The Save the Marriage System By Dr. Lee Baucom: My In-Depth Overview

In this review, you will learn:if this is the right program for youwhat you can expectand how it worksAs a relationship professional, I’m familiar with the major theories about saving a broken marriage.They mainly center on improving communication.But what if that’s not the best way?What if everyone – including most professionals – have been focusing on the wrong thing?The Save the Marriage System says improved communication is NOT the key to saving a troubled marriage.In fact, no matter how bad your marriage is, the communication is probably working just great.But perception makes a difference:” Clear communication evolves from accurate perception.”Dr. Lee BaucomYou can communicate with each other as much as you want, in a bad or in a good way.If your partner does not understand what you are trying to communicate and the other way round, all you do is wasting your time.Now that we’ve scratched the surface a little bit, let’s get started with my Save The Marriage review:What is the Save the Marriage System?The Save the Marriage System is a comprehensive bundle of written and audio material designed to save any marriage, no matter how hopeless it may seem.The entire course is created by Dr. Lee Baucom, a marriage and family therapist with over 22 years of experience.Much like how I wouldn’t trust a Nutritionist who was overweight or smoked cigarettes, I’m also not really interested in the advice of a marriage expert who is single.Fortunately, Dr. Baucom has been married for 22 years and has two children.Of course, one man’s personal experience might not translate well to others, so I was reassured to see he also holds two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. related to family and marriage counseling.The complete Save the Marriage system includes:Four modules of written information including the core e-book “Save the Marriage”Two bonus e-booksTwo bonus audio booksIf that sounds like a lot of material to wade through, don’t worry.The entire system is explained very clearly in the 159 page core e-book “Save the Marriage”The other materials can really be considered supplements which expand upon the main ideas.Plus:The writing is lively and fun. Despite all those degrees, Dr. Lee Baucom isn’t some stuffy academic – he uses real world examples which are easy to relate to.The material is written in a results-orientated way which can be quickly understood.If you want to find out what exactly it is you need to do and where to start to save your marriage then watch the welcome video by clicking the button below:Now, before I go into the very details of the Save The Marriage System, let’s find out if this course is a good fit for you.Is This the Right Solution for You?The Save the Marriage System says they can fix any marriage – but there’s one important exception.Dr. Baucom stresses this isn’t to be used by anyone in an abusive relationship.That’s not the type of marriage you should try to save. Rather, getting to safety is the only correct course of action.But otherwise, the information in the system is for any type of marriage:Spouses who no longer live togetherwho live together as “roommates”who are on the brink of divorce or any other extreme situation can still use this course successfully.One very important thing:This course works even if only one person is interested in saving the marriage.Your spouse could have completely checked out emotionally and this course can still improve your marriage.This is because marriage isn’t just two separate individuals. Marriage is a system.As Dr. Baucom points out, when you change any part of a system, the rest of the system will be impacted as well.Let’s dive into the course:What’s in the Save the Marriage Program and How does it Work?First:Save The Marriage is not something you just read and listen to.Instead, it’s like a conversation with Dr. Baucom.There are a variety of actions you’ll take, questions you’ll need to answer and ideas you’ll need to contemplate.You’re encouraged to actually jot down your thoughts right in the book as you read.This course is much more interactive than simply reading a book. It’s more like a custom relationship workshop.The core e-book contains 17 main chapters and a variety of additional materials such as worksheets and supplemental chapters which go into greater detail on specific topics. Basically, the system can be divided into three sections:Why traditional couple’s therapy has such a high rate of failure and what makes the Save the Marriage system different.How to create a new way of seeing your marriage – one where the focus is on “WE” instead of “YOU and ME.”Chapters detailing how to apply this new model of marriage to various “marriage hot spots” such as emotional growth, finances and sex.1. Why Traditional Couples Therapy FailsAs a relationship expert, I regretfully have to admit this is true. Couples therapy has a pretty low success rate. Dr. Baucom explains why:Lack of communication isn’t the problem. Lack of accurate perception is.A couple in a troubled marriage is communicating about issues just fine – they’re just not seeing the issues in the same way.Traditional therapy places too much emphasis on communication. By focusing on correcting misperception, this course provides a whole new framework to approach fixing a marriage.2. The Focus on WEThere’s a common problem in almost every troubled marriage. The two individuals involved think of themselves as just that – individuals.As Dr. Baucom explains, individuals start to keep a ledger.What are they contributing to the marriage?What are they getting back in return?There’s no way the ledger will ever be equal, so if you think of marriage this way you’re always going to be unsatisfied.You’ll either feel you’re doing too much in the relationship or you don’t have enough say in the relationship.The course uses clear language to guide you out of the “You/Me Trap” and instead create a marriage based around “We.”3. Marriage Trouble ZonesOnce you understand how to think in terms of WE instead of YOU/ME there is still work to be done.The e-book is divided into many chapters which detail specific, common martial problems.This includes:Chapter 15 “Sex is about WE”Chapter 16 “Money, Power and WE”Chapter 17 “Don’t Just Grow; EVOLVE!”At the end of each chapter there are sections with practice lessons and other informative activities.What You GetI’ll be honest……listing everything included, makes me laugh a little. There’s just so much information!But the funny thing is, it’s all so clear and easy to read/listen to that I had no idea I was absorbing so much info so quickly.The four main modules are all written materials:“The Top Five Things NOT to do When Your Partner Wants Out” – e-report“Quick-Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage” – e-report“Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage” – e-report“Save the Marriage” – e-book (This is THE REAL GOOD STUFF – the core of the entire system!)You also get four bonuses:“Coping with a MidLife Marriage Crisis” – Audio course in MP3 format“Recovering from an Affair” – Audio course in MP3 format“5 Rules for Fair Fighting” – e-report“Change of Heart” – bonus e-book by Paul and Jennifer ThibeaultIs ‘Save The Marriage’ Good Value for Money?Couples therapy costs upwards of $100 an hour, and the success rate hovers around 20%.The Save the Marriage system boasts a success rate of 89.7% (based on surveys).Even better, Save the Marriage is only a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.It’s only $47.This includes a 100% unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. If you wanted, you could read the e-books every day for two months and still return them with no questions asked.I’m not sure what sense this makes as a business model but it’s great for us customers.I also have a little secret I’d like to share……you can get the whole system for just $1.Here’s how:After you visit the Save the Marriage System homepage, simply close the tab.You’ll get a special notification where you can buy the entire system for just a buck. It’s really for customers who might not be sure about purchasing the system – but anyone can take advantage of this deal. Just a little trick from me to you.If you want to get started straight away, click the button below to watch the welcome video:Or, alternatively, continue reading for my summary and conclusion.PositivesThe information is presented in a clear, engaging way. Don’t get me wrong: The info here is deep stuff, with serious academic study behind it – but you’ll still find it all easy to take in. Dr. Baucom writes for everyday people who want to learn quickly.There are plenty of opportunities for action. If you want to save your marriage but aren’t sure what to do and where to start, this course provides clear, specific steps to take.This book tells it like it is. There’s no sugarcoating. Fixing a marriage can be hard work and the course doesn’t try to hide that fact. This is real information which you might not always want to hear, but which will get great results.NegativesSome of the bonus material isn’t really necessary. The core e-book does such a thorough job explaining the concepts sometimes I felt a little too familiar with the bonus material. Still, the information is always pretty interesting, so I didn’t mind too much.This program is focused on married couples. After all, it’s right there in the title. But I found much of the course applied to anyone in a long-term, committed relationship – especially two people living together. I feel like unmarried people might accidentally miss out on some good info.SummaryAt first, I was a bit skeptical. Much of this course takes traditional couples therapy and completely turns it on its head! But after spending a lot of time with the Save the Marriage system I can confidently say it’s, hands down, one of the best courses to save your marriage you can find online.If your marriage is in trouble and you’re feeling helpless on where to start and what to do to save your marriage, this course can really help you.Even if your spouse doesn’t seem interested in repairing your marriage, this course provides clear, actionable tips to fix your broken marriage and rekindle an extinguished love.But prepare yourself for really hard work on yourself and your marriage. It took a lot of time to get where you are now, so don’t expect an immediate change either.Just imagine yourself and your spouse in a few months from now and I’m sure you’ll find the motivation to take action.

Inside The Ex Issue Information by Brad Browning: Full Assessment

Official Website: www.ExFactorGuide.comLosing the one you love is hard. Very hard. Especially when they’ve decided to up and leave you; it’s even more excruciating when they’ve left you for someone else.How do you handle that?How can you handle that?What is the best way?What if you still love him?How do you go about getting him back?There is a way, and a man by the name of Brad Browning has a book called ‘The Ex Factor Guide’ which details how you can get your ex back and keep them with you for good.My question is, is it any good? Does it work?The Ex Factor Guide: What’s Included?Brad’s guide to getting your ex back is very comprehensive. Below, you can find a contents summary:PrologueChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Attractive CharacteristicsChapter 3 – Unattractive CharacteristicsChapter 4 – Panic + AcceptanceChapter 5 – Start With ‘No Contact’Chapter 6 – Start Dating Other MenChapter 7 – What If He Contacts You?Chapter 8 – What If He Doesn’t Contact You?Chapter 9 – The “Date”Chapter 10 – Seduce Him All Over AgainChapter 11 – Sex!Chapter 12 – Preventing BreakupChapter 13 – Desperation TacticsConclusionThere’s a lot of material in Brad’s book, but having read it, I couldn’t find a sliver of filler or fluff. Everything written in there is there for a reason, and has a purpose being in the guide, which makes for a refreshing change from the 400+ page guides I’ve seen before.What Does The Ex-Factor Cover?So the guide essentially covers how to get your ex backs, but beneath that, there’s a ton of information and advice regarding improving yourself, and taking control of your emotions and yourself.Not only that, there’s also advice on all sorts of things, such as how to seduce your ex (but the advice also applies in general, and it’s very good advice).Particularly, Chapters 2 and 3, concerning both Attractive and Unattractive characteristics, are very comprehensive. In fact, there were 23 attractive traits to consider, while there were the ‘Six Deadly Sins’ in the unattractive traits.While much of it was things you’d expect (like being too controlling as an unattractive example, and being positive and an optimist being examples of attractive traits) there was quite a lot in there that I’d never considered before.Brad also covers all the bases; for example, in the Chapter “Start With ‘No Contact’”, he covers questions in regards to contacting your ex after 31 days, such as what to do if they’ve moved cities or it’s been more than a year since you broke up.It feels like nothing has been left out, and that everything has been written coherently for the reader. The layout is easy to grasp, and has been laid out for reading quickly and finding the information you need easily.Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed while going through the Ex-Factor was the special sections, namely the ‘Expert Weigh-Ins’ and ‘Customer Coaching’ sections.They both provide additional and insightful information, and the customer coaching sections seem to ask the questions you were sitting there with the whole time. What’s more, Brad answers them with finesse, giving detailed and useful responses.I think what I liked most was the actionable and detailed advice Brad gave in the Ex-Factor. The first 3 chapters are all information; learning what to be and what not to be/do.However, from Chapter 4 onwards it’s all action-orientated. Every chapter is filled with information that you can apply and use. There’s no wishy-washy ‘it’ll all work out for the best’ advice.Using Brad’s advice, you can move forward, taking action and see results. From controlling your panic, accepting the fact that you’re now single, all the way to getting your ex back and keeping him around. Even better though, Brad gives reasons as to why you should follow his advice. He also backs it up with science and solid facts.Visit the Official Website: to watch the welcome video and learn how to get your ex back for good.Pros:• Brad knows you as well as you do. In the ‘No Contact’ chapter, he can tell all you want to do is ring up your ex and beg for them back. He tells you exactly why you shouldn’t do that.• He’s personable, friendly and super supportive. Throughout the guide, Brad feels like he’s there as your best friend, telling you honestly that it may not work out how you’d like (which is refreshing and honest, there’s no false promises), but wanting to help you either way, and that’s really comforting.• The guide becomes more positive as it goes on, motivating you and making you feel very optimistic. At first, you feel disheartened, heartbroken, and desperate. However, as you go through the guide, Brad makes you feel stronger, more confident, and optimistic about the future, whether that future involves your ex or not.• It feels like a 1 on 1 coaching session the whole way through. At every moment, I felt like I was sitting down with Brad in a room talking through my problems, and he was there to help. It’s rare I find a guide in this area that doesn’t simply sound like someone just reading a script.In the Ex-Factor, I feel like I’m really talking to Brad, and that’s a fantastic feeling, especially when it can feel like you’re all alone after your break-up.• Provides actionable and useable advice, and provides detailed examples. Instead of leaving you wondering how to do something, Brad guides you, telling you precisely what to do and how to do it, providing useful examples along the way.• The advice is focused on YOU, not your ex. In this guide, you get the strong impression that Brad simply wants you to be happy. Right from the introduction, Brad is stressing that it’s all about being happy, not about winning your ex back.That being said, he also understands what it’s like, and the rest of the book follows on how to win back your ex.• The Bonuses. The guide comes with two bonuses, one how to get a healthy and fantastic figure, the other focused on how correctly text your ex without coming across as needy or desperate.They’re both detailed and quality guides, and are worth the price-tag simply by themselves.Cons:• There’s some questionable advice. One point in particular stood out to me; at one point, Brad advises you to create a fake Facebook account to ‘fake’ having a desirable and interested guy posting on your Facebook Wall.I always cringe at advice like this. However, Brad states clearly that you may not be comfortable with doing this and suggest you not do it if so, which is reassuring.• It’s going to take some serious work. Whether this is an actual con of the guide itself, I don’t know; I don’t think so. That being said, winning your ex back isn’t going to be a smooth or easy ride.It’s going to take time, patience and some work. If you’re simply not the type of person able to meticulously follow a plan to the letter, this guide isn’t for you.ConclusionBrad’s advice is golden; having read the entirety of the course, you can tell that the advice that has gone into it has been learned from solid and painful experience.I have no doubt that The Ex-Factor guide will work for someone looking to reclaim their ex, and would strongly suggest you give it a try. It comes with a 2 month money-back guarantee, so it’s very much worth giving a go.Visit the official website: to watch the welcome video and get started right away or click the orange button below: