InVideo Evaluate 2021 Execs & Cons+ Low cost Coupon (50% OFF)

Do you want a easy to use online video creator? If yes, then you at right place as here I have carefully reviewed a platform that can help you in creating online video creator for content and marketing videos.
In this post we have featured InVideo Review that includes the detailed insights of its  features, pricing , pros and cons, customer support, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

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Detailed InVideo Review
InVideo help you to create videos that looks great with ease generally they are for the great presentation marketing campaign and similar promotional purposes.this service also makes it easy to create informative videos because they have a rich library of templates to build off of. With the help of various templates videos and photos one can make the amazing videos.

To be very clear and specific it is not a photo or video editor it can be used to start your youtube blogging carrier.or the wedding shoots.this app is very powerful and intuitive. This app provides the best technical tools to those people who are not even aware of how to use the technical tools and make the most beautiful video.this is helpful in making short videos and can also help in explaining the details about the product in short clip only
InVideo has 100 templates and many more which makes it very beginner can also start by browsing the categories and find something that fits the can also add your own photos videos or anything you like to.

Library of over a million images and videos
Intuitive UI and features like advance editing
Multi lingual videos
Classy and flexible videos
Prebuilt component like text boxes stickers and many more
Intelligent frame recommendations

Key Features Of InVideo

Collaboration-  usually collaborative nature creation helps your entire company align its goals increase production speed and create better pieces of product to make the audience happy and satisfied.
Media library – basically media library is a collection of self downloaded pictures, videos and templates which are used to enhance your websites and emails. This also helps in making certain changes in the file either in images audio or video
Brand overlay- brand overlay allows you to upload a logo or image of your own choice and will also mention it on the top of your video.
Social sharing- it prescribes when social media people broadcasts web content on a social network to their connection, groups . its major aim is to generate brand awareness among the people by sharing the content.
Text overlay- it means that programming the data in the computer memory in larger space. It also provides the ability to superimpose one or more text elements over a video stream. It may vary extremely in size.fonts and color.
Audio tools- in this users can create and publish their own music tracks on to the site using creative common license rights because of its free browser based module structure.
Speed adjustment– these are to the minimum necessary to achieve or maintain or desired spacing.termination of speed adjustments are also possible when no longer needed.

Video capture-it can be defined as the process of conversion of an analog video signal which are produced by a video camera such as DVD player TV. the resulting digital data is referred to as digital video streaming
Video specialisation– it helps the user to attend and could change the errors or with his wish. When a person gets specialisation he has full knowledge of how to perform and what should be done to achieve the goal.
Merge- as the time changes the need and demands also changes.people wants the taste of old version and newer too. So for that purpose merger of the videos are done.
Supports HD- as the company offers the best to their customers similarly it also had a more important feature of supporting HD. as hd quality of video gives the best quality and shows the best video and photos without any tearing of photo or vibration of video.

InVideo is perfect app for adding a short video that will go along with the blog. Invideo storyteller videos are  perfect. One can use blog posts,listicles and other longer form content as a video resume of a post or the quick presentation of the products.
The interface also guides you through the process of simplifying the filtration. One can pick stock videos or images from the free library.after processing this you can write text into bubbles and boxes and edit the timing and images until you do not get satisfaction. You can also upload your own photo video as well.

The interface and the process are very intuitive that it can easily be enjoyed. It would definitely take some time to get used to it. Once a person is used to it you can crank your own beautiful video which is also one of the themes of Invideo team.
There are various steps for setting up of the video. They are as follows:

First of all select a template from the library and format (16:9,1:1). Then you go to the script page where you will have to fill in the text or copy the article link if you want the video to go with a blog post
As the software are smart they will recognise the link. It will also provide you with a video skelton which can immediately be changed. If you want to probably remove some of the scenes that they pre populate especially when the article is imported for long. It is because it needs to fit within the time limit of package.
Longer articles tend to need a lot of articles
Next step is the destination towards where you need to edit the scenes based on the loaded is also the most funnier part as you have to select the images videos from the library itself. You can then play around the content by creating your own videos.
After it you can preview each scene separately one by one or can also as a whole.which is more convenient and easy. You can also select how long each scene will stay on the screen to perform the action. It will also help when there will be more words and the time will also be required is more.
Under advanced editing there are numerous options,you can add bubbles stickers text social elements icons logos animations and many more.all of these options can be added from the drag and drop system.
Your own voice can also be added by a click of button.this is also very convenient for adding a touch of your own personality to the videos.if one wants to upload the professional voice one can also upload it as well.

How To Create Quick Videos With InVideo?
Quick videos are not only shorter but are also meant to be shared on Instagram LinkedIn or any other social media platforms as well. They are also a great option for creating ads or similar videos that go straight to the point .

The process of creating quick video is as similar to storyteller video in terms of intuitive. But it is more easier in comparison. As in this there is no need to load blog content . in other words it can easily be said as more conversions, simple and short sweet and more effective

There are many more options when it comes to select from quick videos promo videos Instagram videos bumper ads product videos video ads etc.based on the choice InVideo  will provide different UI easing the process.
Most of the templates are made from images audio and texts. It says that in lesser time more work possible.templates are very good and only required is to personalize accordingly. It seems as quick videos are the perfect fit when the time attending and video made matches.
InVideo Customer Support
InVideo is regularly expanding its feature set. Or can say that you will feel appreciated as their customer as they are not those among companies who take the and vanish the taken money and also the quality of their product indicates it.
You can also expect them to answer your question in the shortest time period you want to. They are patient, polite and look forward in answering the questions of customers. They also have Facebook groups you can go to their page and listen to their feedback
No doubt this service is quite new but it will definitely take you in the right direction.
Pricing Plans Offered By InVideo
The great thing about the InVideo is that it has a free plan and which is great for testing the waters. With the help of that you can also make the video two minutes longer that have InVideo branding displayed as well
The prices of their premium plans are very fair in terms of when compared to the competitors and the features you are being provided with. You will also get a huge discount and a better quality product.this will make a great service even more perfect and fantastic so try InVideo today.

Basically there are three types of premium plan that expands the features.the most premium plan let you to make the video of 10 minutes also remove InVideo logo from them and also add their own brands. You can also use your own templates and a richer quality media library
1) For business: $10 per month and also $120 annually

No video watermark
Create videos up to 15 minutes.
Videos in 1080p resolution
Full editing features are available
More than 100 designed templates
Standard media library
Unlimited team members
Automated text to speak
Use your own music
Storage of 5gb

2) For free: $0 per month

No InVideo watermark
No reselling rights
Storage of 1GB
Videos in 720p resolution
Full editing features available
Creates video for 5 minutes
1 brand
Single media library
More than 100 designed templates


Founded very easy to create videos for social media platforms including instagram
Can also create video much faster as compared to others
Can add your own audio video and pictures to be used in InVideo
Customer support is fast and responsive
Templates can also be used in order to help the video get prepared in recorded time


While exporting of video, it may take some time maximum 10 minutes but they are working to speed up the process
Basically it is web based so you need to get connected with the internet.

Customer Reviews:

Quick Links:

CONCLUSION: InVideo Review With Discount Coupon 2021 | Should You Go For It??
InVideo is a reliable online video creator for content and marketing videos. Using this tool you can easily create videos for free and if you wanted to have more functionality then you can opt for the paid versions as well.

And if you really wanted to create stunning videos then you should definitely give it a try as it also has a free version.
I hope this post suits your purpose well. And if this post helped you then kindly share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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WP Safety Audit Log Overview 2021: Is It Price Attempting? (Execs & Cons)

In this blog, I am going to discuss the WP Security Audit Log Review 2021
Do you want to monitor all the activities on your website but don’t have enough time to keep track of everything? To solve this problem I am going to let you know about a plugin that can keep track of all the activities on your website and that is WP Security Audit Log. 

In-Depth WP Security Audit Log Review
 WP Security Audit Log helps you monitor all the activities on your website. It also works as a problem detector which helps you secure your website by letting you know about any problem whenever it arises on your website so that you can eliminate any threat before it gets serious.
WP Security Audit Log tracks activities related to plugins, themes, widgets, user accounts, and core WordPress settings. The tool keeps a log of user ID, role, and IP address so that you can make your website secure from unwanted visitors. You can also enable specific alerts to avoid viewing a long list of logs. Any kind of suspicious activity happens on your website then you will get an alert immediately.

Currently, WP Security Audit Log monitors over 70,000 active websites and it also has a rating of 4.7 at WordPress which means you can trust this tool completely. The tool works as security for your website.
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Features of Wp Security Audit Log
WordPress Multisite Support
If your WordPress setup is big and the number of users is more so many then you need to keep track of all the activities and that’s where WP Security Audit Log comes because it supports the multisite feature of WordPress which can see all the changes happening on all the WordPress websites and also filter them by a website.
Only the admin of the website can see the audit trail of a website. The plugin has settings through which you can allow people or users to see the activities of the WordPress audit trail.
This plugin was made to keep security in mind which means it lets you control who can see what’s happening on the website. In the default setting, the admin of the website can only see the audit trail. In every activity, you can see all the details because for them every minor detail is big.
You can see who is logged in to your website and who was logged in before. All the details will be available in the audit log. This helps you secure your website thoroughly. You don’t need to keep an eye on everything happening on your website because the WP Security Audit Log will do that for you.
Fully Extendable
You don’t need to monitor your website 24*7 to secure because this plugin does that for you and if you have used the right tools then all the automated processes will go on smoothly.
But there are some things which happen from that you will not get any benefit that is why they introduced add-ons as well. These add-ons can maximize the benefits of keeping a WordPress audit log.
Email Notifications
This feature must be activated manually and with this, you can get notified of certain activities via email. There is a parameter that you can set on what type of activity this feature should trigger. Whenever any important change happens on your website then you will be notified via email instantly. 
Take an example that someone is trying to log in to your website but couldn’t log in successfully so it will trigger the email notification feature and the admin of that website will be notified immediately.
You can also make reports of activities on the WP Security Audit Log. The report can be user-related or site activity related and also set schedules accordingly. Reports can be made weekly, monthly, and even quarterly.
It also lets you search any activity on the audit log via free-text searches. You can also store the activity in an external database so that if it gets deleted automatically even then it will be safe.
How to Set Up WP Security Audit Log?
In order to set up the WP Security Audit Log, you need to download the plugin. You can run the free version or you can upgrade to the premium version by purchasing it. To set up the premium version you need to follow these steps:
Step 1:
After downloading the plugin open your WordPress website dashboard and go to plugins and click on the add new option and then upload the plugin to your website and after that you can activate the plugin.

Step 2:
Once you activate the plugin then you will be redirected to the plugin’s licensing page. After purchasing the premium you will get a license key so to use that click on the Agree & Activate License button.

Step 3:
Put the license key and verify it. After that, you will be directed to the Audit Log Page. The log and activities of your website will be shown on this page. This page automatically refreshes itself every 30 seconds to check if there is a new activity in the audit log.
Follow these simple steps one-by-one to easily set up the WP Security Audit Log on your website.
How to Use Wp Security Audit Log?
After setting everything up you can start using WP Security Audit Log by accessing it from the admin menu option. WP Security Audit Log uses the WordPress user interface so that all the core features of WordPress can be used easily. You can restrict the entries on who can see the logs and who can not. With this setting, you can also allow some users to edit the details.
WP Security Audit Log also has a dashboard alerts widget that shows you the security alert that happened recently up to 5 which means as soon as you log in, you will get an update instantly. You can also set the period of time after which the alerts will be deleted automatically and also set the maximum number of activities to keep in the audit log.
In the settings option, you will see different types of settings to manage WP Security Audit Log. There are basically four major categories of setting you will see.
General Settings
All the general settings of the tool will be available in this tab. With these, you can pick users or user roles who can manage the plugin or you can also restrict it to only you. If you don’t want other admins to disable the plugin then you can hide the plugin so no one can see it except you.

Audit Log
The settings available on this tab are related to the audit log of your website. The audit log keeps on increasing based on the activity on your website. You can also set the limit which means after a certain limit of time the previous logs gets deleted automatically.

You can also restrict this setting similarly as general settings mean you can decide who can see the log and who can not. Click on the timestamp of any event to see the user information and also you can choose to hide any column in the audit log table.
File Integrity Checks & Warnings
This feature was introduced last year in June. The best thing it can do is detect, add, modify, and remove files on the webserver of your WordPress website. All you need to do is enable this feature and set the frequency along with the time of the scan. This integrity engine checks everything taking one thing at a time.

Exclude Objects
This section of settings is related to events. You can delete any event or objects of any events. The objects which you can exclude are users, user roles, meta/custom fields, IP address, post types, and non-existing URL.

Who Should Use the WP Security Audit Log?
WP Security Audit Log is for those users who have one or more than one WordPress website. You can find many plugins that keep records of every activity happening on your WordPress website. But you can only choose one of them then why not choose the best of them all. WP Security Audit Log covers every detail and keeps a record of everything.
The audit log can save a lot of activities whether it happens in a month or a week. You can also set a time limit on those details which means after a week or a month certain activities will be deleted automatically. As a blogger, you can see the changes in your content and also the timestamp of that change too.
Customer Support Of WP Security Audit Log
The support system of a plugin is something that can make it one of the best plugins or one of the worst plugins. Everyone knows that after a certain period of time all the software breaks or a problem arises in them. That is where the support system comes in and the main work of this system to provide the best help possible at that time.
WP Security Audit Log is also known for having the best support system. The support team will help you solve any problem within a short period of time. They can be contacted via sending an email or chat. They reply as quickly as they can and for that, they have the highest ratings on WordPress.
Pricing Plan of WP Security Audit Log
WP Security Audit Log can be downloaded for free that contains only basic and limited features but the premium version contains so many robust features that you can possibly imagine.
Before that, they had add-ons which you can purchase individually but now they have combined it and divided it into three premium packages.

Starter Package

Costs $89
Two Premium add-ons
Email Notifications

Professional Package

Costs $99
Three premium add-ons 
External Database
Sessions Management Integration Tools
Includes Starter Package

Business Package

Costs $199
All the features of Professional Package
Setup Consultation Call
Priority Support
Personal Success Manager

These are the few premium plans which you can purchase to get additional features on WP Security Audit Log. All these features can help you secure your WordPress website thoroughly.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Pros and Cons of WP Security Audit Log

World-Class 24/7 WordPress website security
Hassle-free set up and easy to use
Free plan available with basic features 
Saves all the minor and major details of the activity
The premium versions are available at reasonable prices
Automatically monitors activities of your website
Currently monitors over 70,000 active WordPress websites
You can put an automatic timer to delete your previous activities
Every half a minute it refreshes itself to record any new activity in the log.
Get notified via email whenever an important change happens on your website.


Searching for an activity in the free version can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Quick Links

Conclusion: WP Security Audit Log Review 2021
WP Security Audit Log is a decent plugin that can help you monitor the activities of your website. The tool has many features that are more than other plugins available in the market. Many people can easily use it and see every little detail of an event on their website.
WP Security Audit Log is for everyone like a single website owner having multiple users or a website designer having multiple websites. It also supports more than one website for a user. You can restrict the activities of other users on your website with this plugin which is really awesome.
We hope this, WP Security Audit Log Review suits your purpose well. If this post helped you share it on social media platforms.

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