The way you watch SpaceX launch its twenty third resupply mission to the ISS thursday

Next week, SpaceX is scheduled to send another cargo delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) using its recently-upgraded Cargo Dragon uncrewed spacecraft. The exciting launch and eventual docking with the station will be livestreamed by NASA, and we’ve got the details on how you can watch along at home.
What to expect from the launch
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon cargo capsule soars upward after lifting off from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 3, 2021, during the company’s 22nd Commercial Resupply Services mission for NASA to the International Space Station. NASA
This will be the 23rd resupply mission run by SpaceX to the ISS, and it will take off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will use a SpaceX Cargo Dragon launched atop a Falcon 9 rocket, which will carry supplies for the crew as well as scientific experiments to be performed in the station’s microgravity environment.
The experiments being carried to the station include investigations into whether chemicals from grape skins could treat osteoporosis, a new robotic arm that can be operated from the ground and that could be used on Earth in disaster situations, and several experiments into animals and plants by Girl Scouts.
After spending a day in transit, the Cargo Dragon will arrive at the ISS, where it will dock with the Harmony module automatically, overseen by astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur.
How to watch the launch
The launch will take place early in the morning hours of Saturday, August 28, and it will be streamed live on NASA TV. To watch this channel, you can either use the video embedded at the top of this page or head over to NASA’s website.
Coverage of the launch begins at 3:15 a.m. ET (12:15 a.m. PT) on August 28. The launch itself is scheduled for 3:37 a.m. ET (12:37 a.m. PT). The craft will then travel through Earth’s atmosphere and up to the International Space Station over the rest of Saturday.
The Cargo Dragon is scheduled to dock with the space station on Sunday, August 29, and the rendezvous and docking will also be streamed on the same channel. Coverage of this begins at 9:30 a.m. ET (6:30 a.m. PT) on August 29, with the docking scheduled for 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT).

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Biggest watch astronauts improve the ISS energy system

As part of ongoing upgrades to the International Space Station’s power system, two astronauts will take a stroll outside the station this week. On Tuesday, August 24, you can watch along from home as they perform a spacewalk to install hardware in preparation for a new solar array which will soon be installed.
What to expect from the spacewalk
The International Space Station’s solar arrays provide power for the orbiting laboratory. NASA will install a total of six new roll-out solar arrays in front of the existing arrays at 1A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B to augment the power. During the Aug. 24 spacewalk, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei and astronaut Akihiko Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will install the modification kit on the 4A power channel, where the next new roll out solar array will be installed in 2022. NASA
NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei and Japanese space agency JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide will be performing the spacewalk. They’ll be working to prepare power channel 4A, shown in the diagram above, by installing a support bracket for the new solar array known as an International Space Station Roll-Out Solar Arrays (iROSA).
Two of these arrays have already been installed, and this installation will be the third of six. The array in question provides power to several parts of the station, including the U.S. Laboratory, the Harmony module, and the Columbus module.
The current solar arrays were originally designed to last for 15 years, but some have been working for more than 20 years. Although the arrays are still functional, over time their efficiency is reduced. Between that and developments in solar array technology, the new arrays will provide more power than the old arrays, even though they are smaller.
How to watch the spacewalk
The spacewalk will be shown live on NASA TV. You can watch either using the video embedded at the top of this page or by heading to the NASA website.
Coverage of the spacewalk begins at 7 a.m. ET (4 a.m. PT) on Tuesday, August 24. The spacewalk itself is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. ET (5:30 a.m. PT). It is expected to last up to seven hours.
If you’re really keen to learn more, NASA will also be holding a briefing on the day before with more information about the spacewalk. To watch the briefing, you can tune in to NASA TV on Monday, August 23 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT).

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How one can Watch the Hallmark Channel

Sling TV is another great, inexpensive live TV streaming service option. You won’t get as many channels with Sling as you do with Philo, but maybe the Sling Orange or Sling Blue package fits your watching needs better.
Sling Orange has your Disney Channel, ESPN, CNN, and TBS channel. And Sling Blue has your Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and Bravo channel.
But if you want the Hallmark channels with your package, you’ll have to get the Lifestyle Extra. This $5/month add-on comes with the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, along with Lifetime Movie Network, DIY Network, and The Cooking Channel.
So if you get Sling Orange or Sling Blue plus the Lifestyle Extra add-on, you’ll be paying $40 per month for live TV and your three favorite channels!
That’s not a bad price for a channel lineup that is more tailored to your entertainment needs such as your romance movie needs on a Friday night when you want to wind down with a glass of wine.
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How one can Watch the Dallas Cowboys 2021–2022

Where can I watch the Dallas Cowboys play live?

During the 2021 regular season, the Dallas Cowboys will be playing on CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC. So, we have suggestions on how you can watch your Boys if you’re in or out of the region.
You’ll still be able to yell at your hometown team from across the country. Gotta keep the Boys in check, we understand.

*Data effective 8/16/2021.

YouTube TV has all of the channels Cowboy fans need

YouTube TV has all four channels that you need to watch your Cowboys: CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.
Not only does YouTube TV give you that sweet simplicity, but it’s also one of the few services that offer the NFL RedZone Channel this 2021 season. Get this channel for $11 per month with the Sports Plus add-on, and you’ll get to see every moment a team is in the red zone during the Sunday morning and afternoon games.
You’ll never miss an exciting moment. But you probably already know Dallas’s defense won’t likely get featured. (We have to face the facts.)
If you want to know more about YouTube TV and the other sports channels in its lineup, head on over to our full review.

DISH is the best satellite TV option for Cowboys games

DISH’s America’s Top 120+ plan will let you watch your Boys any week of the season.
With this $80/month package, you’ll get CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, along with 190 other channels.
You just have to decide if you want a live TV streaming service that you can watch games on your streaming device, smartphone, or tablet. Or if you want satellite TV and about double the channels, go with DISH.
Check out our DISH review if you think this might be the service you’d like to watch all of your Cowboys games with.

If you’re a Cowboys fan and you want cable, go with Xfinity TV

Xfinity’s entry-level packages, Extra and Digital Starter, give the Dallas Cowboys fans all four channels.
We know you’re a diehard Cowboys fan if you’re reading this, but you get to choose if you’d like to be committal or non-committal with this cable TV provider.
Get the Extra plan if you’d like to save $20 each month during your 1-year contract, or opt-in with the Digital Starter plan if you’d like to cancel at any time without signing a contract.
Xfinity TV’s starter plans net you about 11 sports channels, which isn’t a lot. But we like how you can get 9 more sports channels with its More Sports & Entertainment add-on, including the NFL RedZone Channel.
Check out our Xfinity TV review if you’re considering a cable TV provider. It’s also our number one choice for cable TV overall.

Hulu + Live TV also has the mighty four

Another service with all four channels for your Cowboys game-watching parties is Hulu + Live TV.
We recommend YouTube TV over Hulu Live if you want 20 more channels for the same price (including two more sports channels), and if you want a bigger Cloud DVR storage space.
We recommend Hulu Live to those who want a big on-demand library though, and you must get the $71/month plan if you don’t want ads while binge-watching Friday Night Lights.
If you want to watch Dallas on Hulu + Live TV, but you’re not quite sold, jump on this 7-day trial. If you want to read more details about the service, check out our review.

fuboTV is our No.1 pick for sports, but maybe not for Cowboys fans

fuboTV has ESPN, it grants access to FOX and NBC in most areas of the US, but CBS is only available in some regions.
So we recommend you take on the free trial to see if you get the channel lineup you need to watch all of the Cowboys games. And fuboTV is also one of only a few services that offer the NFL RedZone Channel.
The RedZone Channel is perfect for the fantasy football player because you can watch Dak making those crisp passes, or you can watch Travis Kelce catching a pass for a touchdown, or Derrick Henry plowing through the defenders.
If you like to watch your fantasy team in real-time, find more information on fuboTV and the Sports Plus add-on in our fuboTV review.

How can I watch my home team when I’m out of the region?

We have four suggestions. That’s right, four: NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NFL RedZone Channel, NFL Game Pass, and Amazon Prime Video.
But keep in mind, they all have their caveats.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is only available with DIRECTV, the satellite TV service. It’s the only service that gets you all out-of-market NFL games. Sounds dreamy, right?
You just have to be OK with second-year price hikes. But it could be worth it if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan but live in Salt Lake City. If you sign up for the CHOICE plan ($64.99/month) or above, you can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free for one season (which is normally about $400.00/season). Check out all the info in our detailed review.

We have already mentioned NFL RedZone Channel enough, but don’t forget … it’s an option. The caveat is you don’t get to see the full game, just the highlights.
If you’re a Fantasy Football player, we guarantee you’ll want this channel.

NFL Game Pass is something you could get with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, or you can get it as a standalone service for $100. This service is for those who don’t mind watching the game after it’s already aired.
NFL Game Pass gives you access to full broadcasted replays that you can watch anytime, 45-minute condensed games for when you have limited time, and all-22 angle coaches film for when you feel like breaking down film like the pros.

And lastly, the Dallas Cowboys play three Thursday games this season, and Amazon Prime Video has got you covered.
You definitely can’t miss the Week 1 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then you can use this service for Week 12 and 13 when the Boys take on the Las Vegas Raiders at home and then play in New Orleans the following week.

The way to Stream NFL Video games 2021–2022

We’ve got a few streaming service suggestions for when you need to stream your favorite NFL team’s games while you’re at work, your daughter’s basketball game, or church. We get it.
You’ll only find the full broadcasts of NFL games on CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. So we’re going to let you know which streaming services have these channels, plus we’ll highlight the services that have the best channel on earth: the NFL RedZone Channel.
So, we’ll go over live TV streaming services, like YouTube TV and fuboTV, and we’ll also go over network apps like the Fox Sports Go and standalone services like NFL Game Pass.
Whether you’re a committed Cleveland Browns fan or a new Tampa Bay Bucs fan because Tom Brady is your idol, this one’s for you.