The thing that Platforms Are Good in Dropshipping?

Searching for suppliers is a constant process. And there’s a question that will eventually pop into your mind, whether you’re a dropshipping newcomer, or have been doing this for some time already. “Can I try out other platforms?” Stories from dropshipping Reddit users mention different opportunities, and today we will go through some of the most popular ones.Etsy Dropshipping: What to Expect?This online marketplace thrives on creative minds, artisans, private collectors, and the like. Etsy dropshipping is an actual thing, especially popular among print-on-demand dropshippers. Pros: Etsy is a reputable platform with great customer support. The suppliers really care about their reputation as well, so high product quality is basically guaranteed.Cons: Sizeable fees ($0.2 for listings that expire after some time, 5% for transactions) will undoubtedly tarnish your profit margins. Etsy also forbids wholesales, limits scaling, and is overall extremely not mass-sale friendly. With policies that harsh, it’s only a matter of time that the marketplace bans dropshipping entirely.Oberlo Dropshipping: What is it like? Many confuse Oberlo with a wholesale marketplace for dropshippers. But it is actually a dropshipping software for AliExpress and not a separate retailer. Oberlo enjoys a fair share of popularity: it’s easy to work with and offers multiple handy features. But it comes with a few obstacles for those interested in low-investment business:It has limits & regular fees. Those who use Oberlo for free, get only 500 products and just 50 orders a month. To receive 10,000 products and 500 orders (plus some additional features) you will have to spend $29.90 monthly. And unlimited orders and 30,000 products come with $79.90/month.It only works with Shopify CMS. Keep in mind that Shopify itself doesn’t have many free dropshipping options and has hefty monthly payments and fees (find more about it here.) The whole combo of Oberlo + Spotify expenses is more sizeable than most of the dropshippers would deal with.It creates grounds for increased competition among dropshippers. Oberlo software displays the “Bestsellers” category with the most popular products. So if the goods from your unique niche end up there, prepare for the competitors.It prohibits lots of popular categories, including bicycles and helmets, e-cigarettes, vapes & hookas, as well as dupes of famous brands (can be considered counterfeit.)Interested in Amazon dropshipping? Check the Pros & Cons here. In conclusion, for a stress-free and affordable dropshipping stick with WooCommerce as a CMS and AliExpress as a product sourcing platform. Both are dropship-friendly and come with numerous free options plus and no payment plans. And the right dropshipping software like Ali2Woo Plugin will manage the process for you — from product import and bulk orders to automatic synchronization and fulfillments.

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Dropshipping Stores For Sale and also Profit: How to Complete More?

One can argue that dropshipping is not strictly speaking a direct sales model of eCommerce. That’s incorrect: it does fall under a B2C umbrella. And that’s actually the thing so many dropshippers tend to forget. As a result, they don’t provide their customers with the same level of personal attention as a prosperous traditional direct seller. You can offer hot dropshipping products in abundance, but that’s not the only tool for success. So what else you may need?Finding The Right Dropshipping Supplier and MoreEven if you’ve already found your winning products, you need to be sure their supplier is trustworthy, consistent, and always updates their inventory in time. The visitors of your dropshipping store don’t care if you are dropshipping or not: they are purchasing items from you. That means you will be the one dealing with positive or negative results. And if you dropship from a wholesaler that always provides quality, you can guarantee a stable B2C / D2C experience to the customers.Use WooCommerce and AliExpress for dropshipping. Don’t immediately pick a supplier with the lowest prices though. Your best bet is the ones with the most orders. Then weed out the ones with the most positive feedback.Read the reviews left by customers in the supplier’s store. They need to paint a picture of a seller that 1. Ships the products as fast as possible 2. Doesn’t mess up the orders 3. Provides quality products 4. Is open to communication and problem-solving. 5. Provides guarantees such as refunds, or delivery on time.Talk to the actual supplier. Message them as a customer, see how quickly they reply.Place an order to check the supplier’s selling ethics and product quality in action.Also, visit dropshipping sites, groups, or subreddits with reviews and success stories to study some tactics first-hand.The information you gather and employ secures the positioning of your dropshipping businesses as a direct sales store. Starting from there, you can build a loyal customer base and develop your own brand.The greatness of the dropshipping model is that you absolutely can provide a satisfying direct-to-customer experience without investing money in buying finished goods beforehand. But you absolutely have to invest in your reputation. And once you find reliable suppliers, you will need to make sure your online dropshipping store is 100% synchronized with theirs.This is achieved through specialized dropshipping software. Not all of them require special knowledge in programming to get a professional-level online store. Ali2Woo is one of those types of software. Our AliExpress dropshipping plugin synchronizes your website with your supplier’s inventory, automizes pricing, automatically fulfills orders — and more. Get started now!

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Dropshipping Success Stories: Real People, Genuine Profit

Examples are how we learn. And the best examples are always the ones with facts and figures. We have already covered 4 dropshipping success stories shared by online store owners. Time for the new first-hand accounts.Things to consider before diving in:Some dropshipping titans are trained in business, and some have never really considered entrepreneurship before. Your degree, or the lack of it, doesn’t really matter.What matters, however, is a proper understanding of dropshipping as a business model. Make sure you are aware of the nuances, pros, and risks.It’s great to be inspired, but do not try to imitate the success stories to a T.  Mix them with your own unique strategy. Don’t forget to find a dropshipping niche that works best for you.Story #1. User u/DropshipRedditor in his AmA thread on r/IAmAStory #2. A user on r/dropship replies in the thread “Is anyone making $5k+ monthly of profit with a dropshipping store?”Story #3. User u/escaping9to5 in their AmA on r/dropship. Story #4. User u/woojewjake replying to the r/dropship thread “Those who are successful at Dropshipping, what is it that differentiates from being a failure?”These are just a few cases of successful eCommerce businesses. And here are the common dropshipping tips accumulated from other thriving entrepreneurs’ stories:Be honest with your customers to a certain degree. If the shipment is taking long (1-3 weeks,) be upfront about it. It’s a good thing to explain to the buyer that you work directly with the supplier to get the lowest possible price — hence the longer shipment.Use several types of ads: pictures, multiple-item videos, single-item videos. Don’t waste your effort on the voiceovers, however. Most Internet users have their audio turned off. Put on royalty-free tunes instead.Testing is important. Don’t be afraid to run different types of low-price ads to test a new product, and then analyze the data  and weed out those that performed the best.Facebook ads for retargeting can work magic.Proofread everything on your store’s site. Nothing turns the potential customers off more than bad grammar.Visuals are incredibly important. Use high-quality images, distinctive fonts, and pleasant colors.Branding adds to trust. It doesn’t matter that you dropship products and manufacture them yourself. Develop a distinctive brand for your store, add a unique stance and selling proposition. Your message should be loud and clear for all potential customers.Stay within your niche, but constantly search for winning products. Add at least a couple of new ones per week. Eventually, your mind will be trained enough to spot the potentially hit items.If you’re ready to join the world of dropshipping business, start with WooCommerce. Here in Ali2Woo, we offer smooth and user-friendly software for dropshipping on AliExpress and eBay. We’re also happy to fully customize your online store. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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Sales and Dropshipping: Mastering Holiday Discounts

Holiday sales are the holy grail of both online and retail stores. Even with a relatively new dropshipping site you can — and should — make use of it. Before we dissect the particular sales, keep the general rules in mind:Add at least one more supplier in case of higher demand during the holiday sales.Don’t be afraid to discount. Offer different options, going as low as 70% with some products.Employ different sales tactics at the same time. From flash sales to 10% discounts for first-time newsletter subscribers, the more options you offer, the harder it is to refuse.Crossell and upsell.Christmas dropshipping aka Christmas sale starts to pique interest as early as late August, according to Google Trends. Of course, you don’t have to launch it that early: if anything, there’s no reason to start before your Black Friday sale ends. But if you, for some reason, didn’t have one, pick mid-November for early Christmas advertising.Switch to more heavyweight Xmas sale promo (more banners, overlays, E-mail, social media marketing) around late November;Dropship versatile Christmas & New Year-related products that the buyer can re-use. While holiday-related designs will be in demand, don’t exclusively sell the products with an upcoming year printed on them, or meme-related stuff only. Fleeting trends can be profitable, sure. But smart customers will also be looking for items that will be relevant every winter holiday.Dropshipping products for spring can also take root around Christmas time. The next big sale after the winter campaigns (Black Friday, Xmas & New  Year, and Saint Valentine’s day) will be Easter. And just like the Christmas one, it’s heavily based on specifically designed products. Use the winter holiday sales to figure out which tactics worked best, and which need improvement. You will most likely utilize them again for Easter.And, as mentioned above, don’t miss the opportunity to do a Black Friday sale. There’s not a year where it doesn’t prove to be incredibly profitable across the markets — including eCommerce. Even in pre-pandemic days of 2019 more than 93 people made online Black Friday purchases, with $2.9 sales happening via mobile phones.AccordingtoGoogle Trends, the interest for Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals doesn’t really drop through the entire year. That means the sooner you start preparing your store for the sale, the better. For Black Friday dropshipping, consider the following:Launch the sales as early as the first half of October;Heavily advertise the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale: use overlays and banners, Email marketing, social media promos;Try not to go out of your chosen niche. Make the most of the ones you work with usually. “Christmas-is” a portion of them to fit the theme.Focus on discounting the products that are not Christmas and New Year related, but can still make great holiday gifts;Put your hit products on sale. If you dropship the items that are already your supplier’s bestsellers, that works perfectly.Products to dropship on winter holidays:Clothing items like pajamas, sweaters, hats, socks, scarfs, onesies, blankets, robes for adults, kids, or pets are the non-brainer dropshipping winter products for Christmas. Add: small artificial Christmas trees, non-breakable (plush, plastic, paper, or wooden) decorations, and toys, cookie cutters, disposable cutlery and plates, carnival masks, and costumes. Avoid: glass, electronics, pyrotechnics.Big kits of tools, beauty products, bed linen, home decor, arts & crafts supplies have that perfect “giftable” potential.Toys — and, speaking of big, sizeable ones. From huge dollhouses to sports car models: for Christmas, most parents go with all-around impressive and memorable presents for their kids.Smart gadgets. But, please, make sure you’re 100% certain about the supplier’s quality.And if you need a seamless, synchronized dropshipping experience during the hectic time of the holiday sales, time to switch to ali2Woo. Our dropshipping plugin for AliExpress and eBay has all you need to smoothly run a WooCommerce online store.

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