Nearpod for Distance Studying within the Music Room

 Now, to put together in Nearpod, I first did a title page with a summary of what we’d do in the lesson, as well as a fun music GIF. I did this by creating a slide, and then formatting so there was a title and two boxes.On the next slide, I created a slide that had a title, a text box, and a place for a video. The text box explained what we’d do on the slide, and I inserted the video of Bow Wow Wow rhythm icons.I did the same for the second slide, but inserted the video of the rhythm for Bow Wow Wow, with ta, ti-ti, and rest.On the next slide, I inserted a text box and the video of me writing patterns with ta, ti-ti, and rest. The next slide was a “write it” slide. To create that, you go to “insert slide,” then choose “activity,” and choose “write it.” I asked students to copy a pattern that I had inserted. Students can use their mouse or finger to write the pattern.On the next slide, I also inserted a “write it” slide, and had students compose whatever pattern they wanted with ta, ti-ti, and rest!Next, I had a slide with a title, a text box, and a video of me singing “Naughty Kitty Cat.” Students could sing along and read the rhythm.On the next slide, I explained that since we were just singing about a cat, we were now going to listen to a song about a cat, called “Señor Don Gato.”Tim Bryrer, a colleague of mine from TRIKE (Tri-City Kodály Educators), has a wonderful YouTube channel with tons of songs. He and a friend made this fun video of “Señor Don Gato”:

Instructing whereas Social Distancing

I’m thinking that if I am in-person teaching, and I still have 50 minutes with students, I will have half of the lesson be active music making, like body percussion, ostinati with recorded pieces, learning sign language to a song, etc., and the other half of the lesson will be 1:1 Chromebooks, with students exploring on Thinglink, HyperDocs, Digital escape rooms, completing a PBL project, etc.If you’re looking for materials you can use with your students, when explaining what this school year will look like–whether it be in-person or distance– check out this set, which is editable and comes in both PowerPoint and Google Slides: