McDonald’s and eBay spur growth of Louisiana’s largest photo voltaic undertaking

McDonald’s and eBay contracted Lightsource bp to purchase power from what will be Louisiana’s largest solar project, located 30 miles northwest of Baton Rouge in Pointe Coupee Parish.The 345-MW Ventress Solar project will help McDonald’s and eBay will contribute to the corporations’ sustainability goals. Once complete, the project will generate energy equivalent to the average annual consumption of 59,000 U.S. homes.
“As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, McDonald’s is uniquely positioned to help spur significant action around climate change,” said Emma Cox, global renewable energy lead at McDonald’s. “Our renewable energy deal with Lightsource bp will not only create Louisiana’s largest solar project and serve as the latest milestone in making significant progress toward our science-based emissions reduction target for 2030, but also demonstrate our belief that meaningful solutions to building a sustainable future require partnership and collaboration.”
Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year on the Ventress Solar farm, with commercial operation slated for mid-2023. Lightsource bp is developing the project and will be the long-term owner and operator.
“At eBay, investing in clean energy remains a focus of our business as we aim to attain 100% renewable energy by 2025,” said Renee Morin, chief sustainability officer, eBay. “This project enables us to source the clean energy equivalent of our data center. Our collaboration with Lightsource bp and McDonald’s uniquely propels our shared goal to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.”
The solar project will create about 400 construction jobs for local laborers over its 18-month construction timeline. A long-term environmental plan is underway for Ventress Solar that aims to create habitat and co-locate agriculture to farm the land while harnessing solar energy.
“This agreement is a great example of the teamwork needed to achieve our mutual goals for a healthier, more sustainable and resilient planet and economy for generations to come,” said Kevin Smith, CEO of the Americas for Lightsource bp. “Customer aggregation deals such as this allow businesses of varying sizes and energy needs to come together and spur meaningful development of clean and affordable energy sources in the US. This collaborative agreement by McDonald’s and eBay is a model we hope others will replicate.”
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Refurbished electronics marketplaces are having a second

The refurbished electronics industry has gotten a second look from customers over the past year. In the past, refurbished gadgets — which refers to professionally repaired used products — had a lukewarm reputation. Customers often were worried the products would malfunction, or in some cases, were counterfeit.
But as with secondhand apparel and sneakers, sales of refurbished electronics boomed during the pandemic. For example, Amazon’s refurbished brand, Amazon Renewed, became Amazon’s third most popular electronics brand in June 2020. Meanwhile, a number of online marketplaces that sell certified used electronics had a big year in 2020. Several factors — including the nationwide laptop shortage, cost consciousness and shipping delays — resulted in more consumers turning to secondhand electronics. Now, these brands and marketplaces that sell large amounts of refurbished electronics are looking to retain customers by widening their inventory selection and pledging more stringent quality control. 

One player looking to maximize the demand’s momentum is Back Market, a French refurbished electronics marketplace founded in 2014. The company reported a 1,000% increase in year-over-year sales between 2019 and 2020, which continues to grow. Back Market currently has over 5 million customers worldwide, and counts the U.S. as one its biggest markets,
Serge Verdoux, chief commercial officer at Back Market, told Modern Retail that the reason the platform’s offerings are breaking through with American consumers is due to several tech trends. 
“There hasn’t been major innovation or design breakthroughs in recent years, while the prices are staying high or increasing,” he explained, referring to annual smartphone releases by Apple, Google and Samsung, among others. The price of the iPhone, for instance, has drastically increased since 2017, the first year Apple introduced s smartphone that cost more than $1,000. One of its newest models, 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max, retails for for $1,399.
Laptop and iPhone searches consistently ranking the highest on the site. MacBook sales tripled overnight in April 2020 and have stayed strong, Verdoux said. “Customers are becoming okay with buying slightly older models to save money and help reduce waste.” 
Another factor is increased availability. Verdoux said that with more digital channels — including Amazon, eBay and Back Market — offering professionally refurbished products, customers are getting more comfortable with searching for them online. In 2019, 65% of Back Market’s surveyed consumers said they don’t feel confident buying refurbished, while in 2021 65% said they would purchase refurbished goods.

Similarly, eBay’s certified refurbished hub saw growth last year, especially during the holiday period. During the 2020 Thanksgiving weekend’s cyber week, eBay saw a 120% increase in sales of certified refurbished electronics.
Bradford Shellhammer, vp of buyer experience at eBay, said the company’s resale and refurbished programs are getting more popular among customers. “We continue to see strong velocity in our certified refurbished program, particularly in our electronics category, as buyers prioritize sustainable and cost-efficient shopping,” Shellhammer said. The program offers a two-year warranty, money-back guarantee and easy returns, he continued. This helps shoppers feel confident in purchasing the professionally inspected items at a discounted price, Shellhammer said.
Last year, eBay unveiled plans to expand its pre-owned offerings and partnerships with electronics makers — which include Samsung, Lenovo and Dyson. The hub allows brands to directly list and sell their refurbished products on eBay. During the first quarter of 2021, eBay expanded the certified refurbishment program in the U.S. to include 150 brands, and launched certified refurbished in the U.K., Canada and Germany.
A focus on retention
After the huge increase in sales it saw last year, Back Market is expanding its assortments beyond the work and home-learning essentials that were popular last summer. One growing area of interest is gaming. Between the first quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021, Back Market’s game console sales in the U.S. grew by 950%, and at the same time the average sale prices increased by 38%. The company is also increasingly investing in search and organic marketing, in an effort to reach customers looking for new versions of its listings. Back Market raised $335 million in funding in May, which will be invested in the platform’s expansion and tech capabilities.
However, customer service is still the top priority for retention, said Verdoux. “Many of our customers tend to be repeat customers, which is highly dependent on our customer service and the products’ quality,” said Verdoux. He said that the company’s failure rate — which refers to when a customer receives a product and it doesn’t work propoerly — is about 5% “which continues to rapidly decrease.” He claimed that the failure rate for new electronics is close to 3%.
To ensure a greater selection of inventory and quality control, Back Market employs about 80 commercial sales and account managers who find and onboard sellers, then help them manage their business on the platform. 
“We also work with about 20 manufacturers and brands directly,” he added, which include Bosch, Dyson and BrightStar, an Apple trade-in partner. In the coming year, Back Market plans to expand to more consumer categories. “Our assortment goal is to cover anything consumers can plug into a wall outlet,” said Verdoux.
As in resale, certified refurbishment players are looking to adjust after a year-plus of hyper-growth, said David Malka, chief sales officer at goTRG, a returns company that works with Walmart, Lowe’s and Amazon.
To date, Best Buy and Apple have dominated the space with their in-house certified refurbishment programs. And e-commerce newcomers like Back Market and are also gaining a market share. “Trusted resellers like these back their promises with extended warranties and return policies, to make customers feel comfortable with refurbished products,” said Malka.
More retailers are also exploring sales of refurbished electronics. For instance, goTRG is currently running a pilot program, called goMINT, starting with a partnership with Walmart. “It’s a way to keep their products in a closed loop and circular supply chain. The partner retailer sends goTRG returned electronics, “which we put through our rigorous, certified refurbishment process and then send them back to be sold within their own stores or website,” Malka explained.
For refurbishment brands and platforms to retain customers in the same way standard retailers do, “they need to be customer-centric at all times,” he concluded. “Customers want a discount, but they’re not willing to sacrifice quality to get it.”

eBay faucets pc imaginative and prescient to rework on-line buying

Rethinking employee benefits in a post-pandemic world

There’s no going back to the 2019 playbook, particularly for benefits. Learn what employees expect in the new normal, and how you can keep a competitive edge.

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Sneaker Speak With Tyrone Edwards: Trusting eBay Canada’s Authenticity Assure

Tyrone Edwards, better known as @mr1loveto, has been the face of Canadian entertainment television for quiet some time. His career first began as the host of RAPCITY during the nostalgic MuchMusic days and today, he’s the host at CTV’s eTalk! He’s always rocking a killer outfit, and to him fashion is a way of expressing his true authentic self.

Over the years, Tyrone was no stranger to evolving wardrobe looks. Everything from streetwear to formal wear, he sure knows how to rock any red carpet look! But, there’s one element to an outfit that really ties everything together. To Tyrone, that’s a fresh new pair of sneakers. I sat down with Tyrone to discuss all things sneaker talk and trusting eBay Canada’s new Authenticity Guarantee Program.

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Tyrone Edwards

Photo: eTalk

Tyrone’s love for fashion stems from his childhood growing up in Toronto. His mom always made sure he looked good going to church and school and from there, Tyrone took those morals and values and implemented them into his everyday life.

“Its always fun to come up with different ideas, looks and mix and match things and if you actually enjoy putting outfits together, the more you do, the better you get at it,” Tyrone said.

During his teenage years he really fell in love with the idea of getting dressed up. In recent years, he’s gotten the opportunity to build-up his suit game and really rock every outfit.

Some of his favourite looks include a hybrid fusion, sporty-formal, preppy, and comfy-casual. He loves the contrast of a really preppy outfit like khaki shorts and a white polo but with bold gold jewellery and a fresh set of grills. Having a good pair of sneakers on your feet can really elevate any of these looks. Tyrone’s says his love for sneakers comes from his love for fashion and trying new things.

“Whatever is on your feet is clutch and a lot of the times that’s going to be a good sneaker. A good sneaker is really going to show your knowledge of the sneaker game and a sneaker should always tell a story. When I play basketball I only wear Kyrie’s or Kobe’s. Kyrie’s because I really align with his beliefs and Kobe’s because he’s my favourite basketball player of all time,” Tyrone said.

During the early 2000s, Tyrone played NCAA basketball at Hillsdale College in Michigan so he knows a good basketball sneaker when he sees one. Tyrone’s favourite Kyrie’s are the Spongebob Kyrie’s — he shares a matching pair with his daughter — and the Black History Month Kyrie’s. Tyrone also has a pair autographed Kobe’s… but that’s a story for another day.

Tyrone’s Favourite All-Time Sneakers

1. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low – White

Tyrone said you can style this sneaker with almost any look. Whatever the look, this shoe will never disappoint. He says each summer he buys 3 pairs of brand new Air Force 1’s because you always have to make sure they’re looking fresh.

2. Jordan 11 Carolina Retro Low University Blue

Photo: Sneaker News

Tyrone says that the baby blue sole on these Jordan Carolina’s is everything! This shoe gives all those nostalgic vibes of how crazy Jordan releases use to be.

3. Prada New America’S Cup Bike Fabric Sneakers

PHoto: Prada

“These Prada’s are just a high-end feel and they’re just a whole vibe. You can dress them up and you can dress casual. Its premium and with this sneaker you can start getting into material and quality leather,” Tyrone said.

4. Air Jordan 9 “Space Jam”

PHoto: sneaker news

“This is my favourite pair of Jordan’s. It was the pair I always wanted as a kid, I thought they were the coolest looking. They look good on the court, but also as an everyday sneaker. To me, this sneaker is equivalent to a red Ferrari, its so classic,” Tyrone said.

eBay Canada Launches New Authenticity Guarantee Program

Photo: ebay

In May, eBay Canada launched the new Authenticity Guarantee program where collectible sneakers sold on the site (over $100) are fully vetted and verified. This verification is done by an independent team of industry experts, Sneaker Con, at eBay’s newly-launched Canadian authentication centre entirely dedicated to sneakers.

Authenticated pre-owned sneakers are also available to Canadian buyers, with access to inventory from the U.S., a serious game changer for the sneaker collectors and style enthusiasts north of the border. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on some Tyrone’s favourite sneakers, you can find them on eBay Canada today!

Nicole McLaughlin Is Auctioning Off 5 Upcycled Sneakers For Help group

Multifaceted New York-based creative Nicole McLaughlin has put five unique pairs of shoes up for auction, each of which has been using solely upcycled materials sourced on eBay by the designer.

McLaughlin — who earlier this year was appointed brand ambassador for Arc’teryx — has garnered quite the following in recent years through her skill of upcycling unwanted garments and accessories, and last year raffled a selection of one-off Patagonia pieces with all proceeds going to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Now McLaughlin is auctioning off five unique pairs of shoes, with all money raised going towards Stop AAPI Hate.
Footwear on offer includes a Nike ACG Windbreaker slip-on, ASICS water bottle slippers and Salomon hiking shoes, alongside a pair of strapped Nike x Mead School bag sandals, with some pairs costing up to $560 USD at the time of writing.
You can find out more about Nicole McLaughlin’s eBay auction here, with bidding set to run until July 1.

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In other news, Jil Sander has celebrated personal style and freedom for Spring/Summer 2022.

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Oughout. Ok. Sneakerheads Chat the Artwork of Reselling containing eBay

Continuing the rollout for its latest Authenticity Guarantee initiative, eBay has teamed up with renowned sneaker connoisseurs across the U.K. to discuss its significance. For this episode, the platform has enlisted Morgan Weekes and Sam Morgan to gain a first-hand insight into the worlds of both archival collecting as well as new-age reselling.
Having previously been appointed co-director of one of the largest sneaker independent conventions to now operating as a brand consultant and creative for all-things sneaker-related — Weekes connects the dots between modern-day enthusiasts and OG sneakerheads.

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As a seasoned collector with an affinity for throwback gems, in particular the 1989 Nike Air Flow, “It’s a really good example of strong Nike design” — authenticity plays a pivotal part in his buying experience. “Thankfully the Authenticity Guarantee is covering pre-owned shoes. To me, that’s a big deal because I’m buying a lot of old collector pairs. To have that safety that they’re real is awesome.” eBay’s rigorous inspection procedures also keep his mind at ease, “They check the shoe when it comes back to you as well, that is something that’s going to make people feel a lot safer about selling shoes, not just buying.”

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From Paul Pogba to Dave, Sam Morgan plugs some of the biggest celebrities with rare fits, which all started with a pair of YEEZY’s. “The first release I really popped off on was the YEEZY BOOST 350 v2 “Breds”. I got 13 or 14 pairs at retail and I flipped all of them at £400.” For him, eBay has always been the go-to platform for sourcing the exclusive pieces to stay ahead of the game, “One thing I always try to do is be one or two steps ahead of other people. eBay’s always there to help when you need something.” Speaking on its competitive 5% seller fees which cover the Authenticity Guarantee process, he continues, “If you’re spending £150 on a pair of trainers, the least you can do is spend £7.50 extra.”
You can watch Morgan Weekes and Sam Morgan’s interview above and for more information on eBay’s latest sneaker Authenticity Guarantee check out its website.

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craigslist and ebay Faucets a Fb Survivalist to Put together Clients and prospects for Actual Life Affairs

Between overplayed lines like, “I feel so naked without my mask on,” and that awkward pause before deciding whether it’s acceptable to hug each other again, the return to activities around real people has not been as glamorous as expected for everyone. That’s why eBay is recognizing re-entering non-virtual social circles might require a little bit of bravery in its latest campaign.

Jess Gavigan Appears To craigs record When On The Search Uncommon Kicks

Jess Gavigan, better known by her Instagram handle @juicegee has been collecting sneakers for the best part of 14 years. An advocate for female representation in the sneaker community, she grew dissatisfied with the lack of availability for smaller sizes in the kicks she longed for. Wanting to tackle this inequality, she set up the web store ‘Small Feet Big Kicks’ catering to the smaller-sized sneakerheads. “I’m a size 4.5, so trying to locate pairs was rare, even any that weren’t just pink was a rarity.”
Speaking on the significance of eBay in her search for gems Gavigan says, “Buying sneakers was super hard for women, it wasn’t really accessible. Using eBay was great because it allowed me to access different areas of the country.” As she sits amongst just a fraction of her collection, she recalls that the Air Jordan 8 “Aqua” was the first pair she purchased off eBay, “My main thing was to get them for cheap and I found these for 99p brand new in box.”

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As one of the leading destinations for buying and selling exclusive heat, customer satisfaction stays at the top of eBay’s ethos. With its latest Authenticity Guarantee initiative being rolled out and sneakers being the first products out of the gate, Gavigan speaks on its importance. “Fakes have evolved and you can barely tell at all. It’s great that platforms like eBay have their Authenticity Guarantee because not only is it good for the buyer, it’s also great for the seller.” Having used eBay since the start of her collecting days, she says, “It’s so important for me because I’ve been using eBay for years, buying and selling. So to have that and see that they’ve listened to the community I think is amazing.”
You can watch Jess Gavigan’s interview above and for more information on eBay’s latest sneaker Authenticity Guarantee check out its website.

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may be proclaims authentication only for luxurious purses

Online marketplace eBay has launched authentication for luxury handbags. New and pre-owned handbags sold for more than 500 dollars from 16 luxury retailers will now be professionally authenticated.

eBay started its authentication program in late 2020 which initially included luxury watches, followed by sneakers.

Charis Márquez, VP of fashion at eBay said in a statement: “Authenticity Guarantee has changed the way people buy and sell luxury items on eBay.

“There’s a handbag bought every 12 seconds on our marketplace, and now we’re expanding authentication to deliver an additional layer of trust and confidence for these shoppers and sellers.”

Handbags that meet the requirements that are sold in the US will be vetted and verified by a team of professionally trained authenticators. The eBay professionals will carry out a detailed physical inspection while using advanced technical equipment. Once the item has been successfully reviewed it will be marked with a badge of authenticity guarantee.

Tirath Kamdar, GM of luxury at eBay said in a statement: “Demand for luxury items on eBay is soaring – an iconic Hermes Birkin bag was recently sold for 98,000 dollars and our watches business doubled last quarter.

“People come to the marketplace knowing that they’ll find the designers and items that they’re coveting. And now, eBay is delivering a more seamless and accessible experience that lets shoppers buy and sellers sell luxury handbags with total confidence.”

Luxury brands that are eligible for handbag authentication include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Celine, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Goyard, Burberry, Chloe, Valentino, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta.

How eBay Blocked 257,000 Listings that Violated Prohibited Wildlife Insurance policies in 2020

For many online companies, addressing the threat of wildlife trafficking can be daunting. The laws that define this illegal trade are complex for those outside of the law enforcement and conservation fields. And for online companies, wildlife is just one of dozens of prohibited activities to consider in regulating content on the platform.
In 2008, eBay took the challenge head on and banned the global sale of elephant ivory on the platform. Since that time, the company has applied multiple measures to strengthen our enforcement and expand prohibited wildlife policies to include a broader list of endangered species.
Since 2017, eBay has blocked or removed 522,000 listings that violated its prohibited wildlife policies, with 257,000 of those actioned in 2020. While this is just a small fraction of the content on eBay’s platform, with more than 1.7 billion listings live at one time, it shows a commitment by the company to allocate significant resources to help protect wildlife through the influence of our marketplace.
eBay is a founding member of the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online, a global partnership of 40 companies convened by conservation organizations WWF, TRAFFIC and IFAW aiming to unite the tech sector to reduce illegal wildlife trade through web-based platforms. Through this collaboration, eBay has:

Worked with convening organizations WWF, TRAFFIC and IFAW to train our enforcement staff to better detect illegal wildlife products like elephant ivory and pangolin leather boots;
Published communication pieces to help eBay buyers and sellers understand the link between prohibited products and illegal wildlife trade, as well as the social and environmental impacts of harming nature;
Utilized the key search words identified by the Coalition and academia to expand block filters and enhance automated detection of prohibited items;
Participated in the Coalition’s Cyber Spotter program, which trains volunteers to spot and flag suspicious wildlife listings on the platform; and
Shared learning with other online companies and industry media, to help expand awareness and best practices across the industry.
eBay’s success in addressing illegal wildlife trade on the platform is a direct result of the company’s senior-level commitment and dedication to the issue, backed up by the increased expertise and awareness of our staff trained by the Coalition. More about our company commitments to environmental and social governance can be found in our 2020 Impact Report, published on our website.