lifetime members without costing a dime.

💪Do I need to install anything to use Ecomlad?

No you dont need to install anything, Ecomlad is cloud based application, just login & start using it easily.

✅Is there a contract With Ecomlad subscriptions?

If you opted for any Ecomlad subscriptions , you can cancel it anytime you want. You can always reach out to their support and asked for cancellation. Contact them here [email protected]

Over To You: Ecomlad Lifetime Membership Deal Coupon Code 2021
Ecomlad LIMITED TIME OFFER stands at just $97 instead of 199$ with Lifetime Access. One Time Only Payment. No Subscription, No Hidden Fees! Even if you already have an active subscription, Ecomlad can upgrade you to a Lifetime Plan for just one payment of $67.
You Can Also Check Contact Their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

BrandBuilders Overview 2021 Completed-For-You Web sites To Make Cash

In this BrandBuilders review, I want to talk about what BrandBuilders does and why the service is worth a look if you’re in the business of making money online.
Growing your website and building an online income is a big job – you need all the help you can get!
With that said, there are countless horror stories from entrepreneurs who tried a new service that promised them the moon but ended in disappointment – and lighter wallets too. Many marketing agencies these days seem more focused on their sales pitch than on delivering value for actual customers.
Fortunately, this isn’t the case with, a great company that offers a range of affiliate marketing and eCommerce services for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. It’s owned by mainstays in the niche and affiliate marketing space, including Jon Gillham of Authority Website Income and Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits.

BrandBuilders Review 2021 Done-For-You Websites To Make Money
What is BrandBuilders
BrandBuilders is a company that offers online marketing services and premade sites for small businesses, affiliate marketers, and bloggers looking to make money online. The company’s tagline is: “We build your affiliate & eCommerce brand.”
But at its core, this online marketing service is focused on building starter digital assets for you in the form of turnkey websites or eCommerce stores. They take their knowledge of online best practices and search engines to help business owners succeed.

There are a handful of other companies in this space offering things like premade sites and content creation for affiliate marketing and eCommerce businesses, but in this BrandBuilders review, I’m going to focus on Brandbuilders and what makes them unique.

Brand Builders Services
Now that you understand what Brand Builders is all about, here’s a closer look at the four key services that BrandBuilders offers!
Done-for-You Affiliate WebsitesI’ve known about for a while, and this right here is their bread-and-butter: the turnkey website. The idea behind this is, rather than you having to build a new affiliate site from scratch, you can purchase one built by a team of experts.

They take care all of the initial work for you, from competitive analysis and keyword research to initial content creation and web design. Best of all, because they’ve been in the online marketing space for so long, they also provide you with article templates, SOPs, and plenty of training videos to teach you how to make the most of your new affiliate site!
Quick Links :

Here are just a few of the industries that BrandBuilders has covered before:
But that’s not an exhaustive list of the niches they’ve worked in. I’m sure if you can think of a niche, you can probably find a premade website for it from BrandBuilders.
Custom Websites
If a premade site doesn’t quite fit what you want, they can also make a custom Amazon site just for you in just 3 weeks! Custom websites are similar to premade sites, except you call all the shots and get a host of additional services to set you up for success.

Their custom website option is basically the difference between buying a pre-built home that’s already on the market versus building your own. It’ll definitely cost more, but if you’re interested in money online, you get an entire team of experts working on building a site according to your vision!
Done-for-You Ecommerce Websites
Similar to the done-for-you affiliate site, there are done-for-you FBA eCommerce sites at Brand Builders as well!
In this case, they set you up to sell products online with an Amazon FBA dropshipping site that’s already established. They’ll find a profitable eCommerce niche for you and handle all of the nuts and bolts of building the store, so you can take the reins and build your eCommerce site from there.
I believe this is a newer offering from them, so I don’t have a lot of experience judging how well a premade Shopify or Amazon FBA eCommerce site from Brand Builders works. But if it’s anything like their affiliate sites, I’m sure they provide plenty of support.
Just be sure to do your due diligence!
Premium Content Creation
Whether you end up getting your site from BrandBuilders or not, you can hire them to create affiliate content for your website. This is an area where Brand Builders really shines.

There’s almost nothing as important for your online business as quality content that reflects well on your brand. While this company’s blog content isn’t always perfect, I think they strike the right balance between accommodating the demands of huge content orders and producing content that gets the job done.
They primarily provide the following types of articles:

Buying guides
Product reviews
Informational/pillar articles

They use native English speaking writers and have also recently started running all of their content through the on-page optimization tool Surfer SEO. This means your content has the best possible shot at ranking, and it means that you’re not paying for extra words in your articles that won’t help you rank in Google.
With that said, I feel I should point out that the content quality through an agency is rarely as good as what you can get from a dedicated freelancer. If your goal is to get tens of thousands of words of good content and fast, though, then Brand Builders is a great option!
Thankfully, this company has experts who really know their stuff. They can handle keyword research, writing, optimization, editing, and publishing for you. It’s all about matching up your needs with what’s available out there – and I think BrandBuilders is a perfect choice for anyone looking to grow their online business with a lot of affiliate content!
Natural Outreach Link Building
Link building and outreach is another service that the company offers. This is intended for affiliate websites but could be applicable to any small business that wants to grow with some quality backlinks.
Like I mentioned when discussing the ecommerce websites option, I’m not as familiar with their link building offering. I don’t think it’s their primary area of expertise, but they do include this in some of their packages, so it’s likely something they do often.

On the site, they mention building white hat guest post links, and all you have to do is let them know which pages, anchor text, and domain rating you want. They can do link building to fit any budget – and they write the guest post for you!
Prices for standalone link building range from $100 for a single link up to several thousand dollars for 5 or 10 links, depending on the domain rating you choose.

Who Is Brand Builders For?
Now we’ve covered what the company offers, let’s look at who BrandBuilders is targeting and can benefit most from their work.
As I mentioned before, this service is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and small business owners who are looking to make money online.
But depending on your level of experience, it’s helpful for different reasons!
Why It’s Great for Beginners
BrandBuilders offers premade sites that are great for people who are new to the world of online business because it helps them bypass the challenging first steps, like competitive research, finding a domain and host, building a WordPress site, hiring authors, joining affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, and setting up an email list.
Marketing gurus try to make all of this stuff sound complicated, so if you want to avoid spending years spinning your wheels trying to follow all of that information, you can take a shortcut with a turnkey website.
Instead of getting stuck at the starting line, you can take ownership of a fully functional and optimized website within just 24 hours! You also receive valuable training from proven experts to grow your site from there.
Why It’s Great for Experts
The premade affiliate site is also great for people with lots of experience, including portfolio managers with other successful sites. Just because you know how to build a new website or eCommerce store, that doesn’t mean you have the time to do it – or the processes and systems in place to easily delegate the work!
For a low one-time payment, BrandBuilders will hand off a site that’s ready to go in just 24 hours – and completely skip the grind of the first 6 months or so in a new site.
Alternatively, they can build you a custom site that’s uniquely based on the idea you have. This is perfect for experts who have a strategy and vision in mind but don’t have the bandwidth to execute creating a brand-new site from scratch on their own.
We all know entrepreneurs who have more business ideas than they can possibly follow through on. If that’s you, then BrandBuilders can help turn your idea for a niche site or eCommerce store into a reality.
Who Shouldn’t Hire Brand Builders?
Brand Builders is a great service run by experts in the affiliate marketing space, but it’s definitely not magic. Even if you invest thousands of dollars into your business by hiring them, you still have a lot of work to do if you’re looking to be successful.
I would say, anyone who’s serious about their online business should consider working with Brand Builders. They do offer a free coaching call if you want to talk to them and learn more before making any kind of purchase.
On the other hand, if you’re on the fence about this whole “making money online” thing, and you are thinking about hiring this agency or another like it, here’s the bottom line: don’t expect them to do all the work for you.
No matter how much you pay, there will always be way more for you to do in your business than an outside company can or will do. So, don’t bother spending the money if you’re not 100% serious about affiliate marketing and making your site a success – otherwise, you’re throwing good money away.
I think Brand Builders is a solid option for a premade turnkey site or some affiliate content, but what you do from there is up to you!
BrandBuilders Plans and Pricing
If you’re interested in getting help for your online business from BrandBuilders, here are the three different plans they offer.
Standard ($1999) – This includes 13K words of niche content, an ebook, email autoresponder series, logo design, VPS hosting for one year, and one private coaching call.
Premium ($3999) – Everything in the standard plan, but with 29K words of niche content, retargeting, advanced email autoresponder, infographic, and six private monthly coaching calls.
Authority ($5999) – Everything in the Premium plan, but with 57K words of niche content, 10 whitehat backlinks, content silos, advanced email opt-ins, templates for keyword research and article writing, and 12 monthly private coaching calls.
Personally, I think if you’re still new to online marketing and affiliate sites, it’s best for you to go with the Standard plan and ensure you can make that work before considering a higher-tier plan.
But if you’re an expert and know exactly what you’re doing, it makes more sense to go for Premium or Authority, since you’re much more likely to make a good return on your investment.
The company also offers these services separately, if you just need a few blog posts are written or some link building done. You can visit their site to

Customer Service
I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’ve had a good experience with the company. I feel like they are most responsive and helpful, and they definitely have a lot of knowledge in the affiliate marketing and eCommerce space.
I will say that it may take some time to get what you ordered. I don’t know that they always hit the timetables they advertise, but that’s probably not unique to them! If you’re on a really tight deadline, you should make sure they know that before you sign up for anything.
The most important thing is that they offer unlimited revisions on content, logos, and other aspects of a website. In the end, it comes across that they really do care about making their customers happy.

Pros and Cons of Brand Builders
At this point in our BrandBuilders review, we’ve already covered the services they offer, their plans/pricing, and customer service.
Before we wrap it up, I want to share a quick look at some pros and cons of BrandBuilders.
ProsProvides high-quality done-for-you niche sites and eCommerce sitesOffers custom sites and premium content creation services to help you make your online vision a realityHelps you skip the grind and missteps of setting up your own brand-new websiteGives you a new premade website in just 24 hours, or a custom website in just 3 weeksIncludes great training resources from experts who do this kind of work every day, guiding you step by step through the processConsYou still have a ton of work to do to promote, grow, and monetize your websiteBuying a turnkey website is no guarantee of future profitsHiring out the work may gloss over some of the key steps you need to know for making money onlineBrand Builders Review Wrap-up

Testimonials Brandbuilders & Reviews
“The BrandBuilders team did an awesome job taking care of my order. They took time to understand my order and what I wanted, then they executed well.”
“This service is 100% hands-free and allows you to focus on your business…”As my Amazon business started growing, I knew I needed an Authority Website to help grow my brand. Andrew was the first one I thought of, because of his history and track record of building these types of websites. This service is 100% hands free and allows you to focus on your business and not the tedious tasks of ranking and building a website. It’s a set it and forgot it process that allows my brand to grow each and every month. Thanks Brand Builders for creating this awesome service.
“I was able to generate 10 sales per day at $10 profit/sale all because of the hundreds of visitors these sites were driving to my listing…”Andrew, the main person behind Brand Builders has built both my affiliate site and brand site for my Amazon FBA business. Almost instantly when I launched my Private Label product I was able to generate 10 sales per day at $10 profit/sale all because of the hundreds of visitors these sites were driving to my listing. The 2 best parts of having this external channel are that the sales drive up my ranking (resulting in more sales) and if for whatever reason Amazon kicks me off I simply start selling them from my website!

Quick Links:

Conclusion: BrandBuilders Review 2021 Best Done For You Affiliate & Ecommerce Websites in 2021
I think this company’s premade niche sites are definitely worth the money, considering they handle so many different aspects of the process to get a website off the ground for you. As a reminder, they do the research, build the site, provide hosting, get it monetized with Amazon Associates, and provide training and support to give you the best chance for success!
I would also recommend their content creation service, at least at the lower tiers – in my opinion, the more expensive packages are only worth it if you’re already making money from your website.

Ultimately, whether you choose to work with a service like BrandBuilders depends on your own goals, resources, and abilities. I can’t tell you whether it’s the right call for you, but hopefully, this BrandBuilders review has given enough information to help you decide for yourself!
Thanks for reading! If you are interested and want to get started or learn more about what they do, you can check out the BrandBuilders site here.

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I assume that you might be having some questions regarding the Wishpond coupon code, isn’t it? So, here I’m going to help you know about the Wishpond coupon code and details about them.
Wishpond is nothing but a whole suitcase that can fulfill your online retailing necessities. It usually helps you by some techniques like grabbing the audience by constructing and launching landing pages which can attract the visitors and it also transfers them into the leads.

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Bottom Line Upfront: Wishpond is an amazing platform for lead generation and marketing automation. It offers many amazing tools such as Landing page builder, A/B Split Testing tool, and Lead Management tool. You can easily create leads with these tools. With our special offer, you can get up to 15% off on Wishpond.

About Wishpond
Wishpond is a magnificent marketing channel constructor tool that matches you mostly with all the retailing necessities. It is a convenient program. one must say, its features and functions are impressive and it would not disappoint you. Wishpond consists of mostly all the tools to satisfy the medium marketing strategy.
The distinctive thing about Wishpond is competitions and shoutouts. It will automatically profit the leads by creating awareness about your brands and audience allegiance. For newbies, Wishpond helps them to learn this business channel easily without any issues and also helps to increase the growth of their business.

You should get into this platform for your websites as it helps to increase your leads. The Wishpond has got better reviews from the customer and it shows its importance.
It has so many benefits and points, and in case if you can’t build your page because of your timing or tight schedule then definitely this is the best self-assured landing page you have chosen for your site.
Also, this platform is great if you need any kind of help for current social media competitions, it will be your retailing tool for the competition you have got on social media.
In this article, I have covered Wishpond Overview, Wishpond Discount, Wishpond coupon code, Wishpond Promo Code, Wishpond features, & more…
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WishPond Features:  (WishPond Coupon Code – 100% Verified)

1)   Coupon can be Published Anywhere
Wishpond Coupon Code gives you the freedom to publish the coupon codes on various digital platforms. This enables you to cover a wider audience. The platforms include:

Your website
Your Blog
Wishpond subdomain

2)   Easy Customization of Coupon

You can easily customize coupon codes and upload them.
It allows you to automatically generate coupons.
The use of only one coupon code is permitted.
You can limit the availability of the number of coupons.
An interesting feature is that email delivery of coupons is facilitated.
The coupons can be published with a set time limit.

3)    Visually Appealing on every Device

You can automatically create beautiful coupon promotions without any coding, on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets with the help of Wishpond’s coupon builder. Since the traffic to your website is majorly through a mobile device, using the Wishpond coupon code will be highly beneficial in bringing in a new audience to your website.
4)   Create your Promotion

The WYSIWYG editor is included in the software, thus enabling you to edit your content, text, or graphics.
They have a collection of beautiful templates to choose from.
The coupon codes are highly mobile-responsive which ensures user-friendly access to your audience.
The Wishpond Coupon Code software includes Custom JavaScript, HTML text editor, and custom CSS styling.
Social media buttons are easily accessible to users.

5)   Turn coupon recipients into Conversions with Wishpond Coupon Code marketing tools
Email Marketing: Marketing through email has never been more resourceful and efficient. With its marketing tools, Wishpond Coupon Code facilitates the smooth sending of emails and nurtures lead conversions. Their tool has a convenient mobile-optimized drag-and-drop builder with a variety of templates for quick solutions.
It provides real-time analytics, thus enabling you to test variations of your emails through the A/B testing method and make changes accordingly. It has a unique feature that allows you to create and send emails automatically based on your audience’s interaction with the website.
Landing Pages: We all know the significance of landing pages for the website and business. Wishpond Coupon Code allows you to build quick landing pages without any programming knowledge.
The highlight of this feature is that you can publish your landing page anywhere, from Facebook to your blog or your website. Again, real-time analytics with A/B split testing optimizes your landing page.
Marketing Automation: Automation of marketing tools is the need of the hour for every digital marketer. Using efficient marketing tools enables high conversion rates and customer retention. The tools used by Wishpond Coupon Code can customize and personalize the emails and also send them as per the customer’s preferences and choices.
It helps in identifying potential leads by intimidating the sales team about it through email reminders. They have an impressive list of integrations that work well with different tools making the overall marketing operations smooth and more efficient.
Website Popups: Creating popups for websites is an easy way to generate traffic and leads. Wishpond Coupon Code’s popup builder offers a library of mobile-responsive templates to create a popup that fits your business and audience. You can build any type of popup by adding animations to welcome mats, slide-in popups, or opt-in bars.
It can be added anywhere on your website or eCommerce store to appear on your chosen spot like scroll, entry, exit, or click. It can track your campaign performance through detailed weekly statistics and specific URLs connected to each popup.
6)   Integration
Wishpond integrates with more than 300 tools which include sales, analytics, email, and many other apps used on your website.  Some of the tools which it integrates with are:

Zapier – This tool connects Wishpond with more than 1000 apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Stripe, and many more.
ActiveCampaign – All-purpose email marketing platform to grow your business.
AWeber – An email marketing and autoresponder software.
Benchmark – An email tool that manages newsletters, surveys, and online polls.
Campaign Monitor – Easily create, send, and optimize email marketing campaigns.
Eventbrite – An effective tool to promote, manage, and host successful events.
MailChimp – One of the best tools in the market for email marketing and contact distribution.
Salesforce – An effective CRM solution for global sales.
Shopify – An eCommerce tool to increase the website traffic into conversions by connecting to Wishpond.
Slack – A team chat tool for real-time messaging, archiving, and searching for modern teams.

7)   Customize your Form
Wishpond coupon code gives you the option of customizing your coupon forms with ease with various field alternatives. The main features of form filling are as below:

You get the advantage of pre-filled fields.
If you wish to hide a certain field from your audience, it can be done easily with Wishpond.
They provide you with an email list opt-in service.
The biggest benefit is you get unlimited form fields to choose from.
The form fields can be customized as per your prerequisites.
In case you have a customized form that you have built, the Wishpond coupon code provides you with the file upload solution. Just upload the particular file to the Wishpond form and your task is completed.

8)   Nurture your Leads
The core idea of using a coupon code is to convert the website leads into conversions. There are various methods by which this can be done with the help of proper tools and software. Listed below are the Wishpond coupon code features which help you in nurturing your leads and making way for better sales.

Every plan you purchase has a certain lead limit that cannot be exceeded. With this coupon code, you can send emails to 10x more leads than the limit set by your purchased plan.
Say you have a newsletter or promotional coupon which has been successful in the past and you want to use it again. Or you want to send it to multiple recipients. This task becomes very easy with the Wishpond coupon code as it allows you to create duplicate email letters within a short period.
The email builder is a very convenient drag-and-drop tool with simple controls.
It allows you to send text messages with ease.
A bonus advantage is that it facilitates easy transfer of data from 10 email marketing integrations

9)   Bonus features
Giving out special coupon codes is one of the best ways to divert traffic to your website and make conversions. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Wishpond coupon code offers bonus benefits to its customers.

In case of any queries, the customers can get support through email, phone, or live chat.
Wishpond coupon code integrates seamlessly with various CRMs and other tools like GoToWebinar, Slack & Twilio.
If a particular campaign is not giving sufficient results, it can be easily replaced with a new one. With this feature, one can change the existing campaign, thus enabling dynamic replacement on campaigns.
It provides solutions for the management of all leads through sectionalisation and scoring methods.

Customer Support
Wishpond goes the extra mile when it comes to providing their customers with up-to-the-mark support from the team. They offer support through live chat, email as well as telephone calls.  Wishpond has a storage space known as Knowledge Base where you can find most answers to questions that have been asked by customers previously.
Everything is stored here for easy access by you. There is also an option for searching in the knowledge base for specific articles and information about the general how-to’s. The questions are carefully segregated into categories which makes it easier for you to find them and there they are marked popularity-wise.

Their live chat support is open on weekdays during office hours. Their service is quite reliable. You can choose to mail them on their official email id provided on the website as well. You can expect a response within a few hours. The phone support is available as well if you need to talk personally about an issue big enough to be explained on chat or email.
However, quick replies cannot be expected on the phone. All you have to do is call their number given on the website and press 1 for support, they will take a message and then call you back a short while later.
Overall, customer support is reliable, prompt, and responsive. There haven’t been complaints from the customers about the same so far. In comparison to other similar software, such a variety of options is only given by Wishpond, so that’s a plus.
Pros and Cons On WishPond Coupon Code
WishPond Pros

User-friendly interface
Up to the mark lead tracking
Fun to use notification creator
Ready-to-use templates with wonderful designs
Plenty of workflow options
Affordable and value for money in terms of features
Can transfer contacts from system to other systems such as CRM and ESP etc. very easily and in a hassle-free manner
Simplistic list-making features for particular categories

WishPond Cons

Not enough templates and options for contests
Integration is time-consuming
The capacity for reporting has its limits
Customer service is lacking. Not very helpful for solving queries
Overcritical Drag-N-Drop feature
No free set-up at entry-level

WishPond Pricing Plans: (Verified WishPond Coupon Code)
Wishpond coupon code offers you innumerable deals, offers, and additional coupons.  Like eBay offers you 30% off, with an extension of 60% off on online marketing books, it offers us 20% off on online digital marketing at Macy’s.

Amazon gives you fresh offers with 25% off on timely deals for online marketing { including amazon prime + free shipping}. To receive required notifications for further deals and offers, one can straightaway subscribe to Wishponds email newsletters to know more and more about coupon codes and discounts.
one can very easily choose the subscription option on Wishpond’s official website, where you can easily sign up and become a member of Wishpond’s newsletter, and hence, the subscribers can easily receive the emails regarding special offers and discounts which Wishpond has to offer.
Knoji even incorporates maximum  Wishpond coupons, it is indeed significant in providing us with new dealings and offers as associated with brands like Wishpond.
Thus, such a plan gives you 14 days free trial, and the pricing plan is a bit costly as it limits you to 1,000 leads in the basic plan that costs you 75 USD per month.

FAQs Related to Wishpond Coupon Code

🤔Why you need a landing page?

The most important reasons to have landing pages are as follows, Landing page grab the focus of customer and derive their decision and ultimately turn it into action, you can customize a landing page considering your client preferences and last but not the least you can have multiple landing pages to do A/B testing, A landing page is something that can be used to sell or promote services and product.

👉What is the best available coupon code offered by Wishpond today?

There are 3 best available options for coupon codes as offered by Wishpond today which is offering us a huge 25% off. and amongst the three coupons, this one is the best one available until now.

👉How do I find promo code for Wishpond?

Any user can find the coupon code on any of the required websites like koji with the best offers, discounts, and deals. then, after we find it, we need to copy that code to the clipboard and then we are expected and required to navigate to Wishpond’s official website which is, followed by pasting the copied code in the option of promo code box during the checkout. And then eventually, discount will be applied to our shopping cart and yet, the amount of the total order somewhat can easily be reduced but any user should be rational enough to read the required instructions mentioned for the coupon, so that we are made sure, whatever we applied for is correct and apt. because many coupons do have exceptions.

👉Which is the best Wishpond Pricing Plan apt for me?

While selecting a particular Wishpond plan requires you to choose the plan suited aptly to your business objectives, budget, and size, the basic plan will not only help you to opt for A/b testing but even introduces other additional options like increasing the allowances. And Wishpond makes it quite easy to upgrade whenever the change takes place.

WishPond Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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Today’s WishPond Top Offers

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How to use Wishpond Coupon Code
Let us get a basic idea about what Wishpond exactly is. It is essentially a marketing platform that assists you to generate, manage, and nurture leads. Wishpond is your helping hand for boosting your business.
This consists of equipment and features that help land pages, promoting social media pages, notifications of websites, submissions of online forms, tracking lead activities, managing leads, etc. It is the perfect go-to platform for people who wish to enter the field of marketing. There are existing integrations with more than 40 apps for sales, payments, analytics, etc.
What Wishpond does for you is that it assists to attract more people to the site by creating and launching appealing pages and converting leads.
Wishpond has a variety of applications to boost your marketing strategies. With the help of it, you can easily turn your website into one that advocates the SEO protocol. And all this without spending unnecessarily in terms of both money and time. It saves your efforts while giving you the best results.
How to Use
The users here are granted various offers by Wishpond which helps them to do all these things by different varieties of devices but also various handy this-party integrations fulfilling software are used like Highrise, Mailchimp, AWeber, Base CRM, and many more.
Wishpond’s coupon constructor instantly makes coupons. Promotion and commercials make a great impression on computers, tablets, and mobile phones and the good thing is no coding is necessary here.
Wishpond possesses many good and useful features through which it has pursued reputation and popularity in a certain time limit. Also, to cope with the marketing it needs to possess many applications.
Wishpond is totally SEO-friendly, that is it creates your site SEO-friendly and the best part is you should not waste much time and money. The customers here have achieved a rapid increase in their leads successfully after having these Wishponds for their websites.
Conclusion: WishPond Coupon Code 2021
It is pictured as a convenient and serene route to create and manage the leads, which can handle our business of any category to the Thrive. It commercializes itself as “the overall platform for retailers” and as it is an overall platform.
Also, there are hardly any reviews that can tinge on their popularity and reputation. It also gives you various and unique features that are helpful for the retailers and it also has free trials so that you can make your decisions clear.
You Can Also Check There Social Media Platform Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter

One must choose this platform as it is the easiest way to increase the reach of your business and it’s a fantastic tool to be used by any marketer.
Every business should give it a try for their business growth and find out how interesting it is for their websites. At least give a try at the 14 days free – trial and after using you might be satisfied and want to use the paid version too for the growth of your business.
Customer Success Story: Deviate Labs Gains 20k New Leads for Their Client!

ProfitBusters Evaluation 2021 | Begin Your POD(Print-On-Demand )Enterprise Simply ?

Customized products are always wonderful. Whether you are giving out gifts or you are an online entrepreneur, print on demand is a great way to customize products. Let me give you a ProfitBusters Review, to make you aware of an online platform, where you can customize your print ideas, and sell them
Print-on-demand is the process of customizing a white-label product with your idea or idea given by the customer. If you are a free thinker, you can insert your spin on anything from t-shirts to backpacks and sell them. This gives a fresh breath to those who are so done with the traditional method of buying and selling products and want to personalize the goods.
Now the main problem with the print on demand method is the ideas. It may be frustrating to search millions of pictures and rack your brain for the right picture. That is where ProfitBusters comes to your rescue. ProfitBusters is online software that helps you to increase the pace of your print-on-demand business by digging into the latest trends and finding the best pictures and ideas. ProfitBusters will show the latest trends and winners, which are updated daily.
This can save you loads of time so you can focus on creating the product, advertising it, and building a profitable business. So I would like to help you out know more about this amazing software, which made my life so much easier.

ProfitBusters Review 2021 | Is It Worth The Hype?
About ProfitBusters Review : Start Your POD(Print-On-Demand )Business Easily
ProfitBusters is the latest in print-on-demand business manifesto that has made a name for itself in the printing world. It is one of the platforms in the Shopify store that provides a place for all the artists that started with basic printing options. But it has come a long way and now has multiple options for you to start your business in the printing world.
If you are an artist, then make sure you have a few amazing designs as mockups to impress ProfitBusters and register therein. This will make it easier for you to place your work and be one of the winning products for sale. And if you are a customer then you are in for a whole new store of impressively and exclusively designed products by talented artists. All you need to do is visit ProfitBusters and select the products, follow the steps, and fill up details, and bam! Your order is placed. 

With ProfitBusters making their way in the Shopify store analysis we are delighted with making money through our talent and doing what we love to do. This platform is not just about printing on products, it also offers you a chance to customize accessories, blankets, and much more. Monetizing your talent has never been out of business and ProfitBusters has proved to be one of the best platforms to trust your work and streamline and bring the potential customers upfront. Now let’s take a look at what the ProfitBusters platform has in their pockets for us.

ProfitBusters Features

Printing options: The artist has the option of branding their products with their business tag on it, sublimation, direct to garment printing and 3D dye diffusion, and many such options where your customers can make a choice out of all. Also, your customers get the option of choosing the size of the print, quality, and type. All these options and I just can’t wait to be the user as well as the customer of the print providers!

Variety of products: From products like clothes and tee-shirts to blankets, sweats, and jewelry, and much much more. PrintBusters has brought a wide range of products to make customizations possible. And all this possible when you choose any one of their three plans. 

Sorted by performance: All the products mentioned above come under multiple categories which may confuse the customer and this is where this feature comes into work by categorizing all of them according to their respective niche. 

No limit in printing orders: If someone is looking out for printing in bulk, or just a few products, it is possible here with ProfitBusters. There is absolutely no limit since it is an on-demand printing platform. So just go on, select the prints, and get gifted with amazing customized products.

Friendly customer support: Since the time Shopify has given their platform to print-on-demand businesses, ProfitBusters has really made a name for itself with customer support that is available 24/7 and its responsive executives are ready to help you out, at any time.
Easy to use: ProfitBusters consist of a unique and easy to use interface that helps all the involved parties to carry out the task assigned.

Pros and Cons ProfitBusters
Pros ProfitBusters

One of the impressive offers of ProfitBusters is their weekly downloadable designs which you can easily cancel at any time if not satisfied. 
Unlike most print on demand websites, ProfitBusters is quite popular for its extensive customer support system that has helped so many beginner artists to start their business.
There are just so many product categories for artists to sell their art. The platform likewise benefits the customers to purchase unique and one-of-a-kind printed products from real artists.
The 24/7 support system is loaded with knowledgeable executives who are always ready to answer the most frequently asked questions from anyone and everyone. 
Despite being a print on demand platform, ProfitBusters is used not only for printing on basic mugs and tee shirts but also for items like jewelry and other accessories. 
To be successful with any business online, it is important to maintain engagement with the buyers i.e. be active on social media platforms. And I genuinely feel that being super active on such platforms does more than half the work for the artist who desires to sell their work online. 

Cons: ProfitBusters

Although easy, ProfitBusters is a business that also has its ups and downs. The profits of this business may vary from high to low at times depending on the genre of art that customers are demanding. So the artist may get paid a little less at times because of the percentage of the sales made during a particular month or year. 
One of the annoying things about print on demand business is that the sale doesn’t happen just when you post it. It takes lots of time to be able to get some recognition whereupon buyers will come to you for further engagement. But most of the time the artists are just left along if not handled through the right means.
The worst part is that ProfitBusters gives zero access to genuine feedback from customers. Since you are sort of a third party here, you don’t get to see who has purchased your work and is willing to buy again. The love and appreciation from customers are sacrificed in the ring of demand business.

ProfitBusters Pricing
ProfitBusters offers three plans to the artist where they can sell their work or for the customers to buy the artist’s work printed on the desired products. All three pricing plans contain the same features just the time frame varies.

Monthly plan- $30/month with limited time offer
Six-month plan- $25/month with limited time offer
Annual plan- $20/month with limited time offer

These plans include access to all products and hand-selected winning products that are the most looked after features of ProfitBusters.

Product Catalog

T-shirts (men, women, kids)
Coffee mugs
Phone covers
Clothes of any kind including sweatshirts, leggings and many more.
Photo frames
Backpacks and tote bags

My Personal Experience (ProfitBusters Reviews)
The best part for me while using this platform was their extensive research on trends that they made and the large number of categories that I could buy and sell my products on. It’s kind of impossible to stop shopping, as the amazing products just keep coming! I mean, who doesn’t want to be the cool kid around? I would not risk missing out on the ProfitBusters experience. 
FAQs Related To ProfitBusters Review

👉What exactly is print-on-demand(POD)?

Print-on-demand is the kind of business where artists get to sell their work by printing them on clothes or customizing accessories and jewelry through a printing medium such as ProfitBusters. From there, a customer can place orders and buy their products.

👉How is ProfitBusters is helpful?

As an artist, you would always lookout for a way to make your work recognizable and here we are with ProfitBusters that have come forward with their platform that has given many artists a chance of connecting with their potential customer base.

👉Will I be able to use ProfitBusters if I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You are always free to continue using your remaining term of the subscription and can access the platform as a customer.


Conclusion: ProfitBusters Review 2021 Start Your POD(Print-On-Demand )Business Easily?
With hundreds of print-on-demand websites coming into existence nowadays, ProfitBusters has been named among the top listed for its updated software that helps every newcomer in building and growing their business. 

The online platform offers a lot of benefits for a super-affordable price, and so, I highly recommend that you should give it a go and play around with the coolest customized product dealing, which is currently the hottest new trend.