What’s Product Sourcing?

Product Sourcing simply means, “Finding products to sell through your business.” This, of course to us, refers to buying products at real wholesale prices, and then selling them online for a profit. Product Sourcing is something that truly successful online retailers take very seriously. It’s a cornerstone of their success.

What does proper Product Sourcing do for my online business?

Among other things, the internet is a wonderful eCommerce marketplace. It’s a tremendous business opportunity for very little cost. Many people start small online, then go on to earn impressive full time incomes.

However, many people starting out run into issues they don’t understand and then give up because they don’t have the right information they need to run their business competitively.

If you dream of owning a successful online business, you CAN do it. There are a few things you really need to understand though, and Product Sourcing is one of them.

Proper Product Sourcing

Doing your product sourcing properly, does several things for you and your online business;– Allows you to earn the highest possible profit margins– You can be flexible in the products you offer to your customers– Allows you to effectively compete with other retailers’ prices

Remember that the internet is a price driven market. If you are not doing your Product Sourcing the right way, you’ll find that there are many other online retailers that offer the same products as you do, but at lower prices. You won’t be able to compete with them. Those sellers who offer lower prices ARE making a profit. The difference is that they are probably paying less for the products they sell because they understand how to Source Products the right way.

Up Next…

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will talk about the different aspects of product sourcing. How to find products to sell and what to avoid. So stay tuned!

But if you are ready to get started NOW with REAL Wholesalers with REAL Wholesale prices, then get access to our Directory today!

Find over 8000 real wholesale suppliers. Thousands of dropshippers. The suppliers represent more than 17 MILLION product types, so there is something for everyone!

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Dropshipping is NOT a Complete Answer

Dropshipping is a great way to get started selling products online, but don’t make that your complete business strategy. You need a plan to move beyond dropshipping if you want to grow your business.

Dropshipping Has Limits

With dropshipping you cannot sell any product you want to. Many companies require their retailers to purchase and hold inventory and even others already have all the retailers they want or need. So when you dream of selling things like the latest Nike shoes or Kate Spade handbags using dropshippers, think again.

Another dropshipping limit is prices. Yes, you are getting wholesale prices if using real dropshipping suppliers (like the ones found in our Directory). But you are not getting the absolute best price possible, because you are not buying in volume. The more you buy, the cheaper each individual item gets because you are getting volume discounts on top of the base wholesale price.

Move Beyond Dropshipping

You need to realize that dropshipping is only part of your overall product sourcing solution. As your sales pick up and you begin to see profits coming in, you can start to reinvest them into purchasing inventory. That way, you are able to take advantage of the better pricing and higher margins that come with buying wholesale in bulk. Your drop shipping will identify the products that sell well for you, so you don’t have to invest any money into untried inventory that might not sell.

While you’ll find many situations in which drop shipping is the best fit for your business needs, it’s not a good idea to limit yourself to using only drop shipping. Not one method of sourcing products is the most effective solution for every situation. That’s why, as your business grows, you need to branch out and expand.

Our Product Sourcing Solution

Our Members already have a leg up on the competition, because not only do they have access to real dropshipping suppliers, but they also have access to thousands of light bulk wholesalers.

Light bulk is a term that we coined to indicate suppliers with low minimum orders to make buying products more affordable for newer businesses. So when our members are ready, they can reach out to the light bulk suppliers as well to start holding some of that smaller inventory.

We are always adding new light bulk and dropshipping suppliers to the Directory every business day. Check out what the Directory has offer by CLICKING HERE.

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The Significance of Having a Mentor

Every person that has ever achieved great success in their lives had the help from others. No one can do it alone, which is why having a mentor is crucial to have if you want to succeed.

Steve Jobs was mentored by Robert Friedland Dr. Ed Roberts mentored Bill GatesBing Crosby was mentor to Frank Sinatra…the list goes on and on in for any aspect of life or goal!

So why do you need one?

A mentor will help you achieve what you want, as fast as possible. They will provide you guidance to help you succeed and navigate to avoid the mistakes that THEY made. So you will learn from their mistakes versus learning from you own, which will only set you back and slow your goal!

Choosing a Mentor

So when you find someone in your niche that has a valuable course or information, invest in it, because it will save you so much time! But how to find that person?

Look to anyone that has success in the area that you are in. The last thing you want to do is try and learn from someone who has no idea and is trying to fake it. Then when you find that person, ASK. Simply ASK them if they will mentor you, or FIND if they already have a course or information.


I have seen so many young “guru’s” that think they have they answer for everything. They talk fast, use great keywords, show you amazing images of things that you desire to have… DO NOT BE FOOLED. They are simply recycling information they found in other places or talking to someone else that has the answer! Do don’t type “business mentor” into a search engine without being prepared for an onslaught of scammy looking messages.

Look to a company you trust for recommendations or a person you trust that can point you in the right direction or do that careful research yourself to find one.. (make sure to check that person out as much as you can!!!)

A Mentor for Selling Online

Most of the readers for our newsletter and blog are trying to sell online, or have been selling online for a long time and are always looking to take their business to the next level.

Would you like to learn from someone who has over 25 years experience running multi-million dollar online businesses?

Would you like to learn how to avoid scams and how to avoid getting cheated at any part of your business journey and growth?

How about learning how to SAVE money for your online business. So you won’t waste time and money on things that will not work for your business?

Are you a beginner and need to learn EVERYTHING from the ground up?

Chris Malta, CEO

If you said yes to any of those, the name you need to know is Chris Malta.

Chris Malta is CEO and founder of WorldwideBrands.com. So if you have been reading our articles or following us for years, you have seen and heard that name many times. If you are new, then he is someone you need to know!

Check out the free eBiz Insider Video series to get started!

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April 2021 – Wholesalers and Dropshippers Added

One of the best things about the Worldwide Brands Certified Directory of Wholesalers and Dropshippers is that we don’t just list any company that says they dropship or wholesale.

We take each company through a verification process as well as research them before considering them for a listing in our Directory. Then on top of that, the supplier gets re-checked over for final decision. Our members NEVER have to worry about scam, fake or fraud suppliers!We announce new products added on our social streams, but you can always get this monthly update on our blog or newsletter.

This is just a quick note to let you know what products the new Wholesalers and Dropshippers have, that we added the Worldwide Brands Directory of Certified Wholesalers & Dropshippers in April 2021.

For April we added suppliers, that together, offer a total SKU count of over 23,000 products!! Best of all these suppliers are ready to work with our online retailer members and most were added as a result of a member product request.

The Newly Added Suppliers Offer

Wholesale Anti Chafe SalvesPain Relief Rubs WholesaleWholesale Chili SeasoningBBQ Sauces WholesaleWholesale LED LightingDropship LightingWholesale Diploma FramesDropship Certificate FramesWholesale MicroscopesDropship Lab EquipmentWholesale Licensed Collegiate ProductsHandbags WholesaleWholesale Licensed Collegiate SunglassesDropship Reading GlassesWholesale ActivewearDropship Fitness ClothingWholesale Water Filtration SystemsDropship Water Treatment EquipmentWholesale Baby CarriersDiaper Bags WholesaleWholesale Toilet ElixirsToilet Spray WholesaleWholesale NHL Dog ApparelDog Collars WholesaleWholesale Hearing ProtectionHearing Enhancers WholesaleWholesale Exercise EquipmentFitness Training Products WholesaleWholesale Vintage Window SignsHome Decor WholesaleWholesale CBD SupplementsDropship CBD GummiesWholesale FabricsGreeting Cards WholesaleWholesale Elderberry SyrupHerbal Tea WholesaleWholesale BeveragesPaper Goods WholesaleWholesale Bamboo Dog ChewsPet Supplies Wholesale…and more!

If you are a member, Login today, to check out the newest additions.Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?

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