Dropshipping from Aliexpress: higher than ever!

Why is dropshipping from Aliexpress so good for making money nowadays? In today’s world, people of all ages and countries prefer to shop online. They choose to do it because it is a bigger choice for a better price. They love to do it because it is easy and comfortable. They have to do it because it is safe. Millions of people in the world have their needs, money they want to spend, and plenty of ways to send you the money literally within seconds, thanks to the Internet. So this is why those who know how to dropship from Aliexpress earn more money than ever while you are reading this. Interested? It’s easier than most people think. Here is what they have done.Imagine: to start selling worldwide, you do not need a lot of money. You don’t have to buy the goods, to hire staff, no storage, and no trouble. Yet, you can sell goods to anyone on Earth and get rich. Isn’t that cool?What do I need to set up dropshipping from Aliexpress?You don’t have to be a webmaster. The WordPress platform is easy and intuitive. There are lots of tutorials and YouTube videos on how to create, fill in and promote your online store. With as little as $60, you will be able to set up everything by yourself within 2-3 days. No matter how techy – or not techy – you are, you will need several things:A computerAn Internet connectionAround $60 (in total)A domain nameA hosting platformWordPressWooCommerce pluginAli2Woo plugin! IMPORTANT!Promoting and advertisingAt first, if you put enough time and effort into promoting your shop daily, you will process dozens of orders monthly, so you will have to do everything you can automatically. Soon you will process hundreds of orders monthly, thanks to the fact that you had been doing everything you could automatically from the start. Ali2Woo is the most convenient, functional, and affordable WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. Unlike most other plugins, it has no monthly fee and transaction fees. You only pay for it once – and then import and organize all the goods, and add new items to your store with a couple of clicks. It saves hours of your life, giving you more time to choose goods and promote the store.From our own experience, no matter what competition you may face, choose a popular niche – it is less risky to go where the demand is high and many competitors than to look for an empty niche for a long time. What is popular, and what are you into selling? Decide for yourself! Young people love new gadgets and clothes. Middle-aged people care for the comfort of their homes. The elderly ones who mostly used to shop offline a few years ago, buy online too because crowded malls are too risky for them now. Even the kids know how to buy online, and they grow up quicker than we notice. The whole world of buyers, and the whole Aliexpress of goods, are waiting for you. Start today! Good luck!

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Dropshipping on Alibaba: must you occur to be for or on?

AliExpress continues to be one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, with more than 150 million buyers. The marketplace, owned by a China-based Alibaba group, is also extremely popular for dropshipping. That’s thanks to its abundance of suppliers, competitive product quality, and low costs.If you consider AliExpress dropshipping, you can count on various ready-made solutions for aid. But you also should consider all the pros and cons — and we are here to help.The nuances of AliExpress and Alibaba dropshippingTo save you the confusion, here are the main differences between the two:AliExpress is more of a B2C (business-to-customer) platform. You can place orders for as many or as few items as you wish.Alibaba, owned by the same Alibaba Group, is more of a B2B (business-to-business) platform. It’s a wholesale marketplace more aimed at bulk orders, with perks like mass customization products for a certain brand. There’s usually a minimum number of items you must order, usually starting with 100 per batch.AliExpress is okay with dropshipping. They even offer an affiliate program for dropshippers that allows you to get additional income. Let’s take a look at other advantages and disadvantages of the platform:Pros:Lower costs that can be really appealing to your customers.A chance to discover truly unique products.Low risk. Lots of trustworthy suppliers to choose from. They also offer great customer support and are very serious about quality, shipping, returns, etc.Wide shipping geography. AliExpress suppliers ship to more than 110 countries, so there’s a huge chance your customers will get their orders.Cons:Longer shipping time. The average free shipping time from AliExpress is 30 business days, and it can take as long as 45.Return Process. Yes, most suppliers will issue a refund or offer to send you another product if you complain on behalf of your customer. But if it comes to opening a dispute, you will have to wait for days to weeks for a decision to be made. While waiting, you will most likely have to refund the unsatisfied customer out of your own pocket to save your store’s repute.What about Alibaba dropshipping? The pros and cons appear as follows:Pros:Pricing & quantity negotiation. Suppliers on Alibaba are open to a dialogue, so you can always discuss prices and a minimum number of products to order.Lots of suppliers & unique products. Some products are only manufactured in China, and Alibaba is the only place to order them in bulk.Cons:More shipping risks. It’s one thing to run into delivery troubles with one relatively cheap item. But what if a pricey bulk order gets damaged or lost?Shipping time still takes longer. Plus with ordering products from Alibaba you have to wait additional time for them to be manufactured.When comparing the two, dropshipping with AliExpress is much less risky than Alibaba dropshipping. Yes, it has its obstacles, but they are not that hard to work with.

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Right here Are Widespread Errors of Shopify Dropshipping

It would be naive to call dropshipping a fault-free affair. Entrepreneurs make mistakes, just like every other businessman does — and forewarned means forearmed. That’s why it’s time to speedrun through dropshipping on Shopify, and the common missteps you need to avoid.Here’s what you have to know about this platform:Shopify is an eCommerce platform for building online stores. It’s frequently used by dropshippers, including those working with AliExpress.It has numerous ready-made decisions, including apps, tools, plugins, apps, and so on.Shopify mistakes and how to fix themMistake 1: You forget about the fees.Shopify is pricey. With a business like dropshipping you usually want to tame your expenses as much as possible. But Shopify charges you $29-$200 every month, depending on the plan. It does give you 14 days of the free trial, but that’s essentially it. They don’t have a free plan, nor do they plan to introduce one.How to fix it: Either factor Shopify’s fees in your store’s monthly budget, or switch platforms. Dropshipping with WooCommerce — a.k.a. building a store on WordPress — is much more affordable since the CMS is open source and free.Any additional costs you might want to include will also be significantly cheaper than Shopify alternatives. The quality? Superb and competitive.Mistake 2: You do everything manually.The point of eCommerce is to run a business with as little hassle as possible. And we get it: you might be anxious about stripping your customers of the “human touch” experience. Or you just have launched and still don’t have that many orders.But believe us when we say: users these days will be more suspicious of a business owner that doesn’t rely on contemporary wonders of software.How to fix it. Shopify offers numerous applications that automate essential processes: product import, order fulfillment, pricing, charging, and more. However, the best Shopify plugins for these tasks will cost you around $20 per month each. Each application has its own team of developers, so you’ll have to resolve issues separately.Alternatively, you can migrate your Shopify store to WordPress and use plugins like Ali2Woo or eBay2Woo. This software, created by one team of developers, already includes the most important features for automation and synchronization. You also pay for it just once, when purchasing.Mistake 3. Using Shopify in general.Seriously, we get it. Dropshipping on Shopify has some perks that may feel nice. There’s the reason this brand is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. The thing is, it works better for classic business models like wholesale.Shopify simply isn’t a dropshipping-friendly choice due to the sheer expensiveness it. WooCommerce gives you the same and more for less. So it’s probably time to migrate.

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That is How The Proper Plugin Helps With Profitable Dropshipping

We’d be lying if we called dropshipping a risk-free model — because every type of business has risks. Whoever says otherwise is either delusional or a scammer. But we also aren’t giving you TED talks without sharing productive ways to make dropshipping easier.So, you might want to start your business with the following:Figure out a dropshipping solution that works best for you (think through the concept of your store, as well as a niche you can occupy;Estimate your initial investment. With dropshipping, you can very well do with $50-$100;Find the perfect software that will automate about 90% of your WooCommerce dropshipping process.If you had already started to dropship before finding our blog, chances are you are not completely satisfied with how it goes — unless you wouldn’t be reading this. The possible reasons are:You are dropshipping with platforms like Shopify and Amazon instead of WordPress and AliExpress or eBay. You spend more money on listings, Shopify apps, and subscriptions that you earn back;The dropshipping software you use is faulty and inconvenient;You don’t use any software at all, wasting time on doing everything manually.Now let’s dive into fixing the problems — and, if you’re a dropshipping newcomer, preventing them from ever occurring.How to choose a plugin that works?Let’s start with getting a better understanding of the matter.Software for dropshipping is an eCommerce program installed on your website. It lets you overview the status of your business and gives you tools to manage it. When you dropship with WooCommerce, you need dropshipping software in the form of a WordPress plugin. There are plenty out there: however, the developers from Ali2Woo have come up with a state-of-art plugin that deals with the most essential tasks.The dropshipping services provided with AliWoo Plugin are run by artificial intelligence-type modes. This makes it a dropshipping powerhouse compatible with the majority of WooCommerce themes. It also automatically imports products from your AliExpress suppliers, synchronizes your inventory with theirs, updates prices, fulfills orders automatically — and does much, much more. It’s also extra user-friendly: you don’t have to doubt your tech-savviness. Plus, our Support is always here to give tips.With a dropshipping plugin like that — smoothly working, multi-tasking, and ever-evolving — you can focus more on finding winning products, pouring heart and soul into your store, and getting profit. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be a routine, after all.

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Shopify Information That Will Make In search of At Dropshipping In one other means

Shopify is one of the main platforms associated with dropshipping. And if you’ve been tempted to try it out, there are some things to consider first.What does dropshipping with Shopify consist of, anyway? The platform itself is primarily an eCommerce store builder. Therefore, some dropshippers use it to create their middle-man websites and import goods from AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and the like. The process is not without obstacles, however.Key points of Shopify dropshippingHere’s the deal: Shopify’s free user-friendliness is limited. Yes, it has important eCommerce features and tools, as well as its own servers to host your website on. And the site constructor is great even for newbies.But.When you consider dropshippinginsteadof executing traditional eCommerce models, your main goal is to keep the initial investments as low as possible. Yet dropshipping with Shopify requires:purchasing one of their 5 plans, which can cost anything from $9 to $299 (there are 14 days of free trial for each;paying the aforementioned sum monthly;paying online credit card rates (2.4-2.9% + 30¢ depending on your plan);adding a 0.5-2% transaction fee to your payments if an external payment provider is used.Even after all that you’ll find out that Shopify lacks free dropshipping options. This means additional expenses on pivotal plugins: Filters, Search, Importing, Product Sourcing, Security & Anti-bot protection, and more.With Shopify, every dropshipping application costs money. Most are around $20/month; very few are $9/month.Basically, a viable — and much more affordable! — alternative to dropshipping with Shopify is WooCommerce. In this case, you build an online store using WordPress with its abundance of website themes (or use HTML/CSS for free if you fancy since the software is open source.)Any additional dropshipping WordPress software, including extensions and plugins, is either free or affordable with no subscription — meaning you won’t have to pay for it every month/year. And the right product, from a trusted developer like Ali2Woo, will add security and comfort to your business.If you’re already dropshipping with Shopify but want to cut the expenses without sacrificing the quality, just migrate your store to WooCommerce. It’s both fast, foolproof, and cost-effective.

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Scams and Guidelines amongst AliExpress Dropshipping

In 2021 AliExpress remains one of the most powerful international marketplaces. The eCommerce platform is visited by 200 million users monthly, is worth $3.63 billion, and had 150+ million buyers in the last year’s Q4 alone. The secret of its success lays in the product range — from grand brands to Chinese manufacturers — as well as extremely affordable pricing. It’s only logical that dropshippers take advantage of a combo like that. And if you wish to join them, check our brief dropshipping from AliExpress guide for beginners.Here’s why an AliExpress dropshipping store is a good idea:AliExpress is officially cool with dropshipping, unlike other retail giants that set up limitations, restrictions, and sanctions.Many people hate AliExpress’s official layout. The platform does the most with dozens of search result filters, but the navigation still can be overwhelmingly chaotic. With your dropshipping store, you provide customers with a neater, less confusing alternative.The outreach is truly global. AliExpress ships to more than 250+ countries, with big markets such as Russia, Canada, and the US being in the Top 5.Is Alibaba Dropshipping Different From Aliexpress Dropshipping? Both platforms belong to the same China-based Alibaba Group. Alibaba as a marketplace is more B2B: wholesale prices, customized goods sold in bulk. AliExpress is a retailer filled with ready-made items sold for end customer prices, albeit low ones. On AliExpress you can buy any quantity of the same product, from 1 to as much as the seller has in stock. On Alibaba the majority of the sellers have a minimum order quantity, usually 100+ copies of the same product per shipment.(Interestingly enough, Aliexpress shipping time is not much longer than Alibaba’s. They also offer many other advantages such as unlimited customer protection.)All and all, when it comes to dropshipping, Alibaba isn’t really worth it. With it, you will have to  be involved in the logistics, taking serious risks (being responsible for one packet’s delivery and possible damages is one thing; with 100+ it’s different.) Dropshipping is supposed to be about holding little to no inventory, and that doesn’t really work with Alibaba’s minimum quantity rules.First Steps of creating  AliExpress Dropshipping BusinessThe first three decisions you should make are 1. Choosing a CMS for your online store, 2. Picking your product niche, and 3. Finding a reliable AliExpress supplier. Number 1’s best choice is creating a store on WordPress — it combines professionalism with affordability and the so-called WooCommerce has already become a separate eCommerce ecosystem. For 2-3, you can start with visiting the official Aliexpress Dropshipping Center to see what’s hot and in demand. Of course, you won’t be the one browsing those stats; do some additional hunting:Check GoogleTrends and social media to see what people are currently into.Find a product category you possess actual knowledge about. Then find a niche within that category.Browse the AliExpress suppliers who sell the products you wish to dropship. Pick those with the most all-time orders, fastest shipping, and best ratings.Use this dropshipping product search tool that collects suggestions daily. It has 7 days of free access.These are the essentials for finding your AliExpress dropship footing. For the technical side, your online store will require dropshipping software, such as Ali2Woo Plugin for WooCommerce. It is easy to use even if you are an eCommerce newbie, and it will keep you in sync with your AliExpress suppliers.

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The factor that Platforms Are Good in Dropshipping?

Searching for suppliers is a constant process. And there’s a question that will eventually pop into your mind, whether you’re a dropshipping newcomer, or have been doing this for some time already. “Can I try out other platforms?” Stories from dropshipping Reddit users mention different opportunities, and today we will go through some of the most popular ones.Etsy Dropshipping: What to Expect?This online marketplace thrives on creative minds, artisans, private collectors, and the like. Etsy dropshipping is an actual thing, especially popular among print-on-demand dropshippers. Pros: Etsy is a reputable platform with great customer support. The suppliers really care about their reputation as well, so high product quality is basically guaranteed.Cons: Sizeable fees ($0.2 for listings that expire after some time, 5% for transactions) will undoubtedly tarnish your profit margins. Etsy also forbids wholesales, limits scaling, and is overall extremely not mass-sale friendly. With policies that harsh, it’s only a matter of time that the marketplace bans dropshipping entirely.Oberlo Dropshipping: What is it like? Many confuse Oberlo with a wholesale marketplace for dropshippers. But it is actually a dropshipping software for AliExpress and not a separate retailer. Oberlo enjoys a fair share of popularity: it’s easy to work with and offers multiple handy features. But it comes with a few obstacles for those interested in low-investment business:It has limits & regular fees. Those who use Oberlo for free, get only 500 products and just 50 orders a month. To receive 10,000 products and 500 orders (plus some additional features) you will have to spend $29.90 monthly. And unlimited orders and 30,000 products come with $79.90/month.It only works with Shopify CMS. Keep in mind that Shopify itself doesn’t have many free dropshipping options and has hefty monthly payments and fees (find more about it here.) The whole combo of Oberlo + Spotify expenses is more sizeable than most of the dropshippers would deal with.It creates grounds for increased competition among dropshippers. Oberlo software displays the “Bestsellers” category with the most popular products. So if the goods from your unique niche end up there, prepare for the competitors.It prohibits lots of popular categories, including bicycles and helmets, e-cigarettes, vapes & hookas, as well as dupes of famous brands (can be considered counterfeit.)Interested in Amazon dropshipping? Check the Pros & Cons here. In conclusion, for a stress-free and affordable dropshipping stick with WooCommerce as a CMS and AliExpress as a product sourcing platform. Both are dropship-friendly and come with numerous free options plus and no payment plans. And the right dropshipping software like Ali2Woo Plugin will manage the process for you — from product import and bulk orders to automatic synchronization and fulfillments.

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Dropshipping Electronics: Doing It Authorized proper

The consumer electronic and digital market is currently worth more than $680 billion. Considering how rapidly our technology-charged society evolves, it’s safe to say the figures will only grow. That’s why electronic products are so favored in the 2021 dropshipping world. Here’s how to manage them properly:Check your knowledge. That’s basically Dropshipping 101 — you should be interested in the products you’re selling. And that’s crucially important if you dropship electronics. You don’t have to be a tech expert but you need to be able to provide your customers with useful information and support.Study the market & trends. Don’t dropship any and every electronics device just for the sake of it. Find the niche and then start searching for the winning products within that niche.Choose reliable suppliers. Official manufacturers are often present on AliExpress, so you can dropship directly from them. You can also comb through other suppliers who offer fast delivery, discounts, an array of brands, and warranties. Just to be safe and sure, don’t hesitate to invest in ordering different sample products from them.When it comes to markups, try to keep them as low as possible in this case. Electronic devices tend to sell in high volumes, and selling more for less is better. As for niche searching, let’s take a look at some categories that may be obvious but full of hidden gems.— Headphones & headsets. Yes, these are some of the most popular categories in eCommerce / dropshipping. But pay closer attention to gadgets like headsets for sleeping (integrated inside a soft eye mask.) Or glow-in-the-dark headphones for kids and young adults that will provide the parents with a piece of mind.— UV sanitizers for phones & other sanitizing gadgets. The world will arguably never be the same, and surface disinfection is a routine at this point. Moreover, many workplaces demand it on a regular basis, so the cool-looking gadgets that use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria come in handy. Also, they make self-cleaning water bottles these days that use the same principle.— Movie projectors. With many people still stuck at home, watching Netflix on the same pristine screen becomes boring after a while. Movie projectors add novelty, romantic vibe, and aesthetic. They also come in vintage-style looks and make great gifts.— Interactive pet gadgets. Feeders, water fountains, pet & dog cameras — everything to make a pet owner’s life easier. Be more careful with electronic toys though: they can be a health hazard for the animal.— Phone & tablet accessories. People may not be changing their phone for some time after purchasing but they will inevitably go through different charges, cables, even power banks. The trick is to find the accessories that have distinctive exteriors — as opposed to the dull models in regular stores.Once you get your electronic dropshipping store off the ground, you can move to more daring products like mobile gadgets, household cleaning devices, or gardening tools. But from day one you need to stay synchronized with your supplier’s store.  Ali2Woo Plugin for AliExpress dropshipping provides you with that and so much more. Click the link above to learn about everything it does for dropshipping websites.

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Is absolutely Dropshipping Lifeless, All issues thought-about?

Thanks to the swarm of pseudo-gurus of the eCommerce world, dropshipping are often viewed as something scammy. And unfortunately, this sometimes stops the interested entrepreneurs from doing more research; some even wonder if dropshipping is legal. Others claim dropshipping is as good as dead in 2021. Today, let us sit down and deal with the main myths and rumors once and for all.Myth 1: “Dropshipping is illegal.” Dropshipping is a perfectly legal trading practice. Of course, keep in mind that owning an online store makes you a business owner — and businesses need to be registered legally. As long as you’re an honest taxpayer who doesn’t try to dropship low-quality or forbidden products, you’ll be fine. Check the common laws your country has for the entrepreneurs to learn the nuances.Myth 2. “Dropshipping is about scamming others (or being scammed.)” No, dropshipping is not a scamming scheme. So much so that it’s not even forbidden by the Terms & Conditions of major retail platforms (yes, including Amazon.) On AliExpress you can find dozens of sellers who offer affiliate programs for dropshippers. And why would it be otherwise? For free dropshipping, those platforms receive traffic and sales through your store and gain nothing but profit from your sales. Sure, your store’s customers don’t know you dropship the products but you aren’t doing anything every on- and offline reseller does, so it doesn’t really affect them on their end.You, as a dropshipping newbie, alas can be scammed by fraudulent “experts”. Beware of those charging hundreds upon thousands of dollars for their useless courses or corrupt software. Be vigilant, skeptical, and don’t make rushed decisions.Myth 3. “Your dropshipping store won’t survive the competition.” A basic, ill-maintained website with no distinctive theme and/or unreasonably high pricing doesn’t have a chance, yet. But if you create a professionally-looking store, invest in software & advertising, and commit to dropshipping products that are niche and on-demand? Different story.Here are just a couple of ideas for unique online stores:Dropshipping print on demand items with a personalized touch;Dropshipping quality dupes of famous brands (think IKEA-esque decor, Gucci-esque purses, beauty products mirroring famous Korean brands, etc.)Dropshipping band merch for music fans.Myth 4. “You will get super rich super quick.” Yes, dropshipping as a business model allows you to save money on inventory. But, as we mentioned above, it’s still a job that demands attention to detail, research, and dedication. Dropshipping is not a way to get passive income. Still, it becomes extremely rewarding as soon as you start making steady profits.Myth 5. “You need to be a tech wiz.” While having a general idea of how the digital world works never hurt anyone, you absolutely don’t have to be more-than-average knowledge in that department. Especially if you’re dropshipping with WooCommerce: in that case, you can get affordable yet reliable and user-friendly software to support your store 24/7. Ali2Woo Plugin for AliExpress dropshipping is the best example. It is designed for full customization, automation, and synchronization of online dropshipping stores. Click the link above to learn more about the software’s features and perks. And rest assured dropshipping is far from dead in 2021.

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The power of Dropshipping Life-style

Behind the dropshipping meaning hides not just a viable business model but an entire lifestyle. Learn how to get the most of it.Dropshipping Companies in USA: Should You Bother?Lots of famous “dropshipping gurus” are based in the US. Which, of course, makes them somewhat of the faces of this lifestyle on a global scale. And if you, as a dropshipper, chase the American Dream, chances are you are doing it in at least two ways. That is, either by seeing the US as a target market or by looking to dropship the US-produced products. There’s a good couple of dropshipping suppliers in the States: BryBelly, Sunrise Wholesale, ParkFlyers, Beauty Joint to name a few. But are they really that better than the good old AliExpress?A couple of things to consider:The US market is highly competitive. Dropshipping web stores can hardly provide the same levels of customer service like Amazon, Walmart, and other retail titans.America-produced goods are not cheap, even with wholesale suppliers. Keep in mind that they won’t necessarily be better than the ones produced by reputable Chinese manufacturers (long gone are the times when Made in China equaled low quality.) Yet you still will have to set up higher prices to try and make a profit — which, considering the competitiveness of the dropshipping world, is not the best idea.Advertising is expensive as well. The average Facebook CPM for the US is 2.29. Trying to increase your dropshipping conversion rates can lead to hefty spendings if you want to work strictly with America.Also, the USA isn’t even in the Top 3 countries by conversion rate in many dropshipping stores, including the successful ones.If you still want to dropship for the US instead of targeting other markets, that’s fine. But consider the risks.What Dropshipping Apps Are Popular These Days?A portrait of an average round-the-clock dropshipper won’t be complete with an arsenal of digital tools. The absolute majority of dropshipping jobs are done online. Therefore, the most popular apps are actually plugins for running WooCommerce or Shopify stores, add-ons, and such. Some are doing okay, others have seen better times. The rundown at the moment looks something like that:Dropshipping University’s siteshows a 404 error where their software is supposed to be.The ShopMaster plugin has shut down.WooCommerce plugin continues to be not the most user-friendly one.… And so on.Here at Ali2Woo, however, we have prepared a fresh alternative made with the dropshipping lifestyle mind. Our plugin is made specifically for international WooCommerce dropshipping on AliExpress. It has everything a self-respecting entrepreneur desires: synchronization, automatization, knowledgeable experts, and support. If you are new to dropshipping, it is perfect. If you aren’t, it is no less perfect: just migrate your store in several easy steps.Please, contact us to learn more — and Happy Dropshipping!

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