eBay Greatest Supply Gross sales Success Information!

eBay Best Offer can be a highly effective sales conversion tool for sellers.
Using the tips I’ll share, be ready to watch your eBay sales rise! eBay Best Offer can trace its lineage back to the early days of eBay. Back when eBay was still Auction Web, buyers flocked to the unique new site in search of a deal. More than 25 years later, they’re still flocking, and they’re still looking for a deal.
But nowadays, eBay is no longer all about auctions.
In fact, more than 80% of all listings are fixed price. So how can buyers still get that great deal? Two words: Best Offer. I call it the Haggle Feature. Not only is it free and easy to use, but you also can automate it! And it can be the difference between sale and no sale. Have I piqued your interest yet?
Basically, adding the Best Offer option to your fixed price listing is a flag to shoppers that you’re willing to take a bit less than your asking price for that item. In other words, it’s an invitation to haggle. If you’ve ever negotiated a better price at a garage sale or flea market, then you know how it’s done:1. The would-be buyer makes an offer.2. The seller either accepts or makes a counteroffer.3. The buyer either accepts or counters the seller’s counteroffer.4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 until both parties agree on a price.
That’s haggling for the win-win!
eBay’s Best Offer is designed to work exactly the same way: It’s the online version of haggling.
And it’s a fantastic way to boost your sales!
What You Need to Know to Succeed with eBay Best Offer.
What You Need to Know to Succeed with eBay Best Offer!
Here are three factors you need to keep in mind when adding Best Offer to your listing(s):

First, price the item 20%-30% above the lowest amount you’re willing to take for it. Don’t be greedy and double that amount, because you may well price yourself right out of the market! Besides, you want the price to be acceptable for people who don’t want to haggle — they just want to buy your item right then and there.
Second,  as you add Best Offer, check to see if you’re offering free shipping on that item. If you are remember to roll the actual cost of shipping the item into the minimum price you’re willing to accept.
Third, be aware that buyers may find your item via Promoted Listings. Don’t forget to keep that additional fee in mind when calculating an acceptable price.

eBay Best Offer: How to Set It and Forget It!
Now let’s talk automation. When you check the box to add Best Offer to a listing,  you’ll see two more checkboxes indented below the Add Best Offer checkbox. These give you the additional options of setting up Auto Accept and/or Auto Decline. Using one of these is a best practice, whereas the other is not. Here’s why.
Adding Auto Accept to Best Offer by checking that box and filling in the lowest price you’re willing to accept is smart.
It means that any offer at that amount or higher will automatically be accepted. That’s a huge timesaver. It’s also a lifesaver. If for some reason you’re offline and don’t see an acceptable offer before it times out, that offer will still be accepted. eBay will automatically inform the buyer and send them an invoice. So add Auto Accept to your Best Offer settings, and you’ll never miss an acceptable offer!
By contrast, adding Auto Decline takes away your ability to counter unacceptable offers.
This is not a good thing. Why? Because it closes the door to the possibility of making that sale, whereas countering even a lowball offer keeps the possibility of a sale in play. Some sellers use Auto Decline because they don’t want to deal with lowball offers. I think this is counterproductive.
Don’t waste time and/or energy being offended by lowball offers!
Put on your business hat. It’s not personal. Maybe the buyer is testing the water, trying to see how low you’ll go. Maybe they’re also a seller and hope to buy the item cheaply enough to flip it themselves. On the other hand, if I’ve had an item listed for a long time without an acceptable offer — or without any offers! — then I may be willing to take a lower offer for it.
So unless you have thousands of identical widgets listed and would be overwhelmed by the day-to-day volume of Best Offers you receive, I don’t recommend using Auto Decline. As a small or medium-size seller, you should be able to field unacceptable offers manually by countering them as they come in.
You can do so using standardized discounts or by calculating the acceptable discount on a case-by-case basis. You can also do a mixture of both: Use percentages as guidelines. Then follow your gut as to the exact amount of any given counteroffer. For example, did the buyer offer $10 for your $24.99 item? Maybe they like round numbers, so counter at, say, $20.
For more information about how to automate Best Offer, check out my  video,  “eBay FREE Automation That Makes You Money!”

Meanwhile, for more pro tips on using Best Offer, keep reading.
Best Practices for Success with Best Offer!
Please note that eBay gives both buyer and seller the option of adding a note to their Best Offer.  Don’t pass up the chance to make a sales pitch! Open by thanking the buyer for their offer, then close with a call to action asking for the sale. Here’s a sample of a note you might write.
“Thank you very much for your offer. I can come down to $X (Y% off). Item is hard to find and in excellent condition. I hope we can make a deal!” Keep your preferred verbiage in a text document (ideally along with other boilerplate verbiage) so that you can simply copy and paste it. Then fill in the appropriate numbers and send your counteroffer.
Best Offer is a powerful sales tool for sellers. It’s an opportunity to dialogue with a  potential shopper. Don’t overlook Best Offer’s no cost “Auto Accept” feature that can effortlessly score you sales.
eBay’s “Best Offer, a.k.a the “haggle feature” can help you move inventory, score sales and delight shoppers!
Now that’s a winning combination!

eBay Gen Z Sellers Keep To Store!

eBay Gen Z sellers and shoppers love sustainable commerce.
They come to sell and stay to shop eBay’s vast array of unique and pre-owned goods.
First, let’s define Gen Z. Colloquially known as Zoomers, Generation Z is the demographic cohort that follows Millennials. It’s the generation coming of age as young adults in the second decade of the 21st century — basically, those born between 1997-2015. Gen Zers are focused on sustainable commerce and getting great deals.
How do I know that Gen Z is shopping on eBay?
Because eBay CEO Jamie Iannone tells me so in his recent Recommerce Report. It says, “According to eBay’s survey, globally, 46% of sellers aged 18 to 24 sold pre-owned goods for financial benefit, with 64% saying that they’re selling more than they did in previous years.”
These socially responsible, value-oriented young consumers come to eBay to make money selling — and then they stay to shop. eBay found that Gen Z is also buying more pre-owned goods than other generations: 81% of 18- to 24-year-olds say that buying pre-owned has become more common in the past year.
So how can you, as an eBay seller, use this information?
eBay Gen Z shoppers loves to buy clothing, and they especially love athleisure clothing. Defined as “casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear”, athleisure encompasses casual tops, yoga pants, leggings of all lengths, shorts, track pants and jackets, sweatpants, sneakers, and other easygoing styles that can be worn from the gym to the office to happy hour.
In short, athleisure ensembles combine fashion and function. That makes them a perfect fit for Gen Zers’ fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyles.
Where can you source athleisure gear? Everywhere! Check out:

Your closet
Friends and family
Yard sales
Thrift shops
Consignment stores
Brick-and-mortar retailers, including outlet malls (look at what’s on clearance; also, does the store have coupons?)
Online retailers, including eBay and other marketplace sites

Here are some of the most popular (and saleable!) brands:

Alo Yoga
Beyond Yoga
Girlfriend Collective
Outdoor Voices
Public Rec
Reigning Champ
Ten Thousand
Under Armour
Yohgi Yamamoto

How to source what eBay Gen Z shoppers buy!
Pro tip: Always use eBay’s Advanced Search and Terapeak to check sold prices for the exact size and type of athleisure you’re selling. That can mean the difference between making a profit and losing your shirt!
When you’re ready to list your athleisure finds, use the proven tips in my free guide eBay Listings That Sell! to help your items sell fast and for top dollar.

eBay Listings That Sell Free Guide!
Now get busy shopping and selling!

eBay Promoting 2021 How Finest To Put together!

It’s 2021 and a brand-new eBay selling year.
Tips for 2021 and successful eBay selling!
But many of 2020’s same old challenges linger on. So how do you prepare your business on eBay for the unknowns that lie ahead??
Let’s break down eBay selling into two manageable concerns:
First, we’ll talk about inventory. Because without inventory, you’re basically out of business. Second, we’ll look at ways to get sold items safely to your buyer. Because if you can’t do that, then again, you’re basically out of business.
But here’s the good news: As an online retailer, you’re always open on eBay! And I’m going to share with you my proven, actionable strategies for addressing your concerns about inventory and shipping, so you may rest assured that your business can indeed not only stay afloat, but thrive this year!
Let’s talk product sourcing in 2021.
How and where can you find new merchandise with which to stock your eBay store’s virtual shelves?
Sure, many brick-and-mortar retailers have closed up shop. That doesn’t mean you have to! No matter how and where you acquire your inventory, it’s always smart to be alert for and test new sources.
For example, do you thrift? Great! But have you tried retail arbitrage? That’s where you buy merchandise at brick-and-mortar stores, then flip it on eBay. Opportunities for retail arbitrage abound, from NWT clothing on clearance to health and beauty products with limited nationwide availability to marked-down seasonal décor and a gazillion other possibilities.
If you already do retail arbitrage for your eBay selling, have you tried online arbitrage?
That’s where you find merchandise on eBay and/or other ecommerce sites that you can buy at a low enough price to allow you to mark it up and resell it on eBay for a profit. My video Score Hot Selling eBay Inventory has some super ideas for you in this area.
[embedded content]
Two eBay sourcing pro tips:
Look for eBay listings with misspelled brand names.
Sort search results by “Ending Soonest” and look for undervalued items, especially in auction listings.
Don’t forget about wholesale! With many wholesale shows now taking place online, this could be the perfect year for you to try sourcing some wholesale lines.
Remember: Multi-quantity/multi-variation listings only have to be created once to run for months as GTC (Good ‘Til Cancelled), and they’ll move up in search results with every item sold from that listing. It’s much less labor intensive than listing one-off items, which (obviously) end each time the item sells.
So consider complementing your one-of-a-kind inventory with a commodity product — or two!
Now let’s consider shipping. You probably have a favorite carrier, or at least one that you use more than others.
That’s fine, but do keep an eye on what the other carriers offer. In addition to their discounted USPS rates, eBay has partnered up with UPS and FedEx. It pays to compare prices to ensure you’re making smart choices about how to ship your sold items!
However you’re shipping, be sure you have a backup provider.
eBay Labels is pretty reliable, but should it go down or get glitchy, you’d best be prepared to turn to an alternative source for generating your shipping labels and packing slips.
I have an account with Stamps.com for this very reason. Did you know that Stamps.com offers a free account for eBay sellers? Yes, FREE! All you have to pay for is the postage you purchase, and Stamps.com offers the same discounted rates as eBay.
If you’re shipping globally, you may want to start using eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) and International Standard Delivery (eISD) exclusively. These shipping services offer special protections for sellers. Furthermore, eISD is cheaper than USPS First Class International.
One thing is certain: 2021 is fraught with uncertainty.
Get ready now, so that when the curve balls come your way, you’re ready to knock ‘ em out of the park!

Top 2 keys eBay sales success in 2021!

eBay Seasonal Gross sales Success Should Dos!

Now is the time to buckle down and focus on your eBay seasonal sales must do’s seller! Get ready to throw away your eBay To Do list. Yes, I said throw it away.

eBay seller last minute “Must Dos” for Seasonal success!
Because now it’s time to start on your eBay Seasonal “Last minute must do list.” It’s not too late to score holiday sales!
Here’s what should be on your “Last Minute Must Do list.” It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
First, be sure to keep plenty of shipping supplies on hand! Don’t run out of anything. If you need more polymailers, free USPS Priority Mail boxes, or eBay-branded packing tape, order them NOW. Better to have too much on hand than too little! Besides, you’ll use them up eventually. Order now and more than you’ll need as the USPS website is already warning of shipping delays on their free supplies.
Next, keep sourcing and listing!
Brick-and-mortar stores have predetermined financial goals — i.e., they must sell $X by Y date. Watch for 50%-75% off sales on any and all things holiday related. And remember, Christmas sells all year long. And don’t  overlook listing those Holiday goodies you are buying. As fast as your purchase Holiday products, get them on the eBay site!
Finally, don’t overlook basic holiday décor, either.
Your area may have an abundance of twinkle lights in stock, but the next state over may not be so lucky. My recent YouTube video “eBay Hot Item to Sell? Yes? No?” will give you more tips and ideas for last-minute holiday product sourcing. I actually went to two stores in NYC in search of candy canes! Neither store had them. Guess who bought candy canes online this year?

IIs it worth it to list on eBay?
Ship FAST, as in ASAP! If you can get sold items out the door the same day they’re purchased, by all means do so. And while you’re doing so, share that fact via social media. Post pics of your packages going out — being picked up by your carrier, getting dropped off at the post office, etc. Be sure to blur or strike through any visible shipping addresses! Check out my blog post Last Minute eBay Holiday Sales Tips for more Holiday shipping ideas.
There’s a postscript on your eBay Seasonal Last Minute Must Do list!
While listing, packing, sourcing and shipping, don’t forget to take good care of yourself as well as your business on eBay.
What pumps up your holiday spirit? Play your favorite Christmas carols or other holiday tunes while you list, pack and ship; sip a cup of hot cocoa (marshmallows and/or spiking optional); relax in a peppermint-scented bubble bath…you get the idea. Whatever jingles your bells, indulge yourself.

Must do’s to score last minute eBay Holiday sales!
‘Tis the season to be jolly! So yes, take care of your customers, but also take care of YOU. I wish you the happiest of holiday selling seasons!

eBay Promoted Listings Your Vacation Superpower!

eBay Promoted Listings are your Holiday superpower.

eBay Promoted Listings are a sales superpower
We’re already 1/3 of the way into Q4, and time is ticking away on the year’s biggest retail moment: Holiday. ‘Tis the season to sell, sell, sell — so let’s get your eBay items SOLD! What can you do to garner more sales? Three words: eBay Promoted Listings. 
Promoting your listings will boost their visibility in search results by as much as 36%.
You don’t need a store to use eBay’s pay-per-purchase advertising tool, either.
In fact, now it’s even available to sellers using eBay’s quick listing tool. The only listings that aren’t eligible for promotion are those that use the auction format.
I’m going to share with you my top three tips for getting the best possible results from eBay Promoted Listings.
But first, a quick refresher course on how Promoted Listings (aka PL) works:
You specify an ad rate somewhere between 1%-20% for each promoted listing. That’s the percentage of the final sale price you’re willing to pay to eBay (in addition to the regular final value fee) if your item sells via Promoted Listings. You’re only charged that rate when a buyer clicks on your promoted listing, then goes on to purchase the item within 30 days.
Promoted listings appear in search results under the word Sponsored, so you can tell them apart from non-promoted listings. Your promoted listing(s) may appear in premium placements within search results on both desktop and mobile devices or in the Related Items module at the bottom of every search results page.
1- For Optimal Results, Optimize your eBay Listings.
Promoting your listing pretty much guarantees you more eyeballs will see it. But — and this is my first tip — you’ve still got to make sure that you optimize your listing for conversion. That means:
a -Making sure you’re following eBay best practices in your title, photos, item specifics, and description.
b- Having customer-friendly terms of sale.
eBay’s Promoted Listings team says that it also pays to double-check that you’ve listed your item in the right category. One quick way to research that is to use eBay’s Advanced Search function to check Sold items.

2 – Advice from eBay UpFront
At several eBay UpFront events, PL team members have suggested increasing your PL rate during the holidays. Remember, right now there are more sellers and more listings than usual vying for buyers’ attention! Raise your rate to give yourself a leg up on your competitors.
To help you strike the best possible balance between cost and performance, eBay provides guidance by displaying suggested rates for each item you set out to promote. The suggested rate is  calculated based on a number of factors, including item attributes, seasonality, past performance, and current competition.
Suggested rates typically run between 5%-10% for most categories, but they may be as low as 2% or as high as 18%. To find the sweet spot for your own listings, start low, then increase your rate by 1% at a time until you start to see a difference in sales.
Conversely, if your item is selling very well, you may be able to drop your rate by 1% or more and still keep sales strong. Test, and carefully monitor your PL dashboard to measure the results of your experimentation.

3- Know Your Numbers
That brings us to my third top tip for making the most of PL: Check your Promoted Listings Dashboard (located in Seller Hub) at least once a week. Look at your impressions, clicks, and sales. Are you getting a lot of impressions, but few clicks? Then review that listing:
Is your price competitive?
Is your listing optimized for conversion?
Is it keyword rich?
Have you filled out all the relevant item specifics?
Are your pictures click worthy and enticing?
Have you listed this item in the best category?
Just a few minor tweaks can transform a listing from blah to WOW — and get your item sold!
For more terrific tips on skyrocketing your sales with Promoted Listings, claim your complimentary copy of my free guide Winning with eBay Promoted Listings! You can find it at my website, iLoveToBeSelling.com. This downloadable guide features proven, actionable strategies for making PL work its very best for your business on eBay. It’s 15 full pages of PL sales power tips!

Win big sales with eBay’s Promoted Listings!
Find out how to pay less in fees while making more sales, discover ways to harness Promoted Listings data for higher profits, and much more. I’ve even added some special bonus content: Fast Fix for Stale Campaigns.
The Bottom Line for eBay Holiday Sales
During the holidays, more shoppers than usual are flocking to eBay. However, at this time of year, there is also more competition for buyers (and their dollars). Use Promoted Listings wisely and well to give yourself a competitive edge — and get more sales!

You have an eBay Superpower – it’s Promoted Listings!