Chemical Large Makes use of Stock Monitoring for Fixing Key Provide Chain Points

As an industry that generates trillions of dollars in sales and employs millions globally, the chemical industry is ubiquitous when it comes to products and technology. Adapting to the ever-increasing competition, ever-evolving regulatory environment, and ever-changing customer needs has become an obvious challenge for any chemical enterprise. No matter how established a chemical company is, a well-organized inventory tracking system is irreplaceable for its success.A leading player in the global chemical industry that has operations in 36 countries and produces 6 varieties of chemicals recently transformed its inventory tracking operations into a digital monitoring system to keep up. Let us have a look at their transformation story.

Beating Your Chemical Provide Chain Challenges | Roambee

Chemical supply chains stand at the crossroads of another upgrade; on one end there are traditional methods that pose challenges and on the other you have compelling technology solutions. Discover the significant challenges that lack of real-time visibility brings and how your organization can cope with them better.

Automotive Provide Chain Case Examine: Main Battery Distributor Reaching Correct Demand Sign

The automotive spare parts industry is a highly competitive domain. Spare parts manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers are continually battling unclear demand signal, demand-supply fluctuations, and friction in the automotive supply chain. More importantly, if you misread demand signals, your operation might be prone to losing sales to your competitors or incur additional costs. 
In all of this, a next-generation inventory management system — backed by real-time visibility — has a lot to offer in terms of supply chain optimization duties, especially in obtaining accurate demand signals. Roambee regularly engages with automotive supply chain players to help realize this, and in this article, we look at one such success story. 
We will learn how a leading aftermarket automotive battery distributor is transforming its automotive supply chain with real-time inventory visibility and clear demand signals across its operational footprint!