PingPong Evaluate 2021 | Is It A Cheaper Payoneer Various?

Are you a business person or a freelancer? Do you want to expand your online business throughout the world with safe and secure techniques? PingPong is one of the best solutions to your doubts and queries. It not only helps you with the transaction services worldwide but also does more than just transactions like increases the possibilities of your business.
All over the globe, making profits and saving time and money, it’s facilities are user friendly and many more services you can think about. Today, I am going to give you detailed information on the topic PingPong Review. 
Either you are a service provider or giver, freelancers, and a business person. The transaction mode may sometimes be a problem as it depends on currency to currency and place to place. PingPong made your transaction process easy and convenient in this chaotic service and enhanced technology. No need to worry about the long process and getting caught in such type of traffic which can cause inconvenience in your business. 
Doesn’t matter where you are, in any corner of the world. You will receive your international mode of payment straight at your local bank account without facing any difficulties. In this review, I am going to tell you in detail about PingPong and its services, features, pricing plans, Alternatives, and many other things that can help you to make a clear decision to make a good choice for yourself. 
Let’s begin with the topic. 

PingPong Payment Solution Provider Overview:  ( PingPong Review 2021)
Looking at each problem and issues faced by freelancers and online business developers, the technology brought you a fresh and clean mode of payment services. Yes!  PingPong is a relentlessly released platform after viewing the issues of the transaction process faced by you. Now let me give you a clear idea about what PingPong is. It is nothing but an easy solution for every freelancer and business person for receiving their international payments at less cost directly into your common bank account. 

The mode of payment can be done through Amazon, eBay, Shopify, affiliate programs, and & payments from your clients in the USA & Canada. You can receive your money through these platforms, you can simply create your account by signing up which is free, and then after finishing your KYC details you get to choose the current receiving bank account for a different currency, the platform supports various currencies and they are as follows :


These are the currency supported by PingPong and the money will be received by your bank account within a day or two. This platform only charges 1% of your money to get transferred in your bank account. I was impressed and comfortable with this platform as it does not charge more transaction fees and is also easy to use with quick and fast services. I also like the modernized features of this platform. The platform is not complicated and we can transfer the money in any kind of format we are comfortable in. 
PingPong is credited as an A grade by its customers but not so famous as it must be because if its outstanding services provided by the company. I guess it would be a great platform in upcoming years as it gives tough competition to its alternatives and never leaves a chance to improve. These are the features mentioned which can help you make a clear idea about PingPong and it’s facilities provided. 

How To Use PingPong :   Smart Way to Receive Foreign Currency Payment

Features PingPong
PingPong, just like its name, comes out to be the cheapest transaction service provider, and below are the features mentioned which you must know. 
Dashboard modernization 
Unlike the other transaction platforms dashboard, PingPong provides you with the stylish and well-maintained dashboard you’ll ever see. The functions are very easy and quick with the accessibility of exporting the transaction money at cheaper rates in different forms.

The dashboard is extremely flexible and gets fit anywhere in the entire website, you can even rearrange the customization in the dashboard according to your necessities. Even the referral links have been provided by a dashboard which will let you earn your cash price in the process. It’s an amazing feature that is to be mentioned about PingPong. 
Free FIRC Certificate
Whenever you are receiving an inward remittance, it is compulsory to have some documentation of your own, and that what PingPong provides you, you will get an automated FIRC certificate directly on your email when you sign-in to your account, it saves your time and money. Also, it’s the one thing I must admire the most about PingPong and hope that all the alternatives must provide this service too. 
Earn by referring 
Yes, you heard it right. This feature you might have observed in many platforms like PingPong has a referral program for India is $25 each to the affiliate and the referral for each qualified referral.

You can get all the main facilities in your dashboard and just like that you can get your referral link on the dashboard. Whenever the users create an account you will be awarded a cash price in return. The reward price will get transacted in your linked bank account.
PingPong is very safe and secure when it comes to users’ safety. All the data and transaction details are safe with this platform. You must know that while linking your bank account with PingPong you must enter the details of your account and trust me! Your account details will be safe with this platform, you can transfer or receive your money all around the world where this platform keeps checking on your transaction which is safe with every detail. 
Services and authentication 
PingPong is a trustworthy platform which is used by almost 600k people all around the world. The business people and freelancer’s receive and transfer money without facing any issues and the platform are famous all over the marketplace, you will receive the transaction within a day or two and I found this service the fastest and best service of all the time.
If you face any problem you can simply send a mail to the team and they provide you with good customer services all the time. 
Fewer transactions fee and legit
PingPong is famous for its fewer transaction fees which hardly any other competitors would offer their users. PingPong takes only 1% of the transaction fees and transfers the money straight into your bank account without facing any issues. It saves lots of time and money at each international transaction. PingPong is legit and safe, the payment mode will be through PayPal or money will get transferred directly in your common bank account. 
Customization and applications Insight
PingPong is not only about transactions as I have mentioned above, but it also keeps checking on your entire process and alerts you when there are any issues with your account. It keeps a detailed report of the overall information about your system and also tracks the requests by your clients which are long-term and useful.

HTTP requests and quick responses have been gathered by PingPong, you can also personalize the infrastructure of your system which is very simple and easy to do, just like in a couple of clicks or so. 

Why should we opt for Pingpong? Easy Payment Solution for All Amazon FBA Marketplaces

The features and characteristics which enables us to opt for ping pong are –

Firstly- PingPong is highly secure and is even equipped with proper security. The transactions undertaken within PingPong are considered to be safe and viable. It will act as a safeguard against harm and it will even provide any kind of major problem.
Secondly, it is quite fast, efficient, and accurate as it will eventually help you to withdraw your money within the span of 2-3days without much more problems.
Pingpong does not include more high oriented additional fees, it has the lowest price and costs as charged as a transaction fee.
We can very easily trustPingPong, as many individuals are seeking to obtain recognition not only from the national but international companies as well which are more market-driven.

The partners associated with the Pingpong are as follows-

Silicon valley bank
The fintech 250

Are we assured of absolute data protection?
Yes, we have assured absolute data protection as this is highly supervised under the European Union’s GDPR which is responsible for dealing with security purposes.
Pingpong even coordinates with an intelligence unit in all the fields of great importance, supervising and coordinating accordingly and the reports and final judgments are even asked by the person in- charge to update them with the transaction records.
PingPong Pricing 
PingPong offers a completely transparent payment structure, with its flat rates, and in the event that you’re using currency apart from USD, the exchange rates charged are the same as the banks that PingPong is associated with.

Instead of the extravagant charges that you have to pay with some competitors, PingPong only charges a 1% fee on the payment amount. A flat fee gives PingPong the edge, simply because it makes it easier for businesses to calculate overall conversion hikes and transaction fees.

Pros and cons PingPong 
The pros and cons associated with PingPong are as follows – 
PingPong Pros 

Though there is a minimum transaction amount of $1, there is no limit placed on the maximum amount here, which offers great convenience to users.
Cost assessment is an efficient process, simply because of the straightforward one-time fee, helping your business a great deal for future profit projections and transaction tracking.
The exchange rates are provided according to midmarket rates, which is helpful for global businesses.
As compared to its competitors, the PingPong customer service is super responsive and can be reached immediately through phone, email & Whatsapp.
There are no additional charges for VAT or payments made to your suppliers. It is a completely transparent process.

PingPong Cons 

At present, only eight currency choices are available, which can be a setback for some businesses. 
The minimum transfer speed is three days, which is quite slow as compared to its competitors in the market. 

Pingpong Customer Review

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Conclusion: PingPong Review 2021  Is It A Cheaper Payoneer Alternative?
Therefore I would like to conclude that PingPong is the best platform if one is looking for expanding its business in the best possible ways. It can make the transaction run across from one currency to the other with the utmost ease and in a simple manner.
It is quite excellent in providing us with services specified in the terms of the transaction. As noted in the article above, we got to look over its favorable characteristics and traits namely- PingPong facilitates easy installation, we are quickly notified whenever there’s a new update, it consists of the most stylish and comprehensive dashboard and that too well maintained and organized. The data in PingPong is considered to be safest and secure. Despite such traits and features, PingPong still proves to be the best in each regard.

Thus, PingPong has a full-fledged transparent payment structure, it eases our conversion tasks and it is quite suited to the operators and the users.pingPong even notifies us whenever there’s any kind of problem persisting and it stimulates customizations and helps you to uncover reflective insights at every point of time.
At the end of this article, I would like to consider that you got a clear idea about PinPong and it’s facilities. You can also have a look at the alternatives and its features which might help you to make your choices for your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert in online business, anyone can use this platform with the same ease and flexibility with zero efforts.
My experience in this overall platform was amazing which I have shared with you in all the perspectives and I hope you would make a good choice for yourself too if you need to save your time and money.