The brand new House Jam film proves that LeBron James is a full-blown heel

LeBron James is a heel. All the new Space Jam film does is confirm something most of us already knew. The movie itself is terrible because it tries to pigeonhole James as a good guy when he’s most definitely not. His lines are forced, and his performance is lifeless. There was a reason Tim Curry was never cast as a hero.
The evil hotel concierge in Home Alone 2 just had a face and demeanor you knew was bad. Similarly, James has certain characteristics and mannerisms that make him unlikeable. However, he’s trying to be good in Space Jam. From his delivery to facial expression, the performance comes across as unbelievable.
That’s because LeBron James is a natural heel. Even when he is droning on about good and trying to save the world, you’re waiting for him to bust out a “Psych” and reveal that he is actually a bad guy. It Is what you want. James is at his best when he’s the villain.