5 Straightforward Tech Ideas That Will Assist You Construct Up Your Dropshipping Web site

We all know how the Pareto principle works in business: 80% whine and 20% win. Would you rather be in this 20% of people who are already using dropshipping sites for earning at Aliexpress? Once you understand the sequence of actions, take the right decision, and configure the system consisting of 5 components?Guess where 80% of guys who want to use the dropshipping model quit? If you answered “at the stage of assembling a puzzle from a domain name, hosting, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Ali2Woo”, congratulations: right you are.Building up a dream business: before you start, chooseType in Google: “how to choose a niche for dropshipping in 2021” and read; once you have decided on a niche, products, selected suppliers, and received the answers to your questions, it’s time for the next Google search: “dropshipping store names“. You will be offered ready-made, catchy names. Before making a choice, ask your friends, relatives, let them explain their choice. The name is the key to your success: it is the name of your domain, your store, an important part of SEO, your brand, and a story about your values. Think it over thoroughly – and come up with something that your target audience will fall in love with at first sight and will not be able to pass by or forget: short, bright, simple, beautiful, unique.OK, we have a name. We choose a domain and hosting in the same place. Type “a2hosting domain and hosting” into Google. We get to the a2hosting website. First, type our desired domain name in the search bar to find out whether it is available in the .com zone. Don’t pay yet! Is it available? Yes? Excellent. Now scroll down the page to the bottom and select WordPress. Talk to technical support in live chat, explain what you need. They will help you 24/7; there are also detailed guides for setting up WordPress. Your goal is: to get an “average” hosting plan for online stores on WordPress, which includes the domain name you had chosen for free for 1 year, as well as to pay for the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and ask for help in setting it up.Finally, you have:a niche, goods, suppliers;the best hosting for dropshipping sites;a cool domain in the .com zone as a gift for a year;the login data to the WordPress admin panel with WooCommerce enabled.Yay! It’s time to fill the store with goods! But you don’t want to enter the products manually; it’s difficult, boring, and time-consuming. Search for the 5th point: Ali2Woo AliExpress plugin on our official website. You will like its price (no monthly fee!) and the number of everyday tasks it will solve for you. We, the Ali2Woo plugin support service, will help you to use and configure it. After that, you will just need to advertise your store, process orders, and develop your business.This is a difficult path, but you will be happy as you walk. Start your store today. Run it like a pro. Get rich! Good luck!

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Dropshipping from Aliexpress: higher than ever!

Why is dropshipping from Aliexpress so good for making money nowadays? In today’s world, people of all ages and countries prefer to shop online. They choose to do it because it is a bigger choice for a better price. They love to do it because it is easy and comfortable. They have to do it because it is safe. Millions of people in the world have their needs, money they want to spend, and plenty of ways to send you the money literally within seconds, thanks to the Internet. So this is why those who know how to dropship from Aliexpress earn more money than ever while you are reading this. Interested? It’s easier than most people think. Here is what they have done.Imagine: to start selling worldwide, you do not need a lot of money. You don’t have to buy the goods, to hire staff, no storage, and no trouble. Yet, you can sell goods to anyone on Earth and get rich. Isn’t that cool?What do I need to set up dropshipping from Aliexpress?You don’t have to be a webmaster. The WordPress platform is easy and intuitive. There are lots of tutorials and YouTube videos on how to create, fill in and promote your online store. With as little as $60, you will be able to set up everything by yourself within 2-3 days. No matter how techy – or not techy – you are, you will need several things:A computerAn Internet connectionAround $60 (in total)A domain nameA hosting platformWordPressWooCommerce pluginAli2Woo plugin! IMPORTANT!Promoting and advertisingAt first, if you put enough time and effort into promoting your shop daily, you will process dozens of orders monthly, so you will have to do everything you can automatically. Soon you will process hundreds of orders monthly, thanks to the fact that you had been doing everything you could automatically from the start. Ali2Woo is the most convenient, functional, and affordable WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. Unlike most other plugins, it has no monthly fee and transaction fees. You only pay for it once – and then import and organize all the goods, and add new items to your store with a couple of clicks. It saves hours of your life, giving you more time to choose goods and promote the store.From our own experience, no matter what competition you may face, choose a popular niche – it is less risky to go where the demand is high and many competitors than to look for an empty niche for a long time. What is popular, and what are you into selling? Decide for yourself! Young people love new gadgets and clothes. Middle-aged people care for the comfort of their homes. The elderly ones who mostly used to shop offline a few years ago, buy online too because crowded malls are too risky for them now. Even the kids know how to buy online, and they grow up quicker than we notice. The whole world of buyers, and the whole Aliexpress of goods, are waiting for you. Start today! Good luck!

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Scams and Guidelines amongst AliExpress Dropshipping

In 2021 AliExpress remains one of the most powerful international marketplaces. The eCommerce platform is visited by 200 million users monthly, is worth $3.63 billion, and had 150+ million buyers in the last year’s Q4 alone. The secret of its success lays in the product range — from grand brands to Chinese manufacturers — as well as extremely affordable pricing. It’s only logical that dropshippers take advantage of a combo like that. And if you wish to join them, check our brief dropshipping from AliExpress guide for beginners.Here’s why an AliExpress dropshipping store is a good idea:AliExpress is officially cool with dropshipping, unlike other retail giants that set up limitations, restrictions, and sanctions.Many people hate AliExpress’s official layout. The platform does the most with dozens of search result filters, but the navigation still can be overwhelmingly chaotic. With your dropshipping store, you provide customers with a neater, less confusing alternative.The outreach is truly global. AliExpress ships to more than 250+ countries, with big markets such as Russia, Canada, and the US being in the Top 5.Is Alibaba Dropshipping Different From Aliexpress Dropshipping? Both platforms belong to the same China-based Alibaba Group. Alibaba as a marketplace is more B2B: wholesale prices, customized goods sold in bulk. AliExpress is a retailer filled with ready-made items sold for end customer prices, albeit low ones. On AliExpress you can buy any quantity of the same product, from 1 to as much as the seller has in stock. On Alibaba the majority of the sellers have a minimum order quantity, usually 100+ copies of the same product per shipment.(Interestingly enough, Aliexpress shipping time is not much longer than Alibaba’s. They also offer many other advantages such as unlimited customer protection.)All and all, when it comes to dropshipping, Alibaba isn’t really worth it. With it, you will have to  be involved in the logistics, taking serious risks (being responsible for one packet’s delivery and possible damages is one thing; with 100+ it’s different.) Dropshipping is supposed to be about holding little to no inventory, and that doesn’t really work with Alibaba’s minimum quantity rules.First Steps of creating  AliExpress Dropshipping BusinessThe first three decisions you should make are 1. Choosing a CMS for your online store, 2. Picking your product niche, and 3. Finding a reliable AliExpress supplier. Number 1’s best choice is creating a store on WordPress — it combines professionalism with affordability and the so-called WooCommerce has already become a separate eCommerce ecosystem. For 2-3, you can start with visiting the official Aliexpress Dropshipping Center to see what’s hot and in demand. Of course, you won’t be the one browsing those stats; do some additional hunting:Check GoogleTrends and social media to see what people are currently into.Find a product category you possess actual knowledge about. Then find a niche within that category.Browse the AliExpress suppliers who sell the products you wish to dropship. Pick those with the most all-time orders, fastest shipping, and best ratings.Use this dropshipping product search tool that collects suggestions daily. It has 7 days of free access.These are the essentials for finding your AliExpress dropship footing. For the technical side, your online store will require dropshipping software, such as Ali2Woo Plugin for WooCommerce. It is easy to use even if you are an eCommerce newbie, and it will keep you in sync with your AliExpress suppliers.

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Dropshipping for Dummies: Phrases and They Imply

If you’re already doing your research on dropshipping, there’s no way you haven’t come across certain words and phrases. While they are, most of the time, common economic terms, the meaning of that terms can be slightly different in the context of dropshipping. Today we are going to briefly go through the nuances.Dropshipping For Beginners: Brief GlossaryOnce you learn the actual lingo, navigation becomes much swifter. While the actual list of terms is quite broad, we explained dropshipping terms important for the initial research and the first stages of launching the store.Advertising (Ads). A message paid by the dropshipper that aims to bring customers to their online store. Most dropshippers use targeted ads for Instagram and Facebook.Ali2Woo. A developer that provides software and support for WooCommerce dropshippers.AliExpress. Online retail site based in China with a global outreach. Extremely popular among dropshippers as a platform to find suppliers on.Bulk order placement. An automated process that allows you to place multiple orders from the supplier.Importing. Transferring and mirroring product information from your supplier to your dropshipping store.Inventory. The amounts and types of products the supplier currently has available.Margin. The profit you get after subtracting your supplier’s initial, so-called cost price from the total amount of money you made through dropshipping the products.Markup. A value you add to increase the cost price in order to get profit.Migrating. Changing the plugin you use for your dropshipping store without disturbing the site.Niche. A particular theme you used to find products for dropshipping.Overriding. Switching the suppliers of your products without removing the products from your online store.Plugin for dropshipping. Software that allows you to run a dropshipping store.Pricing. The value of each product in your dropshipping store: cost price + your markup.Profit. The money you gain after selling the dropshipped products.Shipment. The process of delivery of the product purchased via your dropshipping store. The supplier is the one who sends it directly to the customer.Stock. The selection of products you dropship.Supplier. A third-party seller whose products you dropship.Synchronization. A method of automatically aligning the products & prices in your online store with your supplier’s inventory.Wholesale suppliers. The suppliers who sell inventory for a lower cost in bulk.Winning product. The most profitable product that stars in your dropshipping store.WooCommerce. Types of eCommerce trade (including dropshipping) provided via WordPress-built websites.WordPress. A popular platform used for building websites, including online stores.eBay. A USA-based marketplace is frequently used for global dropshipping.eCommerce. Online trade; can be provided using various models.This is your go-to list to help you understand the essence of dropshipping. Once you studied the terms, you’re welcome to join the actual deal. It’s gonna be easy with our Ali2Woo plugin for AliExpress dropshipping: click here to see what you’re getting.

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Merely Dropshipping?

Dropshipping, in a nutshell, is a direct shipment of goods from an online seller to a buyer. An eCommerce business model, essentially. But what’s the main difference from the “regular” sales here? What is dropshipping in terms of investments and profit?How Dropshipping Works: A GuideThe thing is, a dropshipping vendor doesn’t need to invest in stock, inventory, or storage rent. After a buyer purchases in a dropshipper’s store, their order will be shipped directly from the supplier/distributor. The dropshipper’s profit here will be the margin between their store’s and the supplier’s cost.Let’s dive deeper into the core of dropshipping. The model isn’t complex and is suitable for business newcomers and seasoned vendors equally. See: this dropshipping guide.In the beginning, a dropshipper — who also will be referred to as a “seller” — registers a domain name and buys a web hosting for the store.  It’s  better to build the site using WordPress as a CMS. And to make that store suitable for dropshipping, you need to use a good WooCommerce plugin (see below.)The seller chooses the products they want to sell, and then picks a supplier, or several, from a trusted wholesale platform. The most popular ones are AliExpress and eBay.After setting up a catalog of products and setting up prices with trade margins, the dropshipper can start the sales.The scheme goes as follows:Customer places order(s), pays & gives you shipment info > You buy the order that customer paid for from the supplier for a wholesale price & give the supplier the customer’s shipment info > The supplier sends the order from their storage to the customer directly > You’re left with a profit.This is the gist of a topic, a how-to guide, answering the many “what is dropshipment?” and “que es dropshipment” that search engines see daily. If you decided to follow it, time to get precise.How Start Dropshipping: Pros and PrecautionsBegin with deciding on the products! You can sell goods you’re familiar with, as well as something in high demand. To find out products that may be profitable, rely on the latest trends. Comb through social media, marketplaces, and search engines to determine those.If you’re new to dropshipping, start with products that are not easily perishable (no make-up, breakable things, electronics, etc.). Minimalist toys, clothes, bedlinen, fabrics, and such are the best bet for beginners. Don’t forget to order samples from a potential supplier to check the quality! This is important because dropshippers are responsible for returns and refunds.How to Start Dropshipping Business EasilyThe trick is to invest in a decent website and a user-friendly dropshipping plugin. Ali2Woo Plugin is cost-effect, easy to navigate, and our team can customize a personalized online store ready for WooCommerce. It is available for both AliExpress. Also, we have a separate plugin for eBay.There’s a question common for beginners in dropshipping: how to keep everything in check? Prices and interface, products, and payments? Ali2Woo Plugin:Imports products from AliExpress to your store in bulk.Filters and imports only the products with the fastest delivery options.Automatically updates prices in bulk, adding your trade margins.Automatically sets up and tracks shipments.Synchronizes your store with supplier’s info: you are always aware of what they do and do not have in stock.Allows you to customize your product pages: change titles, add descriptions, photos, videos, etc.Supports multiple currencies & languages.Supports the AliExpress Affiliate program.Imports product reviews directly from AliExpress.Comes with a free Chrome extension that lets you import products as you browse AliExpress.… and more.

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Dropshipping with WooCommerce: Your finest information for 2021

You see this word whenever googling “What is dropshipping?”. And you definitely wonder if WooCommerce is any different from eCommerce, along with other questions considering the term. It’s all quite simple — WooCommerce is a type of eCommerce/Internet sales model that:Involves an online store built strictly on the WordPress content management system (CMS);Can be customized thanks to the open-source code of that CMS;Requires a type of a WordPress dropshipping plugin;Can be easily scaled as your business grows.WooCommerce is the #1 choice for dropshippers across the globe. It’s easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for a successful and experienced vendor. When paying for WordPress hosting, you can choose from the list of their WooCommerce partners and get a reasonable monthly rate. WordPress also supports 55+ thousand different plugins. One of them, the official WooCommerce plugin, is made specifically for ecommerce business. There’s a catch though. After purchasing that plugin, dropshipping newcomers soon realize it requires add-ons to keep their business running.Dropshipping with WooCommerce plugin only is not enough. The default settings will give you a great choice of website designs but it lacks the functionality that is necessary for Dropshipping store. All the important features for your dropshipping business can be found through Ali2Woo software.Ali2Woo is a multi-functional WooCommerce plugin made for easy dropshipping on AliExpress. Our developers have tailored it specifically for automated processes. This means that your involvement in your online store’s life will be minimal.With Ali2Woo Plugin you can:Import products from AliExpress. Choose the supplier, choose the items, and put them in your store in a few clicks.Customize the prices. Just tweak the settings once: the system will take the suppliers’ prices, add your markups, and display the final rate next to every product.Synchronize with the suppliers. Every time there’s a change in their stock, the system will update your database. Your customers will be shopping using only the relevant information and prices.Get the orders automatically filled and tracked. Shipment info from the buyer will be sent to the supplier right after they make the payment. You will be able to track the whole process from there.Only sell the products with the fastest delivery time. Ali2Woo Plugin uses ePacket Filter for this. This feature only imports the items that won’t make your customer wait for weeks.Work with multiple currencies. The pricing info will be transparent for customers all over the world.Load products in different languages. Another way to reach out to a broader variety of customers.Customize your products. Present them in a unique and comprehensible way, changing titles and descriptions, adding photos, graphics, videos, and more.Use authentic AliExpress reviews. The plugin imports them directly from the site for your customers to see.Ali2Woo Plugin for WooCommerce dropshipping is capable of all this and so much more — and it’s affordable too.

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