Really helpful Bike Helmets for Children of 2021 – Evaluations & FAQs

10. Razor V-17 HelmetThis is one of the best bike helmets for kids because, in addition to wearing it for biking, your child can use it for other sports, like skating. This helmet offers you superior protection and security. The inside of the helmet features padding to allow for a comfortable and snug fit. The padding also works to help absorb the shock from the impact in the event of a fall or accident. The helmet comes with additional padding to help provide a more secure fit.The helmet comes with a secure buckle strap to help ensure the helmet doesn’t come off. The straps are adjustable, meaning you can tighten or loosen them depending on your needs. The helmet also has side, rear, and top vents that help improve air circulation and thus help your child cool off quickly in hot weather.Key Features Multipurpose use Inner padding for comfort Side and top vents9. Bell Youth Ritcher HelmetUnlike other bike helmets for kids, this one comes with a pinch guard. This guard works to prevent the buckling from biting into your skin or pinching you as you ride the bike. This helmet features a stylish yet simple design that comes in a variety of colors. The helmet features the True Fit system that not only allows for a snug fit but it also enables you to make helmet adjustments with ease. It is suitable for kids aged 8-14.This company takes your safety seriously, and that is why their product comes with compliance from the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for bike helmets for anyone over the age of 5. The helmet comes with 16 vents that are designed to help keep you cool by encouraging air circulation. The low visor also helps improve vision by shielding your eyes from sunlight.Key Features Stylish design True Fit System Pinch guard8. Giro Youth Visor HelmetThis helmet from Giro features a universal fit, ensuring that any child will get the right size almost on the first try. The helmet also features an easily adjustable fit, ensuring that no matter the age, your child will get a helmet that fits them. Getting the right fit will save you the time and money spent shopping for a helmet that fits. This helmet is MIPS-equipped, and it works to reduce rotational forces.This means that in the event of an accident, the helmet can redirect the force of the impact to help protect the brain. The helmet is made using tough polycarbonate materials. Despite the durable build, the helmet remains lightweight and comfortable to wear. The helmet’s inside is lined with impact-absorbing foam padding. The helmet also has 18 vents to provide rapid cooling from overheating and a visor to protect your child’s eyes.Key Features Durable materials Universal fit One-handed operation7. KAMUGO Kids HelmetWith this helmet from Kamugo, your child will have the protection they need no matter what kind of sports they engage in. Your child can wear this helmet when engaging in biking, snowboarding, skating, and cycling. This helmet is suitable for kids with a helmet size between 19 to 21.3 inches. The helmet is adjustable, meaning you can tighten or loosen it for a secure fit.This helmet comes with 11 vents to help with cooling. In addition to the vents, the helmet also features breathable foam and a breathable design. These features work to prevent sweating and to keep your child cool, no matter how hard they play.The helmet makes for the ideal birthday or holiday gift. If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with this product, you are free to return it and will receive a full refund, no questions asked.Key Features Adjustable fit Breathable Money-back guarantee6. Nickelodeon Children’s BikeThis is a helmet that your child will like if they are a fan of Paw Patrol. This helmet from Nickelodeon features a fun Paw Patrol design that will have your child feeling like they are a part of the fun. Your child will enjoy a secure and comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable straps that come with the helmet. The helmet comes in a small fit out of the box, but luckily, you can adjust that to suit the width of your child’s head.This helmet is lightweight and weighs only 0.6 pounds, making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Even on a hot day, your child can enjoy riding their bicycles for kids with their helmet, thanks to the vents on the top of the helmet. These vents work to improve air circulation that provides cooling and prevents your child from sweating.Key Features Paw Patrol design Top vents Adjustable fit5. Raskullz Child Mohawk HelmetThis eye-catching helmet from Raskullz features a spiky Mohawk design. This helmet is suitable for kids aged three and over, and it can easily fit head circumferences of 48-52cm. However, it is important that you measure your child’s head before purchasing this helmet. This helmet is not only stylish, but it is functional too. You get a hard outer shell and shock-absorbing inner padding. The helmet features adjustable straps that you can toggle with to get the right fit for your child’s head.For safety, this helmet complies with US CPSC safety standards. One of the things your child will love about this helmet is the cool lighting design. The spikes on the helmet are battery-operated and can light up continuously or in flashes. The helmet also comes with an auto-shut feature that helps preserve battery life.Key Features Fun, eye-catching design LED design Cooling vents4. Glaf Kids Sports HelmetThis helmet from Glaf offers safety and functionality in one stylish package. For a secure fit, this helmet comes with adjustable straps that you can loosen or tighten to suit your child’s head. The helmet features a hard outer shell that protects your child’s head from accidental falls. The helmet features 11 vents situated in the front, top, and rear. These vents work to increase air circulation, which in turn helps keep the head cool.It doesn’t matter how intense your child’s play sessions become; they will keep cool despite the heat. Also, despite the inside of the helmet featuring shock-absorbing foam, the material is soft enough and breathable enough to make the helmet comfortable to wear in hot weather. To clean this helmet, you can remove the inner padding, wash it and insert it back. You can clean the outer shell with some soap, water, and a cloth.Key Features Lightweight and durable Adjustable straps Breathable and comfortable3. Joovy Noodle Kids HelmetThis is a helmet that not only provides protection for your child but it also grows with them. This helmet from Joovy is available in two sizes; small and medium. The smaller size fits heads between 18.5 to 20.5 inches, while the medium size fits heads 20.5 to 22 inches. Before purchasing this helmet, it is important that you measure your child’s head to get an accurate fit.Additionally, the helmet also comes with adjustable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen the helmet. This means that as your child grows, they can still continue to use the helmet, thanks to its adjustable fit. The helmet has a visor to provide extra protection and 14 cooling vents to prevent sweating. Like other bike helmets for kids, this too comes in a variety of fun colors, including pink, orange, blue, red, and more.Key Features Available in two sizes 14 vents Adjustable fit2. Schwinn Classic Kids Bike HelmetThis is a stylish yet functional helmet that works to protect your child as they enjoy their favorite activities like biking, skating, and snowboarding. This helmet features a design that is adorable and attractive and that your child will love to wear. For added protection, this helmet has a dual shell design which works better than a single shell design. The helmet’s outer shell is hardened to protect your child’s head from scrapes and cuts. The inside of the helmet has foam padding that works to absorb the shock from impact.There are also several air vents to help provide cooling. Despite its dual composition, this helmet is extremely lightweight, and your child can comfortably wear it for long periods of time. Furthermore, the helmet features Schwinn’s 360-degree comfort system that has an adjustable dial to ensure the helmet properly fits your child’s head.Key Features Attractive design Dual shell feature Lightweight1. OUWOER Adjustable Kids HelmetThis is the top helmet on our list of bike helmets for kids, and it is the ultimate companion for cycling, biking, skating, hiking, rock climbing, and more. This helmet provides protection so that your child can enjoy their favorite activities safely. The helmet is made using ABS plastic, which is not only durable but lightweight too. This means that your child can wear the helmet comfortably for hours. The outer shell provides protection against external forces, while the inner lining of the helmet has foam padding.In the event of an accident, the padding absorbs the shock of the impact, and thus reducing the risk of injury to your child’s head. This helmet comes with two interchangeable pads of different thicknesses. For a comfortable fit, the helmet comes with adjustable straps that you can toggle with for security. The straps are soft and easy to wear.Key Features Lightweight Interior padding Adjustable strapsBike Helmets for Kids – FAQsThese are commonly asked questions in regards to bike helmets for kids.What is the best helmet I can buy for my child?This is an open question as there are various factors you’ll need to take into account before choosing what helmet to purchase for your child. The right helmet should have a secure and snug fit. So, you’ll want to choose a helmet that fits your child’s head properly. The helmet must also have the CPSC standard sticker for safety. Additionally, the helmet you choose should have proper ventilation and enough padding for shock absorption.Is it necessary for the helmet to have vents?Yes, it is very important for the helmet you choose to have vents. The vents help in providing air circulation that promotes cooling. On a hot day, this can prevent sweating and even prevent fainting from overheating. A helmet without vents is uncomfortable and unbearably hot to wear.Is an expensive helmet a better option?Cheap is not necessarily expensive. There are some helmets that are cheaper than others but still perform the same. You can find helmets as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $200. You can also come across a sale or bargain and pay a smaller amount for a more expensive helmet. What you want to look out for instead is the CPSC rating that ensures that the helmet has passed the safety standards and is compliant. The rating helps assure you that no matter the price, the helmet you purchase is safe enough for your child to use.When should I replace my child’s helmet?It is important for you to replace the helmet after an accident. This is because the inner foam is designed for one-time use, after which it is no longer useful. The outer shell may also experience damage that will compromise your child’s safety.