Empowering Recent Produce Logistics with Actual-Time Information | Roambee

Dealing with fresh produce logistics means dealing with supply chains that are more prone to risk. The risk of spoilage is an additional risk to consider beyond delay and theft. When working with fresh produce supply chains, reliable condition and location tracking data is vital to prevent the risk of spoilage that can contribute to cost in the form of replacement and reshipping — increasing the overall financial loss. Let’s explore how real-time data can help keep the fresh produce supply chain lean and reduce financial losses.

Why You Ought to Care about Finish-to-Finish Provide Chain Visibility

Just as COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts began helping the global economy emerge from the economic impact of the pandemic, the Suez Canal disruption hit. Now that the Canal is open again, the global supply chain is adjusting to yet another “black swan” event – and recognizing the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility.