5 Intelligent Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Engagement In 2021 and Past

5 Clever Methods To Boost Your Social Media Engagement In 2021 and BeyondSocial media platforms have become the primary source of income for many companies, especially those in the B2C industry. People are spending a considerable amount of time on social media platforms rather than on any other channel. After the pandemic outbreak, social media consumption increased dramatically because people had to stay behind doors in lockdown. With countries reeling under the impact of the pandemic, social media consumption will most probably only increase further. As a result, brands are aiming to have a robust presence on social media platforms. Notably, unlike other platforms, there are many tactics that can be utilized to attract people’s attention on social media. This article will highlight some of the methods that will help you in maximize engagement on social media platforms.  Master The Art of Story-TellingBrands are starting to see conversion rates improve by using story-telling. As a result, story-telling is slowly gaining momentum in marketing. This is a powerful tactic that helps messages remain etched in the minds of people for a longer period of time. Brands can convey the benefits and the specifications of their product by creating a storyline and coming up with relevant visuals. In the present market scenario, almost every industry is very competitive. Stories have the potential to make a brand be easily remembered amidst the crowd.Moreover, conveying your brand’s benefits and other features through stories can help people understand more easily. Since all the leading social media platforms have become video-dominant today, visual stories can be used across various social media platforms. There are plenty of resources to help you use video marketing more effectively.  In TikTok, you can even buy TikTok likes services to enhance the engagement rate of your videos.Provide Necessary Insights: Coming up with promotional posts appealing to the eyes alone will not help you generate sales, however. This type of post can make a prospect stop and stare for a moment but, it will not help in taking the prospect to the bottom of the funnel; you must also provide convincing data that your products are worth the money they pay you. Elaborating on the unique characteristics of your product can also help you to outpace your competitors and eases the process of lead generation. Rather than coming up solely with attractive posts, make your ads data-centric. Let your prospects know the longevity of your products. This type of metric can easily convince people to choose your product. I stress this because consumers have become more research-oriented today. They are mindful of what they buy. With easy access to the internet, they do lot of research to understand each product better. All that people really want is data about the product, so, be sure to use it in your promotional posts.  tailoring it to your target audience.  Make Your Audience Feel That You Are Close to Them: The pandemic has had a disruptive effect across the globe. People are living in fear of job loss and pay cuts due to the devastation caused by Covid-19. Hence, during these challenging times, brands should act compassionately. They should make their audience feel that they are by their side during these hard times. For example, brands could conduct a live session on their Facebook page or Instagram handle with a psychiatrist on coping with the mental stress due to the frequent lockdowns during this pandemic. You can also come up with a post on how to get diverted from negative thoughts. This type of intervention is the need of the hour. People may follow these tips to manage these challenging times. They will probably remember you as the posts might help them relieve stress or cope with trauma. This type of measure will build a good reputation for your brand, which is the most necessary element to achieve consistent sales growth. So, attune your marketing strategy to the times and don’t be too salesy withyour posts. Show people feel that you care about them instead. Focus On The ‘Explore Tab’:Instagram’s Explore Tab is the ideal tool to generate leads organically. Currently, Instagram stands as the ideal platform for B2C businesses as it has the biggest potential audience than any other social media application. Though running ads on this social media platform is more expensive, it gives r brands the opportunity to reach their target audience organically without having to spend a single penny. Getting into the Explore Tab will help you to generate quality leads because Instagram will display your posts to potential customers. The primary essential feature to get your posts into the explore tab is that they should be engaging and must have gained more interactions than usual. Next, your posts must be appealing to the eyes as you know that Instagram is basically a visual-centric social media platform. So, to get featured in the explore tab you should please your own followers first. This will make Instagram notice you. The Explore Tab has the potential to boost your sales manyfold because it immediately takes your posts to potential customers. Needless to say, that Explore Tab can also improve your brand awareness considerably.  Videos Are The Future of Business: Video consumption has been increasing consistently. Today, all social media applications have become video-centric. Today’s internet users, mainly Generation Z, and Millennials have a marked preference for video content. These age groups are also the main target audience for the majority of brands. It follows that videos have become pivotal. Instagram Reels is the best example of engagement gained by video content. Though it was only introduced last year, today, it is the most consumed form of video content. AR and VR have also been utilized in brand promotions as these technologies can provide a sort of “real-touch” experience of the product t virtually. So, focus on creating video content as all the social media platforms tend to prioritize it. Wrapping Up:Social media e-commerce has become crucial for B2C businesses today. It is therefore necessary for brands to come up with alluring content frequently. The measures given above help you grab the attention of your prospects effortlessly and aid your long-term growth.  Working on your promotion and marketing should be your main focus, but to free up time for it you need to ensure that you’ve entrusted all your core business processes to a trusted supplier like Yakkyofy.Yakkyofy will help you completely automate the management of your dropshipping store, from product sourcing right through to delivery to your customer’s front door. Yakkyofy’s leading Image Recognition Technology will provide you with real-time quotations for your products at B2B prices and once you have sourced your products, you can import them directly to your store in just a few clicks.Each time a new order arrives, Yakkyofy will automatically fulfill it, ship your parcels with the fastest shipping method available for your destination country and send the tracking number to your final customers, leaving you free to keep selling! What are you waiting for?Find out more about how to promote your store on Yakkyofy:SEE MORE POSTS May 21, 2021by Josephine Ornago

From warehouse employee to CEO: Matteo Sargenti on the right way to turn out to be a profitable dropshipper

From warehouse worker to CEO: Matteo Sargenti on how to become a successful dropshipperIs dropshipping dead? Not according to Matteo Sargenti who has managed to create a full-blown successful business from scratch thanks to this supply chain method, investing minimal initial capital.The road to success is paved with good intentions, but Matteo shows us how resilience and tenacity can guide you to excellent outcomes. This is why here at Yakkyofy we’ve asked him to share his story of how to become a successful dropshipper with our users.What is dropshipping according to Matteo Sargenti?Dropshipping is a business model.I often see it described online as a revolutionary idea, but it’s not; it’s simply a Business Model. A Business Model that has been around for some years and that enables you to not invest in a physical warehouse, helping you avoid one of the biggest risks faced by traditional businesses: surplus and unsold stock. I recently wrote a Guide to Dropshipping in Italy on the topic that you can find on my blog.What did you do before you started dropshipping? I went straight to work after high school; initially as a warehouse worker and later I was hired by a company making Smartphone covers, before finally becoming an IT technician. By the time I was 23/4, having worked all these different jobs, I didn’t feel fulfilled; I wanted to be my own boss, create my own business and focus all my energies on that.What made you think about becoming a dropshipper?I recall it was around 2016 and I was working for a business that made Smartphone covers…Most of their orders came online! Via the eShop!From this moment on, I started to think about how I too could use the web to start up my own business and, after a few sleepless nights spent on YouTube looking for a winning idea, I came across an American YouTuber relating his adventures with “Dropshipping”- I couldn’t just sit back and watch! A handful of days later my first Shopify store was already live!Be truthful, were you immediately successful? Certainly not.At first, I didn’t know about tools like Facebook’s Business Manager, sales funnel settings etc.… Without a solid understanding of these key tools, it’s practically impossible to “be successful”- what I did at the start was watch a lot of YouTube videos and copy them step-by-step. These were mostly Facebook Ads videos.The campaigns didn’t always work, but I tried to identify what went wrong each time to figure out how to improve the next advertising campaign. I think “getting your hands dirty” is one of the few truly effective ways of learning things like this.After some time, learning and failure, the results started rolling in.Which are the most common newbie-dropshipper mistakes? In my 1-on-1 consultations, 99% of the time I’m dealing with these two mistakes:the first is thinking that to dropship it’s mandatory that you use Aliexpress as a supplier! So wrong! I see people going crazy trying to find cost-effective and reliable shipping on Aliexpress. But Aliexpress is not the only option available! You can use a B2B supplier like Yakkyofy to help you reduce product cost, especially if bulk buying. They also provide more control over product quality and offer rapid, reliable shipping. How? Pick up the phone and call or contact them over Chat on Facebook as they are Italian.The second concerns finding winning products. There’s no magic formula to find the right product although there certainly are some software systems that can help with this. The only real way to find out if a product really is a winner is to test it. A word of warning: my advice is to avoid products that contain liquids or electronic elements. You might end up struggling with even longer shipping times and high volumes of refund requests.I don’t believe in “saturated” products, but I do think there is always a new niche to re-propose products that were sold en masse in the last few months/years.Last year I scaled a store with a product that practically everyone said was “saturated”!What was your first successful product or campaign?Given the increasing interest in buying ladies’ (plus size) clothing online, especially in the USA, I’ve decided to sell products in this niche.I’d rather not reveal the product as the store is currently active and continues to sell.Over the last few years, I’ve had some successes and a lot of personal satisfaction, but let’s say that last year (2020) especially, my numbers went up significantly.We invested around 150.000$ in one advertising account in 2020 (from March 2020 precisely), achieving an almost 3-point ROAS. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone, we invested around 35.000$ securing excellent results both in terms of revenue and ROAS.Once you’d opened your first dropshipping store, how did you transform it into a full-time business?Once the USA store opened, I needed other people to help manage the volume of daily orders, so I slowly started to build my “team” composed of 2 ladies on customer service and one on logistics and fulfillment. At this point, there’s always something to do! Whether it’s finding new products to test, developing new creative, managing advertising campaigns, returns, refunds, managing the team etc and so it became a full time business!Speaking of numbers, this is the store we scaled last year between April and December. The objective? To reach 1 million in revenues and scale other products!What advice would you give to young people taking their first steps in dropshipping today?The first, and I think also the most important piece of advice is: ensure you have enough budget. You can’t expect to open a business on 100€.Don’t expect to spend less than 1000-2000 € on advertising. Below these amounts, you might be unable to clearly understand if yours is a winning product or not! You don’t need to be a pro at Facebook Ads to get results, but the more you know the less likely you are to make a loss.The second piece of advice is concerning Customer Support. When you start receiving a lot of orders and they go up daily, so will your email requests for the support!At first, you will be answering them yourself (as rapidly as possible) and trying to understand what the most common issues are and how to solve them, later you can try out a virtual assistant. Try looking up “Customer Care Dropshipping” on Upwork, you’ll find loads.Remember that if your clients are not satisfied with your service and leave negative feedback on your Facebook page it could get permanently banned!What are your plans for the future, if you can tell us about them? I will keep selling products in dropshipping, but I am also starting a new brand in Italy.If you abandon Aliexpress as your supplier, you’ll soon see there are other opportunities on the market, and with partners like Yakkyofy, you can easily buy products branded with your own logo.All you need to do is send a photo of a product and your logo and you’ll get an all-inclusive quote within just a few days.You can choose to send these branded products directly from China in Dropshipping or get them sent to you wholesale in Italy.They manage everything: documents, excise duty, and customs.Try Yakkyofy free!Given that this business can be managed from anywhere, my final objective is to put my computer in my backpack and set off for the rest of Europe: a yearlong tour of all the major capitals awaits me, like a real digital nomad! Perhaps I’ll even find a new base to settle in! May 12, 2021by Josephine Ornago