Transitioning Again to In-Individual Classes Throughout/After the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Hello readers!
I hope you all are well. Here in Michigan, we are in the midst of BEAUTIFUL summer weather and it feels as if the worst of the pandemic is behind us (which I would certainly like to believe is true!). The current full vaccination rate in the state of Michigan is 46%, which is also the current rate in the U.S. as a whole (as of June 2021). In my local county, the full vaccination rate is even higher at 60% and the rate of reported Covid-19 cases per day is down to low single digits.
With these facts in mind, I have started transitioning a few of my students from online lessons to in-person lessons at my home studio. (You might recall — 75% of my students are in Ohio from before I moved and they will remain online.) I am taking a number of precautions, because I would much prefer to err on the side of caution and keep everyone healthy if I can help it!
In case you happen to be in the same position and might find this useful, below is the wording I used to communicate my precautions and expectations to parents via email.

Hello students, 

I just wanted to send a note to let you know what to expect when it comes to precautions for our in-person lessons. Even though the Covid-19 rates are low in Michigan right now, I’d still like to play it safe and err on the side of caution. I am excited to be able to be back together in-person with my students, and I hope you are too! 

Just so you know: My husband and I have both been vaccinated, and so has my mother-in-law who sometimes watches our 16-month-old daughter. 

And here are the precautions we will take here at my in-home piano studio:
– Please ask your student to use the bathroom at home before leaving home. But if needed, the bathroom here will be available to students. 
– Anytime 5 minutes prior to the lesson start time, students may be sent to the front door where I will welcome them. I prefer parents don’t come indoors unless necessary, but we can chat on the porch before the lesson time starts if you’d like! During the lesson, parents are welcome to wait in the car or run errands. 
– An air purifier will run during the lesson time. Surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes between students. 
– When students enter, they should be wearing their mask (and I will be, too). Students will be asked to remove their shoes and wash their hands using hand sanitizer. We will use hand sanitizer again at the end of the lesson before I send them out to your vehicle. 
– Should the student (or anyone in the family) get sick or learn they were exposed to someone with Covid-19, please notify me. I would prefer to err on the side of caution and keep everyone as healthy as we can! And I am happy to accomodate an online lesson as needed for any weeks we decide not to meet in-person. 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we go along. 

Thanks so much! 

For any and all studio communication, I think it’s important to use a friendly yet professional tone and use clear, concise language — and that’s what I tried to do in my email above!
In case you haven’t seen it, there is a helpful resource from MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) you might be interested in checking out as well: Legal FAQs for Reopening Music Studios.
PS: Stay tuned because tomorrow I will share a free printable poster for reminding students to remove their shoes, wash their hands, etc. when they arrive at your studio! Update: Visit this post to view the printable poster!

Your turn: How are lessons going in YOUR neck of the woods? Are you teaching online, in person, or both? I would love to hear from you! I’m sure we all have plenty we could share about our experiences over the past year or so.

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TC244: Supporting your area people with Mike Grande

We’ve got a return guest today, Mike Grande, who actually came on the show about a year ago right at the start of the pandemic. 
We’re doing a catch up on what he’s been up to, how he handled the closure of his half a million dollar school in New York 5 months after it opened, and the great things he has done and is still doing to help his students, their families and his local community.
Of course, we’ll also be talking about his Rock Out Loud Live platform and how things are going with that since it started during the start of the pandemic.



[04:09] Mike shares his experience with building his music schools and how Rock Out Loud Live started.
[06:48] The reason why Mike decided to build a new platform for online lessons.
[10:34] How he handled the situation his studio was in during COVID.
[15:42] The story behind his recent award.
[19:52] How hybrid lessons are going to play out in the future.
[22:39] Using virtual lessons for make-up lessons.
[24:34] Mike gives an overview on Rock Out Loud Live.
[27:10] Features of Rock Out Loud Live.
[30:26] The number of users the platform has today.
[31:50] Rock Out Loud Live pricing and inclusions.
[32:59] Talking about back up plans for your business.
[36:44] Mike shares his presentation on One Inch at the Teacher Turbo Conference.

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About our Guest

Michael Grande is the owner of two music schools; one in New York and one in New Jersey. In November 2019, after spending over $650,000 building out his New Jersey school; Rock Out Loud, he was told he had to close due to COVID-19. As the music education world went to ZOOM for Virtual Music Lessons, Michael decided to accelerate the production of his own Virtual Music Lesson Portal; is the world’s FIRST Virtual Music Lesson portal designed for music educators that is three years in the making. To date, Rock Out Loud Live is now being used in 113 countries, hosts over 40,000 lessons a week and has 4000+ music schools currently using the platform for their Virtual Music Lessons.
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RockOutLoud.LIVE is a virtual music lesson video platform made for music teachers who want to provide their students with the ultimate virtual music lesson experience. Inside the RockOutLoud.LIVE video application, you’ll have access to resources like sheet music searches of a library of songs along with chords you can share across screens to your students in real-time. Plus, your student can download their virtual lesson notes while inside the virtual session! It’s cheaper than your Zoom account and gives you all of the tools to teach in an interactive lesson. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial by visiting today.
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