How To Get A Loyal Boyfriend (5 Methods With Examples)

How to get a loyal boyfriend… Let me ask you a quick question.
What’s it like to get a man’s attention and keep it for years, driving him crazy with desire and being the absolute center of his universe?
If you don’t know, don’t worry.
Now, I’m not going to tell you that this article will change your whole life…
But I got the chance to read a few incredibly empowering tips from dating expert Amy North. She’s a bonafide YouTube celebrity, and she’s been helping thousands of women get the men of their dreams.
Today, she shared 5 ways that you can hook a man, lock him down, and keep him interested in you… and only you… without having to “talk dirty” or feel uncomfortable in any way.
Read this article on how to get a loyal boyfriend. Try Amy’s techniques. Then see just how much he clings to you!
1. Be willing to be assertive
Here’s one of the biggest shockers for most women:
If he asks you where you want to eat for dinner, and you say, ”I don’t care, you pick,” he doesn’t think you’re being flexible or kind… he just thinks you’re being ‘wishy-washy’.
And guys can’t stand it!
Worse yet, it makes you look unconfident. It makes you look like you don’t know what you want or what you deserve.
Be confident. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and say what you want. Men love it when a woman can be direct, and as an added bonus, you’ll finally get what you want, without having to wait for him to figure it out.
Because let’s face it… most guys aren’t that good at reading between the lines.
2. Turn his mistakes into an opportunity to make him feel lucky
It’s easy to fall into the trap of playfully teasing someone when they make a mistake.
But even if it doesn’t hurt his feelings, you’re missing out an opportunity to really make him feel like a lucky man, a guy who should be thankful just to know you.
Here’s how it works:
He’s driving you to a new restaurant, and he makes a wrong turn.
So instead of poking fun at him, say something like, “that’s okay. I’m just happy to be with you, no matter where we are!”
This doesn’t just make him feel good about your relationship; it also makes him see that you’re someone who can make everyday problems seem better, more optimistic, and perhaps even more enjoyable.
And that’s worth holding onto.
3. Use the Mirror Technique to get his attention instantly
Men and women express love in different ways.
That’s perfectly fine, but it creates a problem when you expect someone to show their love in one way and they actually show it in another.
Men are often physical lovers. They might give you compliments or small gifts.
Whatever your man does to express affection, you should mirror him!
Think about how he shows you his love and copy him. When you do, you will instantly notice how happy and connected he feels with you.
This is only the beginning of the devotion that Amy develops with women through her online program, but once you get a taste of it, you won’t be able to stop!
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4. Live your own life… and stop being needy
Men are interested in women who have their own lives.
If the only cool thing about you is that you like to sit around and do chores for him, he’s going to get bored… fast.
Enjoy your own passions and hobbies. Spend time with family and friends. Go out and live your life.
You deserve to live a full, rewarding life. And when he sees it, he’ll become more interested in you.
(The best part is that this technique works whether you’ve been dating for a few days or married for years and years!)
5. Start sending texts that actually get him excited
Again, we’re not talking about doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.
Instead, Amy suggests using texts as a way to spark interest and curiosity, to tap into his male psychology, and turn boring messages into texts he’s actually excited to get from you!
One of her favorite moves is “The Challenge Text”. Basically, you trigger his natural desire for competition and give him the opportunity to please you.
For example, you could say:
“So I heard you’re an expert cook… maybe you can make me one of your best dishes tonight?”
…or you could say:
”I’m looking for something new to read. What’s your best book suggestion?”
This subtle challenge creates a primal, excited motivation that turns on his deepest focus and directs it toward you.
After you try these tips, you’re going to want to learn the rest of Amy’s incredible strategies.
Because here’s the unfortunate reality:
You’re pushing your man away.
Even if you’re currently single, your subconscious behaviors are keeping men at arm’s length at all times.
You’ve probably noticed how men seem to gravitate toward other women (even if they’re not the best for them), while you sit there alone all night long.
It’s completely unfair!
And it’s all because you simply haven’t learned the proven psychological techniques that get men interested, make them devoted, and turn them into loyal lovers.
You deserve to have a committed, dedicated man…
You just have to learn the right how to get a loyal boyfriend techniques.
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You deserve to have a man love you, a man who’s fully devoted to you, a man who would do anything for you.
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