The Australian Olympic groups trashing an airplane is probably the most Australian factor ever

If you have ever come across Aussies in the wild, then stories of the Australian Olympic teams trashing an airplane won’t come as much of a surprise. It’s kind of what they do. They are a loud and rambunctious people. That’s not an insult or stereotype. It’s the truth.
I vividly remember my first run-in with Aussies in a Croatian hostel. They were boisterous and obsessed with giving people nicknames. I was Robocop Junior. No idea why. It’s just what they decided. Anyway, this group from down under were drunk, noisy and bouncing off-the-walls for the three days I was there. Every experience with an Australian since that has been similar.
Let’s return our focus to the news of Australian Olympic teams trashing an airplane. According to reports, 49 Australian Olympians from nine sports were on the flight including the rugby 7s and men’s soccer sides. They were basically making a total ass of themselves and annoying everyone else unfortunate enough to be stuck on the 10-hour flight from Tokyo to Sydney.