Greatest low cost Mac Mini offers for August 2021

Even in an age of laptops and mobile devices, desktop computers will always have a place. However, you don’t have to settle for a big, bulky tower PC if you’re looking to avoid workspace clutter. Enter the Mac Mini: This pint-sized workstation is a great alternative to traditional towers if you want the comfort and utility of a desktop PC but don’t want it hogging up your desktop’s space. Even better is the fact that the Mac Mini is by far the cheapest entry-point in to the MacOS software ecosystem, and we can save you even more. Piqued your interest? Read on to see all of this month’s best Mac Mini deals.
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Today’s best Mac Mini deals

Mac Mini 2014 (Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Amazon Renewed) — $159
Mac Mini 2014 (Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Amazon Renewed) — $274
Mac Mini 2018 (Core i3 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Amazon Renewed) — $434
Mac Mini 2020 (Core i3 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) — $549, was $799
Mac Mini 2020 (M1 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Latest Model) — $649, was $699
Mac Mini 2020 (M1 Chip, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Latest Model) — $799, was $899
Mac Mini 2020 (M1 Chip, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Latest Model) — $849, was $899
Mac Mini 2020 (M1 Chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Latest Model) — $1,029, was $1,099
Mac Mini 2020 (M1 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,199, was $1,299

How to choose a Mac Mini
The aptly named Mac Mini is Apple’s pint-sized desktop computer. Small PCs such as this have been around for a while, but as an Apple device, the Mac Mini runs on MacOS rather than Windows — if you like the idea of a desktop computer but you want something with a small footprint, the Mac Mini is your best option if you favor Apple software.
Unlike the MacBook or the iMac, there is essentially only one model of the Mac Mini, although it is available in several different hardware configurations. Apple has kept this small desktop computer updated nicely over the years as well, so you also have some different model years to choose from (meaning that opting for a last-generation unit is often an easy way to save some cash if you aren’t picky about having the latest hardware).
The Mac Mini saw its most recent refresh last year; before that, it was updated in 2018, so these two model years are the ones you’ll see the most and the ones we recommend you spring for — any older than that and the hardware might feel a bit long in the tooth in 2020 for anything other than basic computing needs.
Despite its pared-down case, the Mac Mini boasts the same modern computer hardware as full-sized desktop towers as well as the same MacOS software that you get with iMacs and MacBooks. It also features very good thermal performance that keeps it running surprisingly cool under load (something that can be a problem with smaller computers). Note that Apple has added its awesome new M1 CPU to the 2020 Mac Mini lineup, which is well worth the upgrade in our opinion unless you’re on the tightest of budgets.
The most appealing feature of the Mac Mini for many buyers is its price. This tiny computer is far and away the cheapest entry point into the world of MacOS computing, with the latest entry-level 2020 models starting at a retail price of around $800 — Mac Mini deals like the ones above often let you score one for even less, and if you’re willing to opt for slightly older hardware, then the 2019 Mac Mini can be had for cheaper still.
The catch here is that the Mac Mini obviously doesn’t include a display or peripherals (namely a keyboard, a mouse, and speakers), unlike the iMac and MacBook. These add-ons will cost extra, but if you already have peripherals you can use — perhaps you’re just upgrading an old desktop tower — then the Mac Mini offers a lot of value and power in a small footprint. If not, however, then you might want to consider an iMac instead, as it could be a better bargain depending on your needs.
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The M1X Mac Mini could have been delayed to 2022, contradicting current experiences

Apple was rumored to launch new versions of the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with the M1X system on a chip (SoC) this fall. However, LeaksApplePro, a well-known Apple leaker, tweeted that Apple has delayed the M1X Mac Mini due to “marketing reasons.”
This rumor will likely disappoint many people who intentionally skipped the M1 Mac Mini to grab the more powerful M1X version.

This also contradicts recent reporting that Apple could launch the new Mac Mini in the fourth quarter of 2021. Tipster “dylandkt” tweeted that new MacBook Pros and Mac Minis would launch in either late October or early November. This was also reported by Mark Gurman.
Apple’s decision to push back the launch could have been influenced by the recent chip shortage and supply chain issues. However, the tweet references “marketing” as the primary reason for the delay. Apple may want to use the official announcement to focus on the “pro” aspects of the new MacBook Pro. The M1X is rumored to be a powerhouse of an SoC, having 10 CPU cores and up to 32 GPU cores. Those kinds of specs would lend themselves well to professional applications such as video editing or 3D modeling. It shouind be noted that the current M1 Mac Mini is still a plenty capable machine, running Apple’s own Final Cut Pro without much effort.
The schematics for the M1X Mac Mini leaked previously, with the drawings showing a thinner, sleeker Mac Mini. While the current Mac Mini is sufficiently compact, an even smaller version would make it easier to fit on a desk or stack multiple Mac Minis to create a server farm. The M1X Mac Mini is also likely to follow in the footsteps of its iMac big brother and come in a variety of colors.
LeaksApplePro also noted that the M1X Mac Mini is instead scheduled to launch in the first or second quarter of 2022. In this case, it could launch alongside a redesigned MacBook Air. This would make sense from a marketing perspective because both the Mac Mini and MacBook Air are geared toward everyday use. Apple would be able to create an entire launch event around powerful machines that would suit the needs of most people. Apple already uses this strategy with the iPad Air on its website by highlighting how much faster the A14 Bionic chip is. There’s even a screenshot of Luma Fusion, a popular video-editing app for iOS and iPadOS.
Regardless of the release date, the M1X Mac Mini is sure to delight many fans if the rumors are true. Apple’s gradual transition from x86 to ARM has been relatively smooth, with many people praising the performance gains, especially Rosetta 2’s translation of native x86 apps. Apple is set to complete its transition to its own silicon by the end of 2022 with the rumored launch of the half-sized Mac Pro and a larger, more powerful iMac.

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