eBay Promoting 2021 How Finest To Put together!

It’s 2021 and a brand-new eBay selling year.
Tips for 2021 and successful eBay selling!
But many of 2020’s same old challenges linger on. So how do you prepare your business on eBay for the unknowns that lie ahead??
Let’s break down eBay selling into two manageable concerns:
First, we’ll talk about inventory. Because without inventory, you’re basically out of business. Second, we’ll look at ways to get sold items safely to your buyer. Because if you can’t do that, then again, you’re basically out of business.
But here’s the good news: As an online retailer, you’re always open on eBay! And I’m going to share with you my proven, actionable strategies for addressing your concerns about inventory and shipping, so you may rest assured that your business can indeed not only stay afloat, but thrive this year!
Let’s talk product sourcing in 2021.
How and where can you find new merchandise with which to stock your eBay store’s virtual shelves?
Sure, many brick-and-mortar retailers have closed up shop. That doesn’t mean you have to! No matter how and where you acquire your inventory, it’s always smart to be alert for and test new sources.
For example, do you thrift? Great! But have you tried retail arbitrage? That’s where you buy merchandise at brick-and-mortar stores, then flip it on eBay. Opportunities for retail arbitrage abound, from NWT clothing on clearance to health and beauty products with limited nationwide availability to marked-down seasonal décor and a gazillion other possibilities.
If you already do retail arbitrage for your eBay selling, have you tried online arbitrage?
That’s where you find merchandise on eBay and/or other ecommerce sites that you can buy at a low enough price to allow you to mark it up and resell it on eBay for a profit. My video Score Hot Selling eBay Inventory has some super ideas for you in this area.
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Two eBay sourcing pro tips:
Look for eBay listings with misspelled brand names.
Sort search results by “Ending Soonest” and look for undervalued items, especially in auction listings.
Don’t forget about wholesale! With many wholesale shows now taking place online, this could be the perfect year for you to try sourcing some wholesale lines.
Remember: Multi-quantity/multi-variation listings only have to be created once to run for months as GTC (Good ‘Til Cancelled), and they’ll move up in search results with every item sold from that listing. It’s much less labor intensive than listing one-off items, which (obviously) end each time the item sells.
So consider complementing your one-of-a-kind inventory with a commodity product — or two!
Now let’s consider shipping. You probably have a favorite carrier, or at least one that you use more than others.
That’s fine, but do keep an eye on what the other carriers offer. In addition to their discounted USPS rates, eBay has partnered up with UPS and FedEx. It pays to compare prices to ensure you’re making smart choices about how to ship your sold items!
However you’re shipping, be sure you have a backup provider.
eBay Labels is pretty reliable, but should it go down or get glitchy, you’d best be prepared to turn to an alternative source for generating your shipping labels and packing slips.
I have an account with Stamps.com for this very reason. Did you know that Stamps.com offers a free account for eBay sellers? Yes, FREE! All you have to pay for is the postage you purchase, and Stamps.com offers the same discounted rates as eBay.
If you’re shipping globally, you may want to start using eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) and International Standard Delivery (eISD) exclusively. These shipping services offer special protections for sellers. Furthermore, eISD is cheaper than USPS First Class International.
One thing is certain: 2021 is fraught with uncertainty.
Get ready now, so that when the curve balls come your way, you’re ready to knock ‘ em out of the park!

Top 2 keys eBay sales success in 2021!

eBay Vacation Transport Delay Vendor Survival Ideas!

eBay Holiday shipping delay seller survival tips!eBay Holiday shipping delays are a major seller headache right now. What can sellers do to help buyers without losing hundreds of dollars?
I’ve heard from dozens of sellers that many of their packages have one or no scan. Those packages sit for days — even for more than a week — with no further movement. Then when a buyer reports that they have not received their item, eBay is forcing the seller to refund them.
What to do about eBay Holiday shipping delays?
First of all, if this is not happening to your packages, then lucky you! 2020’s holiday shipping snafu is not impacting every seller. Personally, I’ve had only a handful of packages in limbo out of the nearly 100 packages I’ve shipped lately. All of the others arrived in timely fashion. So if you’re not having shipping issues, don’t borrow trouble. Enjoy the Holiday rush and keep shipping!
Currently on the USPS site and in the eBay purchase sequence, buyers are warned of shipping delays.
So, if your holiday selling season is haunted by the Spirit of Christmas Gifts Yet to Arrive, then you’ve got three options:
1. Continue shipping. In all likelihood your packages will reach their destinations eventually.2. Keep selling and shipping. Extend your handling time to 5 or 10 days. Ship same or next day. Also you can wait X number of days before shipping.3. Use Time Away (formerly known as Store Vacation). You can block your listings from being viewed and not sell until 2021. Additionally you can sell and start shipping at the end of the year or on whatever date you set.
Here’s the bottom line: It’s your business to run as you see fit.
Right now, eBay does not reimburse sellers for funds lost due to refunds being given for items delayed in transit.
Here are some ideas for you in my video “Stop eBay Holiday Shipping From Costing You Hundreds Of Dollars!”
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What can eBay sellers do if their package(s) are stuck in transit and late in arriving to the buyer?
So, there are a couple of things you can do when tracking shows that a package has gotten hung up somewhere enroute to the buyer. Sometimes logging the tracking numberinto USPS.com will goose it along.
To do this, click USPS.com.  In “Search or Track Package” field, fill in the USPS delivery confirmation number. Then click “Fill in the form” to send an online service request. This often yields results within 48 hours. You can share with your buyer that you logged an inquiry for them with the USPS. Helpful customer service goes a long way to calm frustrated shoppers looking for their purchase.
Read this eBay Announcement to find out what eBay tells buyers of the current state of holiday shipping. Basically eBay adds protections for sellers’ Top Rated Status with problematic shipping scans and delivery. However, don’t look to eBay to reimburse sellers for delayed or lost packages.
To note, lost packages have always been a sellers responsibility. Furthermore, this is true on most online sites. What’s different now is how many items are stuck in transit. For some sellers it’s hundreds of dollars of products. Even with this increase in stuck and lost packages refunds for lost packages remains at the sellers’ feet.
Seller help for late eBay packages!
In closing, every seller is in unique situation this Holiday season.
Some sellers have little to no problems with packages stuck in transit. Others suffer with dozens of “stuck” parcels. eBay offers seller reputation protections but not financial reimbursement for lost packages. Every seller needs to look at their sales and chose what is best for them.