Technique MCAT Prep Course Overview 2021: Is It Price The Hype?

With the dream of getting into a reputed medical school choosing the right path with the correct tools is of utmost priority to clear MCAT. Looking through the internet the options available for an online course you may come across reputed names like Princeton Review, Kaplan, or Blueprint.
Over these three major brands, allow me to tell you the reason for me selecting Blueprint Next Step Prep.
Bottom Line Upfront: 
So, Blueprint offers an amazing MCAT course with engaging course modules and in-depth instructor videos. It offers an incredible package that offers every aspect of MCAT medical school preparation. Their video lessons are top-notch and the practice materials are applaudable. Lastly, the company offers an abundance of helpful study resources and content-rich prep books. As my personal experience, I would recommend Blueprint to every MCAT aspirant if they are clear about their goal.

About Blueprint MCAT Prep Course

The company Blueprint Prep was founded in 2005, which means it has an experience of more than 15 years of helping young professionals such as me to clear competitive exams as MCAT, and thus I became less skeptical and more curious to know about Blueprint Prep. The company offers two courses- LSAT & MCAT.
As I was preparing for the MCAT, I focused on learning more about Blueprint Next Step, So firstly let me clarify why this prep course is called (Next Step) Prep course since there could be curious as to why it has such a robust long name for a course.
So I found out that in 2018, the company Blueprint Prep acquired a company called Next Step Test Prep, Next Step has been a pioneer in offering a world-class quality MCAT course, and has an award-winning digital platform.
In 2020, they rebranded the name as Blueprint MCAT(Next Step) Prep course and launched their new MCAT website providing their best technology, user interface, and data analytics for the students.
Combining the technical capabilities of Blueprint in creating a benchmark in online learning and the vast knowledge that Next Step had to offer along with a great overall reputation of the course the two were the right combination.  
The Courses have been designed to be accessible to their users as per their needs. With a vast array of detailed tools, lessons, practice material, detailed videos, office hours on the go. They have a set-up where you can “Test your might” by competing with yourself through their “Test out of” section. Cruise through 150 plus lessons each with detailed accessible classes, exams, videos, and other content. 

Now let’s talk about the course: 
As per my experience with the course, Blueprint MCAT is one of the best personalized online MCAT prep courses that offers an innovative custom study plan.  They have 160+ real-time modules of learning. Blueprint Next Step offers three Plans currently.

Blueprint Next Step MCAT Online Course (Hyperlink)
Blueprint Next Step MCAT Live Online Course 
Blueprint Next Step MCAT Personal Tutoring Course

Each of these courses are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the students in context to their requirements and the amount they are willing to spend on the programs. Blueprint is always working on fresher tools and new concepts to keep an edge from its competition.
I noticed that they make interesting video content to keep the students engaged rather than making them go through the long tiresome lectures. The Modules work great due to the fun practical tests that one can take, puzzle-solving questions, learning alternative methods to brush up concepts, and master the modules.
Each time you look for a topic there is not just one particular way of learning it. They ensure that there are multiple videos, theories, reasonings, and strategies that one can use. Ever wondered how complex molecules are?
How did you understand the breakdown of chemical compounds? Or How Biological changes can be studied by just looking at the diagrams in a textbook? Well, that is exactly the thing Blueprint has been working on.
They have designers working to make these diagrams, molecular constructs, and theories, what they do is they make detailed 3D graphics that simplify and rearrange the data to make it simpler and more futuristic. 

Segregating The Three Courses for a Better Understanding

1.Blueprint Next Step Prices
Blueprint Online has focused on making its products and pricing quite transparent. Offering multiple options to its students. Majorly Blueprint Next Step offers two courses, the 1-on-1 tutoring option is for students that are looking to excel at their scores even further.
From the two options, the first one is a self-paced online course with great analytics to monitor the progress of the preparations while the second-course option offers all the features with the Online course but with Live Classes.
Personally, I went with the Blueprint Online Live Course option as the Live Class Session was something of my need. The third option that is the Personal Tutoring Course is something that I did not seem interested in. 
2. Blueprint Next Step MCAT Online

6 months course costs $1799
9 months course costs $2199
12 months course costs $2499

What does the course offer? 

More than 4000 questions to practice on. 
15 realtime MCAT practice tests (includes AAMC exams) 
150 plus learning modules in different formats. 
More than 150 passages.
A total of 10,000 practical questions. 
6 review books revised with the latest curriculum. 

Whom is the Blueprint Next Step Online Course For?

This course is for the well versed MCAT aspirant. With all the tools, tricks, and whistles available at their disposal they can keenly look at increasing their scores by following up this course at their own pace and on their own terms.
Since the course offers three monthly options, you may be inclined to test it out in the beginning and then opt for the long term plan. So basically it is for those who love to study and practice in their own time and in their own way. 

3. Blueprint Next Step Live Online 
If you were to compare the Online course to the live course the major difference can be the 40 plus hours of live online tutor lessons by 2 MCAT skilled teachers. The Plan retails at $2499. 

What does the course offer? 

More than 4000 questions to practice on. 
15 realtime MCAT practice tests (includes AAMC exams) 
150 plus learning modules in different formats. 
More than 150 passages.
A total of 10,000 practical questions. 
6 review books revised with the latest curriculum. 
40 Plus live hours of online tutor lessons. 
2 dedicated MCAT Tutors. 
Options to retake unlimited classes at your own pace.

Whom is this course for?
I would recommend that this is the course plan that you should go for as it offers 40 plus online live classes by experienced tutors to help you clear your doubts or for you to really break down your material to understand and learn better.
The feature for you to retake all the classes to never miss out on any important modules is of great help. Following up on your progress here also involves 2 MCAT teachers along with the online analytics section on the user dashboard.
Blueprint Tutoring Pricing Option 

Rash Course Basic $2699
Core Package $3200
Premium Package $4000

Blueprint Crash Course Basic 

A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in a month. 
Live online tutoring available for 12 hours. 
10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
1-on-1 classes to help students. 
Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 

Blueprint Core Package 

A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in a month. 
Live online tutoring available for 40 hours. 
10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
1-on-1 classes to help students. 
Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 
Access to 4000 plus question banks. 

Blueprint Premium Package 

A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in 2 to 3 months. 
Live online tutoring available for 40 hours. 
10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
1-on-1 classes to help students. 
Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 
Access to 4000 plus question banks. 
Self Diagnostic Pre Tests 

Admissions Consultations Plans 

Mock Med School Interviews $799
Primary Medical School Admissions $1549
Secondary Application and Med School Interviews $1849
Comprehensive Admissions Package $3199 

In all the plans mentioned above the features included are mentioned below for your reference. 

A total of three mock interview sessions. This is what is only offered in the Mock School Interview Plan. For other features for you to use you will have to opt for the higher priced packages mentioned above. 
Brainstorming Sessions, Personalised Statement Review Sessions, 2 Experience Selection Sessions and a Premed Playbook is what is offered in the Primary Medical School Admissions Plan. 
The Secondary Application and Med School Interviews Plan offers Brainstorming sessions, personalised statement reviews, more than 10 essay reviews, Interview preparation notes and a thank you note, The Premed Playbook: A Guide to The Medical School Personal Statement and Review Sessions. 
The Comprehensive Admissions Package will give the students access to the brainstorming sessions, personal statement review sessions, 2 selected premium Selection Sessions, Secondaries Brainstorming Sessions, 10 Essay Reviews, Prep Interviews with notes along with the thank you note, 2 notebooks written by Dr. Ryan Gray: Premed Playbooks, Negotiating Waitlist and Financial Aid. 


You get more than you pay for: While looking for an MCAT prep course, students are compelled to choose from two of these three features, being vast and extensive modules, quality study material, and products at the right price.
It’s easy to find a course that’s affordable but that usually comes with weak study material, affordable with a small number of high-quality materials, or an expensive course with lots of high-quality study materials. However, Blueprint MCAT Review manages to balance these challenges and offers the students exactly what they pay for.
 Peace of Mind: As previously mentioned, there’s no excuse for an MCAT prep course to be stressful when the exam itself causes enough anxiety on its own. Therefore, some of the most helpful features Blueprint MCAT provides are the ones that reduce the amount of pressure on students’ shoulders. These features include the ample free study materials and their score increase guarantee.
Supplementary Materials: For the vast majority of students who enroll in this MCAT course, the materials it provides should be sufficient to prepare them for exam day. However, there may be some of you who need just a little bit more in order to feel fully prepared. The good news is that Blueprint MCAT offers lots of extras to meet this exact need, such as additional practice books and personal tutoring packages.
Get unlimited access to the live office hours feature and guided help from talented MCAT tutors. 
One of the best data analytics available to students for MCAT online prep helping students achieve their goals faster. 
The feature to customize the study plan is available for all students. This helps them grow and learn at their own pace. 


Mobile App: Not every student has the time in their busy schedule to sit down in front of their computer and go over their study material. While they may be able to do so once or twice a week, there are some who simply learn better on the go through the use of their mobile smart devices. And while Blueprint does its best to ensure that the majority of its study materials are compatible with these devices, the lack of a dedicated mobile app is still disappointing. 
Study Groups: If this course had an option to study in groups, it could be an addition to the somewhat great curriculum prepared by the Blueprint Next Step. I personally could have benefited from this myself.  

Customer Reviews:

The personalized tutoring was definitely the right choice. I received all the materials I needed to feel ready for the MCAT and my tutor helped make this overwhelming process much less stressful. I really enjoyed the personalized plan because we were able to work around my schedule and if anything needed to change, Emily was able to accommodate this.

FAQs- Blueprint prep MCAT  Review

🔥What does the Curriculum offer?

The Blueprint Curriculum offers the best online study material with access to numerous videos, prep tests, detailed lessons with a lot of study material, pre-recorded tutor lessons for reference and more than 160 different subjects to master. All this is available on their Dashboard with a great user interface and an analytics section to keep a watch on your progress. The UI is so fun to use that I personally would log into the website to always track my progress and make it my go to for any queries I had whatsoever.

✔ Is the Blueprint Next Step an Online Course Only?

No, the course not only offers more than 150 lessons on their website they also send over 6 hard copy textbooks that are revised on an annual basis to ensure that all the content is up to date. The textbooks they send focus on Psychology & Sociology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Reasoning and Biology. These textbooks become a great source for you while you attend the online live classes and also when you prepare for the exams on your own.

💥 What are the alternatives to Blueprint Next Step?

The alternatives available online are MCAT Self Prep Review, Magoosh’s MCAT course, The Princeton Review and Kaplan. From the courses mentioned by me, MCAT Self Prep Review and Magoosh are a little reasonable in terms of pricing while The Princeton Review and Kaplan are very expensive.

👓 How can I be sure of selecting the Blueprint Course?

If you would like to know what Blueprint Next Step is all about then you may instantly sign up to a demo for free. By surfing through the content and using the extremely intuitive dashboard you will get an idea as to what the brand has to offer. It is a great way of knowing what you are buying.

✔ Is there a refund policy for Blueprint Course?

Blueprint Next Step offers a promise to its students of a better score from the day they start their Course. For the students to avail the refund policy they need to follow the said guidelines set by Blueprint. The first clause is that the student must have paid in full while enrolling into the program. An official MCAT test needs to be taken by the student. Once the scores are in the student must provide the screenshot of their half-length diagnostic report to Blueprint “Guarantee” via email. It is important that the entire MCAT course is completed by the Student. No practice test or module should be pending. After the student completes the course and takes their official AAMC, the score needs to be sent to Blueprint by email. If you do not score better than your precious score then you may repeat the course or receive a refund.

Conclusion: Why did I go for Blueprint Next Step and Why Do I Recommend it? Blueprint MCAT Course Prep Review
To round up my experience, Blueprint Next Step has been one of the best prep programs that I could have gone for. Blueprint is, without doubt, offering one of the most versatile courses for MCAT boasting their large selection of Study plans to choose from.
The high-quality content available on their website has been of the utmost advantage to me while I prepared for my Test. It can be seen that a lot of dedication has gone into the production value of the videos created with great graphics, and visuals to assist in learning in a fun and engaging way.
These awesome videos with detailed illustrations are the best in the market. The User-Friendly Dashboard that is accessible to all users is another blessing, with an intuitive dashboard and a sleek and modern design learning becomes interesting. Users get a great feature to manage their progress on the Dashboard, you can track your progress, watch out for your weak points and work on them.
The Curriculum in its entirety is created by professional teachers where if you choose the right plan for yourself then each student gets a customized study plan as per their capabilities or convenience. The office hour sessions get you that back-to-school experience.
Blueprint’s score increase guarantee is great for students who need a little push to excel. It gave me assurance that I could really pull this off if done the right way. It was a little concerning as there still isn’t a mobile app for the course as usually when I was on the go and wanted to maybe spend some time watching a video from the program, I had to pull up the laptop or rely on the compatibility of their website on my android device.
Having a dedicated app could really take things up a notch. Although I should not complain as I never had an issue with the mobile compatibility of the website plus there were 6 reference textbooks that were of great help.
With Blueprint offering accessibility to their online study material for the months selected by you, the content can be used till the very last day of your subscription.

I went for the annual plan even though it cost more than the half-yearly plans but the reason to do so was that I really needed their online content available at my disposal for as long as possible, the reference content on their website is just that helpful. 
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EdX vs Coursera 2021 | Which One Is The Greatest? ( #1 Motive)


Check out


Check out


Best for
Best for Learning New Skills & for Developing a Career
Best for Career Paths & advanced learners


Offers University-level online courses.

Well-established in the industry

A wide range of features to choose from

Video Material, Written Material

The platform offers multiple unique features.

Great Professional service

A variety of features to choose from

Gamified Courses, Written Material


Easy to navigate

$50 to $300 a course

Beginner to Advanced

You can get a degree

$29 to $99 a course

Beginner to Advanced


Some courses have a hefty price tag

A huge leap in prices

Ease of Use

If you visit the site you will find everything just there and would get your information up front

Coursera is marginally easier to use than edX.

Value For Money

edX has a lower price than Coursera, Coursera has only 11 categories while edX has far more categories.

Coursera is bit expensive and offers high level of courses for advanced learners.

Customer Support

edX is offering great customer support to its students.

Coursera have great support to their students and have great social media presence with great community engagement.

Check out
Check out

Learning online has become the need of the hour. Online learning has a lot of benefits. You can choose from the array of courses related to different topics from either EdX vs Coursera depending on affordability and flexibility offered by either of the platforms.
Online learning allows you to learn courses and skills at any time and anywhere in the world. There is the flexibility offered in terms of time spent on the course. a lot of platforms offer courses at a low price and even free of cost. In case the courses offered are peer-based, they can lead to increased discussion and participation from the learners. Online learning can be accessed easily because of flexibility and low costs.
Check out this detailed EdX vs Coursera comparison and see who wins the battle.

EdX vs Coursera 2021 | The Ultimate Comparison ( Pros & Cons)
EdX vs Coursera Overview:
EdX is from some prominent origins, even though it is quite new. This platform was launched in the year 2012. EdX partners with universities as well as distinguished professors so as to offer courses in various subject areas curated by the experts.

At present, there are more than 650 courses that are being taught by more than 1700 staff and faculty. EdX has about 7 million users. Approximately 580,000 certificates are already granted, which is an indicator of the magnitude of learning offered by this platform.  
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Coursera was also founded in the year 2012. Coursera also partners with professors of top universities to offer expert-driven courses. This platform is wider in scope and there are around 35 million users, 150 university partnerships, and 2,700+ courses, 250 areas of specialization as well as four full degree programs.

Coursera also offers courses for various purposes, though the categories are lesser than those offered by EdX. This is better as it is simple, however, it is not great for a person looking for test prep.
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EdX Vs Coursera: Types of Courses
EdX offers five types of courses which are:
(i) The EdX Verified Courses:
These are Courses in different subject areas which give you a completion certificate.
(ii)  The XSeries Programs: In these programs, you get a completion certificate. Also, these courses are being conducted by professors from top-tier universities. They are considered to be of ‘higher-level instruction’.
(iii) High School Courses: There are many courses that have been created for college students 
(iv) The Credit Eligible Courses: These courses have been created under a partnership with various universities as well as colleges, which enable the learner to get credit for a degree.
(v) Professional Development Courses: These courses have been designed to hone your professional skills. They offer practical and experiential learning.
However, some of these courses call for certain prerequisites in order to get enrolled.
Here are the types of courses Coursera offers:
(i) Open Registration Courses
These courses are ones where anyone can register and take up for reasons related to self-improvement or professional development. In contrast to EdX, on Coursera there is not much distinction as to who teaches these courses. There is no separate category for the courses which are being taken up by leading professors.
(ii) Specializations: 
These courses are useful for those seeking certain career as well as professional development goals. The courses are being taught in series. You also get the completion certificate. These also include hands-on practical activities.
(iii) Online Degrees: 
Just like EdX, This platform offers some online degree programs as well. However, these courses do not, do as much like offering separate courses for the purpose of college credit. There are limited options – Master’s in Business, Data Science and Computer Science. 

EdX Vs Coursera: How to find a course?
It is quite tough to generalize the offerings via EdX, as there are numerous courses that serve different purposes. There are search filters that assist you in searching for the required course. Some of the search filters are subject area, availability, the program type, level, Partner/ Affiliated schools, and language. There is a section indicating ‘featured courses’. Once you select a particular course, it takes you to the main page,

which gives you an introduction with general objectives and a list of what the course helps you learn. It also indicates the duration of the course, the time required to complete it on an average and the price of the course. Most of the courses offer a video introduction. It also gives you information regarding the instructors of the course. Some classes are time-bound whereas a few are self-paced. No sample of the course curriculum is provided.
It is less intuitive to find a course on this platform of online learning. The courses on Coursera are displayed in various categories, and there are quite a few search filters; so you can mostly find the courses by choosing from pre-arranged categories. On top of the main page, you will find a drop-down menu labeled “explore” and this is where the user can browse by the subject areas.

There are about 11 categories to choose from which is a bit lesser than, however, there are specific specializations under every category. The course offerings are also evenly distributed, and attention is given to all subjects instead of emphasizing only on science than an extra emphasis on the sciences. It can be tough to find a particular course, however, within specific fields, it is possible to find the course you are looking for. The platform would be better with more intuitive searching.
EdX Vs Coursera: Cost of the courses
EdX is quite interesting as an online learning platform. There are plenty of free courses, and there are paid ones too. The noncredit courses inclusive of XSeries are free of cost most of the time. The Certificate courses of the Credit-based programs differ in price range, but they are quite affordable. In case a certain course is “featured,” then it would come with a price tag.
There is no fixed price on the courses. Some might cost $50 a course for the certificates. The courses which form part of the college degree or credit program cost a few hundred. Some of the joint certificate programs would cost in between. You can get price details on clicking on the course or program. The prices are not listed upfront.
In contrast to EdX, Coursera has listed their prices for various course categories upfront. Though you can join this platform free of cost, every course has different prices. The “About” page gives you an idea about the price range of every course type.

Some of the courses are charged on a monthly basis, whereas some have a fixed price for the whole course. This could be tricky, so make sure you read through it well.
The Open Access Courses cost between $29-$99 a course and it lasts for about 4-6 weeks
Specialization courses cost between $39-$79 a month; the duration being 4-6 months.
Online Degrees can cost anywhere between $15 to $25,000. The price range provided is not very helpful and is quite huge. The programs have a duration of 1-3 years.
EdX Vs Coursera: Subject Areas
There are many subject areas to choose from. The various subject areas offered in EdX are Architecture, Biology, Art and Culture, Life Sciences, chemistry, business Management, Communications, data analysis, Computer Science, economics, design, finance,

Education/ Teacher Training, engineering, ethics, energy, food and nutrition, history, language, law, humanities, health and safety, Environmental Studies, History, Literature, Music, mathematics, Medicine, Philanthropy, physics, Philosophy, Science, and Social Science. The popular courses are those under business and management; data analysis, computer science, humanities as well as language. There are related disciplines under every category.
The subject area categories in Coursera include Masters’s degrees, free courses, business English, data science, cloud computing, courses related to python, digital product management, MBA, digital marketing, etc.

EdX Vs Coursera: Learning Tools
In comparison to the EdX platform of learning, Coursera has a lot of similar features like video lectures led by experts,  and you get a lot of information on the specifics that will be learned n the course. Also, like EdX, there are apps that can be used to learn. However, when it comes to the learning experience, the platform EdX offers a little extra! In EdX the course resource and experience can vary based on the program and the platform also offers course mentors, and complete academic as well as technical support.
According to reviews by customers, Coursera does not fare well in Consumer Affairs. They appreciate the courses however, the expensive subscription costs seem to be a negative point.
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

👉🏻Does Coursera have accredited courses?

Coursera has a mix of courses – accredited as well as non-accredited. In contrast to platforms such as Udemy, Coursera definitely has a better choice in terms of accredited courses and its MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses have partnered with many leading colleges and universities.

👉🏻What is the main difference between the two platforms – EdX and Coursera?

The main difference between EdX and Coursera is that EdX has a lot of science-based courses, whereas Coursera has a balance and has variety. EdX offers free courses (no certificate of completion), whereas Coursera calls for payment for courses.

Does Coursera have accredited courses?

Coursera has a mix of courses – accredited as well as non-accredited. In contrast to platforms such as Udemy, Coursera definitely has a better choice in terms of accredited courses and its MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses have partnered with many leading colleges and universities.

What is the main difference between the two platforms – EdX and Coursera?

The main difference between EdX and Coursera is that EdX has a lot of science-based courses, whereas Coursera has a balance and has variety. EdX offers free courses (no certificate of completion), whereas Coursera calls for payment for courses.
Customer Review EdX

Coursera Customer Review

Pros and Cons of EdX and Coursera
Pros of EdX

EdX offers many science-related courses
EdX, as well as the classes, are free
A lot of topics are covered
Courses are offered from some well known and reputed institutes
Completion certificates are offered for some courses
Transparent billing system

Cons of EdX

There are self-paced courses, however, they might not be available at all times
The forums are not very engaging
It is difficult to navigate through the forums

Pros of Coursera

You can choose from an array of courses
The courses can be audited free of cost
Courses are offered in different languages
Transcriptions are also offered for different languages
Some of the courses will provide a verified certificate on payment of a fee
Many of the courses offered are from top universities and institutes

Cons Coursera

Full courses cannot be taken free of cost
Sometimes the courses might not be available and the waiting period can be very long

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Final Verdict: EdX vs Coursera 2021 
The billing system of EdX is quite transparent, with a lot of high-quality courses being offered free of cost. It also has a lot of discounts. The platform has a wide variety of courses to select from.

Both platforms are exceptional when it comes to instruction quality and both have a lot of common features that make them amazing platforms. Coursera might have a better interface, however, EdX offers a lot of free and low-cost courses. you can opt for any of these platforms based on your budget, the course preference, time constraints and need for completion certificates.

Prepscholar Assessment 2021: Is It Value The Hype? (Why 5 Stars)

Are you looking for Prepscholar Review 2021? Well, you have reached the right website, In this post, I have done an honest and comprehensive review on Prepscholar.
Entrance exams are the very first steps we take towards achieving our dreams and preparing well for exams is an important and crucial process and period of life.
We look out for the “BEST” sources to learn from. And indeed, it is very important to learn from the right and best sources. What makes a source right & best? It’s a customer experience. And how do we know if a product or service is best or reliable? By its reviews. Right?
The majority of Positive reviews are proof that the product/ service is reliable. And if we see or hear about any negative reviews, we instantly start losing trust in that brand.
Well, If you’re here you must be in the search of Prepscholar Review, well, we are here with a detailed review for you. Because we know our review will help you make the right decision for your career and will clear all your doubts.
Bottom Line Upfront: Prescholar is the best option to go for in case you are prepapring for any type of entrance exam or standardized test, Prepscholar offers many programs designed for both high school exams and graduate school exams.
Prepscholar curriculum also offers programs based on the student requirements, the Prepscholar pricing is a bit on the higher side but it’s worth every penny as per the student feedback.
Prepscholar is an online learning and training platform specially curated for Entrance exam preparation which started in the year 2013 in Massachusetts.
Get Started with Prepscholar Now.

Table of Contents

In-Depth Prepscholar Review
What is Prepscholar?
Prepscholar is an online learning and training platform specially curated for Entrance exam preparation which started in the year 2013 in Massachusetts.
Prepscholar is founded by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, two PhDs who graduated from Harvard with perfect scores in their entrance exam tests. Allen and Fred started Prepscholar with the vision to provide the best quality courses to students at affordable prices.
Prepscholar offers online preparation programs for some of the most common and globally acclaimed and accepted admission tests.
They have courses that are customized to each student’s learning process, in order to do that, they “learn” each student’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps them create an effective study plan for every student.
Prepscholar is really famous for preparation for exams like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PSAT, and TOEFL recommend this company.
The platform has become one of the best training and learning platforms for those students who need help to improve their scores, especially when it comes to the SAT and the ACT.
Prepscholar’s Customer Reviews affirm that they make the biggest efforts to offer their students programs that they can pay for and that give effective results. Prepscholar offers specialized programs.
In the last few years, Prep Scholar has managed to position itself as one of the top companies having the best preparation programs in the online learning platforms.
You can also check the best competitor of Prepscholar, is Magoosh, and if you want a discount then apply Magoosh coupon codes.

Prepscholar- Online Course Preparation
Are you unsure what your goals should be?
Prepscholar will help you craft your goals, by following a step-by-step process:

Option One: A 5-day free trial with an adaptive diagnostic evaluation. With the trial, you’ll have access to interactive lessons also to a customized curriculum with a progress tracker.
Option Two: One year program which comes with unlimited access to all the study material, additionally a customized curriculum and you’ll also get regular feedback from tutors.
Option Three: Lifetime program that gives you access to all study material, which includes all practice tests, private feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of the process.

 What Makes Prepscholar Different?

PrepScholar is way more than just a set of questions, answers, and video lessons series. Their program is designed in such a way that it customizes your learning to your strengths and weaknesses.


Customization makes us more comfortable. Isn’t it? When a product or service is customized, we know it is specially curated for us.
Customization helps to make smart diagnostic figures out your true skill level and builds a custom prep program that caters to your difficulty level. You’ll make the fastest progress when you learn following a customized plan.

Clear Guidance:

Prepscholar gives you the exact step-by-step instructions on what to study, how to study, how much time to study when to study which lessons when to take practice tests, and how to review your mistakes


Motivation keeps us going. Isn’t it? And sometimes it also helps us to perform better. It provides weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback. Prepscholar motivates you to make more progress. You’ll study more efficiently with Prepscholar

What Does Prepscholar Offer?
 1) GMAT Preparation Content & Guide

GMAT is a Computer-Based Admission Test mostly for MBA programs. The test consists of analytical, writing, quantitative, logical reasoning, verbal, and reading skills in written English.
It is an important admission criterion for several topmost Business and Management schools.
Key Features for GMAT lessons are:

Customized Study Plan & Progress Trackers for Everyone
3 Adaptive Skill Levels Available (Core, Advanced, Mastery)
4 Computer-Adaptive Practice Tests
50+ Interactive GMAT Lessons
1,000+ Practice GMAT Questions
Video Explanations

For Prepscholar GMAT preparation you can choose from three tutoring packages as follows:

The monitored automated prep option; it includes one month access to all study material and 4 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring session;
The full tutor-led complete prep option includes three months access to all study material, 10 hours of a 1-on-1 tutoring session, also 5 Email-An-Expert Credits,
The maximum tutoring preparation option includes unlimited access to all material plus 20 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring sessions and 10 Email-An-Expert credits.

There is also an option to be included in a small study group.
2) GRE Preparation Guide

Just like GMAT, GRE is a Graduate/ MBA entrance exam too.
Key Features of Prepscholar’s GRE Preparation Guide:

Individual Attention

It starts with a personalized onboarding experience.
You can set your target GRE score
Dream grad schools
 Preferred study style.

This data helps Prepscholar customize courses and other things for you.

Adaptive Diagnostic

Adaptive Diagnostic helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on the GRE via a 60-question diagnostic powered developed by Harvard PhDs, our algorithm uses data from thousands of students so that your diagnostic is as accurate as possible.
Faster Progress
Personal Customized Reminders
You can access the program 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere.

Customized Lessons

You can optimize your weekly plan to get you a great GRE score.  
You Get step-by-step instructions on what to study: whether you should be reading lessons, drilling questions, watching videos, or reviewing your mistakes.
Every lesson is designed differently. They are designed to teach and built to interact with the audience.  
Questions, and if you need more work, we’ll reschedule it to give you another shot

Video Tutorials

A lot of lessons include videos that provide you the content and strategies you need to crack the GRE.
They have high-quality videos supplementing with their interactive lessons to carefully explain the most difficult concepts.
Track Your Progress
PrepScholar helps you get a better GRE score in less time. See an immediate boost in your GRE score.

3) PSAT Preparation Guide by Prepscholar
Preliminary SAT is a college-level entrance test in the US. It is not mandatory for college admission. But preparing well to apply for a scholarship is really important.
Key Features of Prepscholar’s PSAT Preparation Guide:

Video Lessons:

A lot of lessons include videos that show the content and strategies you need to crack PSAT. Mostly these videos carry all the important topics and concepts for better understanding.

Personal Attention

Human touch is really important when it comes to learning. When you’ll buy a complete tutoring package, it’ll provide you 2 major learning advantages:

Unlimited Practice on the platform
One-on-one expert to clear concept and doubts (if any)

For the PSAT you can choose from two customized options:

The complete PSAT online prep, includes unlimited access to all study material, a customized curriculum, feedback from tutors, and weekly progress reports.
The second one is, complete + tutoring, it includes everything mentioned in the first package plus a one-on-one tutoring session.

4) Prepscholar’s SAT Study Guidance
SAT is a standardized admission test widely used as an important criterion for college admissions in the United States.
Key Features of Prepscholar’s SAT Study Guidance:

Extensive SAT Content:

Prepscholar’s customized program has a collection of more than 100 hours of lessons and 7100+ realistic practice questions.
Prepscholar’s SAT product covers all 5 SAT subsections which include:


They also include eight official SATs to test your skills.

Premium Training Videos:

Prepscholar has several videos explaining concepts in detail which is really important to clear the SAT.  Even the hardest topics are simplified and explained.
SAT guidance by Prepscholar Offers-

With Prepscholar’s SAT guidance you have a chance to choose from a complete SAT online prep + tutoring, which includes everything, plus the possibility to have a one-on-one tutoring session.
Another option is the complete premium course which offers access to everything for complete learning.
There is a special course that Prep Scholar offers called the Dual SAT + ACT, which includes courses for both tests and is very advised in ACT PrepScholar reviews.

5) Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide
ACT is almost the same test for entrance tests in college but this is a little more subject-specific exam.
Key Features of Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide:

Provides Largest ACT Questions Bank

Prepscholar provides you with a large question bank of high-quality practice questions. Prepscholar’s  ACT preparation guide includes over 100 hours of instructional material and over 2400 realistic questions from our data bank.
They cover all four sections of the ACT plus the essay (which is optional in the exam) and are designed to specifically target the current ACT syllabus.

Detailed Videos

ACT preparation lessons include videos that show both the content and strategies you need to do your best on the ACT. These videos are in addition to interactive lessons and help explain the most difficult content.
Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide Offers:

Prepscholar’s ACT preparation guide offers 5 practice tests and also there is space to customize your courses.
With Prepscholar, students have the chance to choose a great course from five different options.
The most popular is the complete ACT online prep, which includes unlimited access to study material, feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of your progress.

6) Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide:

Key Features of Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide:

One on one help and guidance: You get personalized advice from TOEFL instructors. You’ll also get exposure to TOEFL strategies that work every time.
Online Practice: Practice TOEFL online just like the real TOEFL iBT test. With Prepscholar’s TOEFL test get graded and review wrong answers across all four sections.

Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide Offers:
The first is a 5-day free trial which offers an adaptive diagnostic assessment, 150 hours of interactive lessons, and 4,000 practice questions.

The second option; which lasts for a year and allows you to customize a curriculum. It also gives you personal feedback from tutors and unlimited email support by Prepscholar’
The third option; the master option, which lasts your lifetime

7. SAT Subject Test Prep by Prepscholar
Basically, there are two programs available for the subjects: US History, Literature, World History, Math 1 and Math 2, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. You can choose from either of them.
Key Features of Prepscholar’s SAT Subject Test Preparation:

Extensive SAT Subject Content:

Prepscholar for SAT preparation offers a large collection of high-quality content created by our top instructors ensuring that you’re always getting fresh, extensive practice for the real SAT Subject Tests.
Prepscholar’s  SAT Subject Test products cover both SAT Math Subject Tests, the Science Subject Tests, both History Subject Tests, and the Literature Subject Test.
Depending on the test that you’re studying for, they also include up to four official SAT Subject Tests to test your skills.

Premium SAT Preparation Videos:

Prepscholar for SAT preparation guidance has several video lessons that clarify all the important concepts. The hardest topics are simplified and explained in an understanding way. Which makes your learning easy.
Prepscholar For SAT preparation  has 3 Packages to offer:

The Complete Admissions Package includes a meeting with a personal consultant who will help students create a strategy to select the best schools.
The Full Essay Service, it offers guidance through all the process of writing the entry essay, including revisions and the finalization
The Essay Editing program only has unlimited essay revisions and finalization.

Why do we recommend Prepscholar?
The following are the reasons why we recommend Prepscholar-

Prepscholar is a one-stop solution for all kinds of Entrance Exams.
The quality of the services and content, also the modus operandi followed by Prep Scholar is really unique.
Experts teach and train, the people who are “Achievers” to guide you. A lot of practical knowledge is involved.
Prepscholar is a trusted online learning platform for several years now, which offers great programs transmitted by professional teachers since the beginning is surely safe.
For all the programs it gives you a 5-day free trial. Which helps you make the right decision and experience without risking your money.
For students who need any kind of help/ guidance with their entry tests, this is a company that can be trusted.

About PrepScholar’s Free EBooks:

Prepscholar gives you free EBooks for guidance. So that you know and understand what exactly you need.
These books are available for all the courses and they contain:

They have prepared these EBooks based on their years of experience, in addition to large amounts of independent research, to formulate these thorough guides.
5 Tips for 160+ Points
This guide teaches you the five most critical factors for increasing your Entrance exam score.
Thinking of How about tutoring? In these books, Prepscholar has broken down the pros and cons of each and tells which methods work for which students efficiently.
Helps you Choose the Right Online Preparation tool
Online Prep is more popular today than ever nowadays because of flexibility in timing, there is no geographical foundation, but which programs do actually work? In these books they have mentioned 5 questions you must ask your online prep program to make sure it works for you.

Prepscholar Pricing — How Much Does Cost?

Prepscholar offers 5 packages, with different features.
Let’s start with the most popular one.
First Package
$397 Complete SAT Online Prep comes with One year access to the entire PrepScholar program
Key Features of this Package includes:

1-year access, no time limit
200+ hours of content
7000+ total practice questions
700+ problem-solving videos
98 skill lessons with strategy videos
49 fine-grained skills to master
All sections are covered: Math, Reading, and Writing, Essay
Detailed answer explanations for every question
Customized diagnostic quiz
10 Real Practice Tests

Second package:
The second package costs you $895
The Key Features of this package includes:

You get to learn with other motivated students.
Attend classes developed and delivered by experts. With practical knowledge.
Work with top teachers in compacted groups.
Stay focused and on track.
Get answers to all your questions

Third Package:
The third package costs you a little more, $995
This package consists of everything in the Complete Prep package, plus hours of tutoring with one of SAT experts to maximize your gain.
Key Features of this package includes:

Mistake Tracker helps to drill-down on your exact mistakes.
Get personalized teaching on hard topics

Fourth Package and its Features
This package of Prepscholar costs you $577, it is a Complete Premium course.
Key Features: This is a Complete Preparation package and also has two year’s access and expedited support.
Fifth Package:
Key features: Complete SAT and Complete ACT and Strategic Focus Tool that helps you allocate time between the two tests!
Pros & Cons of PrepScholar

prepscholar delivers very specific study plans for every student
Content starts from basic learning, which is an advantage for first-time learners
You get a 5-day free trial
Programs are customized
They work with highly qualified tutors
There are motivation techniques included in the programs
Students can have one-on-one tutoring sessions to complement their courses


When you see the recorded video, you cannot clear your doubts then and there
The price is a bit high for a complete package

Quick Links

FAQs | Prepscholar Review 2021

🙋‍♀️ How much does PrepScholar cost?

This PrepScholar program will cost $399 per year, with so many benefits. The PrepScholar program has 1400+ practice questions, customized diagnostic quizzes, 60+ skill lessons, detailed explanations and one get access to 10+ practice tests.

✅ Does PrepScholar Act work?

The Answer is Yes on the basis of the student feedback who has completed the PrepScholar ACT prep course, Student promise to have score improvement in comparison to previous ACT.

🤷‍♂️ How good is PrepScholar?

PrepScholar ACT has mostly positive reviews. PrepScholar offers customized ACT test preparation for each individual who can work towards improving and overcoming their weaknesses to get results.

Conclusion- Prepscholar Review 2021 | Should You Go For It?
Prepscholar is a one-stop solution for any and every kind of entrance exam. The best part about its courses is, their trainers, who are highly qualified and have themselves appeared and cleared exams with flying colors.
And we should not forget the review part, the company is known to offer exceptional service to its customers, hence all the positive reviews.
You will hardly find their negative reviews regarding their tutoring which is a big achievement, as we know a satisfied customer would forget to put on the review but an unsatisfied one would not.
Apart from pricing, everything is perfect about this Online Learning Platform. Especially the one-on-one tutorial advantage. If you’re preparing for any entrance exam then this online platform is highly recommended.
Hopefully, this Prepscholar Review helps you in clearing all the doubts about this online tutoring platform.
Follow Prepscholar on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to stay updated with the courses, curriculum, pricing, and discount.
To get a glimpse of their journey so far, visit Prepscholar About Us page.
9 Tips for a 700+ GMAT Score

Babbel vs Rosetta Stone 2021: Which One Is Higher & WHY ??

Both the language software are very well-known to the masses given their long duration in the market and advertising and Babbel is a trending language app with 14 different languages while Rosetta has 30 languages. In spite of this, you are confused as to which one to choose right? Well, let me tell you, I’m glad you are giving it a thought because there are many in-depth features that you should be aware of. Fortunately, I have used both, so I can successfully tell you everything you need to know in this review. 
Does the biggest question arise, which one of the Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone is a better option for you? Here we will go over all the pros and cons of the apps, how they work, their prices which will definitely help you to make a better decision. There are several sections below. I must say at least any one of these sections will surely give you the expected answer and clear your confusion. So, let’s get with the comparison between Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone 2021 | The Ultimate Comparison
Babbel Overview
As we already know, Babbel is a trending language learning app. But there are a lot of important and minute things about Babbel which you probably don’t know.
Firstly, as we all know, Babbel provides 14 different trending languages. You will find a section below which signifies all the languages. The main agenda of this platform is to build a basic understanding of words, their pronunciation, fundamentals of grammars and vocabulary. This definitely helps learners to frame sentences and try it out in the day to day life. This platform is paid. But when it comes to the comparison with Rosetta Stone, Babbel is quite cheaper.

Rosetta Stone Overview
Here as well, we already know that Rosetta stone is one of the popular e-learning platforms. This platform provides more than 30 languages. Amazing! This feature is much more significant as compared to Babbel. Rosetta stone is much professional rather than interactive. Other than focusing on design and other attractive things, this platform focused mainly on their content as per the user’s need. This platform provides you with two different options when one starts the learning process. They are costlier than Babbel but it assures both the quality and quantity of content.  

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Key Features
Babbel Features

Babbel costs a learner $12.95/month to $83.05/year
It mainly focuses on day to day conversation and deep understanding of words
This platform provides a total of 14 different languages
Platform designed in much attractive and responsive way
It helps the learner to build conversation skills in that particular knowledge

Rosetta Stone

Pricing strategy for this platform is from $179/month to $479/year
The structure of this platform includes learning grammar, sentence making and vocabulary according to the selected plan
Rosetta Stone provides more than 30 languages which in trend nowadays.
The design and front end of the platform is simple and not much responsive.
The main focus on developing grammar and vocabulary fundamentals strong.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Pricing Review
Pricing strategy always plays a crucial role while selecting any tool or platform. It is the quickest way to differentiate between two software would be:
Babbel Pricing–
From a financial point of view, Babbel is cheaper than the latter. There are two options available in Babbel. The very first option is for free of cost. Tutorials and lessons available are totally free at every level. The second option of Babbel charges you around $83.40/year. The initial amount is $12.95/month. So learners can first get comfortable with the platform using free options and if they find this platform useful for them, then only can choose the option of a paid plan.   

Rosetta Stone Pricing-
Rosetta stone costs you roughly around $207.80 average, which is a lot compared to Babbel. Rosetta stone offers 30 and more languages. Different languages provide different paid options. The depth of content depends on the selection of a plan.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Languages Offered
It currently offers 14 languages that users can learn after subscribing to it. Languages offered by Babbel are Danish, French, English, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian, and Turkish
Rosetta Stone
Languages offered by Rosetta stone are Arabic, Dari, Chinese  (Mandarin), Dutch, English, Filipino, British English, Tagalog Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean Latin, Irish, Pashto, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.
Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Courses Structure
Both platforms have a common agenda of providing the best online language learning content for learners. They both have well-structured courses but they might get repetitive. While Babbel focuses on how to tackle everyday conversations, Rosetta Stone focuses on individual sentences and dynamic immersion.
If I were to choose between them I would definitely opt for Rosetta Stone as I feel it has value for money. And the overall usage also ranks better than the former from my end. 
Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Working Steps
You will realize that the working steps of both apps are quite different. You might not realize, but this pays an important role for amateurs and how efficient it is for one to use. Below is a detailed step as to how to use each of the apps.
Babbel- Working Step
STEP 1: Learner has to select the language according to their choice
Very firstly, users have to decide which languages they want to learn. After selection, the user has to choose the payment ways and register for the course successfully. If a user chooses two different languages at one time then they have to pay for both respectively.
STEP 2: Take a test which is called as Proficiency Test
The proficiency test is something very useful for the learner. This is a pre-course test which determines the learner’s proficiency in that particular language. They provide you with only 5 different questions according to the patterns of lessons. This is a clear intelligent strategy of this platform to grab your level of those language skills. 
STEP 3: Subscription for paid courses
After completion of the re-course test, learners have to choose the plan from the registered course.
There are many varieties of plans available from which users can choose anyone according to their convenience and budget. Once a user completes these all steps, then one can start their journey toward learning the language. 
Rosetta Stone- Working Steps
 STEP 1: Watch the demo of learning style
When learners use this platform for the very first time then a wonderful demo comes in front of them. This demo illustrates the way this platform is going to help learners to build their roots so deep through lessons and tutorials provided by them. They showcase their learning style and pattern of lessons through this demo. The one who knows the pattern of Babbel doesn’t find anything new apart from content.
STEP 2: User has to choose between online subscription and CD option
This platform provides learners with two options: Online Subscription and CD option (offline option).
Online subscription much goes with the trend and is easy to use. While the CD ROM option is traditional in which users can store the content for some amount of time. The selection between these two totally depends on the user’s comfort. But in my opinion, online subscription is always preferable.
STEP 3: Upgrade to a subscription plan
Much like Babbel this platform also provides you with the 4 different plans of subscription. But in comparison with Babbel, the price of these plans are two times costlier. This is the key point where lots of students go towards Babbel. But again you’ll always get what you have paid for. So, for better content, this platform is always worth it.
Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone- Pros & Cons
Babbel Pros

Babbel starts with all the basics we need to know about daily conversations.
It provides words that are most often used by locals instead of their native language.
Grammar is explained clearly with loads of examples.
It uses more interactive dialogues while teaching daily use of language.
It also has teamed up with Cambridge English Language Assessment to create low cost online English test up to B1 level
As mentioned earlier this platform is much responsive which automatically help the learner to stick to this platform

Babbel Cons-

It provides you with just 14 languages.
Voice recognition can be very frustrating.
It has less conversational practice.

Rosetta Stone Pros

Rosetta Stone Program starts with basic words.
Dynamic immersion technique is used which helps to remember words.
Also, it provides lessons that include basics, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, and then review.
It also provides a phrasebook and other fun activities where you can select a story and read it yourself or listen to it.
It is also available in CD-ROMS.
If you want to learn a new language for reasons like traveling, building a career in a particular nation, or if you are a heritage or a language lover it provides you with specific plans.

Rosetta Stone Cons

It revolves mostly around matching pictures to words which leads to confusion for learners.
It is also more monotonous compared to the other.
It is also way more expensive.
Sometimes the exercises are repetitive.
And it is the best software to learn about different cultures.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone-Speculation 
Babbel Speculation 
Babbel works with giving tons of daily conversational practice. Also, the English online tests give learners reliable evidence of their progress and a certificate of achievement that demonstrates what they have learned.
It also has various perks as it works on the web, ios, and android. A variety of courses like beginner, intermediate and grammar along with vocabulary lessons, tongue twisters, idioms, colloquialism, and sayings are offered.
The software creators also aim at specific audiences, for instance, English may be learned as “PR English” or “marketing English”.

Rosetta stone Speculation
Rosetta stone also provides audio companions which are available even offline and make it easier to learn even when you are commuting.
Its voice recognition works fabulously and even helps in perfecting our pronunciations. This app also breaks down the word to make it easier for us to pronounce and understand for instance the german word “Essen” is broken down to “es” and “sen”.it also provides users with the option to select from 28 different languages.
So given all this, I can easily say that I find rosetta stone more user friendly with excellent graphics and layout.
Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone — Side By Side Comparison
I’m sure that this section will definitely sort out your confusion about these platforms.

Babbel is cheaper than rosetta stone.
Rosetta stone provides authenticate and useful content than Babbel.
Babbel provides explanations and English translations whereas rosetta stone targets language only.
Babbel is interested in long and lengthy dialogues while rosetta stones focus on sentences of individuals.
Sound quality for Babbel is terrible as compared to rosetta stone
Babbel gives lots of examples as compared to rosetta stones
Rosetta stones use explanation through images which is different from Babbel  
Both the languages are not sufficient to achieve fluency in any particular language

As both are language learning software and support e-learning the work of both software is almost the same. The difference lies in the method mostly, and most importantly cost. Babbel already ranks the cost factor, but Rosetta Stone makes it worth the price.
Babbel is operated by Lesson Nine GmbH in Berlin Germany, and it is based in the Berlin neighborhood of Mitte, whereas Rosetta stone’s language division uses Cloud-based solutions to help all types of learners read, write and speak more than 30+ languages. Whoa! Amazing! It is also a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.
As we already discussed the price of both software the price of Babbel costs $ 12.95/month to $ 83.40/year whereas the price of Rosetta stone costs $179 to $479 per year.
The structure of Babbel focuses on the use of words and some conversation whereas  Rosetta stone focuses on learning vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. Babbel offers 14 languages with medium interactivity, whereas Rosetta stone offers 30+ languages with low medium interactivity. This purely shows that Rosetta Stone ranks better in my opinion.
Quick Links

Customer Reviews
Babbel Reviews

Rosetta Stone Reviews

FAQs –

👉How much money do I have to invest in software?

The price of Babbel costs $ 12.95/month to $ 83.40/year whereas the price of Rosetta stone costs $179 to $479 per year.

👉Am I too old to learn a new language?

Nobody is too old to learn a new language if you think you want to, just go for it and give it a shot. 🙂

👉Will I be able to figure out this new technology?

Both the technologies are quite a user friendly to use and each to learn. I’m sure you will be able to figure it out well.

👉Is any online platform sufficient for learning a new language?

Basically, it totally depends on what depth one wants to learn the language. If someone wants it in whole depth then definitely no online platform is sufficient. But if someone just wants to try it for fun then yes!

👉Will learning a new language be beneficial?

Firstly, learning anything new is a good manner is always beneficial. Now when it’s come to language learning, one can excel in their career by adding a new language in their profile. So yes it’s always beneficial from a career point of view

My honest opinion- Which One To Choose Any Why?
I think it solely depends on what you are looking for. Rosetta stone offers more features if you’re a subscribed product, which includes games and activities. However, from a financial perspective compared to the end result, you can go for Babbel as the cost of Rosetta stone is almost double of Babbel
Nonetheless, as I mentioned it’s all about what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that neither language learning software is designed to help you reach fluency in conversation, and investing in either software expecting to become a fluent speaker in months it’s totally false. You have to work hard, you have to practice so that it will lead to results. No one can be a millionaire within a night. It takes a lot of effort, so much hard that it pays off someday.
Also, I would like to add another statement, that both of these apps are not on my list. Like, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t choose either of them, but if you only want to know the best amongst these two, then Rosetta Stone is a better option.
Conclusion-Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone 2021
Well, as 68% of users have reviewed Babbel excellent, 27% reviewed great, 2% reviewed average, and so on, I perfectly agree with their decision. 

On the other hand,  49% of users have reviewed rosetta stone excellent, 26% reviewed great, 13% reviewed average, and so on. Financially, Babbel works great, but honestly, you should try Rosetta Stone for betterness.

Finally, to conclude in a sentence, although Babbel is cheaper and it includes explanations and translations in English, I voice that Rosetta Stone is better as it only uses your target language. Babbel teaches using longer dialogues and Rosetta Stone uses more individual sentences. Such differences continue, but I hope this review has helped you choose the better of the two.