Launched pictures showcase the Pixel 5a’s design and massive battery improve

Pixel 5a components are reportedly being shipped out to phone repair stores ahead of the smartphone’s launch, giving us an idea of what Google might have in store for its mid-range release this time around. 

Android Police published the images on August 15, which were shared with the site by an unnamed source. 

While there are a lot of similarities to be found between the Pixel 5a components and the phone’s predecessor, the Pixel 4a 5G, the images also show off a number of changes. 

Image: Android Police

According to Android Police’s source, the 5a features a ribbed power button and the rear of the phone feels closer to a rubber texture than the hard plastic rear on the Pixel 4a 5G. Google has also reportedly left space for a small port at the top, suggesting the company may once again put off abandoning the headphone jack on its mid-range phone the way it has on its flagship devices. 

Other than these minor adjustments, the Pixel 5a appears visually similar to the Pixel 4a, with the back panel and the camera layout otherwise identical. 

Image: Android Police

The images also include a glimpse of the phone’s battery, which appears to have a capacity of 4680 mAh. This is the biggest battery we’ve seen on a Pixel so far, with the 4a 5G carrying a 3800 mAh battery and the flagship Pixel 5 a 4000 mAh battery. Even the Pixel 6 is only rumoured to be getting a 4614 mAh one, meaning the 5a could pack a better than flagship battery life. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t sound as though we’ll need to wait long to find out more about the Pixel 5a. 

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Last week, Front Page Tech reported that the 5a will launch on August 26, while other rumours suggest we’ll see the new Google phone as soon as August 17. Considering the Pixel 4a launched on August 3 2020, an August release date does seem to check out. 

Either way, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up if you live here in the UK, the smartphone is expected to be limited to a US and Japan launch this year.

Some Galaxy Watch 4 could possibly be Android' s Apple Watch – Skilled

The team-up between Google and Samsung might be what finally knocks the Apple Watch Series off its throne.

Samsung has been busy recently, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, alongside other items like the Galaxy Air Buds 2, the company has been working hard on a lot of new projects.

Samsung’s latest wearable, the Galaxy Watch 4, comes from a team-up between Google and Samsung, bringing Wear OS to the Android smartwatch.

We asked some experts what they thought about the latest Galaxy Watch and how it could help Samsung and Google finally get a leg up on Apple’s wearable line.

Did Samsung and Google do enough to give Wear OS a fighting chance against the Apple Watch?

“It is too early to say. But it is a win-win situation for both Samsung and Google. Samsung’s smartwatches have struggled with developer and app support and Google has that in abundance. Google has struggled with hardware. A partnership gives Samsung the app support that comes with Google and gives Google the hardware expertise of Samsung,” Anisha Bhatia, Senior Analyst at GolbalData told Trusted Reviews.

“Collaboration also allows them access to non-Apple customers that was denied to them due to Android fragmentation. Volumes will bring in scale, cost efficiencies and more developers, which is what both Google and Samsung need to become viable competitors to Apple.”

Other experts agree that while it is too early to say for sure, the team-up between Samsung and Google should be a good thing for the future of the Galaxy Watch 4.

“If we look at the Apple Watch’s success, it’s built on seamless interoperability with the iPhone, giving users the knowledge that their smartwatch will just work with their phone, with no hassle. In contrast, Samsung and Google are trying to appeal to a wider base,” Leo Gebbie, principal analyst, Connected Devices at CCS Insight revealed to Trusted Reviews.

“For example, will using the Watch4 with a non-Samsung smartphone deliver a premium experience? Will people with other Android-powered smartphones – for instance, OnePlus – be aware of the benefits of a Wear OS device as opposed to a OnePlus watch?

“It’s a far trickier message for Google and Samsung to pitch to customers, and until Wear OS becomes more widespread and consistent, it will likely remain hard to communicate.”

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It is assumed that the team-up will also mean that the Galaxy Watch 4 could be the Apple equivalent but for Android.

“Regarding software, third-party apps have been a challenge for almost all smartwatch makers aside from Apple. Samsung is looking to have cracked this with the reignition of their partnership with Goggle, providing users with a wealth of familiar apps from Google Play,” Jack Hamlin, Global Client Manager at Kantar Worldpanel told Trusted Reviews.

“This development makes Samsung Galaxy Watch an extremely compelling choice for Android smartphone owners, in many ways making it the ‘Apple Watch’ of the Android world.”

How do you see Wear OS devices doing in the next year?

“We have seen increased sales and engagement in the wearables category following Covid. Wear OS devices’ sleek design and third-party app support will stand them in good stead for success in the coming year,” Hamlin continued to say.

“However competition is set to intensify, Google’s acquisition of Fitbit has sparked rumours of a possible Pixel watch, which would directly compete with the Wear OS series.”

While the experts agree Samsung’s newest wearable will do well, it will have to overcome strong competition from Apple’s wearables, such as the Apple Watch 6.

“This year, I expect the Galaxy Watch 4 to perform well. However, it’s very difficult to say how other Wear OS devices will perform, because we still don’t know exactly what devices will use it,” Gebbie went on to say.

“Google has confirmed that some Mobvoi TicWatch and Fossil watches will support the new software, but these are fairly small players in terms of shipments. I’m also expecting to see new Fitbit devices running Wear OS but little is known about these right now.

“Ultimately, I think it could take some time before we’ll have any indication of the level of success that the new Wear OS has achieved, but Google and Samsung have invested heavily and are certainly in it for the long haul.”

Some type of Samsung Galaxy A52s is frequent, and can set you again £409

Samsung has refreshed its midrange Galaxy A52 with an ‘S’ model, available to buy in the UK from 24 August, with shipping expected at the start of September. 

Somewhat unusually, news of the new handset arrived via a UK-only press release, which means we’re not left guessing how generous Samsung will feel when it comes to converting euros or dollars into pounds. The phone will cost £409 – a £10 increase on the original Galaxy A52, which was only released in March.

The modest price difference tells you what you need to know about the specs. As the previous Geekbench leak made us suspect, it’s virtually unchanged from the original, with only the processor changed as far as we can tell. The original’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G SoC gives way to a more powerful Snapdragon 778G chipset, which should give it a not-insignificant boost to everyday performance.

Otherwise, the specs will feel extremely familiar. The UK model will ship with 6GB RAM, 128GB of storage (with up to 1TB microSDs supported) and sport a 4500mAh battery. The same quad-camera system is in place, where a 64MP main lens is supported by a 12MP ultrawide camera and two 5MP sensors for depth and macro photography.While this sounds like a ‘steady-as-she-goes’ update, that’s no bad thing, considering how good the original phone was. In his four-star Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review, deputy editor Max Parker praised the quality of the screen, battery and dependable nature of the phone, calling it “an easy recommendation if you’re not bowled over by the flashier flagships and their higher prices.”

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The 6.5-inch phone will come in four colours, each of which Samsung precedes with the word “awesome”: black, mint, violet and white. The phone will be available to order from Samsung directly on 24 August, but the company says that units won’t begin to ship until 3 September.