You’ll be able to add Alexa to your kitchen for simply £14.99 – right here’s how

The Amazon Echo Flex, which crams an Alexa smart speaker into a small plug socket device, is now just £14.99 over at Currys PC World.

Originally available for £24.99, this pint-sized smart device can now be had with a swish £10 off – handy if you’re on the lookout for a cheaper way of adding Alexa functionality to one of your rooms.

The Echo Flex itself is just ever so slightly larger than a typical plug socket, making it a solid choice if space is at a premium in your kitchen and a larger smart speaker would be too out of place. It is worth pointing out though that the Flex’s size does limit its capabilities somewhat, and it shouldn’t be considered as a full replacement for a dedicated smart speaker.

As mentioned in our review: “Voice responses are what this smart speaker is designed for, with the speaker good enough that you can clearly hear things like the current weather forecast or responses to general questions.”

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It’s because of this setback however that the Flex works best as a kitchen assistant, less so as a means for playing music but more so as a quick and easy timer, as well as for asking cooking questions on the go. Speaking from experience, the chance of burning ingredients falls exponentially if you bring a smart assistant into the mix.

Rather brilliantly, the Echo Flex has a USB a port on the bottom so that you can add extensions to expand its functionality. Add-ons include a motion sensor and a night light – the latter being particularly helpful if you want to navigate the kitchen for a late night glass of water.

As an affordable means of adding Alexa to your kitchen, the Echo Flex at £14.99 is an absolute steal, either for yourself or as an easy gift for someone else.

Improbable iPhone SE 2020 deal brings value beneath nicely £300

The second generation iPhone SE provides excellent value for those seeking a reliable iOS 15 handset with a good camera, smaller screen and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

However, a certified refurbished model, enables users to snag an even better bargain on the mid-range phone. eBay seller and refurbished phone specialist Loop Mobile is currently offering the iPhone SE (2020) for as little as £269.95.

You can snag a 64GB version in black or white with free two day delivery. That’s a £130 saving on the price Apple asks for the brand new model.

Loop has a 98.5% positive feedback from from more than 15,000 ratings, so you can expect to be happy with your purchase. If not, returns are available within 30 days, provided you pay the return postage.

The company pledges the phone is: “Sourced exclusively from Apple direct, these are fully tested and graded by our on-site Apple certified technicians. We run 80 functional tests on each product to ensure the best quality for your device, genuine devices 100% authentic.”

Loop promises more than 70 diagnostic tests have been performed, while the battery will be able to reach at least 80% of its original capacity. The company also offers a 12-month warranty for full-on peace of mind.

In our review of the iPhone SE (2020) we praised the value on offer, flagship-level performance, great photos in daylight situations and impressive video capabilities. We deemed it a great option for those who don’t want a large screen phone.

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We were a little disappointed the iPhone 8-mimicking design didn’t get a refresh, and the battery life isn’t the greatest, but overall we afforded the phone a 4/5 star rating.

Our own Max Parker wrote: “This is a fantastic upgrade for those with an iPhone 8 or older, and you will notice big changes, and a lot of familiarities, in the switch. It’s also just a downright excellent buy if you want a phone that’ll perform fast and take excellent pictures for years to come.”

Gaming Discount: God of Battle is simply £7.99 with this phenomenal deal

One of the PlayStation 4’s best games has dropped to just £7.99, alongside other hits like Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition.

Even several years after its release, God of War is still a must-have game for anyone who owns a PS4. It’s even backwards compatible with PS5, enjoying a boost to 60fps for Sony’s latest console, making this a perfect time to buy.

If you don’t fancy spending the £70 asking price that a lot of new triple-A titles go for, then this is a easy recommendation for any gamer.

If you’re not familiar with the God of War franchise, this is a great place to start. Even though there are several callbacks to earlier games in the series, this instalment is very much a franchise reboot that takes Kratos’ story in a new direction.

This time around we see the demigod assuming a more paternal role as he navigates a new land heavily inspired by Norse mythology, alongside his young son Atreus.

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God of War received four stars and a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge, with the verdict reading: “God of War tells a wonderful tale through a beautiful spectrum speckled with more than a few drops of the blood of your enemies.”

You also have Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition to consider if you want an RPG instead. Another PS4 classic, Zero Dawn follows Aloy, a young woman who lives in a world overrun by machines, adding a unique sci-fi twist to the open-world genre.

At such a low price, both games are an absolute bargain, and if you don’t already have them in your collection then now’s the time to sweep them up.

Hades will get a value drop with an incredible 20% off deal

Everyone’s favourite Prince of the Underworld is back again, and this time you can snatch up his game on the cheap.

Over at Currys PC World, you can bag yourself the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version of Hades for just £19.97, (20% off the usual RRP). If you’ve yet to upgrade to next-gen then you can also grab this deal on PS4.

For those who missed out on the craze, Hades was released back in 2020 and quickly became one of the best games of the year. It puts you in the role of Zagreus, the son of the titular God Hades, and tasks you with escaping hell to reach the golden gates of Olympus.

The gameplay is rogue-like, so as you play you will get to grips with enemies and learn how to upgrade your attacks and health until you’re slashing your way through Hell with ease.

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And for those wanting to play on the PS5, developer Supergiant makes innovative use of the PS5’s DualSense controller, letting you unleash attacks and even pet your three-headed dog Cerberus with the adaptive triggers.

So for any dog lovers out there, know that on the PS5 you will be able to feel the happy little growl of Cerberus, produced via subtle haptic feedback from the controller.

For anyone wanting to play on the other aforementioned consoles, the stunning visuals will keep you busy, alongside the plethora of interesting Greek Gods you will get to talk to and battle it out with.

Even if this is your first rogue-like title, Hades is such a fun game to play that it’s an easy one to recommend, particularly at this reduced price.

Hit a brand new private finest with this Apple Watch 3 value minimize

The Apple Watch 3 has dropped in price to just £179.99, making it the perfect opportunity to get yourself a great fitness wearable on the cheap.

Available from Electrical-Deals on eBay, these Watches are Certified Refurbished with Apple’s approval, so you know that their quality will be just like new. You will also get a 12-month warranty with this offer, giving you extra peace of mind.

Even though there are newer Apple Watches out there, the 3 is still a great buy as it continues to be including in the latest cycle of updates from Apple and third-party apps, including Spotify offline support.

The Apple Watch 3 was also packs GPS support, letting you leave your phone at home when you want to track an outdoor run or cycle.

We rated the Apple Watch 3 a solid 4/5 stars and awarded it a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge, due to the nifty updates under the hood and tasteful design.

Even now, the Apple Watch 3 is a great smartwatch for iPhone users wants to keep a closer eye on their fitness goals. Unless you want to specifically track your blood oxygen levels or conduct an ECG scan, a lot of newer features are ones that most people can do without.

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The Apple Watch 3 was also the first Apple wearable to introduce a bit of colour to the Digital Crown, getting a splash of red to highlight its presence.

As is the case with all Apple Watches, you’re more than welcome to customise the bands to make it more your own, or you can stick with the classic white Sport Band that’s included with this deal.

At a price that’s much more affordable than other Apple Watches on the market right now, this fantastic deal is perfect for any wearable enthusiasts. You will want to act fast though, as there’s only a limited quantity available according to the listing.

The fashionable Lenovo Sensible Clock Important has dropped to simply £24.99

Looking for a new alarm clock? This might be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a smart one. The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has just dropped to £24.99 at Currys PC World. 

The Smart Clock Essential has seen a £15 price drop on Currys’ eBay storefront. That’s 37% off the smart alarm clock with free delivery on top of the discount. If you’re interested in the smart device, you’ll want to act fast – there are only a limited quantity of clocks available at this price. 

Yesterday, we saw 50% taken off the fully-fledged Lenovo Smart Clock with the other clock reduced to just £29.97 (that deal is still available if you’re interested). 

Now, it’s the Essential’s turn. The Smart Clock Essential is the more affordable version of the standard Lenovo Smart Clock for anyone who doesn’t mind trading in the colour display for a nice discount. 

Despite its lower price, the Essential is packed with handy smart features, including an LED display for the time, a USB port to charge your phone while you sleep and support for the Google Assistant. 

When it comes time to wind down, simply say “Hey Google, goodnight” to prompt Google to set your alarms, switch off your lights and play relaxing music. 

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You can choose to wake up to the news, your favourite playlist or the lamp gradually brightening (or tap the clock to get 10 minutes longer in bed). There’s also a built-in night light to guide you if you wake up in the middle of the night. 

The Google Assistant is compatible with over 40,000 smart home gadgets, from smart lights and plugs to baby monitors and thermostats. It also works with Chromecast speakers, so you can use the Assistant in other rooms or ask it to cast a movie to your TV. 

If you like the sound of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, then this is a great deal to pounce on. The Clock has only ever been slightly cheaper at £19.99, but it’s unlikely we’ll see that price reappear until Black Friday rolls around.

Energise your mornings with 50% off the Lenovo Sensible Clock

Currys PC World is now offering the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant with a shocking 50% price cut.

You would usually have to spend £59.99 for a Lenovo Smart Clock, but if you act quickly you could get your hands on one for just £29.97, which will save you a little over £30.

The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is the big brother of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (which is also discounted on Currys’ eBay store).

The Lenovo Smart Clock includes a more colourful display, with a neat and small body that doubles as a smart assistant for your home.

We had the chance to test out the Lenovo Smart Clock, providing it with a high four-star rating and a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge.

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Trusted Reviews’ Home Technology Editor, David Ludlow, said: “When you need smarts, the full Google Assistant gives you the same range of controls as with other smart speakers, although the touchscreen display feels underutilised at times.”

“For those that want a smart assistant for the bedroom but don’t know where to put it, this is a great choice but a few limitations may make it unsuitable for some.”

Of course, there are more robust offerings from the likes of Amazon and Google itself, but when it comes to unobtrusive smart speakers that are as functional as they are stylish, then the Lenovo Smart Clock takes the cake.

Speaking from experience, deals on the Lenovo Smart Clock tend to fly off the virtual shelves in no time, so if you do fancy adding one to your collection then this is a great time to buy.

This Philips OLED is again at its lowest value ever

OLED TVs previously had a reputation for incurring quite a few pound sterling, but Philips’ latest OLED is slowly but surely bringing the price own to very affordable levels

The 55OLED705 was already very affordable before it had a special price discount during Euro 2020, and it’s latest price cut brings it back to that same reduced rate, slashing £80 off to bring the 55OLED705 4K TV down to £899.

Deal: Get the Philips 55OLED705 for £899, saving £80

The Philips 55OLED705 is the TV manufacturer’s cheapest OLED yet and the most affordable we’ve seen across the market, besting even LG’s budget focused A1 OLED.

While the specs aren’t as advanced as some other OLEDs – the OLED705 model was due to launch in 2020 but was held over until 2021 – it continues Philips’ philosophy of supporting all the major HDR formats. You’ll find HDR 10, HLG (for BBC iPlayer and Sky Q), HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, the latter two will help optimise supported content for an even better visual experience.

Android TV 9 is the smart interface of choice, so again it’s not the most recent version of the UI, but you do get built-in Chromecast for streaming content as well as voice control in the form of Google Assistant.

There are no AI picture smarts, however, with the OLED705 featuring the brand’s P5 Perfect Engine. That said, Philips’ vivid picture quality is always a highlight with its OLED TVs, with a peak brightness said to be in the region of 900 nits, it’s a TV that can deliver on the promise of HDR.

And this model also supports the Ambilight system in its three-sided form – casting colours on-screen behind for a more immersive viewing experience, especially if you’re watching with the lights turned down.

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In terms of gaming, this OLED lacks the features to take advantage of the latest generation of game consoles, making it more of a set to watch for movie buffs and sports fans with OLED’s excellent sense of contrast and virtually perfect black levels helping to create a spectacular looking image.

Deal: Get the Philips 55OLED705 for £899, saving £80

The offer is currently available in limited qualities, so if you fancy picking one up, you’ll want to get on this deal quick.

One of many Nintendo Swap’s greatest titles has dropped to simply £16

Burnout Paradise Remastered – a souped up version of the classic open world racer has dropped to a mere £16 on Nintendo Switch, making for a seriously tempting buy.

Even though Burnout Paradise is one of the best racing games of the last 20 years, its launch price on Nintendo Switch was anything but. Bringing out the Switch tax in full force, the game cost £44.99 at launch which was rather absurd given that it originally came out in 2008.

With that price hike out of the way however, Burnout Paradise Remastered is an easy recommendation at just £16, particularly if you’re in the mood for an adrenaline inducing game to play on the go.

If you’ve never played Burnout Paradise then it almost goes without saying that the Remastered version if by far the best place to start. This iteration packs the base game and all of the additional DLC that was made available, including the Big Surf Island expansion.

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Because the game isn’t a modern triple-A title, it runs brilliantly on the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, regardless of whether you’re playing it handheld or on the TV.

In my original review for the port, this was my verdict: “Even after all this time, Burnout Paradise remains an absolute blast to play. The upgrade to 60fps in Remastered only heightens the adrenaline rush, and the game’s emphasis on exploration and quick-fire racing make it a brilliant fit for being taken on the go.”

My main criticism for the game was its ridiculously high price point, which prevented it from obtaining a higher score. Now that the game has plummeted in price however, it’s an easy recommendation for any Switch owner.

As either a chance to dive back into some nostalgic Burnout gameplay or even explore the franchise for the first time, this superb offer on Burnout Paradise Remastered should not be missed.

This Pixel 4a deal will make you overlook Pixel 5a UK snub

Google may not be launching the new Pixel 5a in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snap up a great deal on its still-awesome predecessor, the Pixel 4a.

eBay is offering the original Pixel 4a and its fantastic camera for just £279.99. That’s a saving off £70 (or 20%) off the £349 asking price.

This is the 4G version of the phone, so no 5G connectivity, but it is backed by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for this excellent 2020 handset. You’ll get free delivery on this brand new handset and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

While 5G is lacking on this smartphone model, there isn’t really a lot else separating the Pixel 4a from the new Pixel 5a, which is a US and Japan exclusive.

Both have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, both offer a 1080p display and both have access to the stock version of Android, minus any custom user interfaces.

You’ll have quick and easy access to the Google Assistant and be first to Android operating system and security updates. The design and build for both phones is virtually identical and the cameras are the same too.

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So, while it’s a bummer the Pixel 5a and its larger battery and slightly bigger screen won’t be available in the UK, the Pixel 4a for well under £300 is one hell of a consolation. We loved the great camera, refreshingly smaller display, sharp OLED screen and plenty more.

Our reviewer Max Parker wrote: “If you’re after a small, affordable Android phone (£349/$349) with a nice screen, future proof software that’ll receive big updates for the next three years and a fantastically reliable camera then you’re not going to be disappointed with the Pixel 4a.”