How To Entice Ladies: Why Life-style Issues & What You Can Do About It

Few people realize how important your lifestyle is for how to attract women. What does lifestyle mean? It’s essentially how you live your everyday life. It includes what you do for a living, how you see yourself (your “identity”), and the way you generally go about everything. It’s also what you do in your free time, what goals you’re headed for.
Lifestyle is a tricky thing to deal with because you can’t change it in a day. If you realize that you’re not living the lifestyle you want to, you can’t just quit your job, move into a mansion and suddenly become a high-roller.
But lifestyle can be changed. It’s all about starting with the end in mind. There are some things to think about. Do you want a girlfriend or do you want to go out and meet girls every weekend? Do you want to meet girls in daily life or at clubs? Do you want to have a big social scene and be locally famous? Do you want to keep yourself active?
You can design your own lifestyle by thinking about these things. It’s really important because lifestyle more than anything else determines the type of girls you’re going to hook up with. Your skills and inner psychology are going to get the girls for you, but it’s your lifestyle that’s directing you towards what you want.
For example, some guys aren’t very social naturally. They may be older guys or just guys that aren’t really into the club scene. They’re not going to be compatible with 21-year-old club girls. Guys who like to spend some quality time with a good book, for example, aren’t going to be getting wild party girls. They’ll be aiming for women with a bit more substance and maybe picking up in the daytime more.
Just because you’re not into certain things now doesn’t mean that you won’t be in the future. Lifestyle is something you’ve got some control over and any style can be yours if you’re willing to pay for it.
Lots of guys get sucked into changing their lifestyle to copy that of some pick-up guru, and this is a huge mistake. Just because it works for them and sounds really amazing, you have to make it something that works for you. It also has an effect on your happiness, so it should be something you like.
Basically, lifestyle can be changed if you’re willing to work at it, but you should find something that suits you. Either way, it’s essential for how to attract women. Your skills and inner game are chiefly what gets girls, but your lifestyle will determine what kind of girls you get.
How To Attract Women: Common Lifestyle Mistakes Guys Make
One of the biggest mistakes lots of guys make with lifestyle is that they don’t look realistically at their life. For example, some guy who works a 60-hour week, never goes out and has no group of friends really is going to have trouble. This lifestyle doesn’t mix with going out and picking up girls.
You can suddenly quit your job and start becoming a social animal, but most people have the lifestyles they do because they like them. What you might need is just a small change to get you out more. The whole point is to have a plan and to make these changes with the end in mind.
So, being realistic means knowing what you can or can’t do with your lifestyle. If you work 60 hours a week and want to adjust your lifestyle so that you get 2 same-night lays a month, it’s totally possible. But if you have this lifestyle and you want to be getting 4 a month and you want them to be strippers or something like that, this isn’t going to be compatible with your lifestyle.
Guys also have trouble because they get hung up on one particular way to get girls, or they don’t want to use shortcuts. They think that there’s a code of hone to picking up girls, which means that you have to meet them on the street or at some other venue. These guys are likely to think they don’t need to work on their game any more than they do now.
The whole idea behind lifestyle is that if you’ve got a good one going, one that’s compatible with meeting girls, everything else will be much easier. Your skills will work for you better and your inner game will not be a problem. That’s all you really need – a lifestyle that’s compatible. You’ve got to have some room there for picking up women.
How to attract women is about skills and inner game, but lifestyle has a huge influence. Lots of guys neglect this and it’s essential for getting what you want out of your relationships.
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How To Cease Worrying: Unlock That DGAF Confidence!

Have you ever noticed how some people just live and breathe that DGAF confidence? It’s like they just can’t be rattled no matter what happens around them or to them. Take a look at Steve McQueen, think he ever gave a flying f*ck about what people thought about him? He gave precisely zero f*cks, and that’s what made him the coolest. When your DGAF barometer goes above zero, you lose your coolness. Either you DGAF or you DoGAF. There’s no neutral stance. So let’s jump right in, here’s how to stop worrying so much and unlock your DGAF confidence.
Why DGAF confidence is important
DGAF confidence is important in life because it means freedom. It’s legit coolness, the ability to be true to yourself, unaffected by what other people say. They could think you’re wonderful or laughable, and it would make absolutely no difference to you.
Let’s make a key distinction here though. We’re not talking about life being meaningless, and that being the reason you shouldn’t care. My life is very meaningful to me, and I hope yours is to you. And that’s exactly the reason why there’s no need to give a flying f*ck about what others think about us.
You see, you DGAF because your life is awesome, not because it’s meaningless. Living without fear of criticism means that you’re living the life you want, with or without the approval of others, because it’s your choosing.
When self-doubt and inner conflicts are non-existent, the options are endless and the sky’s the limit. When you’re beaten down by self-disbelief and doubt, you’re a prisoner to your own mind.
Here’s how to become free AF.
Accept yourself for who you are
I know, this sounds like some sappy sentimental sh*t, so I’m telling you this with great hesitancy.
Accepting yourself has been cheesily overused to the point where most people don’t exactly know what it means.
Here’s what to do right now: Go through all your memories, your strengths, your weaknesses, all your mistakes, those embarrassing moments you thought you’d never live through, all the times you fell down, all the times you won, and every single dumb thing you’ve ever said.
Did you have a stinging sense of embarrassment or shame while going through this exercise? Like maybe back in high school when you finally gathered up the courage to ask out that girl you liked during lunch hour, your voice cracked and her and her friends all started laughing at you (lol…) And you’re telling me that something like that which happened years ago is still affecting you today, even as a grown man?
If that’s the case then your self-acceptance has not yet been reached.
Self-acceptance happens when, and only when, you’re able to run through all your memories, especially the worst ones, and think to yourself, “It’s all good.”
If you’re unable to do this then just let go of those memories already. Embarrassing sh*t has happened to everyone, it’s just some people get over it and handle their lives like a damn beast, and others let those memories plague them and hold them back.
Be the damn beast, get the f*ck over it already.
Free yourself from other people’s opinions of you
The final step of DGAF confidence is to always apply it, wherever you may be. Sure, you may think you’ve accepted yourself, but when someone talks sh*t do you shrivel up inside?
I hope not.
Here’s a very simple yet effective habit to develop so that you don’t shrivel up. Whenever someone says something about you, ask yourself, “Do I agree with that?”
You see, 99% of the time people try to get to you, it’s with bullsh*t you don’t actually agree with. If someone walked up to you and said, “Guess what motherf*cker? The Earth is flat”, would you take offense to that? Or would you completely disregard this doltish comment and move on?
When people throw unsubstantiated criticism your way, it’s the same thing. The only reason you’re getting bent out of shape is because it’s about you. All you gotta do is ask yourself, “Do I agree with that?” If you don’t agree, ignore it and move on.
Now let’s say someone goes, “Hey, you just said a dumb thing.”
You then ask yourself, “do I agree with that?” And you do agree. Oh f*ck! What do you do now? Do you pack your bags and go home?
Of course not because the person just said something you agree with. It’s the same thing. If someone walked up to me and yelled, “Hey Matt, 1+1 = 2, motherf*cker!” I would just agree with them. Yes, you’re right.
Again, it’s the same thing, the only reason you’re letting it get to you is because it’s about you.
And here’s the thing: Wanna see a hater’s mind detonate? Just agree with him with confidence. Guy won’t know what to do. And if he continues hating, it makes no difference because you’ve already accepted yourself. You’re allowed to still like yourself after doing dumb shit.
The way haters operate is by finding weaknesses in people, places where they feel bad about themselves. And then they drill into them. Once you don’t have those spots anymore, there’s nothing they can do.
So there’s how to stop worrying so much. Assess yourself and unlock that DGAF confidence!
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How To Develop into Assured: The #1 Low Worth Mindset Mistake

How to become confident. It’s pretty easy to look around at where you are, how your ideal partner treats you, how much effort do they put into meeting you, getting to know you, hanging out with you…
… and know, am I seen as having value? Status? Or do the people in my life place a very low value on me?
Ask yourself, and be honest…
Do the women or men I like seem interested in dating me?
When I do go on a date with someone, do they make themselves available to hang out again? Or do they seem to lose interest?
Do you feel powerful and charismatic around your ideal partner?
Or do you feel intimidated and boring, and low value?
Is your reputation right now working for you? Or is it working against you?
When you’re at a social event, are you the charismatic, socially powerful person that people are trying to talk to? Or do you fade into the background, or have to try really hard to get noticed?
I’ve been on both sides of the equation. And when you put the time into WHO YOU ARE it gets so much easier.
I’m sure you see it all the time, people who seem have women or men continually choose them, people that don’t put in very much work, yet, they always have women or men around them, wanting to sleep with them, date them, be with them…
Let me show you how to become confident and design that life for yourself…
It’s almost like being given a chance to start fresh, to start over, to re-invent yourself in the eyes of the people around you.
That’s why I call The Spiritual Keys Of Enlightenment a transformation… you’ll be transforming into a powerful being that people place a lot of value on.
You’re even going to notice that women or men who used to view you in a platonic way (or even ignored you), are going to start looking at you more, making excuses to talk to you, getting jealous when they see you with other people.
This is because enlightenment and empowerment are magnetic to all. People are drawn to it. When they’re around it, they become hooked on it.
You’ll start noticing your ideal partner wants YOU to notice them.
You can discover the spiritual keys for developing unwavering, bulletproof confidence here.
But for now, let’s look at the #1 low value mindset mistake for how to become confident…
How to become confident: The #1 low value mindset mistake
Have you ever had someone do the “slow fade?”
The slow fade is when they’re too polite to tell you they’re not interested, so they make themselves less and less available, hoping you’ll get the hint.
Most of the time we know it’s happening. Something in our gut tells us “something changed”… even if it’s just them not answering a text as quick as they normally do.
We know something changed.
What changed?
I’ll tell exactly what happened by the end of this article…
But first…
Let me give you a brief overview of some of the most common questions I receive from my email subscribers:
– Why don’t women or men have more fun around me (why can’t I be myself around them)
– How to be more charismatic (when we feel we have a boring personality)
– how to move past the first few dates into a relationship (without the person losing interest)
– Why can’t I stop myself from going into “nice guy” or “nice girl” mode even though I know it’s wrong
SIDE NOTE: “Nice guys” and “nice girls” are different from “powerful good men” and “powerful good women.”
– How to act more assertive (instead of letting the other person take the lead)
– How to always be “socially on”
– Why do I secretly feel like I’m not good enough for the women or men I really like?
– How to create a “positive impression” fast (so people aren’t so quick to reject me)
Now, do yourself a favor and re-read all those questions and topics listed above.
What do they have in common?
Here’s a hint: It’s the same reason someone will give you the “slow fade.”
In fact, it’s probably THE REASON they disappeared, lost interest, or chose someone else over you.
More specifically, lack of “perceived value.”
They may think they’re better than you. They may think they have more value than you.
A person will usually give you the slow fade when they come to the conclusion that your value isn’t as high as they initially thought it was…
And they feel as though they have more value than you.
So why do they feel this way?
Why do people maybe think they’re better than you?
Wait for it…

Because YOU think they are.
See, value comes in two forms:
1. How much value other people place on you.
2. How much value you place on yourself.
And when you can increase your value, all those problems above disappear.
If you can’t increase your “value”, any technique you learn will just be putting a band-aid over the real wound…
And band-aids eventually slip off.
If you’re wondering how to become confident and high value in the eyes of your ideal partner…
And you know that it’s FINALLY TIME to put a higher price tag on yourself…
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How To Discover Love: Easy Is The Key To Happiness

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How to find love. Have you ever heard of “the cat and the string theory”?
This theory basically states that when a cat sees a piece of string dangling above its head, just out of reach, it will go crazy trying to catch the string.
But a funny thing happens when the string is dropped on the floor in front of the cat… the cat looks at the string, then walks away…
As it turns out, this theory also applies to dating and relationships, especially in this modern dating era that we’re living in.
Men will lose control and go crazy over women who are “hot and cold” with them, and the same thing happens with women. Hell, I know it’s happened to me…
Not only is it extremely unhealthy to be chasing after a woman or man who displays this kind of behavior…
But there is a simpler, much more powerful way to live your life…
You see, Mylo (my bro’s wise 18 year old cat in the photo above) was an older cat who went deaf in his older age. He was the oldest of the 3 cats who lived at my bro’s place, and was/is loved and respected by all. He also ended up outliving the other 2 cats, may they rest easy…
What got me taking notice of Mylo’s magnetic behavior was thinking back on “the cat and the string theory”…
I don’t want this to happen to you. I don’t want you to become the crazy, stressed out, unhealthy cat that’s always chasing the dangling piece of string that’s just slightly out of reach…
It’s 1000x better to be like Mylo, and I can tell you this from personal experience as well…
Calm, relaxed, carefree, stress-free, and content with living a simple, healthy, positive lifestyle. This is one of the spiritual keys of enlightenment, and true universal empowerment…
Us humans and animals are one in the same. The way our minds work, and the psychology behind it, relates to every human being and animal living on this planet.
And thus, if humans and animals think the same way at the base level, then it must be true that enlightenment, empowerment, and the way the mind works is universal…
With the help of more than $2000 worth of self-empowerment programs, and a few wise pets… I was able to discover the 9 spiritual keys to developing spiritual enlightenment, true universal empowerment, and loving, long-lasting relationship success with your ideal partner…
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