5 issues it’s possible you’ll not bear in mind about faculty soccer week 0

College football week 0 has never really been embraced by fans. And it’s certainly not for a lack of trying. We are now entering the fourth decade of teams scheduling these games with no real tradition to show for it. Basically, some schools play, some people watch and everyone moves on with their lives.
In the early days of week 0, it was a showcase event featuring two ranked teams. Playing in one of these contests provided schools with the ability to schedule 12 games that year. The luster of this wore off by the late 1990s and the unofficial start of college football vanished for 11 years.
Thanks to a little help from the Aussies, it’s back in 2021. Now we won’t be saying college football week 0 is better than ever. Not unless you missed the Battle of I-10 (that’s the rivalry between UTEP and New Mexico State). However, even if you love this year’s matchups, there still may be a few things you don’t remember about the opening weekend.