Sub Plans for Social Distancing

I have learned a lot about Nearpod and Peardeck over the last year; check out this blog post about Nearpod and this blog post about Peardeck.To use these as a sub plan, you could put together several pieces of a lesson in Nearpod or Peardeck, then students could watch the lesson all together, on one screen, or they could watch it with a student-paced link, on their own device.For example, if your students are practicing quarter rest, first, they could learn a new song, such as “See the old witch,” by watching a video you’ve made, then, they could read and play rhythm patterns with this video, then, they could compose their own rhythm patterns with ta, ti-ti, and rest with a drawing slide in either platform. Finally, they could practice rhythm by creating patterns in Chrome Music Lab.This does take a little more comfort with technology, but could be a great solution for keeping students “on track” with the other classes, so they don’t get one lesson behind.Would you like a free choice board to use for Kindergarten? Sign up below to get the Kindergarten winter choice board, which is included in my winter choice boards, for free!