Numerology – Basic Principles – Basic Principles – 2021 In numerology, every letter of the English alphabet is given a specific number. For example, A is 1, B is 2, and C is 3 and so on. The letters appearing in the person’s name are assigned these numbers which are then added up to give a single number. […]

What is Numerology?

THEORY OF NUMEROLOGY There is the ‘Universal Consciousness also known as Chaitanya that is often mentioned in Numerology. This Chaitanya means tremendous Energy which pervades the universe. We cannot see this force but can feel its existence. If by any technique we can tune up our mind force with this Cosmic Energy or the Chaitanya, […]

Birthday Numerology in 2021

Birthday Numerology has a message for you… The study of Birthday Numerology has fascinated humans since the beginning of time.  However it’s true meanings are known by few, and understood by even fewer.  Your quest to understanding the true meaning of numerology is just beginning, but it all starts with you.  Understanding your Path of […]

Top 10 reasons for

Numerologist Reviews – Top 10 reasons Why Numerology has been around for thousands of years is because it really works. There are many sceptics; However, numerology is used by millions of people around the world, not just to help them get through their lives every day, but to understand what lies ahead and guide their […] Reviews

Where to get your Numerologist Review? When you are getting started in numerology and then choosing your initial numerologist review, it really is essential that you get the best information. A person who will be able to take you step-by-step through it as well as offer you a much deeper look at exactly who you are […]

Numerologist 2021

Numerologist Review – What are the Pros? Getting such reports has a number of significant advantages. The information is more accurate than what other numerologists out there offer, this means that it is easier to rely on when you need to have a guide that you can use to make good choices in your life. […]

Numerologist Reviews (updated) August 2021

Numerology as a science is about 4,000 years old and has helped a lot of people. It’s an instant report of how you can improve your future, all based on your birth date and given name.