Why Ought to You Attend Knowledge Pushed Enterprise 2019?

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For two days, Data Driven Business will cover the latest developments in Online Marketing Analytics, the Optimization of Customer Journeys, Email Marketing and the use of Predictive Analytics. You will be provided with realizable content instead of buzzwords, 100% tool- & service neutrality and the best networking opportunities with national and international experts. Inspiring keynotes as well as actionable tactics on specific topics in the sessions.

Create your very own program from over 60 sessions in order to get the best out of your time at Data Driven Business London!

Data-Driven Business 2019: A Must-Attend Event
Date: 16th-17th October 2019
The Data Driven Business will cover the eMetrics, the conversion conference, and Predictive Analysis world. The event will cover in-depth conferences with 60+ speakers, 60+ Sessions, and 800+ participants. Learn from industry leaders and find out their success tactics and strategies.


Els Aerts; (AG Consult)
Jono Alderson; (Yoast)
John Campbell; Rabbit & Pork
Aiden Carroll; The Coloring In
Laura Crimmons; Silverthorn
Rand Fishkin; Sparktoro
Bartosz Góralewicz; Onely

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Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. She is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Digiexe, a digital marketing marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. She has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing & affiliate marketing too. She likes sharing her knowledge in a wide range of domains ranging from ecommerce, startups, social media marketing, make money online, affiliate marketing to human capital management, and much more. She has been writing for several authoritative SEO, Make Money Online & digital marketing blogs like : DesignSkew, Crazythemes.com, Oldgeekjobs & Need4Hosting.info.

Why Barcelona Buying and selling Convention is a Should-Attend Occasion in 2019?

Finance Magnates and Ultimate Fintech are joining together to create the largest event dedicated to the crypto trading community, the Barcelona Trading Conference 2019 on July 10-11. Several regional partners, including Finnovating, an advisory group focused on promoting collaboration between startups, tech providers, and financial services experts will demonstrate why Barcelona is quickly transforming into one of Europe’s hottest spots for digital assets.

Barcelona Trading Conference 2019
Date: 10-11 July 2019
The Barcelona Trading Conference takes place July 10-11th, 2019, and promises Crypto enthusiasts interested in regulation, technology, and asset management exceptional networking opportunities.

BTC 2019 expects to draw +200 fintech professionals, +60 exhibitors, and +70 of the top crypto speakers for dozens of panels and workshops covering the latest developments and market trends. The sessions will be held on a single floor of the Barcelona CCIB, Southern Europe’s largest convention center.
Other local partners include the Generalitat de Catalunya, Lawyer, and VC Investments Advisor Vicente Ortiz Alonso, and Jesus Rodriguez, CTO at IntoTheBlock. Public blockchain platform NEO Global Development will also be hosting a Spanish language workshop for programmers.
BTC 2019 will feature a number of workshops offering insider perspectives on the evolving cryptocurrency marketplace, including key topics such as stable coins, tokenized CFDs, and is expected to become the preeminent Crypto trade conference, with thousands of attendees and dozens of speakers. Ultimate Fintech and Finance Magnates have already earned a reputation for running the financial services industry’s premier events, including the London Summit, the iFX EXPO International and the iFX EXPO Asia conferences.
Register for Free at Barcelona Trading Conference Now: www.btconf.io/2019

India Affiliate Convention 2018 – A MUST Attend Occasion For All Entrepreneurs

Ending 2017 on a highly successful note for Affiliates and digital marketers worldwide, we are now ready to wrap up this year with some spectacular memories and experiences from some of the grandest international affiliate conferences from around the globe. The second half of 2017 saw numerous well-reputed conferences and events like:

I have been a part of most of these events myself, both as an attendee and as a speaker. Now that we’re almost through with 2017, let’s look forward to what 2018 has in store for us. So as per the schedules, I have with me, the first major affiliate conference of 2018 will be the India Affiliate Conference. Being a proud Indian, allow me to enlighten you more about this event.
One more important point which I can’t resist to share with you all is that Jitendra Vaswani is going to be a speaker at the India Affiliate Conference 2018.

NOTE: Details and contents of this post are subject to future changes as the agenda, list of speakers and ticket prices have not been finalized yet. PLEASE STAY TUNED!

India Affiliate Conference 2018
As you must have noticed in the conference list above, the 2017 edition of the India Affiliate Conference was held on October 5 & 6, 2017 at New Delhi, India. Leadbit is the ones responsible for the success of advertising network groups like MediaVenus, the FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network, the MostBet betting company and many more.

From the organizers of Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & STM. The same super series that created Moscow Affiliate Conference, which brought nearly 1500+ reputed international affiliates and famous companies over the world from more than 50 countries under one roof.
The India Affiliate Conference 2018 will be held in the National capital of India, New Delhi on 9th February 2018. The venue for this grand event will be The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi :  1 CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road, Near Yamuna Sports Complex, Delhi, 110032
Quick links:

The Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel
India Affiliate Conference will be sponsored by Leadbit & Traffic Cardinal, continuing the global series of networking affiliate marketing events, hosting some of the leading personalities in the world of affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing, SEO & SMO consultancy and a lot more.
Title sponsors

Just like the previous event held in October 2017, Leadbit is the event’s premium sponsor for the 2018 edition as well. Leadbit is an international affiliate network of highly skilled and professional affiliate managers and international webmasters trained for websites and blogs set on different niches, allowing you to work with any kind of traffic from over 50+ countries spanning across Europe, Asia and CIS. Websites and brands linked with Leadbit network services have experienced widespread success over the years.
Leadbit are the ones responsible for the success of advertising network groups like MediaVenus, the FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network, the MostBet betting company and many more.
Traffic Cardinal
Traffic Cardinal organizes international meet-ups for affiliates in Russia and all over the world.
Other sponsors & partners
Apart from the title sponsors, there are many more international brands and networks that are aiding this grand event as important sponsors.

Blogging Eclipse
Boring Brands
DST group
Mark UP

Venue & facilities
As mentioned earlier, The India Affiliate Conference 2018 will be held at The Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel. The venue is a plush and luxurious hotel that is affiliated with “The Leela group” of hotels and resorts. That being said, we can definitely expect some amazing facilities and arrangements for this international conference.


Venue : 
Address: 1 CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road, Near Yamuna Sports Complex, Delhi, 110032
The India Affiliate Conference 2018 will be nothing less than a living extravaganza with nothing but knowledge and experience in the air as always. Some of the most renowned and reputed influencers from various corners of the world will take the stage to share their knowledge and expertise and success patterns regarding Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing, CPA, CPM, SEO, SMO, blogging, etc.
I myself am going to be a speaker at India Affiliate Conference 2018 for the very first time. Taking the stage as a speaker in an international event in my home country is a matter of great pride for me.
List of speakers:

Jitendra Vaswani (Founder of Bloggersideas, Digiexe and WordPress plugin SchemaNinja)

Affiliate After-party
An after-party is always a very sound strategy by event organizers to bring beginners and experts together on a personal level as they believe that follow-up after an even is very important to make good business.
The India Affiliate Conference 2018 will feature a plush after-party to ease up the stress and hustle bustle of the formal conferences and give the evening a more friendly touch.

The main event conference will slowly slide into an abundance of guests, unlimited alcohol and hookahs, dinner and buffet and a show program featuring exclusive performances showcasing the rich Indian culture.
Also, read:

This will be the ultimate chance for newbies and budding affiliates to stand toe to toe with the best in the affiliate and digital marketing industry with business happening over a party where you laugh, gag, scream and get personal over drinks and buffet.
Why IAC 2018 is best for you?
You have 10 fingers, so I’ll give you 10 quick reasons as to why IAC 2018 is the best event for affiliates and how it can put success at your fingertips.

Networking with associates from all across the globe.
Personalized deals
Tried and tested methods and strategies from the best in the field.
Know and understand industry trends from the expert’s point of view.
Listen, meet and share with industry experts over drinks and buffet.
Make great business with fellow affiliates.
New lucrative offers in many verticals.
Direct connection with advertisers and CPA, CPM, CPI people.
Best deals for offers you promote.
More Business and more opportunities to work in this vertical.

Ticket prices & offers
Though the ticket prices haven’t been finalized and posted on the website as yet, you can still get your hands on some early bird free tickets by filling in the event application form and sharing their official page on your Facebook profile. Hurry up! Only 200 FREE tickets are available!
*T&C applied
For more information
For more information regarding the event, agenda, facilities, speakers, ticket prices and other important details, visit their official website india.affiliateconf.com

Email: [email protected]
Skype: zaveshita
Participate as a sponsor
One very unique thing about the India Affiliate conference is that you can participate as a sponsor. The biggest advantage of this is that your company will be able to establish new business contacts, exchange the experience with people from over the world, demonstrate your achievements and share plans for development.
IAC 2018 offers several sponsorship packages for companies, brands, and businesses to choose from.
For more information regarding the sponsorship packages, features and other important details please click down the link below!

How Formal Coaching Is Higher Than Trial and Error

This blog is authored by Sophia Han, Educational Services intern who will be a senior at Arizona State University this fall

How much is your time worth to you?

We often hear “training is not necessary,” “it costs too much,” or “takes too long.” For these reasons, companies do not invest in formal training programs and instead, have their employees learn through trial and error.

While attending Blue Yonder’s space planning training session this week, it became evident that formal instructor-led trainings provide great value to attendees. During the training, an attendee commented that they ended up restarting one of their projects from scratch due to not manually saving the project file before their computer crashed. They didn’t know that Blue Yonder’s solutions automatically save projects every ten minutes (fully adjustable, of course). Instead of accessing the backup file, the individual restarted their project, saving over their original work with the new version. A day’s worth of work gone because they didn’t know about that particular feature of the solution.

Throughout the rest of the course, as users learned more, their faces would light up when they learned new tricks or features that would inevitably help reduce frustrations and make their day-to-day tasks much more efficient.

Some of the features highlighted in formal instructor-led trainings are things that, unless the user has a lot of time to play around, are unlikely to be discovered or used for what they are designed, with efficiency in mind. Similar to Excel, it is entirely possible to go through the program without prior experience and learn how to use V-look ups, create pivot tables and do calculations. There’s always going to be Google and other communities for you to look up functions. However, if you didn’t even know about the existence of V-look ups, how would you search for them? There are bound to be more obscure features that unless you are trained on them, you won’t know about. This is the case with many software products.

You can learn on your own how some of the features work, and oftentimes, you will be able to manually do what you need to do. However, by having an instructor guide you through the software and answer questions as they come up, you can learn to have the solution do what would have taken you hours to do manually.

Software is here to make your life easier, and the developers want to help you be more efficient. One of the best ways to do that is by reading through the product manual to learn all the tips and tricks, though it’s not recommended because it’s time-consuming and only explains the mechanics. To really understand the product and the why behind the how, instructor-led classes are the best option to provide context and better enable the user to apply the information in other aspects of their role.

Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) conducted a survey on customers who have been formally trained. They found that 65-73% of people who’ve taken training used the product more, over half were able to use more features, and 85-91% were more independent, with the variations in percentages being attributed to different methods of learning. It’s easy to see the value in participating in formal training, especially for something as important, and potentially time-consuming, as space planning.

To view Blue Yonder’s upcoming classes on space planning from our expert instructors, click here or contact Education Services at training@blueyonder.com.

Ecommerce Mastery Dwell Bangkok 2018 Save 100$ Now (500% ROI)

Ecommerce has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and is arguably the most successful online business module today. In just half a decade, and banking on the rapid advancement in internet technology, today ecommerce businesses are becoming extremely successful, both critically and commercially. Ask Bill Gates after he was toppled over as the richest man on Earth by the Ecommerce magnate Jeff Bezos!
Owing to this revolutionary success of Ecommerce, various brands and companies across the globe are collaborating together to organize exclusive events and conferences that focus on Ecommerce and related marketing aspects, bringing together leading names from the Internet world to share their knowledge, strategies and valuable insights to newbies and moderately successful people and businesses.
One such chain of grand scale Ecommerce live events is the Ecommerce Mastery Live! Read on for more information about this amazing event.
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Ecommerce Mastery Live (History)
[embedded content][embedded content]Ecommerce Mastery Live or simply ECML as an international chain of events that focus on promoting Ecommerce and building a network of newbies and influencers from different spheres of the Internet, like Ad marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and more.
ECML has hosted a string of overwhelming events in the past, with their Barcelona event being touted as the most successful one till date. The Barcelona event hosted over 450 of the world’s top and most motivated entrepreneurs for a full day of leading-edge, directly applicable, high-level training for ecommerce entrepreneur laser-focused on teaching incredible paths to ecommerce success.

Ecommerce Mastery Live Bangkok 2018 Save 100$ Now (500% ROI)

The Asia edition of Ecommerce Mastery Live (2018) will be held on 7th December 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand. The event will be a will full day of tactical case studies, and inspiring strategies that you can apply to your ecommerce business.
Attendees like you and I will experience a full day of training with the world’s best ecommerce minds. The event will be organized as usual with the sole purpose of helping ecommerce business minds:

Make More Sales
Lower their Ad Costs
Boost Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
Scale their Brand

And much more!
This event is being presented by iStack Training and sponsored by DFO and Reveal. The venue for this grand event is going to be the plush and luxurious Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre.
Plus! You’ll save $100 if you grab your ticket right now, act fast, prices go up in 3 days.
Use coupon : ECMLSave100 

The complete address for the venue is:
Level 22, 999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
International Speakers
Global leaders and influencers from different corners of the world are going to take the stage and present virtual person to person information download to all the attendees and millions of people following online by providing  their knowledge, experiences, and strategies regarding:

Ad marketing
Affiliate marketing
Social Media Marketing

And much more!
ECML Bangkok will be graced by renowned influencers from the Internet world like:

Maxwell Finn


Earnest Epps



Sebastian Gomez


Alex Brown


Eric Toczko



Depesh Mandalia

And many more!
These speakers will provide clearly actionable tactics to increase sales, as well as high-level strategies through models like:

Facebook Ads Bidding Strategies
Brand Building Tactics
The Evolution of Dropshipping
Google Adwords at Scale
Community Building
Influencer Marketing
Giveaway Models that Scale
Remarketing Gold
High-Level Brain Hacks
Audience Segmentation

And much more!
Hear and learn valuable insights from the world’s most advanced Facebook Marketers, willing to share their tactics to drive hundreds in millions of ecommerce store sales. ECML is the perfect platform for learning business models and key strategies to employ when building a high performance and profitable brand.
Bangkok Heat Mastermind Dinner
The organizers of ECML Bangkok have planned an exclusive dinner party, which they call the “Mastermind Dinner” for all delegates and attendees to chill out after a tiring day of speeches and presentations. If you sensible enough to purchase a ticket for this dinner, then you will be lucky to share loads of knowledge and get direct input from all ECML speakers and other high-level attendees.
This exotic after event dinner has only limited seats and will cost you an extra $1000 on the standard ticket price. You may be thinking that the price tag is too much, but I would say that it’s totally worth it if you get to spend an unconventional and official dinner night with the leading names in the ecommerce industry and get to share and learn a lot more than you can bargain for.
Just buy your ticket ASAP and join the iStack team and all ECML Speakers for an evening of high-level networking, fine dining, and deep bonding with your fellow entrepreneurs. So you better hurry up with your tickets, since only 20 Seats are left for the Mastermind Dinner!
Why should you attend this event?

ECML Bangkok is going to be a bustling extravaganza where you can catch reputed internet marketing gurus and experts from different corners of the world sharing their knowledge, experiences and strategies upfront with thousands of delegates live and following online.
The event is going to feature leading names from the fields of Ecommerce, Ad marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing and more who will take the stage to give exclusive presentations and speeches on topics like:

Earn higher 1000% ROAS on Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads Tactics for Driving Ecommerce Sales
Bidding strategies to efficiently test your Facebook Ads and boosting profits
Cost effective models to boost Return on advertising spend (ROAS)
Ecommerce Branding and Community Building
Ecommerce Dropshipping Vs. Branded Ecommerce
Using Google Adwords to Build a High Ticket eCom Funnel

And much more!
If you are aiming to make it big in the fields of ecommerce and ad marketing, you will surely benefit from the direct inputs from all ECML speakers and other high-level attendees.
Ticket Prices : 
Ecommerce Mastery Live Bangkok
In view of the wide-scale global popularity of the event previous events and the fact that the tickets get sold out with a few weeks after the sales start, the organizers this time are providing an exclusive early bird discount on the sale of the first lot of the tickets for a limited period of time!
The event organizers are offering 2 pricing packages. The first package offers only the in-house ECML event and added facilities. The second package offers everything from the first package plus the Mastermind Dinner.

Standard: $625
Door price: $800

Facilities and services

Ecommerce Mastery Live
Meet the Speakers Happy Hour
Replay Recordings

ECML + Mastermind Dinner

Standard: $1625
Door Price: $1800

Facilities and services

Ecommerce Mastery Live
Meet the Speakers Happy Hour
Replay Recordings
Mastermind Dinner

To avail the early bird discounts, simply jump online into the ECML official website and submit the application form on their website. The website shows a countdown timer for the validity of the discounted sale and the offer is available only for the next 8 days as of writing this article, after which the ticket prices will become standard.
SO HURRY UP AND GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW! Ecommerce Mastery Live Bangkok Discount 100$
Use coupon : ECMLSave100